Why a lawn mower does not collect grass in the grass box

Lawn mowers can be used for a variety of purposes

When suburban homeowners discovered the beauty of green lawns, manufacturers of garden equipment rushed to offer a variety of lawn mower and trimmer options. But good tools are not enough. regular lawn care results in a decent amount of grass clippings. And as a consequence, the need to dispose of it.

There’s always a lot of grass left over after mowing your lawn If you’re wondering what to do with the grass after mowing, there are a few pretty effective ways to dispose of the material. Lawn grass cuttings are valuable material for the gardener, there’s no need to throw them away. In this article we will tell you about the options for using lawn grass in gardening.

Gasoline lawn mowers: by what parameters to choose and what breaks down in them most often?

It’s no secret that a lawn should not be left to itself. If you do not prune the growing grass, in just a couple of weeks the green carpet will turn into a real thicket. There are many devices that can help the homeowner with lawn care, and we’ll talk about gasoline lawn mowers

As a rule, gasoline lawnmowers are bought to work on relatively large lands, although there are also small models, appropriate even on a modest six acres. The first and foremost advantage of four-wheeled friend on the gasoline-powered mobility. It’s not tied to a power outlet, so you can work far away from home. In addition, it does not need to charge and change batteries (which cannot be said about electric devices). Usually about 45 to 60 minutes of run time with a single fill of fuel. more than enough time to mow a medium size lawn.

Another obvious plus is the power of the machine. Gasoline-powered mowers are generally stronger than electric mowers. Even branches from young shrubs can be cut with this model. The length of the blades allows you to mow from 43 to 67 cm of green lawn in one pass, so it is not difficult to find a unit that matches the size of the site.

The power of a gasoline lawnmower is 3.5 to 7 liters.с. or 2.14 kW. On average, it consumes 1 l/h

But still we can’t call a petrol lawn mower a perfect helper. Many people don’t like exhaust fumes and noise accompanying a lawn mowing. The problem can be a lot of weight of the device from 12 to 55 kg.

It’s also worth noting the difficulties that often arise when starting. To bring the mower into action, you have to pull the handle of the starter cord with effort. However, the manufacturers are aware of this problem and offer different ways to solve it, as we will talk a little later.

Finally, some inconveniences are connected with filling the unit, equipped with a two-stroke engine. It requires a mix of petrol and oil in the proportions declared by the manufacturer. And if you make this cocktail carelessly, the engine will quickly break down.

With a four-stroke engine, things are much easier. They work on gasoline AI-92. The operation of the lawnmower with such a heart saves time, saving unnecessary hassle.

Most modern petrol lawn mowers allow you to adjust the height of cut. Number of settings from 3 to 11

Husqvarna LC 353 vi self-propelled gasoline mower, 53 cm mowing width, 3,6 l power.с., mowing height adjustment (25-75 mm), noise level 98 dB, weight 42 kg. Price 55 990

Self-propelled gasoline lawn mower Hyundai L 4600S, mowing width of 46 cm, 3,5 liters of power.с., cutting height adjustment (25-75 mm), grass catcher box capacity 65 l, weight 33,8 kg. Price 24 990

Self-propelled lawn mower AL-KO 127125 Solo by 4855 SP Aluminium 4-stroke engine, mowing width 48 cm, power 2,7 l.с., Noise level 96 dB, weight 47 kg. Price 52 790

Stiga Combi 55 SQ self-propelled petrol lawnmower, mowing width 53 cm, power 3.4 l.с., fixed speed 3,8 km/h, grass catcher box 70 l, weight 39 kg. Price 36,195

Self-propelled gasoline mower DAEWOO DLM 6000SV, mowing width 58 cm, power of 7 liters.с., Robust steel housing, 80 l grass catcher box, weight 42 kg. Price 43,990

Oleo-Mac G48PK Comfort Plus self propelled petrol lawnmower, mowing width 46 cm, power 6,5 l.с., Grass catcher box 70 liters, steel deck, weight 25,4 kg. Price 25 000

Honda HRG 416C SKEH self-propelled gasoline lawnmower, mowing width 41 cm, power of 4.5 liters.с., Robust steel body, 50 L grass catcher box, weight 31 kg. Price 34 990

Self propelled lawn mower VIKING MB 448.1 TC, mowing width 46 cm, power 4,5 l.с., plastic body, one-handle, grass catcher box 50 l, weight 28 kg. Price 46 990

Popular models

Companies supplying today’s lawn mower market are located in different countries.

