Why a single-axle tractor does not start in winter. How to start technique after winter

How to start gasoline and diesel engines

The single-axle tractor is a multifunctional tool. It is indispensable for homesteading. The attachment equipment allows you to work the land, mow the grass, shovel snow, carry goods, plant and harvest.

The technique is equipped with gasoline or diesel engines. Starting a diesel power tiller and a gasoline unit has differences. That’s why it’s necessary to analyze the reasons why a single-axle tractor won’t start.

Before starting the single axle tractor, prepare the equipment. Make sure all parts are present and that all mechanisms are securely fastened.

Mechanisms often refuse to work after winter. If the engine is stopped for too long, the system may malfunction. Storage in cold and damp conditions will cause the following breakdowns:

Before starting a new tractor, all connections, clutch cable, reverse and throttle must be checked. Cables should run smoothly and with no effort. Do not start the machine if there are clips and twists in the harness strands.

When starting for the first time, be sure to check the oil level in the crankcase. Lack of lubrication damages piston group. Idle speed of the crankshaft is up to 1400 rpm. A couple of seconds is sufficient to cause scoring on the cylinder surface.

Old oil can cause engine trouble. The single-axle tractor smokes white exhaust fumes. Change the oil completely.

Please note that a single-axle tractor does not start well if the oil volume is insufficient. Watch this parameter before you start the carburetor and diesel single axle tractor. Some models have low level protection. The sensor blocks the start and the machine shuts down.

Remember that each engine type requires a specific brand of gasoline. Gasoline for two-stroke engines is mixed separately. The fuel mixture consists of gasoline and oil. The amount of ingredients is maintained in a strict ratio.

Gasoline for power tillers is available at service stations. The service life of the machines depends on the quality of the fuel. Do not start the single axle tractor on bad gasoline.

Why a single axle tractor stops when under load?

The problem is widespread enough. the machine stops after 5 minutes of work. Often the cause is a failure of the fuel supply and malfunctions in the ignition.

If the machine stalls during operation, you need to check whether the fuel supply is working properly:

  • The spark plug is taken out and viewed. It is overdry. this indicates a lack of fuel;
  • There must be enough fuel in the gas tank for the machine to function properly;
  • The condition of the fuel cock is inspected. It may be simply blocked. Sometimes it is enough to open it to continue using the machine.

Single axle tractor starts and shuts down when ignition malfunctions. Initially the spark plugs need to be checked. Wet elements indicate a breakdown. The machine’s ignition system needs to be re-adjusted.Re-adjustment is carried out as follows:

  • The cover, which protects the parts of the ignition system, is removed;
  • The engine flywheel is turned until the contacts in the magneto open;
  • The gap from the “anvil” to the “hammer” is measured with a special dipstick;
  • The flywheel turns before the piston compresses. The latter should reach its peak;
  • The flywheel is turned again until a characteristic knock, which will indicate the operation of the overrunning clutch;
  • The flywheel is turned to the other side until the mark of this element coincides with the mark on the body of the machine;
  • The clearance from the breaker contact to the cam is set at 0.3 millimeters;
  • The cam is fixed with the screw, which is located above the element, and the protective cover is installed in the body of the equipment.

If the above steps are performed correctly, the single axle tractor will not stall under load. Under the tilt, the machinery may stall if there is not enough fuel in the gas tank. The machine should be set up straight, remove the starter rope. If the engine starts, you need to pour fuel into the tank.

Why a single axle tractor won’t start

It is not uncommon for owners of agricultural equipment to encounter various malfunctions. For example, a single-axle tractor does not start and shoots. To fix the breakdown, you must first determine its cause.

After that they themselves are engaged in direct repair of the equipment or apply to a service center. In this article we will tell you why the single-axle tractor does not start and how to fix it.

Causes and ways of elimination

  • Insufficient amount of engine oil;
  • malfunctions of the glow plugs and ignition devices;
  • Malfunction in the node of the internal combustion system of the mini-tractor with a gasoline engine.

Often the causes of a single-axle tractor not starting are due to malfunctioning spark plugs or glow plugs. This is due to the fact that the parts have lost the spark due to excessive moisture. It arises as a result of the heat-emitting assembly.

