Why is the oil for the muffler the oil goes. Valves

Repair work

Why is the oil muffler flowing? How serious it is? How this problem can be eliminated? We will talk about all this in the article.

109 exhaust valve adjustment, and a very dodgy oil filter!

Many motorists regularly monitor the exhaust of their car. After all, its color indicates many problems in the operation of the power unit of the car. So, for example, a red or bluish exhaust color indicates an overspending of oil, an increased steam. about the ingress of antifreeze into the combustion chamber, etc. The greatest excitement among most drivers is a situation when oil flows from a silencer. After all, even according to the logic of things, this symptom is a harbinger of serious problems with the power unit.

Oil flows from the muffler. Why? What to do?

So, for starters, it is necessary to determine exactly whether the oil flows from the exhaust pipe of the machine. Indeed, drops of condensate with soot or oily deposits may well be accepted as oil drops. To determine the nature of drops, it is necessary to place a white clean sheet of paper on the exhaust pipe of a working car. In this case, the experiment is best carried out on a heated motor.

After drops get on it, it is necessary to remove the sheet and dry. If the liquid dries without visible traces, then most likely there is no sense in worrying, because the drops are condensation. If fat traces remain on a sheet of paper, then the worst suspicions are realized. oil flows from the exhaust pipe.

What can be the causes of such a phenomenon? And what are the consequences?

Most often flows from a silencer oil mixed with combustible. A similar phenomenon may be the result of the failure of the oil.removable rings of the piston or oil.cut caps on the valves of one of the cylinders of the power unit. In this case, to determine the deep cause of the malfunction, it is necessary to unscrew the spark plugs.

The part of the cylinder in which there is a breakdown will be sprayed with oil. It will be on the threaded part of the candle. And fuel, along with existing oil, enters the exhaust manifold. That is, in this case, in one of the cylinders of the power unit, the process of combustion of fuel does not occur. Therefore, unburned oil along with the fuel and thrown through the muffler of the car. If oil flows from the silencer, then for additional diagnostic express, you can try to remove the oil probe with a working motor. If, in this case, blue smoke comes from his hole, then most likely the rings failed or lay down. Critical development in the motor cylinders may also be present. If there is no smoke, then it may cost to replace the oilflower caps.

There are several possible methods to eliminate possible piston rings. You can try to fill the appropriate additives in the fuel. In addition, there are funds that are poured into the holes of the unscrewed spark plugs. Although, not in all cases, these funds can help.

In all other situations, you can not do without disassembling the power unit. First you can try to dismantle the cylinder head and measure their diameters. After all, they may contain ellipiness, which can only be eliminated by the cartoon or boring of the cylinder block. And this is not cheap operations. And independently, without appropriate equipment, they do not implement them.

After the implementation of these procedures, it will naturally need to replace the piston group, which also pours out in fairly serious amounts.

muffler, valves

In general, in most of the cases when the oil flows from the muffler, the result of this trouble is the full overhaul of the power unit.

If we are talking about a sufficiently new car, then it makes sense to carry out this procedure, although it is not cheap. If the car is old enough, it may make sense to find a “living” used power unit with a normal wear level for replacing the old. This option will cost less than repairing a native motor.

Choosing a trimmer for the grass for giving. My experience

The coil of my “Alpina” exploded right under my feet when I mowed weeds by the fence. When searching for this spare part, I came across options for 1500-1800 (it was three years ago). Well, very expensive, as it seemed to me. Then a colleague told me that he had recently bought a powerful trimmer for Baikal 4500 grass for only 4900 (. The price for everything is very tempting.

I immediately called this company, but the manager upset me, saying that the same “Baikal” is no longer. However, he offered me a lawn mower of the Chinese Safun brand with a capacity of 2.5 kW for 4000. Getting stuck, in a word. And besides, I was pleased to buy a mitch for the price of two coils for a trimmer for Alpina grass. Among other things, I really wanted to check how long the cheap Chinese model will work and how much the engine power corresponds to the description in the description.

A trimmer for the grass that my colleague acquired, with a weight of slightly more than 5 kg and the engine volume 52 cm³ has a declared power of 5.5 kW. Just some kind of miracle! In the kit. two knives and a reel with a fishing line. The recommended fishing thickness is 2.4 mm, which seemed strange to me, because the engine power is twice as much as that of the Chinese Safun offered to me, and the recommended fishing line for a trimmer is thinner. “Baikal” we slightly shared the weeds in the far corner of the site. He cuts the grass well, but after half an hour of work I got the feeling that Safun copes with a similar task better, and this with the declared power of 2.5 kW.

Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

trimmer for the grass “Baikal”, the declared capacity. 5.5 kW. Photo by the author when the ordered Safun was brought to the office, my other colleague became interested in my purchase. He had recently broken an electric trimmer for grass, which was fixed in the workshop in a couple of thousand, but after the repair he broke again, and finally. I told him about my trimmer purchased for mere pennies, he thought a little and acquired a similar, but more expensive-Procraft T-4350 for 6000. I was not too lazy and came to his cottage, helped to assemble the device, at the same time and tried to mow.

ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower. Photo by the author

The declared capacity of the ProCraft T-4350 lawn mower engine is 4.35 kW, but when it is triggered by the difference with my own, I did not feel. Gasoline and fishing line consumption. The engine works quieter than Safun. In the first season of operation, this trimmer was dedicated to 100 acres in total. The engine started stably on cold and hot. The motor resource of the mowing is usually not indicated in the description. I could not find this information about my trimmer Safun. I had to evaluate it by the number of mowing per season. The mower worked out three seasons. I regularly open a summer area of ​​36 acres. To date, the “mileage” of the mower has amounted to 9-10 hectares.

Powerful Safun cuts fishing line and grass and weeds. Photo by the author

Next, I want to share the experience of operating a trimmer for grass, small errors and breakdowns that I have encountered over the past three years.

The wrong selection of cutting elements

As a rule, owners of gasoline braids are divided into two camps. Some mowing both grass and weeds only with fishing line. Others, faced with high grass, immediately install a metal disk. I belong to representatives of the first camp. On a powerful two-kilowatt lawn mower, I am just scared to put a disk: everything flies from under it like from a gun. And with a worthy power of a braid for grass and fishing line, it easily cuts everything from hogweed to small bushes.

A fishing line for 3.2 mm with a diameter of 3.2 mm is installed on the Safun mower. Even three.month.old weeds on her teeth. Photo by the author

Working with a disk knife. Bad experience

For a very long time, my father.in.law and I put a disk on a powerful EFCO braid, she chopped bushes as in a fairy tale, which ended in the second season. They tore off the gearbox, and the workshop announced just an indecent amount for repairs. This case proves that the knife is not always the best option. When a metallic disk for a gearbox, an increased load, especially when the cutting part finds a stump or brick in the grass. Here the gearbox is overloaded, up to the breakdown of the teeth or jamming of the shaft.

Which line is it better for a trimmer

With a new trimmer, I began to experiment and tried a fishing line for a trimmer, which will be most effective. The instructions were allowed to install a fishing line for a trimmer with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. For the first season I tried four species. a square 2.4 mm, a round 2.4 mm and 3.2 mm, a 2.4 mm twisted. With this power of the engine, I did not notice the difference. The consumption of thin fishing line was slightly larger, but for me it is not fundamentally. All fishing lines chopped thick weeds well.

muffler, valves

Install a square fishing line for a trimmer on a “native” coil of a trimmer for grass. Photo by the author

I really felt the advantages of a square fishing line on a less powerful Honda. it cuts grass better at a lower engine power.

Good coil

The native coil of the new braid at first seemed to me flimsy, painfully thin walls! The forebodings did not deceive me: the first holes began to appear at the end of the second season, and finally it was rubbed after the first mowing in the third season. Replacement I found more reliable. The choice was small. you can buy the same, with thin walls, rubles for 300 or look more serious, which will live longer. I bought a more reliable coil with thick walls for 700. Everything is as usual: a good coil is more expensive and lasts longer. And there is no point in saving here.

The complete coil (left) did not last long. The new coil (right) has more reliable walls. Photo by the author

When the mower hurts and smokes out of the blue, the horror is very good for the operator. Often the problem occurs immediately after cleaning or maintenance. Why is you acting now and prevent it in the future, you can find out here.

To protect your health and the environment, gasoline law mmores always carry a crankcase’s saepun to a carburetor or an intake manifold. If the braid leans sharply when cutting the grass on embankments or for maintenance, motor oil can get from the crankcase through the carburetor to the intake manifold.

Typical symptoms of problems are leakage of exhaust gas oils, as well as a pale blue smoldering engine. If a larger amount of engine oil got into the carburetor, the engine is difficult. Instead of air in the cylinder there is oil, so the launch process requires great efforts.

