White Smoke From A Lawn Mower

Diesel smokes with white exhaust Why diesel engine smokes with white exhaust. White diesel exhaust “to cold” and after warming up the engine. The main reasons, fault diagnosis.

Coolant in cylinders

The presence of very thick white smoke in the exhaust of a heated diesel engine may be caused by the ingress of coolant into the engine cylinders from the cooling system of the power unit. The color of the exhaust can change, as the presence of antifreeze or antifreeze in the combustion chamber causes the diesel to smoke white, grayish or white-gray smoke. It depends on the components that make up the coolant in the cooling system. The density of smoke is also influenced by the outside air temperature (with negative values, the exhaust becomes thicker).

In this case, the main reason for the smoke of a diesel engine is the water contained in the coolant. It actively evaporates from contact with heated nodes. The result is heavy exhaust fog. This malfunction is especially dangerous for a diesel engine compared to a gasoline car. Sulfur in diesel fuel is increased, the temperature in the cylinder is high, and the ingress of water from the coolant leads to the active formation of sulfur oxide. The presence of sulfur dioxide has a detrimental effect on the service life of a diesel engine and associated systems.

Additionally, it is possible to diagnose the penetration of liquid into the cylinders by monitoring the state of the cooling system, checking the coolant level, as well as the presence of exhaust gases (gas locks) in the engine cooling system. To do this, just unscrew the radiator or expansion tank cap. An exhaust odor and / or an oil film on the coolant surface will indicate a diagnosis. The liquid level when it enters the cylinders will naturally decrease. If a cold engine is started without twisting the expansion tank plugs, then the pressure in the cooling system will increase, the coolant level in the expansion tank will rise, but will be unstable. Gas bubbles will also appear in the reservoir, coolant may be sprayed from the filler neck of the reservoir.

If the engine is turned off, fluid from the cooling system will enter the cylinder, pass through the piston rings, and end up in the engine oil. This is how the antifreeze gets into the engine sump. The oil will gradually mix with the coolant. The result will be the appearance of an emulsion. The engine oil itself visually brightens and loses its shine from contact with liquid. The beneficial properties of the oil are lost. Penetration of the emulsion into the lubrication system will cause the appearance of a characteristic light brownish-yellow foam. This foam will deposit on the valve cover and oil filler plug.

Serious damage leads to an active accumulation of coolant in the space above the piston, which makes it difficult to start the internal combustion engine (heavy rotation of the crankshaft by the starter) Excessive coolant leakage into the cylinder can lead to water hammer, bent connecting rods and overhaul.

It should be added that such problems are often associated with previous overheating of the diesel engine. In parallel to fixing the underlying problem, the cooling system may also require a thorough check. It is necessary to make sure that the thermostat, radiator, radiator and expansion tank plugs, cooling fan, the fan switch on sensor, the integrity of the pipes and the reliability of the connections are working.

Diesel smokes white exhaust

Fuel injection of a diesel unit means the injection of fuel into the cylinders under high pressure through a diesel injector. At the moment the diesel fuel passes through the nozzle, a so-called spray torch is formed, due to which the supplied fuel is evenly divided into small droplets in the diesel cylinder. Further, the atomized fuel particles inside the cylinder are heated, and their active evaporation begins.

A completely serviceable four-stroke diesel engine, in any operating mode (idle or under load) of the unit, receives an efficiently atomized portion of fuel at a precisely specified moment after the compression stroke in the engine cylinder. Further, the mixture self-ignites from heating. After that, the fuel-air working mixture of diesel fuel and air fully burns out, giving maximum useful energy to the piston. The result is the release of exhaust gases from the cylinder. White smoke from the pipe of a diesel engine occurs for the following reasons:

  • High humidity in the exhaust system during heating;
  • Fuel may not completely burn in diesel cylinders;
  • The ingress of coolant into the cylinders of the internal combustion engine;

Diesel smokes white exhaust

white smoke from a lawn mower

Analyzing the color of a diesel engine exhaust gas is one way to monitor the normal operation of a powertrain. By the color of the diesel exhaust, it is possible to assess the condition of the engine with great accuracy, to localize malfunctions of systems and structural units of the engine, to identify wear of the CPG, timing, malfunctions of diesel injectors, high pressure fuel pumps, etc.

Diesel engine smoke is a combustion product of the working mixture in the form of gas. An optimally tuned diesel engine with serviceable systems does not smoke after warming up, emissions into the atmosphere are visually noticeable only in the cold season and are white water vapor. A change in the color of the exhaust gas of a diesel engine indicates a number of specific ICE malfunctions. In different cases, diesel exhaust is often:

  • White (with a shade of gray);
  • Gray (grayish blue);
  • Thick black (smoke with soot);

Why lawn mowers are better than lawn mowers and trimmers

The main question for the buyer “Why is a lawn mower better than lawn mowers and trimmers, because it is more expensive, heavier and cannot mow all types of vegetation on the site?”. And the fact that only because of its constructive form. This is the location of the knife between the wheel axles, you will achieve a perfectly flat lawn in your area, since the mowing takes place at the height that you initially set. Another advantage. The mowed grass is collected in a grass catcher, rather than lying around the entire plot, although mulch is needed to support the lawn and this can also only be produced by a lawn mower (mostly gasoline-powered).

