10 Homemade Garden Ornaments for Kids to Make. Fun lawn ornaments

Homemade Garden Ornaments for Kids to Make

Beautiful and easy homemade garden ornaments for kids to make. Here are over 10 terrific decorations for the backyard, porch or patio, that kids to make as gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers or neighbours!

Now that spring has and you’re getting your backyard and garden ready for summer, it’s a great time to make some garden crafts with your kids.

We’ve made some gorgeous homemade ornaments for the garden in the past few years. They’re all hanging ornaments that can be displayed in the garden, in a tree in your yard, or to add a bit of colour and charm to a patio, deck or porch.

Most of these crafts were made by the kids to give to their parents for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but we’ve also hung several in the outdoor play space in our back yard here by the sandbox and playhouse.

That’s the nice thing about these ornaments; you can give them as gifts, or use them at home to add a bit of whimsy indoors or outdoors.

Bonus: These simple garden crafts were all made using common items we had around the house.

Click the links below each photo for the full instructions for each craft.

Homemade Garden Ornaments for Kids to Make:

These gorgeous Flower Drop Ornaments are super-easy for any age to make, but they’re particularly great for toddlers because they’re so easy!

These ornaments allow children to strengthen their fine-motor skills, and boy-oh-boy, they look SO beautiful. The hooligans made them for Mother’s Day, and I also hung 5 of them from a rafter on my own deck last summer.

homemade, garden, ornaments, kids

These mason jar lanterns are really easy to make and look lovely lighting up a patio on a summer evening. All you need is a jar, white glue and food colouring to make them!

Turn a bunch of old, scratched CDs and DVDs into garden art! Our CD Wind Spinners look great hanging from a tree branch in the yard, and you should see the way they spin in the wind!

Here’s another terrific craft to make with old CDs. This Painted CD Garden Mobile is a great group project for kids to make in art class or at craft camp. The kids can all work on their own individual CDs, and you can string them together to make this collaborative piece of art to hang in your outdoor play space!

This Bead and Bauble Sun Catcher makes a lovely gift, and it was really easy to make. This is another great fine-motor craft for little hands.

We hung our sun catcher in the kitchen window all winter, and the hooligans loved how the prism scattered light all over the kitchen walls on sunny days.

Our Rainbow Wind Chimes continue to be one of my favourite homemade outdoor ornaments ever. We made them out of a bunch of sticks we’d collected on a walk one day.

The project itself was a lot of fun, and these colourful chimes have been hanging from a tree branch beside our play house for years. They add such a nice splash of colour to that corner of the yard, and the kids love to knock them together to hear the woody sound they make.

Summer Stars Twig Ornament Here’s another gorgeous garden craft you can make after going on a stick hunt with your kids. These twig stars are so simple to make, and again, great for really young children as there’s no rhyme or reason to how you decorate them.

Once again, fine-motor skills are challenged with this craft, and the results are just so beautiful. You can hang this twig ornament from a tree branch a corner of your porch, the door of a shed… this one works just about anywhere.

Here’s a great homemade ornament for your kids to make and hang in their outdoor play space.

For years, our recycled plastic bottle wind chime hung in a tree near our play house, but recently, I actually attached it to the playhouse so we could enjoy it a bit better. It still looks as bright and colourful as it did the day we made it!

Our Pringles Can Wind Sock was fun and easy to make, and the ribbons look wonderful fluttering in the wind.

This is another project that can brighten up a little spot in your child’s outdoor play area. It’s so nice when they can decorate their space with crafts they’ve made themselves.

Next up, we have a couple of patriotic garden crafts. You can make these Patriotic Wind Twirlers for Canada Day or for the 4th of July. Actually, you could make them for any patriotic holiday as long as you paint them in your country’s colours.

You can hang these ornaments all in a row to form a twirling banner on your front porch!

This 4th of July hanging ornament was inspired by the Summer Stars above.

We skipped the raffia, and instead, we painted our stars red, white and blue to hang on the porch or the front door for Independence Day.

Our water bottle wind spirals took the internet by storm when we shared them last year. I think it’s because they’re so easy, but they look SO fantastic!

