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An electric shaver is not just a men’s accessory. The shaving quality and its consequences depend on it. Only with a correctly selected device will a man get perfectly smooth skin without cuts and irritation. Therefore, the choice of this device should be given special attention. In order to choose the razor as correctly as possible, you need to know what parameters should be guided in the first place, because some of them are really necessary, while others simply make the use process more comfortable.

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The best manufacturers of electric shavers. which company to choose

If a few decades ago the problem of choosing an electric shaver fell away by itself in connection with a limited number of models, then the modern range of these products is amazing with its diversity.

Today, regardless of the cost, each buyer can purchase a functional razor from a variety of manufacturers, both with a worldwide reputation and from only untwisting brands.

If there is no time to study each specific model, then the TOP of the best manufacturers, which includes the following brands, will help determine the choice when buying:

These companies represent a variety of models that differ not only in functionality, but also in cost. Among them there are both expensive and budget models. If you want to learn more about the parameters of models, then read the rating of the best men’s electric shavers.

Principle of operation and arrangement of electric shavers

The electric shaver is a simple structure consisting of a knife mechanism and an electric motor, which are securely hidden in a plastic case. The main working body here are fixed and movable type knives. The fixed knife is in direct contact with the skin and has many holes in which the hairs penetrate, and the movable knife is responsible for the quality and speed of their cut. Depending on the type, the device can operate from a collector motor with a reduction gear, or from a solenoid.

Types of Electric Shavers

Depending on the design features, all modern electric shavers can be divided into two types: rotary and mesh. Each of them not only has its own advantages and disadvantages, but also requires a special manner of shaving.

Rotary (disk)

The first rotary razor was released back in the late 30s, but still this system remains in demand, thanks to the continuous improvement of the device. As a shaving mechanism, miniature disc-shaped knives are used here, which cut off the hairs due to rotational movement. The whole mechanism is driven by drive shafts and a gearbox.

Rotary electric shavers are characterized by increased strength and, in addition,
They have a number of advantages:

  • rotary knives practically do not blunt: their replacement may be necessary only as a result of wear of the movable nozzle, but not more than 1 time in 2 years (some manufacturers also provided for this, covering the cutting elements with titanium spraying, which made them almost eternal);
  • the high speed of rotation of the knives ensures the rapid removal of all hair in one pass;
  • Independent cutting heads allow you to accurately follow the contours of the face, tightly fitting to the skin, and to carry out a cleaner shave even with unevenly grown bristles.

But in addition to the positive aspects, rotary models have some disadvantages:

  • due to the adherence of the coarse mesh of the knife, people with sensitive skin may experience irritation;
  • the need for regular cleaning of the cutting unit, which requires the use of only special soft brushes;
  • the impossibility of relief or spot shaving.

Rotary electric shavers are a good option for daily use, which will provide the highest quality shave even with the shortest and most uneven bristles. But such models are best used for people with coarse hair and rough skin. Although even in this case, it is recommended to use a moisturizing lotion after shaving.


Unlike rotary razors, mesh electric shavers shave hairs with knives made in the form of blades and make reciprocating movements. The knives are located under a thin metal mesh with small cells, which protects the skin from cuts.

As well as rotary, mesh models have certain advantages:

  • due to the minimum thickness, the mesh does not injure the skin, so mesh razors are the best suited for men with sensitive skin;
  • the special shape of the knives allows the device to cope well with long hairs;
  • with the help of electric shavers, one can easily give the desired shape to a beard or mustache;
  • This type of razor has a compact shape, which makes it possible to take it with you on the road.

The disadvantages of these models include the following:

  • the need for annual replacement of the razor mesh;
  • the device cannot repeat the contours of the face, so shaving requires a lot of time;
  • the mesh is easily subjected to mechanical damage, which reduces the efficiency of shaving or makes it unsuitable for further use.

According to manufacturers, mesh electric shavers can completely replace rotary shavers. But as practice shows, these models are more suitable for rare applications associated with shaving running, long bristles or styling a beard.

Shaver Options

In addition to the difference in design features, electric shavers can differ in a number of other parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a device, since the comfort of the shaving procedure will depend on them.

Shaving Type

The main parameter that you should pay attention to when buying an electric shaver is the type of shaving that it can support. Classic models provide only the possibility of dry shaving. They do not always save from skin irritation, but are economical, since they do not require additional costs for special shaving products. In addition, when using them, the time spent on shaving is significantly reduced.