The brand name should not be the main criterion when choosing a machine, because some Chinese devices can also boast of excellent quality.

Mowers from well-known brands like Makita, Hyundai, Stiga, Bosch, VIKING are very popular. The devices described below are recognized as the best modern models.

  • Makita PLM4621 self propelled lawn mower is equipped with a device for mulching the grass. Cutting width is 46 cm, height. from 2 to 7,5 cm. The machine weighs 32.5 kg.
  • The non-self-propelled gasoline Hyundai L4310 has a mulching mower head. There is a central adjustment of cutting height. The volume of the collector is 45 l. Provides for mowing greens 42 cm wide and 2,5-7,5 cm high. The fuel tank holds 1 litre of petrol.
  • Stiga Combi 48 ES self-propelled electric mower has an adjustable handle and folding handle. It has a steel body, a blade of grass, excellent maneuverability, large diameter wheels (18 cm at the front and 24 cm at the back) and a good capacity grass catcher box (up to 60 l).
  • The AL-KO 119617 Highline 46/5 SP-A has 7 cutting levels. Lawn height can be adjusted from 3 to 8 cm. Weighs 32 kg. A very sturdy housing provides the unit with durability. The mower has an incredible resistance to shocks. Can be used for mulching. With an auxiliary accessory, the grass cuttings can be ground into a fertilizer for the soil.
  • The Bosch ARM 37 is not equipped with a blade of grass. The rigid grass catcher box holds 40 liters. Central cutting height adjustment from 2 to 7 cm. Mowing width of 37 cm.
  • The Austrian VIKING MB 248 gasoline mower is compact and easy to maneuver. The housing is made of steel. The soft fabric bag has a capacity of 45 l. Weighs 28 kg.
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How to choose a lawn mower for high grass and uneven areas?

Lawn care does not always begin with mowing. and more gardeners or country house owners after a long absence from the site will find a miniature jungle, which must be overcome by mechanized equipment. trimmers for grass will not help much here, especially if you do not just want to cut vegetation at the root, and give the territory a well-groomed look. Here you need a more reliable, user-friendly technique.

Are there lawnmowers for uneven areas and high grass? These options can be found among the offers of different brands. from top companies to inexpensive brands. How to know if you can mow on uneven terrain with an electric self-propelled mower? Find the best option and understand the structure of the equipment will help to rating the best models and useful recommendations.

Features of the situation

Of course, such a question will not arise for those who live in the immediate vicinity of the lawn. Then you can wait for some time, and work when the grass dries up. But the need to mow wet grass immediately arises if you can only visit the site occasionally. What to do if you have to mow the lawn at the weekend, on another day with rainy weather, here’s the trick. Opinions of the dacha owners themselves differ, so it makes little sense to focus on their position. It is necessary to understand the nuances on your own.

lawn, mower, does, collect, grass

Lawn mulching features lawn mower tips and tricks

Always check the condition of the blade(s) before mowing the lawn. The blunt blade tears the grass and puts extra stress on the motor. In addition, on models with two blades, the lower blade works like a fan. If the elevated or height-adjustable portion of the blade is worn, airflow is reduced and cutting ability is reduced.

Be sure to read the owner’s manual that comes with the mower and review the recommendations for checking, sharpening, removing, and reinstalling the blades. Only use blades that are compatible with the model of mower being used. Honda blades are designed for specific models. Do not use hand-bought or “all-purpose” blades, as this can degrade the quality of the cut and, more importantly, create a dangerous situation.

How often should you mow the lawn?

If you look closely, you can see that the grass tends to consist of leaves and stems. If you cut the leaves, you might bare your lawn. Allow the grass to grow between mowing.

