Wood disc for angle grinder with their own hands

Types of attachments

Attachments to the angle grinder exist with a wide variety of functions:

  • for smooth cutting;
  • for sanding;
  • for cutting of bars and pipes with a diameter of 50 to 125 mm;
  • for stripping old layers off surfaces;
  • For scraping and grinding;
  • For polishing;
  • a chain saw for cutting wood;
  • for collecting and removing dust during operation.

These devices are also called accessories. Often purchased separately from the main unit. Some of these can be made on their own from available material or old equipment.

Wood disc GRAFF Speedcutter for angle grinder example

Everyone knows that the main purpose of the angle grinder is to work on metal and stone. But, as it turns out, the angle grinder can be successfully processed and wood. And the GRAFF Speedcutter angle grinder helps to do it. In the original solution of the task of limiting the flow, in order to avoid dangerous phenomena such as impacts in sawing and runaway tools. GRAFF Speedcutter is a three toothed saw blade designed for angle grinders with speeds up to 12 200 rpm. Bought, tried it out, did not regret it. See examples of woodworking with the GRAFF Speedcutter. Photos and video attached.

Discs for angle grinder on wood: variety and purpose

It is difficult to find a more versatile tool than an angle grinder. angle grinder, as it is called by the people allegedly for the first samples, which came to the Soviet Union from Bulgaria in the 70’s, has found use both in professional construction and repair, and in household and household chores.

Along with a drilling tool, it is an essential tool for any person working with his hands. A big plus is that the equipment for the angle grinder is constantly being improved, allowing you to perform a wide range of actions with a variety of materials. For example, to perform sawing and woodworking.

Wood wheel for angle grinder

First it is necessary to determine the tool with which you plan to cut the wood. It is known that the discs are produced under the standard sizes of grinders. The smallest diameter is the size of 115 mm, but such a tool is used in extreme cases.

The main advantage of such an angle grinder is compact, but to work for a long time with such a tool is extremely inconvenient. The best option for working on wood. it is an angle grinder with a disc 125 mm. This size of the wheel for wood is the safest, and therefore is widely used.

To work an angle grinder for wood requires a special disc. It is strictly prohibited to carry out wood cutting with abrasive or diamond wheels. This will not help to cope with the task, but will rather lead to the destruction or overheating of the tool.

When choosing a wheel for angle grinder on wood is important to pay attention to the inside diameter of the shaft, which by standard is 22.2 mm.

Outdated models of angle grinder may have a different size of the shaft diameter, so this point is important to consider when buying the appropriate wheel.

The optimal wheel for working on wood has the following parameters: 125×22.5 mm. Angle grinders for discs of 150 mm and above are not recommended for use in wood, since the risk of serious injury increases. It is better to use for cutting or sanding wood tools under 125 or 115 diameter circles.

Not only power tools, but also hand tools, pose a serious danger if the safety rules are not observed. The wood cutting angle grinder attachment in such a case is no exception.

    When working with an angle grinder with discs for woodworking, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

You should not perform work without a protective cover, except for manipulations on stripping, sanding and polishing wooden surfaces. It is especially dangerous to work with circular saws. It is strictly forbidden to resort to the installation on the angle grinder discs from a circular saw or other tools.

For the angle grinder can be used only those consumables that are directly intended for it. In conclusion, it should be summed up, and noted that wheels under the angle grinder for woodworking are no less popular than abrasive wheels. After all, the use of such consumables greatly facilitates human labor, as well as save time.

Each of these parts must be used for its intended purpose.

Wood saw blade for angle grinder

Wood saw blade for angle grinders consists of a metal disc with a chain fixed to the edge. The design of special sawing tools is similar to that of chain saws. But they are made of tungsten carbide.

When the disk for angle grinder on wood hits a hard obstacle in the wood. knots, resin, metal, its base rotates without breaking the chain. With chain nozzles it is easy enough to clean the logs from knots and bark, to give them the necessary initial shape.