In contrast, wet razors can be considered universal, as they can be used for both wet and dry shaving if necessary. The main advantage of electric shavers designed for wet shaving is the possibility of their daily use for men with sensitive skin. To reduce the irritating effect of knives on the skin, you can use a gel or cream, which is previously applied to the bristles. In addition, such a device is easy to clean. to remove impurities, it is simply washed under running water and then dried. Purchasing a wet razor is less economical, but will make the shaving process comfortable.

Number of heads

The quality of shaving will directly depend on the number of heads, therefore, when choosing a razor, this parameter plays an important role. Manufacturers are increasingly offering models equipped with more than 1 cutting nozzle. Modern rotary devices, as a rule, have 2-3 heads; standard mesh models are equipped with 1–4 nozzles. But, you can find non-standard options, with a large number of cutting nozzles.

As a rule, models with four heads, in addition to the usual mesh, have an additional one that provides a smoother shaving of hair. Naturally, a razor with three nozzles will shave much faster and more accurately than the one-knife option, but its cost will be much higher.

When choosing, the mobility of the cutting heads should be taken into account. Preference should be given to models with floating heads, which easily follow the contour of the face and get to the most inaccessible areas. In addition, they cut hairs well, regardless of the direction of movement.

Type of food

When choosing an electric razor, you should pay attention to what type of power it works: mains or battery.

recently, networked devices were the dominant option. They usually have a small cost, but their use is limited by the length of the power cord. If the bathroom does not have an electrical outlet, you will have to shave elsewhere, which makes using network models not very convenient.

Now, manufacturers offer a variety of battery models that are more convenient to use. At the same time, for some modifications, prices are an order of magnitude lower than for network devices with similar functionality.

When choosing battery devices, it is necessary to take into account the type of battery, since it depends on it the operating time of the razor and its life:

1. Nickel Cadmium (NiCD)

The cheapest type of battery, the disadvantage of which is a long charge, which lasts several hours and a "memory effect". That is, if the battery is not fully charged, it remembers this volume and the next time it works with a reduced capacity, reducing the working time of the device. Therefore, when using a device with this type of battery, you must always discharge and charge it completely, but you should not keep it constantly charging. It also quickly wears out the battery.

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2. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

One of the inexpensive types of battery, which, like Nickel Cadmium, has a memory effect. But, unlike them, metal hydride charges no more than one hour. This charge is enough for continuous operation of the device for 40-60 minutes. In addition, they tolerate quick recharging lasting up to 10 minutes and constant connection to the charging device.

3. Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Batteries of this type are the most expensive, but also the most reliable. They have no memory effect, and their capacity is characterized by increased capacity. It takes 1 hour to fully charge the battery, which then allows you to use the device for 1.5 hours. Some manufacturers produce models whose capacity is increased several tens of times, so that the electric shaver can work on a single charge for almost a month.

One of the best options would be to purchase universal devices that can operate both on battery and network. They allow you to use an electric razor without any restrictions, but will cost much more network or battery devices.

Additional features

In addition to the main parameters, when buying an electric shaver, additional features are important, expanding the functionality of the device and making its use more comfortable:

1. The presence of a trimmer, which will be especially useful for owners of mustaches and beards

Depending on the modification, the razor can be equipped with a trimmer in the form of a nozzle or a retractable knife. Extendable trimmers are adjustable in length, so they can be used to form eyebrows. As a rule, the presence of a trimmer increases the cost of the device, but as users say. it’s worth it.

2. Interactive control with intelligent alert system

Everyone is already accustomed to the fact that the technique is able to inform about the state of its work processes by displaying information on the screen. Shavers are no exception. Some models are equipped with a liquid crystal screen, which is located on the handle. It displays information about the state of charge, the need for cleaning, etc. Such models are notable for their high cost, but are suitable for active and constantly busy people.

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3. Auto humidification function

Trying to outdo each other, manufacturers equipped razors with a special tank with a dispenser installed. Before using the device, the container is filled with a moisturizing lotion or gel that is applied to the skin directly during shaving, which is especially appreciated by men with sensitive skin.

4. Active cooling technology for a more comfortable shave

When the battery is fully charged, the cooling process lasts up to 15 minutes, which is enough to shave off a small stubble. According to manufacturers, this technology can reduce skin sensitivity and prevent skin irritation.