Honestly, crafting with kids doesn’t get much simpler than this. You should see the way this ornament bounces and dances in the wind!

And lastly, our water bottle whirligig. These are super-springy so they really bounce when the wind blows them, or when the kids give them a little tug.

This homemade garden ornament is pretty enough to hang on the deck or patio, but quite fun, so the kids might want it for their own space in the back yard.

homemade, garden, ornaments, kids

Backyard Ornaments for Kids to Make:

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Adorable Garden Decorations To Add Whimsical Style To Your Lawn

I love decorating my garden with all sorts of whimsical crafts. I wondered recently if there were perhaps more things that I could add than what I already have in there and of course, I found so many great DIY projects.

If you love making your own garden décor and even more specifically, if you love adding a whimsical look to your outdoors, this project collection is for you.

I’ve found 30 wonderfully whimsical ways that you can add charm and grace to your garden, and most of these won’t cost you much if anything at all to make.

  • 1. Repurposed Brick Book Decorations
  • 2. Clay Pot Lighthouse
  • 3. Garden Cactus Marquis
  • 4. DIY Crystal Watering Can
  • 5. Decorative Glass Stone Garden Balls
  • 6. Fun DIY Garden Rock Caterpillar
  • 7. Painted Rock Ladybugs
  • 8. DIY Fence Post Garden Bench
  • 9. Upcycled Tire Garden Animals
  • 10. Upcycled Paint Can Fairy Luminary
  • 11. Repurposed Tire Planter
  • 12. Adorable DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs
  • 13. Upcycled Soda Can Flowers
  • 14. Stone Garden Birdhouse
  • 15. Colorful Upcycled Hubcap Flowers
  • 16. Mad Hatter Bird Bath
  • 17. Hand Painted Rock Garden Markers
  • 18. Upcycled Frame Planters
  • 19. Whimsical Footprint Rock Décor
  • 20. DIY Rock Stone Art
  • 21. Natural Sun Catcher Wind Chimes
  • 22. Strawberry River Rocks
  • 23. DIY Teacup Garden Stake
  • 24. Whimsical DIY Tire Teacup
  • 25. Recycled Tire Wishing Well
  • 26. Upcycled Wood And Stone Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 27. DIY Garden Mushrooms
  • 28. Upcycled Rusty Shovel Sign
  • 29. Adorable DIY Toadstools
  • 30. Repurposed Milk Can Fountain
  • Conclusion

Repurposed Brick Book Decorations

Turn some old bricks into these great looking faux books and bring some whimsy to your garden. You just choose your favorite book titles and paint them onto bricks.

These would look great lining your steps or even sitting right there in the flower garden for some extra décor. What a wonderful way to add some whimsy to your favorite reading place!

Clay Pot Lighthouse

I have always loved lighthouses and use them as often as I can in my indoor and outdoor décor. I really adore the idea of turning clay pots into lighthouse decorations for the garden. These are so easy to make and they’re really cheap considering you can get terra cotta planters at the Dollar Store for around a dollar each. Just paint and stack and you have a wonderful decoration for the garden area.

Garden Cactus Marquis

Turn your garden area into a brightly lit display with these amazing cactus lights. If you don’t plant cactus in your garden, this is a great way to integrate that same style and light up your garden at the same time. You can make these, but I found these gorgeous ones on Etsy for just under 70 and they come in an array of colors to perfectly match your outdoor décor.

DIY Crystal Watering Can

Take an old watering can and turn it into a beautiful garden decoration with some crystals. I love this idea for so many reasons. It’s gorgeous and it really stays in line with your garden theme.

The crystals look like water coming from the can’s spout and overall, this is a really easy way to add beauty to your flower garden or backyard area.

Decorative Glass Stone Garden Balls

If you don’t have decorative garden balls, you really need them. They add just the right touch to any garden area and these are really easy to create with glass stones that will shine brightly in the sunlight. Just cover a bowling ball or other spherical shaped item in glass stones in whatever colors and designs you want.

Fun DIY Garden Rock Caterpillar

I love the idea of putting bugs in the garden – not real ones, mind you but these whimsical and colorful rock bugs. These little caterpillars are so much fun to make and to look at, too.

