Wood Band Saws Overview

In carpentry workshops, at enterprises and in everyday life, this type of equipment, such as band saws, designed for processing wooden workpieces, is actively used. Devices of this type are used for direct and curvilinear cutting of sheet and panel material, as well as boards for workpieces of established sizes and shapes. The cutting element of the carpentry equipment is a band saw moving along an endless contour. Strict requirements are put forward to the quality of the blade in matters of material selection, the presence of damage, the sequence of teeth divorce and their tilt.

Wood Band Saws JET

The category of devices that fully comply with current standards include JET models presented in the RusStan catalog. The manufacturer’s assortment includes both domestic and professional models.

The optimal solution for equipping a home workshop can model Jet JWBS-9X. Like other devices of the Swiss brand, the machine has high build quality, reliability, efficiency and other advantages.

  • The design and equipment of the machine allows you to perform a wide range of operations, which include performing deep and diagonal cuts, sawing wedges, arches, spikes, etc.
  • Soft cushions mounted on the legs of the machine dampen vibration when processing workpieces. Low noise is provided by an induction motor.
  • A high cutting speed of the same type of parts is guaranteed by a reliably fixed parallel stop with an eccentric clamp, machining accuracy is a graduated scale.
  • The function of protection against the occurrence of beats as a result of natural wear is performed by the drive of the drive pulley, which in this model is provided with a timing belt.

Wood Band Saws Overview

Wood Band Saws Overview

For the production of the table, the model used cast aluminum, which reduces the weight of the equipment. Comfort and safety for the operator are provided by the backlight included in the basic equipment.

Technical Specifications JWBS-9X

Along with equipment intended for individual use, the company offers universal models. The main feature of such devices is the possibility of application not only at home, but also in small production workshops. Here, the JET JBS-12 machine is used as auxiliary equipment in the complex processing of workpieces using circular saws.

  • A powerful engine allows direct and curved cutting of workpieces from any, including hard wood.
  • The presence of several feed speeds makes it possible to choose the optimal processing mode for products with different dimensions and density.
  • For maximum accuracy of cutting parts with a small load, the model is equipped with sliding guides, the movement of which is ensured by plastic inserts.
  • The device provides for adjustment of the web tension using a special handle. This simplifies the process of changing settings when working with workpieces with different characteristics.

The working table of the model is made of cast iron, damping vibration when cutting. If necessary, the product can be installed on the floor.