Why A Chain Is Stretched On A Chainsaw

Why A Chain Is Stretched On A Chainsaw

The main elements of a chainsaw include: motor, carburetor, oil pump and saw set. The condition of the cutting chain directly affects the operation of the saw itself as a whole. If you become the owner of a useful and versatile tool, then the recommendations in the article on the rules for using the saw chain and tips to prevent it from stretching will be useful.

All mechanisms from loads, including the chain, break. Timely replacement of failed elements with serviceable spare parts for chainsaws allows you to return the previous functionality to a useful tool. Consider the most common types of saw chain breakdowns and troubleshooting methods.

Factors Affecting Chain Stretching

Inadequate chain lubrication. The reason is a faulty oil pump. With poor oiling, the links quickly overheat and wear out.

Contamination of chain elements by dust, dirt, particles of soil, which adversely affects the operation of the saw.

New and loose chain; Perhaps there is a natural stretching of the headset from long use.

To avoid these factors and extend the life of the chain, the rules for operating the chainsaw should be followed.

Rule number 1. Do not use the new chain with the old drive sprocket or the old headset with the new drive sprocket.

Rule number 2. A new chain is sure to break in.

Quite often, owners of saw units ask themselves questions: why does the chainsaw chain weaken, does the chain itself stretch and wedge or does the chain not stretch on a gasoline saw. To prevent these moments. Just break in a new chain by following a few simple steps:

Replace the headset and sprocket with new replacement parts. Turn on the engine, perform low and medium idle for up to 60 seconds to lubricate the chain.

Turn off the motor and check the tension. The chain stretched slightly and sagged.

Allow the saw set to cool.

Pull the chain and do a couple of cuts with a little effort.

Check the tension. It will return to normal.

Check the oil level, if there is not enough oil, add it to the tank.

Rule number 3. The chain is always tight, no sagging.

If the chain on the chainsaw is constantly weakening, this is damage to the drive sprocket. To adjust the tension, you must:

Stop the engine and allow the saw set to cool.

Loosen the bus nuts.

Scroll the bolt until the sagging links press firmly against the tire. A condition is considered normal when, when pulling the chain, a gap of 4 mm is formed, then it springs back to the tire.

Holding the nose of the tire at the top, tighten the rear and front nuts of the tire.

Pull the chain until it snug against the grooves of the tire.

Check the tension every 30 minutes of operation; if it loosens, stop sawing for tightening.

Rule number 4. Lack of work “on dry.”

You noticed that the chain on the chainsaw was stretched. An insufficient supply of oil to the guide bar, chain and drive sprocket can also cause stretching. It is only necessary to use high-quality lubricant, used, hydraulic and transformer oils lead to premature wear of the entire sawing unit.

Rule number 5. Good chain sharpening.

Perfectly sharp chain contributes to an even cut. With a weak filing of the edges, the master exerts excessive force on the saw, which in turn affects the stretching of the chain, its break, tire breakage.

Rule number 6. Adjusted and refilled cutter depth gauge.

The adjustment of this limiter is checked every 3-4 sharpening of the chain.

How to prevent chain stretching?

To increase the working life of the saw, reduce wear on the chain and prevent it from stretching, follow these guidelines:

The correct assembly of the saw unit is one saw bar, three chains and one drive sprocket. All chainsaw parts should be right for your model of saw.

Chains and tire position should be replaced after 1-2 work shifts.

Good oil supply for the success of the chainsaw as a whole.

Do not use tool with blunt cutters.

Timely care of the saw set is the key to the reliability of all chain saws. Automotive chain hoist systems are already installed in modern tools, but only a careful attitude to the unit, to the sharpness of the links and the chain tension will give pleasure from sawing, and not repair the device in extreme conditions.