You can use stones that you buy at the store or use up those rocks that are in your yard and get them out of the grass in a fun and creative way.

Painted Rock Ladybugs

I love ladybugs, as long as they’re not in my garden, that is, which is why these painted rock versions are my favorite.

You just need some rocks and some paint and you can create these cute little ladybugs that will grace your garden, and this version doesn’t bite or cause issues with your plants. Put these everywhere you need a little extra something to add to your plants.

DIY Fence Post Garden Bench

This garden bench will add function and whimsy to the garden or yard. You can even use repurposed fence posts to make it if you have any on hand. It’s a really attractive addition to the garden and gives you a wonderful place to sit and relax while you’re admiring all your beautiful plants and flowers.

Upcycled Tire Garden Animals

Okay, I love upcycling old tires. They can be used to make so many wonderful things, including these cute little garden animals. No matter what animal is your favorite, you can likely make it from old tires.

From parrots and giraffes to bears and turtles, there is definitely a tire animal in here that will allow you to add a spark of whimsy and color to your yard or garden.

Upcycled Paint Can Fairy Luminary

Fairy gardens are certainly all the rage right now and this upcycled paint can project will help you to get in on the craze. You just create a design in your paint can by poking holes with a nail and then add tealights to light them up at night. The can itself can be designed to look like a fairy house so you get great garden décor as well as a wonderful light for those dark evenings.

Repurposed Tire Planter

This old tire gets new life when it is added to a base and filled with beautiful flowers. This is a great upcycling project for old tires and an old table or chair. Paint the tire if you want to give it a newer appearance or you could even wrap it in rope if you prefer a more rustic look. I love the idea of setting it on legs so that it’s off the ground and you can use it for all sorts of plants and flowers.


Adorable DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs

Here’s another wonderful ladybug idea to add a bit of style to your garden. Take some old golf balls and turn them into adorable little ladybugs. If you don’t have any golf balls, you can often find them at yard sales for about a dollar per dozen, so you can create a number of little bugs to give your garden a bit of whimsical style.

Upcycled Soda Can Flowers

If you drink soda and typically don’t recycle your cans, why not upcycle them into these amazing garden flowers? These are pretty easy to make, although you do need to cut the tin so it’s a project that requires precision and carefulness. The flowers are so colorful and are definitely a great addition to your flower bed or lawn.

Stone Garden Birdhouse

Turn those old garden stones into beautiful birdhouses and hang them throughout your flower bed or lawn.

Not only is this a great way to get those stones out of your garden and yard, it’s a wonderful way to treat your little birdies to their own beautiful houses.

You’ll need a wooden birdhouse and then you just glue the stones to the outside, giving them a really unique appearance and giving you a wonderful garden decoration.

Colorful Upcycled Hubcap Flowers

Old hubcaps can often be found at thrift stores and yard sales and they’re pretty cheap. You can take them home and turn them into gorgeously colored flowers for your lawn.

Just paint them bright colors and then use old wooden stakes or even broken shovel handles to place them in the ground. They’re easy to make and so gorgeous when you add a few together.

Mad Hatter Bird Bath

I love Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter is my favorite character. That’s why I had to add this Mad Hatter styled bird bath when I saw it.

Use old teapots, cups and saucers to create it and you can toggle it if you want to give it a more Mad Hatter look. Paint in whatever color you want or if you’re looking to add a nice Alice in Wonderland look, paint the different pieces in different bright colors and even add polka dots and other decorations.

Hand Painted Rock Garden Markers

These hand painted rock garden markers not only give your garden area a little color, they’re functional as well. If you’re using them in an herb or vegetable garden, you’ll always know which plants are which.

Or, you could paint messages or family names on them if you don’t need them to actually mark your plants.

Upcycled Frame Planters

Turn old picture frames into these beautiful plant displays! This is such an easy and very farmhouse looking project. If you have old frames that you aren’t using, or those that the glass has come out of, you just hang them in the garden and use them to silhouette some of your favorite hanging plants.

