Will Buying a Combined Screwdriver Work

Screwdriver attachments greatly facilitate repair and construction work, since the assembly and disassembly of various structures is simplified by the use of this convenient and useful tool. Removable devices allow you to expand the scope of its application, in this article you can get acquainted with the features of the most popular of them. The text contains brief reviews of nozzles designed to work with wood, metal and drywall.

For each type of fastener you need a suitable bit in the form of a screwdriver

Screwdriver bits: general information, main types of tips

Like removable accessories for a drill, screwdrivers belong to the category of devices that are aimed at expanding the functionality. Thanks to them, this tool can be turned into a universal screwdriver or a compact device for cutting metal sheets. The range of tips offered by manufacturers is very wide. With their help, you can perform construction work of any complexity at home, which has provided such a popularity to a screwdriver.

To choose the right bits, you need to know the classification of products in this group

Some buyers do not see the difference between a drill and a screwdriver, but there is one. Over, these differences must be taken into account when choosing removable nozzles to perform certain tasks. Firstly, the rotational speed of a screwdriver is much less than that of a drill. Secondly, he has no moment of inertia. In other words, if you press the power button, the screwdriver will instantly stop, unlike a drill, which will still rotate for some time.

All screwdrivers have a trip clutch. It is designed to adjust the twisting force. Some models do not have a cartridge. Instead, a hex socket is installed in which the bits are fixed.

There are several varieties of the tool, each of which can bring certain benefits:

  1. Small screwdrivers. Used as a miniature electric screwdriver to repair watches, phones and small equipment.
  2. Folding screwdrivers. Such models are designed to work in a limited space, where a regular tool cannot reach. If the handle creates interference during operation, you can simply remove it.
  3. Screwdrivers. Designs that are hybrids. They combine the best properties of each tool.

Screwdriver attachments can be purchased in sets or individually

Important! When working with a screwdriver, it is advisable to use protective equipment. This is especially true for operations such as grinding and polishing, during which fragments and dust are formed.

What are screwdriver bits called? And what features do they have

Removable attachments that are mounted on a screwdriver are called bits. These devices are inserted into the cartridge. Bits are cross-shaped, square, with a straight slot, hexagonal, in the form of asterisks, etc. The buyer can purchase a nozzle for any type of screws.

In order for the fastener to hold tightly on the bit, you need to choose its size and shape correctly. The nozzle must exactly match the notches on the screw. Otherwise, you can not only ruin the bits and break the tool, but also get injured. Using a special holder completely solves this problem. With it, any type of bit can be installed on the screwdriver, regardless of its length and size.

There are several types of holders:

  1. Magnetic based. Equipped with a built-in magnet. It attracts the bat together with the screw, so the likelihood that the nozzle and fasteners will be poorly fixed is excluded.
  2. For long self-tapping screws. It looks like a tube that fixes the self-tapping screw in the process of twisting, preventing it from loosening.
  3. For hex bits.

Orientation in an extensive assortment will help the classification of products by size and type

These are far from all existing varieties of holders; only the main ones and the most popular ones are listed.

The main varieties of attachments for a screwdriver

On sale you can find a lot of devices that expand the functionality of a power tool. The user can receive, thanks to attachments for a screwdriver, pump, mixer, saw, polishing brush and other types of specialized equipment.

All removable devices are divided into three main groups:

  1. Nozzles combined type.
  2. Tips for special purposes.
  3. The main nozzles.

The working element of the tips belonging to the main group has the form of a cross-shaped or hexagonal head. Such screwdriver bits are suitable for any type of self-tapping screw. They provide excellent grip with the fastener. In some nozzles, the heads are magnetized, which greatly facilitates the twisting process. In terms of technical characteristics and capabilities, such tips are similar to screwdrivers.

Existing types of bits for a screwdriver differ in the shape of their working part

Combined type devices belong to the category of universal nozzles. Unlike the main tips, their working body is located on both sides. Each end of the combined bit has its own size and its own fastening system. For convenience, the unnecessary part of the tip is simply dismantled during operation.

Bits for special purposes are mainly presented in the form of nozzles on a screwdriver for twisting wires. With their help, you can also control the depth of twisting and screwing fasteners located at an acute angle.

Useful advice! To reduce or increase the rotational speed of the nozzle, just loosen or, conversely, increase the pressure on the start button.

Characteristics of screwdriver rivets

Traditional rivets with one-piece construction are extremely rare. Many experts prefer to use a welding machine. However, not every master has such equipment in his arsenal, and also has the necessary skills to work with him. In this case, the rivet nozzle, which is installed on a screwdriver, will be the best option.

Rivet screwdriver bits can only be used on models where there is a reversible drive

Such devices can be used on an electric and cordless tool for mounting nut rivets and other fasteners having a core.

It is worth noting that the rivet screwdriver bits can only be used on those tool models where there is a reversible drive. These devices are designed for mounting aluminum or steel fasteners, the diameter of which is in the range of 2.4-5 mm. With their help, it is also possible to install sleeves made of non-ferrous metals, the diameter of which does not exceed 25 mm.