If there is no spark formation, then the motoblock engine will not start. How to solve the arisen problem:

If the diesel single axle tractor does not start, and the glow plugs still work properly, then check the work of all devices, which are responsible for the ignitability of the combustible substance.

The manufacturers recommend to go to the service center for diagnostics so that the masters will determine the cause of failure and conduct a full-fledged repair.

How to prepare the single axle tractor for starting

What to do in the first place, when the single-axle tractor does not start? Regardless of the modification of agricultural machinery, the owner must first read the operating instructions, then carefully check all devices and connections. Also, you can not forget about checking the level of lubricant in the internal combustion engine.

The manual contains all the necessary information for repair, such as the description of the engine. The engine can be a two- or four-stroke.

Models in the first category need a special combustible liquid, which includes gasoline and engine oil. If the wrong fuel is used, then the engine will malfunction.

To determine the proper fuel, you must pay attention to the outgoing smoke. If you use quality gasoline or diesel, it will be white. Also, the engine does not work if it is filled with diesel fuel designed for warm weather in the winter.

How to start a gasoline engine

Starting a gasoline mini-tractor is carried out in a specific order:

single-axle, tractor, does, start, winter, technique
  • Open fuel cock.
  • Set the choke lever on the carburetor to the Start position.
  • Switch off ignition and turn the engine a couple of times with a special cable mechanism.
  • Start the engine again and put the lever in the operating position.

Starting a diesel engine

How to start a car that runs on diesel fuel:

  • Open the fuel tap.
  • Unscrew the channel connections until the fuel starts to flow.
  • Screw in the parts and use compressed air to blow out the nozzles.

How to start a single-axle tractor after the winter

If the machine is started after a long period of inactivity or in the summer after winter, the following steps should be taken:

In addition, before starting it is necessary to check all connections, clutch, mechanisms and assemblies. Next we will talk about what to do if the single-axle tractor does not start.

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Repair of a power tiller with your own hands

Farm equipment, like other devices, breaks down from time to time. Therefore, it is important for the owner to be able to repair the equipment, based on the dimensions of the power tiller, with his own hands. However, if the warranty has not expired, it is better to contact the masters in the service center, as they will carry out the repair completely free of charge.

The fuel system is damaged in the case of the motor:

To carry out the repair of power tillers, first check the condition of the air and oil filters. If they are slightly clogged, they are washed or blown through with compressed air. If there is heavy dirt on the parts, then the old parts are replaced with new ones.

The next step is disassembly of the carburetor, washing all components with a special cleaning agent. Also carefully clean the fuel tap, the tank and the piston system with gasoline.

When all parts are well dried, they are installed in the reverse order.

Then screw in the crankshaft, the piston must move freely and the valves must work flawlessly. After that fill up with new engine oil, start the engine and let it idle for a while. It is important to check whether the fuel is supplied to the cylinder.

Why won’t the single axle tractor start. why won’t it start?

Before the start of the season, both gasoline and diesel single axle tractors need to be prepared. To do this, the owner of the unit should make sure that all the parts necessary for operation are present in the construction of the unit, and that each of them “sits” tightly in its regular place.

Often many motor blocks, equipped with an engine Subaru or motors of other well-known brands, refuse to work after a long winter downtime. The wrong storage conditions also have an effect. if the machine is parked in a cold, damp place, it will most likely fail to start before the start of spring works. It is connected with a number of such faults:

  • Oxidation of electrical wiring terminals;
  • The integrity of the wiring insulation is compromised;
  • Oil and fuel watering;
  • Debris in the carburetor jets.

Before starting a single axle tractor, its owner must carefully inspect all connections of the machine. You need to check the throttle, reverse and clutch cables. they should be soft. If during inspection you find clips or kinks in the cables, you must not start the single axle tractor.

Check the oil level in the crankcase before starting the power tiller for the first time. If there is no lubricant, it will lead to severe damage to the piston group. Judge for yourself: at a crankshaft rotation speed of 1400 rpm./min., it will only take a fraction of a second to form a few burrs on the surface of the cylinder.

Oil left over for the winter is one of the main causes of unstable operation of the machine’s engine. To be sure that the single-axle tractor is poorly started for this reason is quite simple. after starting the machine, white smoke will fall out of the exhaust pipe for a few seconds, after which the machine will stall. Don’t forget that both diesel and gasoline single axle tractors start badly because of insufficient oil. Some models of units are equipped with a low level protection, the owners of other machines should independently monitor the oil volume inside the tank.

