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What are wood discs for an angle grinder and how to use them correctly?

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The angle grinder is one of the most popular tools for working on a variety of surfaces. be it metal, stone or concrete. It is also called an angle grinder. Typically, an angle grinder is used to process metal or stone workpieces. But in some cases, the angle grinder can also be used as a woodworking tool.

Is the angle grinder suitable for wood?

This question is asked by most owners of an angle grinder. Yes, the angle grinder can be used on wood surfaces. But not always. The angle grinder is not designed for woodworking purposes. Special attachments, which are recommended for wood processing work, began to be supplied to the market of carpentry tools not so long ago.

The main operations that can be performed with this tool on wood surfaces are grinding and roughing. For their implementation, it is worth using special nozzles. It is important to remember. in no case should you cut wood in a circle on metal or stone. This can lead, at best, to tool breakage, and even to injury. The saw blades can get stuck in the workpiece and the tool can simply fly out of your hand. Also, cutting wheels tend to overheat when cutting wood. In this case, the circle can fall apart and hit the face.

In general, there are three main models of cutting wheels for an angle grinder. These are saw blades, diamond blades and abrasive blades.

Diamond coated grinding wheels are designed for the processing of metal surfaces. They are characterized by high strength and durability. This type of attachment can also sharpen blunt tools. It is not recommended to cut wood with this circle. Abrasive discs are designed for grinding and have different grain sizes. Abrasive is the material that forms the basis of a circle. Quite often, electrocorundum or silicon carbide can be used as such constituent components.

Saw blades are designed for cutting and have a large classification. They can be designed for different materials. But not all of these types are recommended for cutting or processing wood materials. There are separate attachment options for wood.

Wood should be cut with an angle grinder only using specially designed metal discs that have teeth at the edges. There are some disc options that can be used to carve wood. Usually the wood is cut with a shallow grinder. For cutting large workpieces, it is better to use a circular saw that is specially designed for processing these materials. But some sander attachments allow you to cut or process small workpieces.

These attachments can differ in their purpose in the following types. cutting wheels, roughing models and discs for polishing or grinding.

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Among the cutting options for circles on wood, two are worth highlighting.

  • Circular circle. This nozzle is a circle with teeth. Usually these have a maximum diameter of up to 180 mm. On large circles, there are soldering. There are circles that are more compact, which have no soldering. In general, circular discs are considered a “dangerous” option for attaching a sander for trimming wood pieces. Therefore, it is advisable to choose circular discs that provide protection against jamming it in the material. This is due to the fact that the teeth on this version of the disc are slightly apart.
  • Chain circles. These models are the best suited for working with an angle grinder with woody species. The risk of tool jamming in the workpiece is minimized. On the rotating base of such a nozzle, a chain is stretched, used on chain saws. In this case, the fit of the chain on the wheel is not fixed, which reduces the risk of handling the tool. That is, even if during operation the chain flies off the circle, then the circle itself will not break and fly apart, as can happen with other models.

Also worth noting are discs with a small and a large number of teeth. In this case, their number will depend on the diameter of the circle. Small diameter discs (up to 150 mm) have 3 teeth. Larger discs have 4 teeth. For woodworking, it is advisable to use discs with a small diameter, that is, with 3 teeth. Large discs are usually used by specialists to machine large workpieces. Small discs are suitable for standard household work. In general, such attachments do a very good job with cutting wood blanks.

Separately, it is necessary to talk about discs made of a special material. tungsten carbide. They are relatively new, but it is thanks to them that the angle grinder has become possible to saw wood. Externally, the nozzle is a circle divided into cutting segments. That is, the teeth themselves are absent on such a circle. The big advantage of this type of wheels is their high strength. The disc easily cuts wood of any strength, and even the presence of nails or other metal products in the workpiece will not interfere with its work. a tungsten carbide circle cuts small metal parts. The cost of such a nozzle for cutting wood is much higher than that of the previous options, but safety and high quality of work with this disc are guaranteed.

The next category of wheel models for an angle grinder is roughing. These nozzles are designed for processing on the surface of the workpiece. For example, to remove bark, remove large amounts of dirt or level the workpiece. The processing operations themselves are much safer than cutting wood. Therefore, an angle grinder for woodworking can be safely used, but do not forget about special attachments. It is customary to distinguish several types of roughing nozzles. Among them are roughing discs with spikes or abrasive grit. Abrasive cutters come in a variety of sizes. Thanks to them, you can grind the workpiece from the end or remove the top layers.