If a battery-powered screwdriver will be used to install rivets, you need to make sure that the battery voltage does not exceed 12 V. The installation process itself is not particularly difficult, and the nozzles are compact enough to be stored together with a screwdriver in one case.

The main types of corner adapters for a screwdriver

Angled adapters allow you to unscrew and tighten fasteners in tight spaces. Such nozzles greatly simplify the work, because the tool can be held perpendicular to the surface, and the screws can be twisted at an angle, both on the left and on the right.

Corner adapters make working in tight spaces easier

Given the technical characteristics, as well as the functional purpose, there are two types of angle attachments for a screwdriver:

Flexible nozzles use a flexible coupling to change the direction of the rotary axis. Externally, the device looks like a drill used in dental clinics for dental treatment. The removable tip consists of a flexible shaft that connects the working bit to the screwdriver chuck. This type of nozzle facilitates and speeds up work in hard-to-reach places where you need to unscrew the screws.

Note! Flexible angled screwdriver bits are not suitable for fasteners that are made of durable alloys.

Rigid adapters are a short nozzle that changes the direction of the axis of rotation mechanically. Unlike the previous version, the cartridge of this device is much stronger. Rigid adapters allow mounting and dismounting of mounts on either side. Such nozzles are usually used in professional screwdrivers, the engine of which is designed for high loads and strong vibrations.

Will Buying a Combined Screwdriver Work

There are two types of angle attachments for a screwdriver: flexible and rigid

The main types of polishing and grinding attachments for a screwdriver

Polishing and grinding attachments for a screwdriver is a large group of removable devices, including many varieties. In this category, you can choose the tips for various tasks:

  • Polishing metal, wood and glass surfaces, as well as products coated with varnish;
  • Stripping of products made of metal from corrosion and the remnants of the old paintwork;
  • Grinding wooden and metal surfaces.

Due to the huge variety of attachments for a screwdriver for grinding, you can pick up tips for operations that cannot be performed using standard methods.

Varieties of attachments for a screwdriver for grinding

There are more than ten varieties of screwdriver tips with which you can grind the surface. Removable devices of this type consist of a rod on which abrasive material is fixed:

Sanding attachment for grinding consists of a rod on which abrasive material is fixed

  • Hard abrasive;
  • Hard fabric, such as felt;
  • Brushes.

The most popular among masters are the following types of removable tips:

  1. Plate. These products can be rubber or plastic. Equipped with fixed and adjustable pins.
  2. End. Made of hard and soft materials, can have various shapes (drum, washer, cone).
  3. Cup. Brush heads on a screwdriver with fibers of brass or metal, as well as tips with a soft filling of foam rubber or felt.
  4. Disk. Removable devices having a soft padding or bristles made of brass or steel wire.
  5. Drum. Emery tape is used as an abrasive, suitable for processing holes and end zones of glass products.
  6. Fan-shaped. Consist of several elements covered with sandpaper. They are used for processing surfaces with complex geometry.

There are many varieties of grinding tips for a screwdriver

Note! If desired, you can use a compact screwdriver with an end nozzle for processing jewelry. The tip is so precise that it allows you to grind small parts on jewelry made of precious metals.

Features of polishing tips for a screwdriver

After processing the product with a polishing nozzle, its surface becomes perfectly smooth. For this, an end disk is used to remove the microscopic upper layer of material. Due to this, the thickness of the product does not change.

The screwdriver tips for polishing various surfaces have a thrust circle with fasteners for fixing the polishing material. This element is held by a threaded tip. Since the tool shaft can rotate both to the left and to the right side, devices with joints of the corresponding type can be found on sale.

During operation, the polishing disc on the nozzle wears out, so it should be periodically replaced with a new one. Replaceable products have a small thickness (only a few millimeters). Usually they are made of polyurethane. Although there are other options. From felt or wool of natural or artificial origin.

There are options for polishing tips for a screwdriver from felt or wool

Some types of tips can be used to polish a car body and glass, as well as products made from polycarbonate. In the process, such nozzles must be kept parallel to the work surface.

The main types of attachments for a screwdriver for cutting metal and wood

Many construction and repair work requires a jigsaw, screwdriver bits in the form of special scissors or reciprocating saws can become almost a complete replacement for this tool.

Removable tips in the form of scissors for cutting metal are of several types:

Each of them has its own principle of work and is designed for cutting sheets of a certain thickness.

The main purpose of a screwdriver when working with wood is to drill holes

Overview of screwdriver bits for sheet metal and plastic

Disc scissors are equipped with two steel discs. One of them rotates due to the rotational movement transmitted from the chuck on the tool. The design of the cutting disc for a screwdriver is designed so that the metal is cut in a straight line even without marking.

Disc scissors are used in cladding and roofing using:

  • Metal tiles;
  • Galvanizing;
  • Siding;
  • Metal profile.

Note! Circular scissors are maneuverable enough to create curly segments, but they can’t cope with the manufacture of complex metal parts.

Nibblers for a metal screwdriver. A nozzle that has high maneuverability and allows you to get a very accurate cut. The edge is as smooth and accurate as possible, so the probability of cutting your hands when working with metal is almost completely eliminated.