If the grass grows too tall, mow once at the maximum height setting and then mow again after two or three days. Do not remove more than one-third of the total height of the grass in one cut, or you may get brown spots.

As a rule, you should mow the lawn at least once a week.The grass should be mowed when it becomes 1/2 to 1 inch above the recommended height. Consult with local experts. nursery or garden center workers. to find out the conditions specific to your area.

Use full power

Rotary mowers are best at cutting and picking up grass at full capacity. Use full power mode, even with short or thin grass. To slow the mower down, adjust the transmission accordingly or push the mower more slowly. Don’t drop the throttle to slow down.

Wet grass

Wet grass clippings will clog the mower deck and form clumps in the lawn. You should always let the grass dry out. If clumps appear on the lawn, use a leaf rake to remove them and prevent brown spots.

Dry grass

If the ground is too dry, mowing will produce dust. In addition to discomfort for the mower operator, it also leads to clogging of the engine air filter.

To minimize dust and fine particles passing through the grass catcher fabric, it is best to mow in the morning when the ground is slightly moist and the grass itself is dry.

Using the grass catcher box

The grass catcher box is used when one wants to clear grass clippings from the lawn, for example, around the pool or on the patio.

Since the grass catcher box works like a vacuum cleaner, it must let air through; a clogged grass catcher box will not function. Prevent the grass catcher box from becoming full and empty it in good time. Rinse the dirty bag with a garden hose and let it dry completely before using it.


When mulching, the grass is shredded, the fine particles pass easily through the turf and decompose quickly. The result is nourishment of the soil, and there is no need to collect, pack and dispose of grass clippings.

For optimal mulching, the lawn should be mowed frequently, cutting less than an inch each time. During the growing season, you will likely need to mow your lawn twice a week.

Reduce speed when mowing thick, dense grass. You can also overlap mow instead of making a full swath on each pass. It allows to increase the quality of mulching and reduces the load on the engine.

The mulching mower requires more attention to operation and maintenance than other modes of operation. It’s important to shred the grass to the right size and distribute it evenly over the lawn, avoiding the formation of clumps.

Using the Versamow function (HRX model only)

The Versamow function can be used to mulch the lawn and collect the grass in the grass catcher box at the same time. Simply place the grass catcher box and position the Clip Director lever in the middle position. Now some of the grass cuttings will be used to mulch the lawn to provide extra nutrition, and another part will go into the grass bin. Simply move the Clip Director lever in the desired direction to achieve the desired results. When mowing dense, dense grass, you may need to move Clip Director further (closer to the grass box mode) than when mowing thin grass.

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Cutting Patterns

Use different mowing patterns to keep the grass straight and the lawn free of wheel marks or grooves. Alternate horizontal, vertical and diagonal mowing patterns to get the best cut.See. Example A.

The most common complaint when mowing a lawn was the accumulation of grass clippings on one side of the pass. This problem can usually be prevented by following the recommendations mentioned above. However, if that doesn’t work, use a circular pattern and an overlap of several inches. If grass clippings pile up on the right, mow clockwise; if on the left, mow counterclockwise. See. Example B.

Example B:



Operating mistakes with cordless trimmers and mowers

20 to 30 years ago, the indispensable tool for getting rid of grass was the hand-held grass trimmer. And then the minds and hearts of Russian dacha owners were captured by grass trimmers and lawn mowers. True, this love was not immediately mutual: not everyone could adapt to the cumbersome, noisy tools, which had to be filled with gasoline or plugged into the mains. With the advent of powerful cordless garden tools, everything has become much easier. But if you make mistakes in their operation, you can ruin even the most high-quality and reliable equipment.

Cordless lawnmowers and grass trimmers open up a lot of possibilities, but it’s important to follow the rules for using them

Side ejection

But what to do if we have missed the time and the grass has grown, as they say, up to his knees? In this case, we will help us such a useful feature as a side ejection. Not all mowers, even the premium lawnmowers, have this feature. So if you don’t go to the cottage on a regular basis, the side-mounted ejector function is your salvation.