With the wood saw blade for angle grinder you can solve quite a large number of different tasks related to construction, repair work, furniture production and improvement of the homestead territory.

Wood saw blades for angle grinder, visually almost no different from the circles for circular saws. But they are made out of a completely different metal. Until recently, this product was a rarity; now there are quite a lot of high-quality tungsten carbide wood grinding wheels on the market.

Important: Never even try to put a circular saw blade on an angle grinder. Theoretically, you can do it through the adapter, but circular disks are designed for low RPM and on the angle grinder in the vast majority of cases they tilt or just fly apart.

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Rapide circular saw blades are made from high quality tool steel and have a high wear resistance. The carbide-tipped teeth of this blade are tungsten carbide tips and are precision-ground.

Rapide 180mm wood saw blades have 36 or 60 alternating teeth, which can be sharpened with special equipment after prolonged use.

This design successfully cuts fiberboard, hardboard, laminated panel, hardwood and softwood with a very clean, smooth cut. The Rapide 180mm saw blade has special temperature slots to keep the blade cool and to prevent it from overheating.

The use of this disc on any other power tools, not provided by the manufacturer, or on bolsters with a different diameter. is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury.

One of the important advantages of the Rapide sawblades is their ability to be used for various types of cutting, both cross-cutting and rip cutting. The manufacturer recommends the allowable number of revolutions of up to 80 meters per second.

The 180 mm wood blade for angle grinders is very popular with craftsmen for cutting wood, branches, logs and firewood. This disc is often used in the manufacture of furniture, any structures or buildings with wooden beams.

Features wood saw blade 180 mm:

Country of productionGermany
Designation Saw
Material processing Fibreboard, Wood, Hardwood, Softwood, Laminated chipboard
Diameter outside 180.0 (mm)
Diameter inside 22.23 (mm)
Number of teeth 60 / 36
Pack quantity 1 (pieces.)

Chainsaw blades for wood: advantages of use

In this case the saw blade is made with a chain from a chainsaw. This head is the most suitable for woodworking, because it is the most efficient.

The wood chainsaw for angle grinders is also considered the safest. Using this attachment greatly reduces the chance of injury in the event that the tool jams.

Power Wood Carving Tools for Angle Grinders. Review

Wood saw blades for angle grinders with chainsaws are used for all kinds of jobs. They can be used to remove tree branches as well as to cut thin boards. The functionality of the chain saws also makes them suitable for use as skinning tools. They are excellent for removing bark.

The saw blade can be used to make even cuts in parquet, plywood, fiberboard, particle board, and regular unedged and trimmed wood products. It is important to remember that the thickness of the material, which will be processed by such a nozzle, should not be more than 4 cm. Otherwise, there is a high probability of overheating the device.

Wood cutting wheel for angle grinder

Various manufacturers also produce cutting-off wheels for wood especially for angle grinders, e.g. the Bosch cutting-off wheel. They are designed much differently than circular saw blades.

    They usually have side teeth that protect the bit from jamming. Cutting tools are differentiated by the number and shape of their teeth:

The first tooth shape is regarded as universal. Suitable for all types of wood and low volumes of work. For sawing soft types of wood, a straight-toothed angle grinder blade can be used. The trapezoidal teeth are able to cut very hard wood, such as chipboard, hardboard sheets, OSB boards, HDF.

Maximum dimension of 230 mm. But the latter option is undesirable when working with wood, as the probability of injury increases. Depending on the size you choose, the depth of cut of the wood will be different.

    If you need cutting discs for the angle grinder on wood, you should first pay attention to such parameters as the diameter of the circle, kerf depth and characteristics of the teeth. Depending on the wood material you need to use a wood saw blade with the following teeth:

Wood cutting disc for angle grinder 125 mm, is classified not only in diameter and correspondingly the depth of cut, but also by shape, frequency and number of teeth.