A cleaning action solves the problem. this is how it works

If your lawn mower flows with oil, smokes strongly and starts poorly, you can solve the problem using large.scale cleaning. How to do it right:

Perform a test run after this cleaning. If there are no more complaints, you can save on the removal and cleaning of the carburetor. If the engine continues to smoke and stutter, do not try to clean the carburetor. Many manufacturers offer for this purpose sets for repair, which contain all the necessary spare parts.

Fuel tank

A crack in the fuel tank causes a leak. Leaks. this is a common occurrence in the seams. If you notice a leak or any damp and felt the smell of fuel, replace the tank.

First, drain everything from the tank, then remove the fuel lines. Removing fuel lines may differ on some models: some are attached outside, while others pass through the sleeve into the tank. Remove all the bolts or clamps holding the tank in place and collect a new tank. Then share the fuel.

Fuel cap

The gas tank cover prevents fuel leakage and pollutants entering the tank. Leaks can be caused by a crack in the lid due to vibration, as well as a worn sealing ring. You can simply replace the gas tank cover, or if you suspect that this is a problem with a sealing ring, you can remove the sealing ring using a small screwdriver and install a new exactly the same size.

The sleeve provides a seal for the fuel and the ventilation line for entering the tank. A quick visual inspection will show whether the sleeve flows. Over time, fuel eats a rubber sleeve, and you will need to replace it. If you notice a leak or feel damp around the sleeve, replace it.

How to completely clean the chainsaw: carburetor, filter, muffler

During the operation of such a tool as a chainsaw, its owner often encounters a number of problems, one of which is clogging the carburetor. This can happen if the chainsaw is seasoned with low.quality gasoline or foreign garbage falls into the fuel tank. In order to clean the carburetor of the chainsaw, you must first disassemble it.

How to clean a muffler on a chainsaw

Timely measures to clean the muffler of the chainsaw can seriously extend the life of the tool. There are several causes of muffler pollution:

To check the condition of the muffler, it is necessary to dismantle it and look inside. If you need to remove the silencer on the stihl chainsaw, you need to remove the muffler fastener, the muffler, the plate and the reflector itself.

If you find a carrier inside the silencer, then this problem is solved in two ways:

  • Mechanical method (cleaning is carried out using brushes, sandpaper and special tools). This path is possible if the muffler understands.
  • In the case of a non.devastated muffler, special cleaning compositions are used, in which the muffler is soaked for several hours.

Correctly performing all the actions, you can easily clean the chainsaw, extend the life of the tool and protect yourself during operation.

Care for a chainsaw


Everyone who is not an enemy of his chainsaw must understand once and for all that oil oil happens only in Russian sayings, and there are suitable oil and not suitable in chainsaws. Everyone wants to save money, but, having saved several hundred in engine oil (having bought not the synthetics of a normal company for 500, but some Chinese rubbish for 200), you can kill a piston, worth 80% of the cost of a chainsaw in a couple of hours of work.

The same applies to the chain and tire oil. real savings when using bad oils below the missed benefit after the failure of the chain and tire.

In addition, for domestic use, even the most expensive oil is not an article for substantial savings.

Suppose a person saws only a few hours a year. Then the overpayment for several years of work will be only 300, or even less, and if you pour poor oil, you can dilute the entire piston during this time, which is much more expensive.

Playing the chainsaw

Real run.in at idle speeds is needed only for miserable chainsaws, for normal chainsaws, for example, for the stihl chainsaws, during the first few fuel gas stations it is recommended to be darkened only at load, and in the instructions for the Husqvarna chainsaw there is a stupid advice “to avoid work at too high speed during the first 10 hours ”(where the revolution regulator remains a mystery) and there is no question of any production of several tanks at idle.

It is also better to avoid the purchase of chainsaws, where the need for long (more than an hour) run.in at idle is indicated in open text, as this is apparently a condition for the clue to refuse warranty service, they say: You did the running.in? Not? Well then this is a violation of operating conditions.

Storage of a chainsaw

  • After work, any chainsaw must be cleaned from sawdust, especially the tire attachment zone so that moisture does not accumulate and corrosion substances do not form
  • It is better to drain oil for lubricating the chain during storage for more than a few days, since the tank is not sealed and the oil can leak. This is not dangerous and there is no need to plug the holes, and the chainsaws will not affect the work.
  • With prolonged storage, it is necessary to completely drain the fuel mixture from the tank, start the saw and wait until it stalls from the production of fuel. The oil in the fuel mixture decomposes and cokes and, when storing a saw of more than a month, can be closed with the channels of the carburetor and/or the membranes, after which you need simple cleaning, in the worst replacement of the entire carburetor.