Also to the roughing options of nozzles are discs with twisted wire. They are sometimes called “cord brushes”. These attachments can be of two types. The first looks like a cup with a wire attached to it, and the second is a disc with a wire around the edges. With these devices it is convenient to remove old paint, rust, etc. from the surface of the workpiece. Also, circles with twisted wire are used to brush the surface of a tree. This is done to give the surface an antique look. By themselves, the nozzles with wire are a disk-plane, because they perform essentially the same functions.

Among the peeling nozzles, petal circles are distinguished. Such a scraper disc has several layers of sandpaper or other abrasive tape on its surface. It is important to take into account such an indicator as the grit size of the sandpaper. For roughing it is worth using wheels with coarse sandpaper. It is worth working with such a circle carefully, as you can easily damage the surface. For a more delicate and softer finish, use medium to fine sandpaper.

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Also, modern manufacturers offer sticky discs on the market. This is a fairly new model of accessory used for woodworking. The essence of this circle is the presence of Velcro on it, on which you can fix a peeling tape of any grain size. This version of the nozzle is universal, because Velcro can also be used to put materials for processing metal or other surfaces.

The next category of attachments is used for polishing or sanding wood surfaces.

For sanding, the same Velcro discs or fine-grain petal attachments are perfect. For soft processing and polishing of the wood surface, use felt-coated nozzles. That is, such discs are a rotating circle on which there is densely compressed wool. Also, these models can be fine-haired, coarse-haired or universal. semi-coarse-haired.

These attachments perfectly polish wooden surfaces without leaving any damage.

Angle grinder attachments greatly increase the functionality of the grinder. angle grinder is widely used in construction and many other fields. And together with various attachments, they become universal equipment.

Wood grinding attachments

The sander can be used for sanding wood surface, cutting trees. For this, special types of attachments are used for certain types of work. Before starting surface treatment, it must be marked.

After grinding, discs remain on the surface. This is noticeable after coating the surface with varnish or paint. This is the peculiarity of the work of the angle grinder. Therefore, it is additionally necessary to walk over the surface with a sandpaper by hand. You need to work on wood with an angle grinder carefully, without making great efforts, do not use thin circles, properly fasten them.

The roughing disc is designed to remove bark and rough workpieces.

If you have certain skills in the solid wood, you can make a selection with such a disk. When erecting a log house from logs, a sander with a roughing attachment is a good alternative to a conventional ax.

You can also cut a board with a roughing disc, but the cutting width will be large, and more sawdust is formed.

These disks can be divided into the following types:

  • Twisted cones are used for roughing stone and metal surfaces when removing old cement mortar or dried paint. The roller cutter consists of two steel cups. Steel wire brushes are located along their perimeter. Depending on the type of processing, the wire can have a different diameter.
  • Grinding discs are used for sharpening cutting tools, cleaning welded seams. Most often, such attachments are used on low-power angle grinders, since they are more convenient to work with such discs. Sharpening discs differ from cut-off models in shape and thickness. In the middle of the disc there is a recess that allows sharpening with the flat surface of the disc. Its thickness is usually at least 5 mm.
  • Rough diamond discs are similar in design to grinding wheels. The difference is that the diamond disc works only with its peripheral part, which has cutting edges. Also, the diamond roughing disc is not suitable for metal processing. It serves for roughing stone, concrete and other similar materials. For roughing hardened cement mortar, a diamond disc is perfect.


  • Surface cleaning before painting.
  • End and edge processing.
  • Scraping parquet floors.
  • Sanding wood surfaces.

Features of using cutters:

  • It is forbidden to remove the protective cover when working with the cutter.
  • It is allowed to use the cutter only for the work specified in the instructions for it, with the recommended rotation speed, and other instructions.

The features of its use are:

  • May only be used with a grinder equipped with a second auxiliary handle. For safety reasons, the angle grinder should only be held with two hands.
  • It is allowed to remove the protective casing, since the body of the nozzle is one-piece, and the probability of its destruction is very small. However, protection from flying chips is required: gloves, glasses, clothing.