5. The automatic cleaning function, which can be found on more expensive models

Such razors come with a special reservoir filled with a disinfectant solution. For a certain time, the razor is cleaned, disinfected and dried. The advantages of these models are obvious, but their purchase will entail additional costs for cleaning cartridges and special liquid.

How much the listed additional features of electric shavers are needed, everyone must decide for themselves. In fact, they significantly add to the cost of the device, but at the same time make its use as comfortable as possible.

Which shaver is better to choose

The choice of modern electric shavers is so diverse that every buyer can find exactly the model that will fully suit his requirements:

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1. So, for use at home by men with sensitive skin, the best option would be a razor mesh type with the function of moisturizing or cooling.

2. For those who travel often, it is best to choose battery-powered dry shaving devices, as it will not work to use gel or foam.

3. In addition, for people who are often on the road, preference should be given to devices with a large battery capacity and quick charge function, which can be carried out through a special stand or cigarette lighter car.

4. Shavers with a trimmer are suitable for men with rich vegetation. beard, mustache. Also, it will be simply necessary for trimming the temples and when the bristles are running, which with it can be partially removed and thereby facilitate the further shaving process.

How much does an electric shaver cost

The cost of electric shavers will depend on both the brand’s hype and the device’s capabilities:

1. For example, the price of rotary devices for wet and dry shaving with a battery indicator and a built-in trimmer varies from 7000 to 9000 rubles.

2. The cost of a similar option, but only for dry shaving is within the range of 4,500-6,000 rubles.

3. A grid model with exactly the same functionality will cost 5500 rubles and above.

4. The cheapest are conventional net razors for dry shaving without additional functions. Their price starts from 1000 rubles.

5. The cost of models with additional functions of cleaning or moisturizing starts from 10,000 rubles and above.

I have to say right away. actually I shave the machine. "Shaving". only on an editorial assignment. No electric shaver can still shave as efficiently and cleanly as a machine. This is still an axiom. Just because the blades of the machine are in direct contact with the skin, with the hairs. There is no obstacle between them. a razor mesh. like in an electric razor. Nevertheless, we’ll try to find out which of the electric shavers (Braun 760cc-4 or Panasonic ES-LA93) is closest to the shaving quality machine.

Tested instances. Mesh Electric Shavers Braun 760cc-4 (bottom) and Panasonic ES-LA93 (top)

Meet, whatever you say, on clothes. In this case, by packaging. Often a razor is purchased as a gift, and in this case it is especially important that everything is beautiful. Both of our heroines are packed in cardboard boxes, quite compact, in classic "male" colors. black (Braun) and black and silver (Panasonic). With pictures telling about the advantages of devices, about various technical solutions implemented in razors. Boxes are quite compact (Braun has a bit smaller).

True, everything is rather poor inside the boxes. the Panasonic ES-LA93 razor, together with the charging and cleaning device and other accessories (which are described below), rests in an apparently very inexpensive plastic package. Fortunately, this cheap plastic cannot be cut, I checked.

Both razors are packed in compact and beautiful cardboard boxes. Inside. cheap plastic and foam


It is important for any household appliance to have a good (understandable for the user) instruction manual (instructions). There are no complaints with the Panasonic ES-LA93 razor or the Braun 760cc-4. Both that razor and other instructions are made with high quality, all aspects of using razors are readily outlined. Some points are illustrated. I am glad that both manuals are not for the entire model range, as it sometimes happens, but for specific, precisely these models. Braun has the 760cc-4, Panasonic has the ES-LA93 and ES-LA83, which differ only in the color of the case and the symbols on the display. In general, for the operating manuals. for the five competitors of the top five.

As already mentioned, charging and cleaning devices are supplied with both razors. Both of them have a cartridge with cleaning fluid. The Panasonic ES-LA93 also includes a razor case (made of leatherette), a brush for cleaning the razor, a plastic plug for the razor system, and a bottle of oil for lubricating the razor. Oil is useful if for some reason you do not use a charging-cleaning device to clean the razor (the lubricant is already part of the cleaning liquid).

Scope of delivery for the Panasonic ES-LA93 electric shaver (excluding instructions)

The Braun 760cc-4 has a cloth razor case, also has a brush, but there is no plug or oil. The charging and cleaning device (a cartridge with cleaning fluid is included) also lubricates the razor, but if you clean the razor for a long time without its help, you will have to buy oil.