Sharpening of the chain

Main article: Sharpening of a saw chain

This crap is always forgotten to lubricate

Every few hours of operation, the tire must be rearranged by 180 ° so that both sides are produced, and approximately the same.

Also, every time when refueling the tank, it is necessary to lubricate the tire award so that it serves for a long time and normal, for which special syringes are sold in almost all stores to lubricate the stars. The only manufacturer who solved this issue is Stihl with his EMATIC system

It is often possible to hear advice that when forming the guides of the “dented groove”, align it with a file, however, if the tire of a normal manufacturer, then “refinement with a file” does not pump. over, if you can’t withstand the perfect right angle between the file and the tire, then the “corrected” tire will last even less, since during operation the chain will stagger in the runners and break them even stronger.

Cleaning the chainsaw after work

Each time after work, it is necessary to clean the chainsaw of sawdust, clean and, it is advisable to rinse with auto.chemistry, oil pump. This must be done immediately after work, since if the dirty chainsaw is flying a couple of weeks, then then you will get fat.

The muffler cleaning

If the chainsaw begins to stall at the working turns, the hell knows why, usually after several years of operation, one of the reasons can serve as a reduced muffler. Removing and washing it is quite simple, for which you can use the appropriate car chemistry.

Cleaning the chainsaw engine

All the user cleaning of the engine should be limited to cleaning the cooling radiator from any contamination, if the engine is cleaned by the engine and cleaning the insides, it is better not to go there without appropriate experience, because killing is much easier than fixing.

Repair of the Carburetor STIHL MS 180

Repair of the STIHL MS 180 carburetor is a very difficult process. Note that when repairing, the risk of sharp changes in the cylinder.piston group is practically absent.

If the chainsaw is not started, then apply the following actions:

1) open and close the gas tank lid;

2) it is advisable to extract and then drain the candle;

If after this there was no positive results, then it is better to control the condition of the air filter, the process of supplying gasoline and the functioning of the candle.

This problem is related to the valve (Slepun), which is clogged, and as a result, vacuum is formed. All about repairing the chainsaws with my own hands, my oil is not flowing from my chainsaw. To eliminate this inconvenience, you need to clean the valve (Sleepun) with a needle.

Systematically check the filter, if the muffler clogs, the device will not be able to give the power that is laid in it.

If the chainsaw was purchased with a guarantee (as a rule, it cannot be another option) immediately hand over it to the service.

Thus, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is very convenient to use, has good ergonomics and a number of significant advantages.

Even professional chainsaws from world famous manufacturers break. from this no one is safe. The question is how breakage happens often and how serious they are. It is one thing when it is required to sharpen a chain or replacing a leading asterisk, and another. if the chainsaw does not start or shoots at the carburetor. In fact, most of the malfunctions can be eliminated with your own hands, for example, when the chainsaw does not lubricate the chain or stalls.

The chainsaw does not start

In case of difficulties with the launch of a chainsaw, many immediately sin on the carburetor. In fact, there are several options and any reason for the malfunction can be any:

  • Air and/or fuel filters are clogged. The problem is solved by cleaning filters.
  • Lack of fuel in the tank. Yes, there is such a reason. some owners forget about such an insignificant detail as a gas station refueling and think that a pair of liters of gasoline will be enough for six months. In addition, fuel in the tank should not be stored for more than 14 days, t.to. gasoline evaporates and is lost octane number.
  • Check the pipe from the fuel tank into the carburetor. it could clog or break, so gasoline does not enter the tank.
  • No spark on the spark plug. Why there is no spark. there can be many reasons: there is no contact, you need to change the candle or it was flooded. Why floods the candle on a chainsaw is another question. But if this happens, it is required to dry and reinstall, then check the presence of a spark. If the candle has a strong fog, it is recommended to replace it.
  • Check the muffler for the presence of soot. If there is a dozen, carefully clean the muffler, but it is still recommended to take the chainsaw to the service center so that the cylinder and the piston are checked there, t.to. Nar-a sure sign of improper operation of the elements of the cylinder-piston group.
  • The carburetor clogged. How to properly adjust the chainsaw so that the carburetor worked well, is considered in a separate article.

If none of the above methods helped, then the reason is more serious-the breakdown of one of the nodes of the connecting rod piston group. In this case, it is recommended to take the chainsaw to the service center.

muffler, valves

Problem 2: Air filter (black smoke)

Air filter prevents garbage, such as dirt, dust and grass, in a carburetor and engine. If you do not clean the air filter for too long, it will ultimately block and stop supplying air to the engine. As we know on the example of a carburetor, a lack of air means too much fuel, which again leads to the appearance of black smoke.