This would also work on the porch or deck and you can add color if you want by painting the frames before you hang them.

homemade, garden, ornaments, kids

Whimsical Footprint Rock Décor

These little footprints are really cute and pretty easy to put together if you have the right rocks. You can buy stones if you don’t have any on hand and this will still be a pretty inexpensive project to pull off.

homemade, garden, ornaments, kids

Just choose stones in the right shape and then make little “feet” throughout your garden or along your pathway. You could also glue them to concrete pavers or wooden squares to make pathway stones.

DIY Rock Stone Art

Remember those pet rocks you had when you were young? Well now you can have an entire family of them and use them to add a little whimsical charm to your garden.

You just choose rocks that you can stand up somewhat, paint eyes on them and then glue them all to a larger base so that you have an entire crowd of little rock people. Talk about a rock Band!

This is a great décor option for flower beds or even a nice conversation piece on the deck.

Natural Sun Catcher Wind Chimes

This is a wonderful upcycling project for old jar lids and a great one for the kids, as well.

You use mason jar lids to create natural sun catchers and when you add them all together, they also make a nice wind chime for the porch or garden.

Decorate them with pressed flowers and other natural items and then tie them all up with wire or twine and hang them from a twig or other natural object.

Strawberry River Rocks

Adding strawberries to the garden is always a good idea, even when those strawberries are actually stones.

I love these hand painted strawberry stones and think they would look perfect in the flower bed or even in the mulch up next to the house. You can get these on Etsy for just a dollar each if you don’t want to actually hand paint them yourself.

DIY Teacup Garden Stake

No, you don’t actually use a real teacup to make this garden stake. You craft one out of copper pipe. This is a beautiful stake for the garden and a wonderful way to show off your DIY skills.

Once it’s finished, you can decorate with flowers and greenery or just leave it as it is – it’s beautiful either way.

Whimsical DIY Tire Teacup

Turn an old tire into a whimsical teacup that will instantly brighten up your garden area. You can do these in so many different styles from whimsical to elegant and each of them makes a wonderful planter for your garden area.

Add bright colors and polka dots for a more fun approach or use traditional colors and a more elegant design for something a bit less whimsical.

Recycled Tire Wishing Well

There are so many ways to use tires in your garden décor and this wishing well is probably one of my favorites. It looks really easy to make, too. You’ll need three tires plus the materials to build the top – pool noodles work wonderfully as roofing materials.

When this is finished, it’s a beautiful piece to add to your garden and you won’t even have to spend much making it if you already have a few tires on hand.

Upcycled Wood And Stone Tic-Tac-Toe

This Tic-Tac-Toe game made from an old piece of wood and some painted stones is nothing short of spectacular.

You could even glue the pieces on to the wood if you want to keep it in tact or actually use it as a game when you’re outside enjoying the weather. However you do it, it’s going to be a great addition to your garden area and the bumblebee versus ladybug theme is great.

DIY Garden Mushrooms

While you certainly don’t want real mushrooms in your garden, these DIY versions are perfect and they’re made from repurposed materials. You’ll need a terra cotta planter for each one and the drain plate makes the top.

Paint them in bright whimsical colors and add the polka dots for beautiful decorations that are sure to bring a smile every time you view your garden. These also double as benches and are sturdy enough to handle adult weight.

Upcycled Rusty Shovel Sign

This is a great way to get some décor in your garden and put those rusty old shovels to good use, too.

Even if they’re broken and otherwise not usable, you can turn those shovels into great garden signs by just painting on your message. They’ll give your garden a beautifully rustic look and you could even use them to mark your veggies or flowers if needed.

Adorable DIY Toadstools

These little garden mushrooms are easy to make as well and use repurposed items, so you get a great project and a nice little repurposing project at the same time.

You make them with stainless steel bowls that are painted to look like mushrooms and then just drill a hole in the bottom of the bowl to attach to your stake. These really are cute and easy to make. Choose stakes of different heights to show them off and give your garden depth.

Repurposed Milk Can Fountain

Turn an old milk can into a beautiful garden fountain and if you paint the milk can just right, it will add a whimsical look to the garden as well.

This particular project is done over an old well but you could do this just as easily with a fountain kit that you can pick up at your local home improvement store.