Scope of delivery Braun 760cc-4

Ergonomics and appearance

A good electric razor should comfortably lie in your hand, not slip out. so that you can shave easily and naturally. In general, again, both subjects, and the Panasonic ES-LA93 and Braun 760cc-4, meet these criteria. But speaking of subjective sensations, I liked to feel the Panasonic ES-LA93 in my hand. The body for which the user holds it during shaving is thinner. Provided subtle at first glance, but still tangible tactile ergonomic curves of the body. an additional convenience when shaving. The razor is better in the palm of your hand, there is a feeling that it is like an extension of the hand. The back of the case is rubberized. In the front of the case there is a display, an on-off button, a lock button (so as not to accidentally turn off the device when shaving, so that the razor does not turn on spontaneously during transportation). Retractable trimmer provided by design. on the shaving head.

As for the Braun 760cc-4 razor, its body is somewhat thicker. In principle, holding it in your hand and shaving is also quite convenient. But still the sensations are less comfortable than from the Panasonic model. The Braun razor seemed a little heavier. The back of the case is also rubber-coated. the razor does not slip out of the hands. In the front of the case there is also an on-off button, two buttons for adjusting the shaving intensity ("" and "-", the Braun 760cc-4 has three modes. for different parts of the face and neck). Also in this part of the body is a retractable trimmer.

External data (design). Another subjective point. I like the design of the Panasonic ES-LA93 razor more. As I have already noted, her lines seemed to me more complex, the appearance more modern. However, the Braun 760cc-4 also can not be called ugly, but still it looks a little more clumsy (perhaps an epithet too strong). She’s not so elegant if you want.

The Panasonic ES-LA93, in my opinion, has better ergonomics than the Braun 760cc-4

We turn, perhaps, to the most important thing. to shave. I shaved the Panasonic ES-LA93 and Braun 760cc-4 razors in different ways. In the sense that I shaved three-day and weekly bristles, I shaved “dry” and with shaving foam (in fact, the instructions for Braun 760cc-4 did not say anything about the possibility of “wet” shaving, but since the razor can be used in soul. the engine compartment is waterproof. why not shave it with foam?).

Panasonic ES-LA93. She liked me to shave. Honestly, I didn’t even expect it. The razor easily coped with the usual (two-, three-day) bristles. If some minor difficulties arose, only with hairs on the neck. However, I have few hairs on my neck. so this was not a particular problem. Those with thicker bristles may face somewhat greater difficulties. However, “cervical problems” are a disease of all electric razors. There were no other noticeable difficulties in the shaving process. I easily shaved the stubble under my nose. without even blocking the shaving head for convenience. To achieve the ideal shaving result (almost the same as when using the machine), of course, you will have to spend a little more time when shaving with any electric shaver, including the Panasonic ES-LA93, than when shaving with a machine. In the end, I spent 4-5 minutes on shaving two-, three-day bristles (when I got used to the Panasonic ES-LA93). over, I shaved very carefully, not "tyap-blunder."

Top photo: Panasonic ES-LA93 electric shaver design provides 4 arcuate shaving nets. The trimmer (second from the bottom) cuts the hairs to a certain length, two nets provide skin tension and a clean shave without damage, the complex structure of an additional mesh (above the trimmer, 41 microns thick) with alternating parts of different thicknesses allows you to safely shave cleanly without irritating the skin the shortest, even curly hairs. All parts of the razor system are movable. The bottom photo shows the blades (innovative Nano-Edge sharpening technology, the edge of the blade is 0.5 microns)

I note that the time that the user spends on shaving is controlled by the Panasonic ES-LA93 razor itself. After the process is completed and the razor is turned off, the display shows information on how many minutes and seconds the last shave lasted. True, the meaning of these data is not very clear. why, in fact, do I know how much time I shaved? He even arranged a small poll about this on Facebook. the friends also did not express much enthusiasm for the mandatory knowledge of shaving time. On the other hand, if your neighbor or friend also has a Panasonic razor, you can arrange Champion shaves for speed. Joke. After a while, the display shows information about the degree of battery charge (in percent). A full charge lasts about 45 minutes of shaving.

Panasonic ES-LA93 displays battery life and razor usage time

From shaving the three-day stubble to shaving for the week. This task is more difficult for any razor. Panasonic ES-LA93 coped with it quite normally. If you shave carefully. she does not pull her hair (this is a problem with many electric shavers). However, it was a couple of times. yanked. But still, this is not a system in this model. The motor (it, by the way, is linear, is able to work when shaving with an intensity of up to 14,000 revolutions per minute) worked and sounded evenly (I’m not just talking about it, see below). Naturally, it takes longer to shave the weekly stubble. I usually spent about 7 minutes on a thorough shave. In principle, this is an acceptable time for me. With a machine, of course, you can shave faster.

