With What Torque to Choose a Screwdriver

Probably everyone who at least once made repairs in their home knows what necessary and important tools are screwdriver.

Construction work, furniture assembly, changing a switch, installing a chandelier, all these and other actions, the need of which arises quite often when repairing an apartment or a house, is much easier to perform using a screwdriver.

Before you purchase a screwdriver, think about what purpose you need it for, familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the tool, and only then make a purchase.How to choose a screwdriver, what to look for in the first place?Let’s figure it out.

How to choose a screwdriver?

Currently, the market of building materials and fixtures can offer many models of screwdrivers. The only question is which one is suitable for you to perform those work that you are going to do in your apartment.

With What Torque to Choose a Screwdriver

High torque screwdrivers allow you to not only screw the screws, but even drill hard materials.At the most expensive screwdrivers that are used by professionals, the torque can reach 130 Nm.However, for home use, a screwdriver with a torque of 10.15 Nm is enough for you. This is quite enough to tighten not only the screws, but also tight screws.

In order to choose the right frequency of rotation of the screwdriver, you should determine how you will use it.If the main task of the tool is to tighten the screws, then you will have enough speed equal to 400-500 rpm. If you want to use a screwdriver as a drilling tool, then select a speed of at least 1200-1300 rpm. Higher speed is needed only in rare cases.

With What Torque to Choose a Screwdriver

An important element of a screwdriver is also a gearbox.It depends on it the angular velocity of rotation of the working shaft of the tool.500 rpm is enough to tighten the screws, 1200 to 1500 rpm will be required for drilling.

When buying a screwdriver, we also recommend choosing the one that comes with the spare battery.There are two main reasons for this.First of all, this will allow you to charge a spare battery while working with another and, thereby, avoid downtime. In addition, if the battery fails, you will have to buy a new one. And the cost of a quality battery is not far from the price of a good screwdriver.Pay attention to the fact that the higher the operating voltage of the battery, the more powerful the tool itself.

A worthy example of such a tool. Production of the company “Milwaukee”. Cordless Milwaukee 18 W FUEL screwdrivers combine decent quality and quite affordable price.

Screwdriver batteries come in three types: nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion.The most environmentally friendly are lithium-ion batteries: they do not have cadmium, which is unsafe for human health. However, this type of battery is unstable to negative temperatures.

The minus of screwdrivers working from mains voltage is that the length of their cord somewhat limits the use of the tool. In addition, this type of screwdriver is heavier.An electric screwdriver should be chosen if you have to use the tool often and for a long time, while processing solid materials.

When buying a screwdriver, do not forget to try on it.The tool should fit comfortably in your hand and not be too heavy. Significantly less hand gets tired if the handle is in the center of gravity of the screwdriver.

In this article we tried to reveal the most significant characteristics that should be paid special attention when buying a screwdriver.The choice of the manufacturer and the additional capabilities of a screwdriver depends on your personal preferences.