Disc scissors are used in sheathing and roofing

Turbo scissors. A screwdriver attachment that works on the same principle as conventional scissors, but cutting is much faster. This tool is suitable for cutting metal sheets, plastic and other materials with a high degree of rigidity. The advantage of this nozzle is that there is no vibration during operation. Due to this, the back side of the claw does not damage the surface to which it touches.

On this list of tips for a screwdriver for cutting metal ends. Sector-type scissors are used in the installation of communication systems. They are suitable for cutting plastic pipes as well as power cables.

Scope and features of a nozzle saw on a screwdriver

Even if there is a jigsaw in the house, some types of work are simply impossible to do with this tool. In such cases, the features of a reciprocating saw will be useful. This type of screwdriver tip is usually used for cutting wood, although it can be used to cut plastic and sheet metal of small thickness. Reciprocating file can also be used to care for the garden at the cottage. This type of tool is suitable for pruning young trees.

Screwdriver saw used for cutting wood

Usually, three interchangeable blades of different lengths — 10, 15, and 23 cm — are attached to the nozzle (only an approximate value is indicated, which may vary depending on the manufacturer). Buying such a tip will cost several times cheaper than purchasing a saw. The nozzle is capable of operating at a speed of about 2000 rpm.

The housing of the attachment is made of very durable plastic. Blades are made of the same material. Despite this, they can cope with cutting durable wood.

Note! When cutting material, you need to firmly press the bracket to it, which will serve as a stop. This will reduce vibration and maintain the effectiveness of the reciprocating file.

Will Buying a Combined Screwdriver Work

Characteristics of drywall screwdrivers

Drywall is widely used in repair work as a rough finish, as well as for the construction of decorative structures and partitions. Sheets are fixed on the ceiling and walls using self-tapping screws. For their installation, a conventional screwdriver is used, which allows you to control the installation of each fastener. This method is quite time-consuming and time-consuming. To speed up and simplify it, you can use a special nozzle for drywall and a tape screwdriver.

For the installation of drywall, most often, a tape screwdriver is used.

For drywall used bits marked PZ and PH, which have a different shape of the slot. In the nozzles PZ, the faces are parallel in relation to each other. Thanks to this, the head of the self-tapping screw is rigidly fixed and centered.

In nozzles labeled PH, the slots diverge slightly. This is necessary so that the tool can independently align the center, even when it is at an angle. If the pressure is excessive, then the edges of the nozzle will simply pop out of the fastener head without damaging it.

Varieties of screwdriver bits for self-tapping screws in a tape

To fix the screws with a screwdriver, not only bits, but also tapes can be used. They are part of devices that automatically feed fasteners. Such nozzles allow you to accelerate installation work by about 2-3 times. The advantage of their use is that the master does not need to take a new self-tapping screw every time and install it on a bit.

To fix the screws, not only bits, but also tapes can be used

Manufacturers produce two types of drives with a tape feed mechanism for self-tapping screws:

  1. Removable tape nozzles for a screwdriver. If necessary, such a tip can be removed and an additional screw can be screwed on. This option is in high demand among consumers, although it is not without drawbacks. The fact is that the nozzle must be bought with a screwdriver.
  2. Mechanisms of a stationary type. In this case, the nozzle together with a screwdriver is an integral design. Such a tool belongs to the category of narrowly targeted and can only be used with tapes.

Tape screwdrivers are battery and network. Devices that plug into an outlet cost half as much. However, they are completely dependent on the mains and are not so convenient to use, since the hanging cord creates certain inconveniences. This is especially true in cases where installation work is carried out on the ceiling.

Useful advice! To increase the efficiency of polishing, the nozzle disk must be greased with a special polishing paste.

There are two types of drives with a tape feed mechanism for self-tapping screws: stationary and removable type

How to use a screwdriver with tape nozzle

The tape nozzle cannot be called universal, since it is used exclusively for twisting self-tapping screws during the installation of drywall sheets. Many manufacturers have taken care of user convenience by equipping some screwdriver models with the ability to work without tape. Such a tool allows you to twist single screws. To do this, remove the tape, and then install the adapter and a bit of the appropriate size instead. The installation process of the tape nozzle is somewhat more complicated.

How to change the nozzle on a tape type screwdriver? To do this, follow these steps:

This completes the preparation of the tool for work. During operation, the screwdriver is pressed against the drywall. This is done so that the sheet is grasped and reliably connected to the profile. Before starting work, it is advisable to mark the plasterboard. In appropriate places on the material with a pencil or marker you need to put dots.

It is necessary to move the screwdriver with the tape nozzle in the right direction, pressing it to the surface of the drywall

Installation work using a tape screwdriver is fast and efficient. All self-tapping screws are threaded to the same depth, so the result is accurate and high-quality.

It is desirable that the screwdriver had a function to lock the start button. In this case, the tool will work continuously. From the master, you only need to move the screwdriver in accordance with the markings in the right direction, pressing it to the surface of the drywall. When the fastener is screwed, the assembly snaps off, the tape with other screws moves.

The nozzle is fixed in the chuck of a screwdriver