Finally, a wet shave. I also shaved off the weekly stubble with foam. I really liked it. Yes, I really liked it. I enjoyed shaving. Foam raises the hairs and the razor is easier to handle. the process is quite easy. The sensations are completely different than when you use a razor to dry your face.

Wet Shaving with a Panasonic ES-LA93 Razor

Now Braun 760cc-4. In general, everything is normal with the quality of shaving. However, there are a couple of points that I would like to draw your attention to. First, Braun 760cc-4 pulled hair more times. The sensations are rather unpleasant, it turned out to be harder to get used to in this sense than to the Panasonic model. In the end, I probably did it, but all the same, the Braun 760cc-4 no, no, yes, it will pull my hair when shaving, whereas the Panasonic ES-LA93 completely stopped these “demarches” after two or three times. Braun 760cc-4 especially does not like a weekly stubble. In the process of dealing with it, the razor changes the intensity of the motor (this is understandable by the changing sound). The razor “strains” somewhat, shaving the weekly stubble. As a result, she still copes with it, but I can’t note the moment of the "surprise" of the razor from a collision with such abundant vegetation. The maximum shaving time after the Braun 760cc-4 is fully charged is 50 minutes. As such, the Braun 760cc-4 does not have a full-fledged display, but there is an imitation of it. a round light indicator of the battery charge level located in the lower part of the case can be said at the end.

Above photo: wet shaving with a Braun 760cc-4 razor, battery indicator light. Bottom: Braun 760cc-4 triple razor system (floating heads), with ActivLift trimmer that raises and cuts hairs adjacent to the skin and the innovative OptiFoil shaving mesh with holes of various shapes and sizes

In general, if you evaluate the quality of shaving with Panasonic ES-LA93 and Braun 760cc-4 electric shavers using a five-point system, then I would put five Panasonic models with a minus. Minus. what is called "for prevention". By and large, there is nothing to put it at all. Is that for a couple of times pulled her hair. As for the model Braun. solid four. Nevertheless, the razor and hair pulled more times, and did not like the weekly stubble (and I have it not too thick, the hairs are not so stiff).

After shaving, any electric shaver needs care. It is not necessary to wash it after each shave. It is better to wait until the razor "asks" about it. At Panasonic ES-LA93, information about the need to clean the razor is displayed. a symbol with water flowing from the tap. For Braun 760cc-4, the degree of contamination (small, medium, or severe) is determined by the Clean Charger. &Renew, every time you put a razor in it. Each degree of pollution corresponds to its own cleaning program.

The cleaning process in the Panasonic ES-LA93 Charger-Cleaner takes about 10 minutes. Plus 80 rumpled. drying. Charging. up to 60 minutes. There are three modes that can be selected by pressing a button on the charger body: cleaning with drying and charging, only drying with charging, only charging. Another way to clean your shaver is with the Sonic Vibratory Turbo Cleaning mode. For example, they can and should be used on a business trip, on vacation, so as not to carry a charging and cleaning module with them. The point is that the motor in this mode starts to work at maximum speed. up to 17 thousand per minute. Cleaning from the bristles occurs if the Sonic mode is activated using sound vibration (after all, it is still advisable to rinse the razor under running water. for details, see the instructions for the razor).

The Panasonic ES-LA93 razor can be cleaned both with a charging and cleaning device and with Sonic technology (activation is indicated by a special symbol on the display, on the right, under the operating time indicator)

The Braun 760cc-4 is still pretty easy. The razor, as is the case with the Panasonic ES-LA93, can be cleaned, dried and charged in a charging and cleaning device. The cleaning-drying process takes up to 43 minutes. As mentioned above. Clean device & Renew automatically determines the degree of contamination of the razor and offers a separate program for each of the three degrees. In the finale, the razor is dry and clean, even smells of lemon (cleaning fluid with lemon perfume). There is an alternative way to clean the Braun 760cc-4 razor. under running water, with liquid soap, or with the supplied brush.

The Braun 760cc-4 razor can be cleaned with the Clean Charger. & Renew or under running running water. In the photo: the razor after use, the razor placed in the charging and cleaning device, the razor after cleaning and drying in the charging and cleaning module

Mesh electric shavers Braun 760cc-4 and Panasonic ES-LA93. Know how to shave