If you plan to use a wood saw blade for an angle grinder 125 mm periodically, and you do not know what kind of wood you will need to cut. Then the best choice would be a circular saw blade with alternating beveled teeth.

For cutting softwood as well as any other softwood you can use straight-toothed products.

Trapezoid tooth has a wider range of applications. The 125 x 22.2 mm trapezoidal-toothed wood sander disc for angle grinders cuts through medium-density chipboard. Bilaminated chipboard, USB board and medium density fibreboard are also easy to fit.

Wood sanding disc for angle grinders

    This type of wheel allows you to use the machine for its intended purpose. Different types of nozzles can be used for finishing and polishing wooden surfaces:

Rough wood is finished with special backing pads. Flap discs are designed for edge alignment, which is often necessary for mitre cuts. They are an excellent substitute for a file. The widest range of sanding accessories is represented by flap discs.

Depending on the size of the abrasive grit, the wood surface can be cleaned with different degrees of sanding. A gradual transition from the use of coarse grit to finer grit discs achieves a polishing effect.

The use of sandpaper or emery cloth on a special nozzle allows you to sand quite large areas of wooden surfaces. The ability to replace the sanding pad quickly makes these attachments extremely versatile. Scraping pads are often used when removing old paint coatings.

This is usually a wire brush attached to a metal base. They may be parallel to the surface of the wheel or perpendicular to it. There are variations in how the bristles are attached to the circumference of the disc.

wood, disc, angle, grinder, their

When working with wood, make sure that it is fairly dry. If there are fungal growths on the surface of the workpiece, they need to be stripped back to healthy wood.

Roughing disc for wood for angle grinder: characteristics

With an angle grinder, you can not only cut and saw off wooden parts, but also perform roughing work of varying degrees of complexity. The modern market offers a wide range of such nozzles. There are several classifications: shape, construction and purpose.

Debarking discs are used for removing bark from logs or boards. Thanks to them you can easily remove excess wood from the end surface of the board. They may have special spikes or crumbs.

On sale you can find roughing products consisting of twisted wire. They are commonly referred to as wire brushes. Such attachments on the angle grinder for woodworking distinguish two types, depending on the features of their structure. The first option involves having a base in the form of a cup, to which the wire is attached. The second type is a disk with a wire fixed at the edge.

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Scrubbers are used to remove paint materials from wooden surfaces. It is important to note that such nozzles are most often used to remove paint and rust from metal pipes.

Please note! For wooden parts, choose a thinner wire that will not damage the workpiece itself. These products are suitable for different types of wood.

Wood sanding discs with wire coils are also used for brushing. This procedure gives the wood an unusual appearance, so that it can be artificially aged.

However, only small amounts of wood can be machined with an angle grinder with a wire trimmer. For brushing on an industrial scale, therefore, this item should not be used.

Wood sanding nozzle for angle grinder

Sanding is one of the most popular processes for which the angle grinder is used. With a similar tool and a set of nozzles you can conduct rough and gentle treatment of metal, stone and wood surfaces.

As a rule, sanding precedes the polishing of workpieces. The attachments that are used in this case, may consist of sandpaper or felt material.

The use of the flap wheel allows roughing of workpieces made of different materials. With its help, you can perform and finish grinding. Fine-grained blades are used for finishing.

Today you can meet another kind of grinding discs on the angle grinder. Some abrasives are fixed on the substrate by means of special Velcro. To use such a wheel, you need to screw it onto the spindle of the tool.

Also on the tool market you can find circles, the working part of which consists of a dense fabric. Attachments on the angle grinder for polishing are very popular when working with wood, because their use allows you to bring the surface of the material to the smoothest state.

If you decipher the abbreviation angle grinder, then it is clear that it is finishing. the main purpose of the “angle grinder.

Used mainly for the primary (coarse) grinding of wood, when you want to smooth out the irregularities of the sample.

The name speaks for itself. Such nozzles are used to process the end parts of wooden workpieces (slices). Especially effective if you have to deal with angular (oblique) cuts.