If a lawn mower is your first purchase and you do not know whether you need it, my advice to you take a mower with a side discharge, a very useful feature.

We have two MTD Optima 46 SPB HW (3 in 1) and MTD Optima 46 SPB HW (4 in 1) lawn mowers in our arsenal. If you can not pay enough attention to the lawn and this is your first purchase, then I would choose the 4 in 1 mower with a full set of necessary functions: The grass catcher box, side and rear discharge, mulching, large rear wheels with bearings. In my opinion, this is the best value for money for a lawn with up to 10-12 acres. Large rear wheels make it easy to drive over obstacles and create less pressure on the lawn. The most popular American BriggsStratton 500 E gasoline engine with a rated capacity of 3 liters.с. By the way, BriggsStratton is the most popular engine in the world of gardening equipment and this company has the largest network of service centers. In general, everything is the best!

Continuing on with the side discharge. For example, you arrive at your country house after the rain and you can’t wait for the grass to dry, and you need to mow! Do not even try to mow grass in the grass catcher box, no mower in the world can not mow wet grass ejection channel is instantly clogged with wet grass clumping, deck mowers also oblipet mixture of grass and grass mulch dust. And it all falls on the lawn in ugly, clumpy tufts. Once again, it is the side discharge that saves us the trouble! Remove the grass catcher box, put the side discharge hood and voila! Mowing with pleasure. You just have to collect the grass with a rake.

We’re concentrating on the most popular range of machines. The machines are cordless (battery operated) and cordless, and can mow grass up to 12 acres in an area with a cord attached to a socket. The four-wheeled models are easy to use and do not pollute the air with exhaust emissions, unlike petrol mowers. They have a rotary mechanism based on a rotating shaft with a cutting element attached to it, a 2-blade or 4-blade spindle blade that is adjustable in height. It can be used on a flat area (horizontal or inclined) without potholes and hillocks exceeding 5 cm and free from stones, cones, clods of clay and other solid debris. Mowing width is typically 2646 cm.

Grass cuttings can be collected in the grass catcher box and afterwards incorporated into a compost heap or, if the mower mills it into mulch, remain on the lawn as a fertilizer.

The main controls of the tool (motor start lever, accidental start lock button, wheel drive) are located on the handlebars. In many models its length and height can be adjusted without any tools, and for convenience of storage it is dismountable.

In addition to manually driven units, there are self-propelled mower models (both mains and battery-powered). Such machines are heavier, use more power, and cost more than conventional ones. However, on wide lawns and in hilly terrain (where you have to push the cart uphill all the time), self-propelled mowers are really worth it.

Deck. The main element of a lawnmower is the cart housing and frame (also known as the deck). It is made of polymeric materials (the cheapest mowers use polypropylene, the most reliable. ABS plastic), steel or aluminum. Plastic products are particularly prone to mechanical damage, steel ones to rust, and aluminium ones, because of their high price and complexity, can only be found with the top models. The deeper the deck, that is, the higher its sides (and therefore the stronger the airflow inside), the better. In addition, the width of the deck directly affects the mowing performance, because the larger it is, the fewer passes over the lawn have to be made.

No matter what the body of the machine is made of, it must be thoroughly cleaned of biomass residue after each use, otherwise moisture and decay processes, which create an aggressive environment, will quickly lead to oxidation and corrosion of machine parts.

When choosing an electric lawnmower, it is important to pay attention to such parameters as the drive power, mowing width, grass cutting height and how to adjust it, the volume and material of the grass catcher, the availability of options, the nature of movement on the surface, the weight of the product

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Drive power. Power consumption of mowers in this segment of devices is 12 kW, most often users choose 1,31,6 kW devices. The more productive the model, the greater will be its weight and dimensions and higher the cost. Don’t forget that as machine power goes up, so does electric power consumption and noise level. To reduce noise, some manufacturers provide rubber shock absorbers, reducing the vibration of the deck.

Experts recommend buying a mower with a power reserve of 1520%, which will ensure high-quality mowing even of heavily thickened grass

The system of the knife drive is sometimes equipped with a gear reducer, which increases the power of the device, and the motor is equipped with a temperature sensor that will not allow it to overheat.