Varieties of nozzle pulleys angle grinder for chainsaw

It should be noted right away that there is no official classification of nozzle pulleys of this type. Consider the most common pulley options. The first one belongs to the Stihl 180 chainsaw. It has some design features. Such a pulley looks like a closed bowl. Such an element is not demountable and is used in the following modifications of the Stihl saw: MS 180, MS 250 and MS 170.

The angle grinder attachment for the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be mounted on the saw chain sprocket without removing the clutch. In this case, there is a lack of a bowl at the pulley. There are several variants of this design, which are classified depending on the sprocket pitch. The main advantage of this type of attachments is that they are very easy to mount. And also it is worth noting their acceptable cost.

Professional-type chainsaws are distinguished by the fact that they have a clutch, the sprocket of which can be replaced if necessary. For such devices, special pulleys are used. The cost of this tool is more, however, its quality characteristics will be better.

The angle grinder attachment for chainsaws Stihl, Partner, Taiga, etc. is used when it is necessary to make an even cut in wood or metal. During work, you must be careful, and before starting it, you must definitely check the correct installation of this nozzle.

Classification of angle grinder attachments depending on the type of work

The attachments, which are used for cutting various materials, can be used for many operations. Each fixture has unique properties and design. Depending on the purpose, the attachments are:

  • detachable;
  • sawing;
  • roughing;
  • cleaning (grinding);
  • for making seams;
  • polishing.

Cut-off. Such circles are used when it is necessary to cut or cut the material (rough). The cut-off attachment for the angle grinder is in the shape of a disc equipped with a cutting edge. In some cases, these wheels are equipped with a solid cutting part, and sometimes with a segmented.

Angle grinder saw blade has sharp teeth

Sawing. From the name it is clear that such products are used for cutting various wood parts. The peculiarity of these attachments is that their cutting part has teeth. Such discs are widely used for cutting wood, drywall, chipboard and fiberboard. The saw blade can be used to make smooth cuts on regular and laminated boards. It should be noted that the teeth of saw blades for an angle grinder may differ in shape, which affects their operational purpose.

Roughing. Such attachments are used for grinding metal, concrete and wood blanks. Using such a disc, you can easily remove the old layer of paint or varnish from the surface. Grinding wheels are also used to remove priming. If necessary, these products are used for grinding.

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Stripping. Stripping nozzles are included in the roughing group. They are circles, the edges of which contain metal wire. Scraper discs are used to remove rust from metal surfaces as well as other types of stubborn dirt. Most often they are used to prepare pipes for painting.

Cut-off wheels are used when it is necessary to cut or cut material

One of the most common types of stripping bits is the flap disc. This product is used for processing workpieces made of metal, wood and plastic. A petal circle is a disc, along the edges of which small pieces of sandpaper are fixed. Depending on the nature of the work, the grain size of the working components is selected. On the modern market, you can find varieties of a petal disc:

  • end;
  • batch;
  • with mandrel.

A grinding (grinding) attachment for an angle grinder with a mandrel is used when it is necessary to ensure high accuracy of work. Many products belonging to this group are used for deburring after cutting metal and plastic pipes.

Helpful information! Grinding wheels are used to finish weld seams.

Polishing attachments for an angle grinder are: felt, felt, and also emery

The seam attachments are used to organize stitches in stone products, concrete and asphalt surfaces. The seam circles are specially designed to do this job.

Polishing. These products are used for surface polishing. Most often they are used after grinding. This group includes the following types of discs: felt, felt, and also an emery wheel. Velcro is used to fix them on the tool, so they are very easy to change.

Angle grinder attachments: coarse and gentle sanding

Grinding is one of the most popular processes for which an angle grinder is used. With the help of such a tool and a set of nozzles, you can carry out rough and gentle processing of metal, stone and wood surfaces. Generally, sanding precedes the polishing of the workpieces. The attachments used in this case can be made of sandpaper or felt material.

The flap disc for the angle grinder is widely used. This tool consists of a circle (base), along the edges of which sandpaper petals are fixed. They can have different grain sizes. This indicator is selected depending on the nature of the work.

The use of a flap wheel allows for rough machining of workpieces from different materials. It can also be used for finishing grinding. Fine-grained petals are used for finishing.