The most used sanding tools for the “angle grinder“.

Brush attachment for wood brushing on angle grinder

Many craftsmen believe that metal brushes are used to clean rust, oxides only steel products. In refutation to this fact, products made of brass wire are popular in the processing of wood. Relatively low price, increased service life, make the brush a direct competitor to abrasive nozzles.

The main purpose is to remove the paint coating from the surface of the material. It should be understood that the top layer of paint can be removed by exposure to temperature, the brush is used when working in hard-to-reach places.

Also angular sander with a brush can perform brushing wood. The process involves artificial aging of surfaces in the manufacture of unique interior products. The surface is machined with soft wood particles, irregularities and temporary rings stand out.

Cutting discs on an angle grinder for wood materials

Operation of the angle grinder paired with a wood cutting disc necessarily involves observance of safety. Work should be performed in special protective clothing, and the workpiece to be sawed should be firmly fixed in a vise or clamp. It is important to hold the tool with both hands to eliminate the possibility of knocking it out of the hands. Preference should be given to the angle grinder, which has a speed regulator.

Manufacturers produce discs for wood grinders of four main types, about which we will learn in detail:

  • Circular or toothed. appeared the very first, but have not gained wide popularity due to the possession of the effect of backfire. The disk has external (face) arrangement of big teeth. Manufacturers produce wood cutting discs on the angle grinder with a maximum diameter of up to 180 mm. The teeth can be equipped with special tungsten carbide tips. Such circles, although they are the most common, but this is the most dangerous attachment in action. If possible, refuse to use it. It should be noted that such discs can be used on angle grinder only if the tool is used as a stationary circular saw
  • Chain. look like a disk, but on the outer circle instead of teeth a chain is located, like on chainsaws. This type of bit is safer and makes it suitable for cutting medium-density chipboard. The risk of jamming and kickback is minimized on this type of saw blade. It is achieved due to a special design of the nozzle, which is similar to the bar of a chainsaw. The circular saw blade consists of two parts and has a groove at the tip. In this groove the saw chain is positioned, moving by the power of inertia. This design prevents the disc from jamming and is thus a safer option than the first type. It is categorically contraindicated for sawing wood with nails. The teeth rapidly become dull and fail
  • Universal. is so called because it allows not only to saw wood, but also to cut metal, as well as make slots. The universal type nozzle has the form of an ordinary steel disc, but with additional teeth in the number of three in the form of grooves. Teeth have hard metal tips, which increases the service life of the cutting head. The beauty of the Universal Cutting Disc for angle grinders is that it is as safe as a chain wheel, yet costs half the price. Manufactured by the company Graff, hence the name “graphsky”
  • With a tungsten carbide edge. manufacturers do not rest on their laurels, and are constantly improving their products. Another type of cutting disc that is completely similar to a concrete cutting head. The only difference is that on the face part of the circle there is a coating of tungsten carbide (diamond coating can also be found). The disc has orifices that allow heat to be removed when working with difficult materials, such as wood. Tungsten carbide wheels are effective not only for cutting wood, but also other materials. plastic, metal, etc.п. Only it is better not to use such a nozzle for cutting one metal, because it will quickly fail. Cope with cutting wood that has nails, screws and other metal objects excellent
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Now it is not difficult to choose wood saw blades for the angle grinder, knowing what kinds there are. For home work, it is recommended to use a wood saw blade that is universal or with a tungsten carbide edge. They are not only considered effective, but also safe. Circles with a saw chain are more expensive, but they are also safe when sawing wood with an angle grinder. The most dangerous are the toothed discs. They are only recommended in situations where an angle grinder is turned into a stationary circular saw.

In the household, it is very often necessary to cut a board, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, and other similar materials. The most convenient way to perform such manipulations is to use a stationary tool, popularly known as a circular saw. You can even cut firewood on this machine, so you don’t have to think twice about whether it’s a good idea to make it.