With this mowing tool, the mowing process becomes comfortable and enjoyable, and if you stick to the mowing schedule, your lawn will look its best.

Hyundai has developed several types of lawn mowers. The task of each of them is to present a flat green lawn to the owner of the cottage. Hyundai lawn mowers differ from each other in many ways. Among the presented models, you can choose the one that has the optimal characteristics in terms of power, working width, cutting height. The Korean manufacturer has taken care of the availability of functions that make mowing pleasant and comfortable (mulching, cutting height adjustment, deck washing, height adjustment of the handle). Undoubtedly, these factors influence the choice of the model. But the main thing to decide with first is the size of your lawn. For this parameter should be based on when choosing an engine.

How to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence

There is no doubt that the lawn in front of the house should be refined and mowed regularly. But the question of what is the best way to do this often causes difficulties for the owners of summer cottages and private houses. A small lawn can also be trimmed with scissors. It is also convenient to use an electric trimmer with a line. It is light and practical, and in larger areas, a lawn mower is often used as it is not tied to an outlet. With such a device, you can mow with a fishing line, and many types of serrated knives or a disc.

However, all such mowers are leveled before using a special device. A lawn mower. This unit is designed specifically to give a neat look to lawns, which, in fact, follows from its name. It is designed as a cart on wheels, has a comfortable handle with controls, a large deck and a rotating knife underneath. In such machines, the maximum number of adjustments and systems for comfortable work is realized.

Gasoline units. For large areas

Hyundai petrol lawn mowers are more expensive than electric ones. But they have an undeniable advantage. Power and autonomous work.

Recommended areas:

  1. Models L 4310 and L 4300 with 3.5 hp engine, without wheel drive. For lawns up to 5-10 acres;
  2. Self-propelled mowers L 5100M, L 4300S, L 5100S. For larger lawns, from 10 to 15 acres;
  3. The L 5100S and L 5500S models can perfectly cut grass in areas from 15 to 20 acres, and the L 5500S lawnmower can be used on larger areas. It is used in stadiums, large sports fields with turf.

Petrol models from Hyundai have branded durable engines of the professional Hyundai IC series, with proper operation, its service life is about 1200 hours. Thanks to such a power unit, you can work quietly for several hours a day, stopping only to refuel and empty the container. And the top models have grass collectors with a capacity of 70 liters.

In addition to large areas, gasoline mowers have other advantages:

  • Self-propelled machine facilitates the mowing process, makes it easy and not burdensome;
  • The width of the knife can reach 55 cm, this is important in a large area;
  • Gasoline units can boast of excellent mobility on any form of sites, in contrast to electric ones;
  • The wheels of the lawn mower are equipped with ball bearings, which gives the mower a smooth ride and durability of the chassis.

Lawn care tips and articles

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about AL-KO lawn mowers.

Among the AL-KO lawn mowers, you will always find the right tool for different tasks. From lawn trimming in the private sector to professional landscaping.

By purchasing AL-KO garden equipment, you have made a good choice. Your work will bring you joy for a long time. Exclusive 4-year manufacturer’s warranty extension.

Elitech lawn care technology. 100% quality! Therefore, we give a 24 month warranty on Elitech, subject to a 12 month additional service coupon.

When buying a lawn mower, everyone hopes to work with it for many years. Therefore, the choice of such a technique should be approached as seriously and responsibly as possible, having thought over all the pros and cons for each model.

A beautiful lawn can significantly transform your garden or backyard. To achieve the desired result, you need a lawn mower.

Nice, dense and well-groomed lawn. The dream of all homeowners. It is like a visiting card of the owners, reflecting their taste and status. How to properly organize an emerald lawn and how to care for it.

To create a lawn, it is not enough to regularly mow the grass. It must be grown, devoting no less effort to this business than to the cultivation of cultivated plants.

You need to select a tool taking into account the work where it will be used. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the offered varieties of gas trimmer will help in choosing.

Why does white smoke come from the mower engine after starting?

The mower has been turned upside down incorrectly, causing oil to enter the muffler and / or air filter. It is necessary to dismantle and clean the air filter. Then check and adjust the engine oil level. Then start the engine, after a few minutes smoke production will decrease. Caution: if unused engine oil drips from the muffler. It pollutes the environment! To clean, turn the mower only as directed in the operator’s manual. We recommend that you turn the mower so that the spark plug is pointing up.

Why is there black smoke from the mower engine after starting?

The air filter may be dirty and needs to be replaced. Check and adjust the engine oil level. Then start the engine. If smoke production does not decrease, the lawn mower must be handed over to the service center at the address: Kirov, st. Pugachev, 1.