You must check the condition of the air filter at least once a month. The filter should be replaced at least once a year. It is important to use the filter specifically for your lawn mowing model. The wrong size will not filter the garbage properly.

Problem 3: piston rings (white smoke)

Piston rings form a seal between the piston and the walls of the cylinder. If they wear out or damage, the oil can leak through the rings into the combustion chamber, which will lead to the release of white smoke.

To avoid this, make sure that the air and fuel filters are clean. If they are dirty or completely absent, there will be dirt in the combustion chamber, which will lead to wear of the piston rings and walls of the cylinder.

Do not neglect oil in a lawn mower. Poor oil or low amount of oil cannot be lubricated correctly, which leads to wear of piston rings and cylinders.

Check the oil more often to prevent wear or jamming of the engine. Oil should be changed after about 50 hours of use. Old, dirty oil contains particles that air or fuel filters cannot capture, and further use of this oil will lead to engine wear.

Replacing damaged piston rings and cylinders. a difficult repair, since to access them the engine must be disassembled. Regular maintenance is much easier than full repairs!


One fluid that you can find from a silencer can be unbroken fuel. This can be caused by clogging of an air filter, which prevents a sufficient amount of air in the piston for complete combustion of fuel. If the carburetor is not adjusted or the float inside the carburetor is stuck, the excess fuel may also not burn. If this happens, unsuccessful gasoline can be pushed through the exhaust system, collecting carbon and making it black. If the liquid emerging from your silencer smells of gas, most likely the problem of flooding.

Oil can seep into the exhaust system if the piston rings are worn out or if you turn the engine on the side. The oil entering the pistons is pushed out without combustion. If the liquid leaving your engine is slippery and smells like oil, suspect one of these two reasons. If you have turned the engine, the oil can burn after some time of engine operation. If he continues to flow from a silencer, you may need a ring work.


In raw weather or when the engine was subjected to significant changes in temperature, water can be condensed inside the muffler and exhaust system, and then removed when the engine is launched. Water will accumulate carbon deposits inside the exhaust pipe and blow through the silencer. This is normal, and one of the few types of muffler wastewater, which you do not need to worry about.

Worn inlet valves can prevent the proper compaction of the cylinders, as well as contribute to the leakage of oil into cylinders or incomplete combustion. Valve wear can also lead to a leakage of oil or gas from the cylinders to the silencer.

The chain subsides

Why the chain flies from the tire? There may be several reasons and they are all different:

  • Wear of the leading or led star. Due to the fact that the asterisk has worn out, the clutch with a chain is reduced, which is why the chain from the chainsaw flies flies. A stars are required.
  • The chain stretched. Why the chain is stretched on the chainsaw-due to insufficient lubrication. The metal is heated and stretched, albeit a share of a millimeter, but if you take into account the number of links, then even 3-4 mm is enough for the chain to fly off the tire. It is necessary to change the chain.
  • The tensioner weakened the chain that regulates its tension. how to regulate a chainsaw, or rather a chain tension? You need to adjust the tensioner. you can do this in just a few minutes.

Do.it.yourself practical tire tire tires

Chainsaw is a very useful thing in the household. After all, a lot of tasks of home construction, gardening and landscaping of territories are quickly and relatively easily solved with her. Chainsaws are a sufficiently capricious tool, but with proper handling, this is an indispensable assistant. Who has one vulnerable place: guide tire. It is on it that most of the operational loads account. And this means that the knowledge about why tires more often than other parts of the chainsaws are out of order and how to correctly replace them with the case of necessity, will help you save money and time with seasonal or design work with an instrument.

Why the chain of the chainsaw does not rotate when the engine works even at full speed?

  • Leading star. Either it jammed it or the crown is so worn so that it does not engage in the hook and the chain does not spin on the chainsaw. In any case, it is necessary to disassemble the asterisk to find out the exact reason why the chain does not spin. If the crown is worn, it is necessary to replace the asterisk (or the crown itself, if the asterisk has a prefabricated structure).
  • He jammed the brake of the chain. As a result, the asterisk is blocked by the brake mechanism, while the engine works. It is necessary to drown out the engine and unlock the brake. If this happened under load, the brake mechanism will have to be changed, like an asterisk, t.to. Due to the high temperature, many elements can be melted and overheated.
muffler, valves