Today you can find another type of grinding discs for an angle grinder. Some abrasive products are fixed to the backing with a special velcro. To use such a circle, you need to screw it onto the tool spindle.

Polishing is the softest wood treatment. For polishing work that refers to the finishing stage of turning a particular material, special felt discs are used. And also on the tool market you can find circles, the working part of which consists of dense fabric. Angle polishing attachments are very popular when working with wood, as they allow you to bring the surface of the material to the smoothest possible state.

Roughing attachments for an angle grinder: varieties

To eliminate paint and varnish materials and rust, special nozzles are used. peeling. This group includes several types of discs that differ in the material of manufacture and characteristics. In order to remove a layer of paint from the pipe, metal brushes are used. an angle grinder is often used for this kind of work. The braces can be in the form of a bowl or disk with turns of metal wire along the edges.

In order to select the required processing intensity, it is necessary to select the required wire diameter. In this case, a certain pattern can be traced. For a coarser effect, nozzles with a wire of a larger diameter are used. Accordingly, a thinner wire is used for gentle processing.

The design of the nozzles allows for two options for placing the wire. In the first case, it is collected in bundles of various thicknesses, and in the second, it is located freely. Angle grinder attachments for removing paint from metal products are very popular. It is worth noting that, in addition to corbels, there are other devices that belong to the peeling group, such as:

  • diamond roughing nozzles;
  • abrasive grinding wheels.

They have a lot in common. However, the location of the abrasive material in this case is different: it is located around the perimeter of the disc. Thus, processing is done somewhat differently. It is important to remember that diamond-coated roughing bits are not commonly used for metal workpieces. They are used to remove layers of stone, concrete and other materials with similar characteristics.

In turn, abrasive sharpening nozzles, which also belong to the category of roughing, are used when working with metal products. With these tools, you can roughly cut the workpiece. There are many uses for such products. Their design is excellent for grinding metal. Angle grinder attachments of this type are used for processing welded seams, as well as for sharpening knives. The thickness of these products may vary, but it should not be less than 5 mm.

Helpful information! The versatility of the angle grinder has influenced its widespread adoption. The angle grinder is used in almost all areas of construction. This tool is used for cutting, grinding, polishing and other processing options for a wide variety of materials.

What are the attachments for an angle grinder: main characteristics

On the modern market, you can find many varieties of wheels for an angle grinder. The sheer number of modifications can confuse an inexperienced person. Each type of nozzle has its own operational characteristics that determine the design of the product. Differentiation of such instruments occurs according to the following criteria:

The purpose of the attachment on an angle grinder is determined by its marking

  • material of manufacture;
  • size.

Today you can find many angle grinders that are used to process metal, wood or stone parts. The purpose of the product is determined by its marking. It should be noted that some types of attachments are universal. For example, a stone circle is often used to cut ceramic tiles, concrete and brick products.

However, most discs are only suitable for highly specialized work. The metal attachments should never be used when cutting wood logs or planks. And circles that are used for roughing steel are not usually used for stainless steel.

Helpful information! Why is an angle grinder called an angle grinder? The answer to this question is very simple: in the USSR, the first samples of this device appeared in the 70s. They were delivered from an angle grinder, so this name stuck with the device.

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Angle grinder attachments are classified according to processing class, degree of hardness and roughness

Angle grinders are used for cutting and grinding materials. If you wish, you can choose a circle for processing glass, plastic or marble slabs. All tools for an angle grinder are divided into types according to the class of processing, as well as the degree of hardness.

Angle grinder rating 2018: best models for cost and quality

Today there is a huge variety of angle grinders, which differ in the manufacturer’s firm, technical characteristics and cost. Some models are very popular, as consumers note their advantages over standard devices. Before purchasing this tool, it is recommended to pay attention to the rating of the angle grinder, which contains the best representatives who have certain advantages.

Interskul angle grinder-125 / 1100E. This model of the Interskul brand belongs to the budget segment. Its distinctive feature is the highest power among inexpensive angle grinders. Many users note another advantage of this device. soft start.

The cost of this tool is only 3900 rubles. Of the minuses, only the large mass of the product can be noted. It is used for discs with a diameter of 125 mm. For discs 230 mm, there is a heavier model from the Interskul company. an angle grinder 230.