Another important factor is the gasoline that you use to fuel your power tiller. If you regularly fill the fuel with a different brand, which advises the manufacturer of the machine, it can also become the reason for the lack of its launch.

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Is it necessary to drain the gasoline from the power tiller for winter?

The fuel tank is carefully prepared for winter. It is here that the opinions of experts differ: someone says that it is necessary to dry out the tank, draining the fuel completely, and someone, on the contrary, advises to fill it completely.

In the first case, corrosion can still appear, because it may happen that you have not fully dried the fuel tank. But if it is completely filled with fuel, as in the second option, then the probability of fire increases, and this is a much more serious and dangerous problems. We recommend that you follow the instructions and do not risk neither your life nor your property.

How to set the ignition on the power tiller?

The following signs will prompt you to adjust the ignition gap as a matter of urgency:

  • the need for frequent fruitless pulling of the starter cord;
  • delayed reaction of the engine of the power tiller to manipulations with the starter;
  • complete absence of starting the engine of the agricultural machine.

Each of these malfunctions indicates that the operator must carry out the installation of the ignition of the power harvester used in the farm. The correct procedure for this can be found in the instruction manual for the existing equipment. However, the manual is not always available at the operator’s fingertips. In such a case, the gap between the built-in ignition module and the flywheel can be set in this sequence:

  • First the operator must cover the spark plug with a special angle piece;
  • Then its body will need to be pressed to the head of the standard cylinder of the internal combustion engine;
  • Next, the spark plug must be turned to the opposite side from the hole provided in the end of the chrome cylinder;
  • After that, it is necessary to gently turn the crankshaft of the engine of the motoblock. to do this, it is enough to pull the starter cord;
  • As a result of the actions performed between the built-in electrodes should spark bright blue. If this does not happen, then you need to check the distance between the magneto and the starter motoblock. it should be 0.1 to 0.15 mm. If these requirements are not met, the gap between the elements will need to be adjusted.

Many experienced users adjust the ignition of a power tiller by ear. Both contact and non-contact magneto are suitable for this. To adjust the system yourself, you need to:

  • Start the engine and slightly loosen the stock trambler;
  • Slowly turn the breaker in each of the possible directions;
  • Achieve maximum revolutions of the factory engine and quickly fix the design;
  • Listen for a moment to find the instantaneous appearance of the spark;
  • Turn the breaker and wait for a clear clicking sound;
  • fasten the regular tumbler fasteners.

In some cases, to properly adjust the available gap will help stroboscope.

  • Warm up the power unit of the power block;
  • Connect the device to the electric power supply of the tiller;
  • Install the sound sensor on the high voltage wire connected to one of the cylinders of the original engine;
  • Carefully remove the vacuum tube and plug it with any handy tool;
  • Look where the light from the stroboscope will be directed. it should “look” in the direction of the original pulley;
  • Start the engine and let it idle;
  • Crank the tramler;
  • Once the marks on the built-in pulley match the mark on the cover of the unit being used, turn the factory breaker nut all the way.

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Each of these methods is suitable for adjustment on both gasoline and diesel power tillers. The main thing in the process of independent adjustment. do not remove the coil and other elements of the ignition system. it can lead to a malfunction of the entire unit.

The system is an important part of the machine’s overall powertrain

Adjusting the ignition

The ignition coil for the Neva motor-block is adjusted as follows:

  • Take a sheet of paper and fold it in 4 times;
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the module;
  • Put a piece of paper under them and screw the bolts back into place;
  • Turn the handwheel manually;
  • Check for spark.

One of the main factors in the correct operation of the ignition system plays the gap between the starter and the flywheel. The gap must be between 0.1 and 0.15 mm.

To adjust it on the Neva motor-block, you need to remove the housing and unscrew the stator bolts. Then put a feeler gauge and set the necessary clearance, screw the bolts back and check the clearance over the entire surface of the flywheel.

Alternator, trouble shooting, troubleshooting

The alternator is an important part of the whole mechanism. It is designed to charge the battery and operate the headlights.

When choosing an alternator, you should pay attention to its power. It must exceed the capacity of all connected devices to ensure uninterrupted operation. It is possible to use an old automobile alternator for the Neva motor-block.