Angle grinder or angle grinder has gained wide popularity, as it is a versatile tool for cutting metal, stone, concrete, plastic and even wood. However, special skills are not the only thing you need when working with wood, but you also have to be careful. After all, it is when processing wood that such an effect as a backfire occurs. That is why experts recommend using the tool only as a circular saw, which eliminates the likelihood of backfire, as well as increasing the efficiency of the power tool.

Making a stationary machine from an angle grinder for sawing wood has a number of advantages:

  • Saving on buying a stationary machine, which consists of a bed and a powerful electric motor While it is possible to make a circular saw from an angle grinder without additional investment
  • Easy to manufacture. to create a machine you need only power tools and a base, which can be made from a wooden workbench or boards
  • High efficiency. the angle grinder develops speed over 9000 revolutions per minute, which positively affects the speed and quality of material sawing
  • Possibility to use the angle grinder at any time by removing it from the machine

If you came to this site, then you must be wondering about the question and the goal of making a self-made circular saw from an angle grinder. There is no doubt in the rationality of such an idea, and how to make a stationary machine for wood sawing, we will find out further.

Features of the application of the angle grinder on wood

Sawing wood with a hand-held tool involves a number of peculiarities. Wood is not a homogeneous natural material and its density is not evenly distributed. After a relatively loose section a denser section may suddenly begin, there may be defects hidden in the thickness, filled once, during the growth of the tree, with resin. There can be developed or underdeveloped knots and sometimes even embedded foreign objects (nails, wire, buckshot or even bullets that hit the wood while still in the wood, such as during a hunt).

Thus, it is almost impossible to find an unambiguous choice of cutting hand tools. This can lead to jerks, the energy of which has to be absorbed with the hands, and in some cases the tool can even break free. If a cutting tooth hits metal, it may be broken and ejected by the next tooth with enough speed to cause a serious wound.

Unlike circular saws (stationary or mobile) the angle grinder has a greater number of revolutions on the pulley, this is necessary to perform its main function. grinding.

Adapting this tool for wood sawing craftsmen, often removed the protective cover, which is categorically unacceptable, given the above features of wood as a natural material with unpredictable variations in properties. If the need to use an angle grinder as a circular saw still arises, in order to ensure safety and get the best effect, you need to buy a special disc designed specifically for this tool.

What are the discs for wood for angle grinder and how to use them properly??

Angle grinder is one of the most popular tools for machining various surfaces. whether it is metal, stone or concrete. It is also called an angle grinder. Typically, the angle grinder is used for processing metal or stone workpieces. But in some cases the angle grinder can also be used as a woodworking tool.

Milling and deburring discs for angle grinder. purpose and types

The capabilities of angle grinders do not end at cutting, sanding and polishing wood. To expand the Spectra capabilities of the tool, manufacturers produce accessories for angle grinder to mill and deburr wood materials. Roughing nozzles are designed to remove bark and paint from wooden surfaces. Deburring discs are available in various styles and vary in design, shape, and application.

    With edge. their main purpose is to remove the top layer of wood, as well as grinding the end part of wooden products.Carbide edge materials ensure a long service life of the bits. After processing wood with such nozzles, you will need to sand and polish the surface additionally

A special class of angle grinder bits are milling discs. Special discs, driven by the spindle of an angle grinder, are used for sawing and cutting grooves of different widths. It is also worth noting that it is not safe to use milling heads on an angle grinder. Every year the number of versions of milling circles on the angle grinder is increasing, but you need to work with such attachments extremely carefully. Consider popular options for milling wheels on an angle grinder:

    Wheel disk. it has the form of a thickened circle with cone-shaped studs, located on the end part.It is used for making grooves in wooden workpieces. The nozzle has teeth along the base, the main purpose of which is to obtain a clean groove without chipping

Manufacture of various accessories for angle grinder to process wood allows you to significantly expand the functionality of an indispensable tool in the economy. Angle grinder today replaces most of the hand and electric tools, so every master necessarily has at least one type of this tool.

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