Makita GA5030. Such an angle grinder costs about 4,000 rubles, so it is also referred to the budget segment. The main advantage of this device is the minimum amount of vibration during its operation, which affects the convenience of work.

The Makita GA5030 angle grinder has a rather low power (only 720 W). However, this is sufficient for working with metal pipes, ceramic tiles and wood. The weight of the device makes it easy to handle. The weight of this model is 1.4 kg.

Bosch GWS 20-230 H. angle grinder of a well-known German manufacturer, which is distinguished by high quality of assembly and component parts. The cost of the model is approximately 7200 rubles. This device belongs to the middle price segment.

Helpful information! Many users note that this series Bosch angle grinder is one of the best options for home use. It is also worth noting that an additional handle and 8 different circles are included with the device itself.

Hitachi G18SS. An effective device that has a very affordable price (6000 rubles). The advantage of this model is that it has a large margin of endurance and is protected from overheating. Hitachi angle grinder is a great option for home use.

Wood angle grinder attachments: features

For sanding wood surfaces, flap and round nozzles are used. In the first case, sandpaper is fixed around the perimeter of the disc. In turn, round discs provide for fastening emery wheels with Velcro. Both options for woodworking attachments are quite convenient. In some cases, such tools are equipped with a special adapter that allows you to use the disc on a drill.

Helpful information! Wood angle grinders are available in different grit sizes. Her choice depends on the type of work. Coarse-grained products are used for rough, roughing, and fine-grained products for fine finishing.

Which tool is more suitable for sanding wood? This operation can be performed using an angle grinder or a special grinder. The choice of tool depends on the purpose for which the surface will be processed. If sanding is necessary in order to prepare the wood for painting, then you can use a special disc for an angle grinder.

The best way to varnish wood is to grind it. There are several types of this equipment. Longitudinal devices are so named because of the direction of movement of the emery belt. In turn, in the vibration version, circles are used on which an abrasive material is applied.

Cut-off attachments for angle grinder: their features

Cutting a wide variety of materials is the most popular operation for which an angle grinder is used. A very important point necessary for this task is the correct selection of the nozzle. The choice is made depending on what material will be processed. For example, cutting wheels are used for cutting metal, for the production of which a crystalline mineral is used. corundum.

Competent selection of the nozzle is carried out thanks to its markings

All wheels for an angle grinder are color-coded depending on their purpose. For example, blue discs are used to cut metal objects. It is important to remember that cutting wheels are recommended to be installed on angle grinders with speed control.

Cut-off products for metal processing are also differentiated in size. The main geometrical data of such nozzles include:

  • outside diameter;
  • thickness.

Metal cutting discs are available for three types of angle grinders: small, medium and large. The diameter of these products ranges from 115 to 230 mm. Circles 125 mm are very popular. Less common products with diameters of 150 and 80 mm.

The thickness of such devices ranges from 1 to 3.2 mm. Accordingly, larger circles are made thicker in order to have sufficient rigidity. And for small nozzles, this indicator can be completely different.

Metal cutting discs are available for three types of angle grinder: small, medium and large

The cut-off bits that are used for working with stone and concrete are made from a completely different material. silicon carbide. Such an abrasive ensures the efficiency of the angle grinder when cutting white bricks and slate. The most common type of angle grinder is the 125 (variable speed) angle grinder. This is due to the fact that it is the most functional and lightweight.

Silicon carbide is not suitable for processing red bricks. In this case, it is customary to use diamond-coated wheels applied to a metal base.

Varieties of discs for wood for an angle grinder: sawing, cutting, roughing, grinding and polishing. How to use an angle grinder for wood.

Such products have a green marking, which allows you to accurately select them for an angle grinder. Photos of silicon carbide products, as well as other types of discs, make it possible to visually assess their differences.

Note! Different discs are used to cut wood. This can be a chain circle, along the edges of which a chain from a chainsaw is installed, or a metal product with teeth (circular).

Experts recommend taking into account the technical characteristics of wood when choosing an attachment for an angle grinder. The chain saw is most suitable for working with wood products. This material has a high viscosity index and is therefore the most difficult to process. Before starting work, it is recommended that you study the safety rules and take the necessary precautions.