Important! During its installation, it is necessary to follow the diagram below. Otherwise the generator could ignite.

The red one is connected to the headlights and gives voltage to the headlights

There are a total of 4 wires in the alternator. Two of which are blue. It is thanks to them that the converter is connected. The red one is connected to the headlights, and gives the headlights voltage.

Electric starter

Many people try to improve the performance of their power tillers. In winter, it starts badly because the manual starter does not crank. To solve this problem for the motor-block Neva invented a special electric starter. This is a self-contained device that, when the ignition is turned on, starts rotating and gives a spark.

The electric starter is a complicated design, and it is not realistic to make it at home. You can use any other car electric starter that may have been left over from an old car.


What are the plugs for, and how to change them, we have already figured out. Let’s look at the brands that are needed for each specific type of Neva engine:

Engine model Engine candle Possible plug replacements
DM-1K (JSC “Krasny Oktyabr-Neva”) BRISK NR17C Bosch WR8AC
I/C 6.0 (BriggsStratton) Champion RC12YC NGK BKR5E
Vanguard 6,0 (BriggsStratton) mod.117 Champion RC12YC NGK BCPR5ES BRISK DR17YC
Honda GX200 98079-55876 (NGK BPR6ES) DENSO W20EPR-U BRISK LR15YC Champion RN9YCC Bosch WR7DC ENGELS A17DVRM
EX17 (Robin SUBARU) 065-01401-50 (NGK BR6HS) BRISC NR15C Bosch WR7AC Champion RL82CC
Honda GC160 98079-56846 (NGK BPR6ES) DENSO W20EPR-U BRISK LR15YC Champion RN9YCC Bosch WR7DC ENGELS A17DWRM
I/C 8.0 (BriggsStratton) Champion RC12YC
EY15 (Robin SUBARU) 065-01401-50 (NHSP LDE6C) NGK B6HS NGK BR6HS Champion L86C Champion RL86C
Honda GX120 98079-55876 (NGK BPR6ES) DENSO W20EPR-U BRISK LR15YC Champion RN9YCC Bosch WR7DC ENGELS A17DVRM
single-axle, tractor, does, start, winter, technique

Headlamp with electric starter on single-axle tractor Neva MB-2

The Neva power tillers are not equipped with a headlamp as standard. But this option is available as an extra. Because it’s almost impossible to work in the evening without a headlamp.

If you want you can install headlights from a car, scooter, tractor, etc. on your own.д. If you want to do this, you can weld a special box for the headlight and install it there. And connect the wires from it to the generator. But not directly, a switch that is located in the center of the machine and switches the headlight on and off.

Do I have to drain the gasoline from my power harvester for the winter??

The fuel tank is carefully prepared for winter. It is here that the opinions of specialists differ: some say that the tank should be dried by draining all the fuel, and some, on the contrary, advise to fill it completely.

In the first case, corrosion can still appear, because it can happen that you did not fully dry the fuel tank. But if it is completely filled with fuel, as in the second case, then the possibility of fire increases, and this is already a much more serious and dangerous problem. We recommend following the instructions and not risking your life or property.

No spark on the power tiller. sorting out the problem

Another common reason that a single-axle tractor won’t start is due to a malfunction in the machine’s ignition system. Faults can hide in the cap, magneto, spark plug or in the high-voltage wire of the agricultural machine.

The first thing to do when inspecting the ignition system is to carefully check all parts for blockages. If the spark is lost, it is often due to moisture or dirt on the ignition elements. Also often the farm machine does not start due to lack of ability to form a spark. this is caused by poor contact between the center electrode and the spark plug cap.

If you have not found dirt and moisture in the ignition system, and the single axle tractor does not start, be sure to check the integrity of the electrodes and the gap between them. As a rule, a special dipstick is used. Ideally, the gap should be 0.8 mm. If necessary. remove soot from the insulator and metal elements of the ignition system.

If the machine does not start, and none of the above procedures have not helped, then you will need to replace the spark plug of the power tiller. The cost of replacement parts is low, but when buying, we advise you to give preference to more expensive plugs. they will last several times longer than the cheaper counterparts. All these methods are suitable for repair of power tillers Mole, Neva MB-1 and MB-2, as well as Kaskad, Zubr, Agro and Salyut.