Important operating characteristic of the device, which may well replace the criterion for the choice of power, the continuous operation time of the engine. So, for very small lawns it is enough if it is a quarter of an hour, but in most cases the optimum is 3040 min.

Grass cutting height. The minimum value is usually 10 mm, but the maximum value varies from 50 to 8085 mm in different models. It is common to leave a grass height of 3040 mm on sports fields, on lawns for children’s games, sunbathing, etc. п. 4060 mm, on garden lawns 5070 mm. Long time unmowed, overgrown area should be mowed in several stages (in two-week intervals), each time putting the blade on a lower level. In one session, experts advise to cut the vegetation only by one-third of its height, this will allow the grass cover to quickly recover and gain a healthy look.

Cutting height adjustment of the machines is carried out in different ways: the least convenient by repositioning the wheel axles into other holes on the deck, the most ergonomic by means of a central lever or button. Two or three adjustment steps are sufficient in most cases.

Cutting element. It not only mows the grass itself, but also generates an air current inside the deck that lifts the stalks, ensuring an even cutting height, and blows the waste into the grass catcher box.

Lawn Mower Not Collecting Grass Very Well, How To Fix (Honda HRD 536)

Mowers with a mulching function have a blade with a variable angle that cuts and shreds the grass. There are models equipped with knives with special serrations at the end, so they are able to grind also coarse plant debris and leaves, actually working as a garden vacuum cleaner.

After the necessary sharpening, the blade that is fixed on the shaft must be balanced. Otherwise, the increased vibration can cause damage to the shaft bearings

When mowing unleveled or hard lawn the blade will constantly bump into the ground and encounter obstacles, there is a risk of breakage. In addition, a high probability and damage to the motor shaft, repair or replacement will turn into costs comparable to the purchase of a new lawnmower.

If you need to replace the blade, but there is no possibility to buy a new product in the service center or order it on the manufacturer’s website, you can use a universal cutting element, which allows a variety of mounting options, or use the so-called adapter (adapter), which allows you to install the blade in devices of most brands. Provided a quality product of a well-known brand is selected for replacement, in both cases the tool will operate reliably and safely.

The grass catcher box. The grass catcher box has a capacity of 10 to 75 liters. Small bags have to be emptied more often, but they are easier to lift than bulky ones.

Grass catchers are made of soft material or plastic. There are also combined models in the form of a bag with a hard top. Plastic receptacles are easier to empty, and it is enough to rinse them with water from a hose for cleaning, but the main thing is that the holes in the walls of the box let air in freely, while the cells of the bag clog, weakening the force of flow, and then the grass catcher needs to be washed. The bags get very dirty with plant sap and wear out quickly, but their degree of filling, unlike plastic containers, is immediately visible, and one does not need to look into them to do this. (However, there are already grass catchers with built-in indicators showing the level of filling and even signaling the need to empty the container.) Space for storage, of course, the box will take more than a folded bag.

With mulching machines grass catcher box can be removed and mow without it: green fertilizer will spread evenly over the lawn and feed the growing grass. In addition, the mulch prevents the soil from drying out and slows weed growth. But frequent mulching is not worth it, because the grass can get clogged with this biomass and stop breathing, which can lead to lawn diseases.

Wheels. The larger the wheel diameter, the better will be the cross-country capability of the machine. On areas with loose soil or overgrown with high grass the unit with wheels not less than 150 mm will behave confidently. Increasing the diameter of the rear wheels (up to 230 mm) improves the stability of the unit and its steering.

lawn, mower, does, collect, grass

Front-drive mowers are more maneuverable, but when the grass catcher box is full, there are conditions for shifting back the center of gravity, and the machine can slip

depending on the model class and its weight, the wheels are equipped with either metal or plastic bushes (and on lightweight units they may not exist at all), or bearings, sometimes even two per wheel. To avoid ruts on the lawn and damaging the grass carpet the mowing machines are fitted with wide enough wheels in wear-resistant rubber sheathing.