The mower is difficult to start. Can I use Startpilot or a similar tool?

We strongly recommend that you do not use Startpilot and other similar tools.

Why does my lawn mower run intermittently and shut down immediately after starting?

Check the contents of the tank and add gasoline (if necessary). Some carburetors always leave between one and two centimeters of fuel in the tank. Residual fuel or a defective air filter can cause dirt to enter the carburetor. It is necessary to dismantle and clean the carburetor.

What grade of gasoline can I use for my lawn mower (4-stroke engine)?

You can use any gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90. The best option is fuel with an octane rating of 92. Observe storage conditions (no more than 4 weeks).

What type of oil can be used for AL-KO lawn mowers (4-stroke engine)?

Engine oil SAE 30 is recommended, 5W30 or 10W40 can also be used.

Why does the lawn mower’s grass catcher box fill up incorrectly?

Possible causes: too damp grass, too high grass, too high driving speed, dirty mower body, incorrect engine speed, clogged grass catcher vents.

Why is the grass on my lawn not mown neatly?

It is necessary to sharpen the knife, clean the mower body and possibly adjust the engine speed.

The new knife doesn’t seem very sharp. Do I need to sharpen it?

Not. Factory sharpening is optimal for a long service life.

How to store your lawn mower during the winter?

Clean windrower, change air filter, spark plug and oil. Sharpen the knives, check the balance of the knives. Store the mower in a dry place.

Lawn mowers AL-KO. This is:

  • Freedom of movement: Lawn mowers allow you to mow anywhere, including at the edges of lawns, along walls and fences. Models with a heavy-duty metal blade can easily cut through dense thickets and small bushes. The bobbin with line is used for cutting tall grass in difficult to reach places.
  • Power: High-performance engines range from 25 to 54 cc. See This power is enough for various applications.
  • Duration of work: large petrol tanks allow for long working hours without interruption.
  • Ergonomics: Our lawn mowers are distinguished by excellent weight balance. In addition, ergonomic control handles and comfortable shoulder straps also provide a comfortable handling.

All AL-KO lawn mowers come with powerful petrol engines, apart from the conventional 2-stroke models, there is also one 4-stroke model. Among the AL-KO lawn mowers, you will always find the right tool for different tasks. From lawn trimming in the private sector to professional landscaping.

Lawn mowers Comfort. Excellent choice for medium-sized lawns

These mowers are ideal for medium-sized lawns. Install an original wear-resistant spool with line on the lawn mower. And it can easily cope even with tall grass, and if you install a heavy-duty knife, then the lawn mower can even be used to cut down shrubs. Excellent balance and a comfortable shoulder strap ensure fatigue-free work. An additional metal casing provides special safety for the engine and petrol tank.

Considering the needs of users, manufacturers produce a variety of lawn mowers. They are classified according to the type of energy used:

Electrical. Are popular with gardeners. They are inexpensive and work great. The cable length (40-60 m) limits their possibilities. Therefore, this technique is used in a small area. It can reach 12 acres, but in practice the optimal size is no more than 8. On such a lawn it will not be difficult to shift the cable. It is the wire that requires the most attention, since there is a risk of cutting it. Otherwise, an electric lawn mower will only delight its owner. It is easy to use and care for, small in size and light in weight.

Gasoline. Provide freedom of movement. They can be used in large areas up to 25 acres. Such cars are purchased in a private house, in a dacha, in a village.

Compared to all other types of lawn mowers, they are the most powerful. They are able to cope with high and dense thickets. Therefore, they are bought not only for lawn cultivation, but also to simply mow the grass as needed. In one pass, some gas-powered lawn mowers can cut a strip of up to 56 cm. When mowing large areas, a self-propelled model should be preferred. Of course, for a small lawn, there is no need for such a unit. Gardeners looking for freedom of movement can opt for a more compact model.

Gas powered lawn mowers are not suitable for slides. If the slope of the surface is more than 20 degrees, the four-stroke engine will stall. The two-stroke will withstand a tilt of 30 degrees.

Rechargeable. Presented in small numbers, they are produced by only a few firms. In terms of application, they correspond to electric lawn mowers, while at the same time they have the same independence as gasoline ones. Therefore, they are perfect for mowing grass in a small area where there are many obstacles: trees, shrubs, buildings, furniture. The cordless lawnmower has no difficulty in going around them.

Free-form lawn and garden paths are processed with maximum convenience. In addition, the use of such equipment is one of the possible options if there is no power supply on the site. Depending on the model, batteries can be mowed up to 300 square meters on a single charge. M., this is about 30 minutes of work.

Mechanical (manual). They do not need electricity or gasoline, they practically do not make noise. Designed for the care of the parterre lawn. Provides high quality haircuts. The work requires effort on the part of the user, especially if the grass is wet or tall. Therefore, they are used in small areas, a maximum of 150 sq. M, optimally up to 70 sq. M. The possible cutting height for power-driven lawn mowers is less than that of others.