This is a great way to add a simple water feature to your garden and give it a bright and cheery look, too.


From repurposed bricks to upcycled tires, there is something in here that is sure to spark your creativity and make you want to get started decorating your garden.

I have to say, repurposing projects are my favorite and there are so many of them in here. And as for decorating the garden, be sure to check out this great fairy garden treehouse that you can easily make to add even more charm to your outdoor area. Adding fairy charm to your garden is so easy and there are so many options as to what you can create.

Now, back to our whimsical garden décor collection. I just can’t wait for you to try some of these projects.

There are cute little garden animals made from tires and golf balls and even a beautiful fountain that you can paint to look really whimsical. How about a birdbath that has real Mad Hatter charm? There really are some wonderful ways to decorate your garden and give it color and style.

Everyone will be buying Walmart balls after seeing this stunning idea!

There are also a number of wonderful DIY garden swings that you can incorporate, so be sure to check those out as well.

Whether you want to add splashes of color to really bring out your flowers or you’re just looking for a nice garden project to spend time on this weekend, these are sure to spark some interest and give you something to look forward to. Be sure to let me know which of these is your favorite!

The Definitive Ranking of Popular Lawn Ornaments

If you have a garden, chances are you have some decorations that aren’t plants in it. Whether cute critters or crazy sculptures, lawn ornaments are a great way to show off your personality. And they’ve been a part of life and lawn for a long time. They tend to wax and wane in popularity, often as a reflection of what is considered tasteful and what is considered tacky. But there are some classics that have stuck with us. So now, we’re going to rank the top five most popular lawn ornaments.

Garden Gnomes

Replica of Lampy, a terra cotta gnome brought to England by Sir Charles Isham in 1847. (photo from AtlasObscura.com)

Garden gnomes have made some unexpected appearances in the news lately, with a pandemic-driven boom in popularity and Suez Canal blockage-driven pause in the supply train combining into a gnome shortage around the world. And perhaps the increase in demand is understandable.

The gnomes we know today originated in 19th century Germany and were based on characters from folklore who were said to be cheery creatures who offered late night help in gardens and protection of property. Who doesn’t want that? Being primarily a German product, their popularity was hurt by World Wars I and II, but the popularity of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was enough to keep them around. The 1937 film also influenced the look of gnomes, something The Smurfs would do again in the 1980s.

Early gnomes tended to be made of clay. Clay gnomes are still found today, although resin and plastic are also common. These days, you can find the garden helper who best reflects your personality, from the traditional to the unique.

Gazing Balls

Whether you call them gazing balls, lawn balls, yard globes, witch balls, fairy balls, or mirror balls, these fragile lawn ornaments are meant to add beauty to and protect your garden. They were first made in 13th century Italy, of blown glass. Aside from just being pretty, they were thought to offer protection from disease, evil spirits, ghosts, and witches. In other legends, rather than warding off the bad, they were thought to attract fairies and good spirits. They could also be strategically placed to spy or keep an eye on guests. In the 20th century, gazing balls found their way to America, where they became symbols of wealth and success. They can be found in blown glass or reflective metals, on columns or the ground, hand-painted or clear, and are a good way to make a statement.


Vintage wood duck whirligig from RedsRustyRelics, 75 on Etsy.

Whirligigs cover a lot of things, and they’re all pretty awesome. Pinwheels, weathervanes, and spinning toys all fit here. The origins of whirligigs are unclear, but the first is believed to be a button whirligig, a simple spinning toy that Native American children played with in 500 BC. Similar toys were also popular during the Great Depression, as they could be made from common supplies like buttons and string. Whirligigs also became a common part of folk art and yard decor. Whirligigs can be simple or complicated and can tell stories about the garden they’re placed in. Aside from being ornamental, they can also have a purpose. Their constant motion can scare away pests, so they’re fun to look at and a functional part of any garden.


Lawn goose raincoat and hat from TakeAGanderClothing on Etsy, 40.

Decorative geese are relative newcomers on this list, becoming mainstream in the 1980s, but they make up for that by being delightful. Their origins as lawn ornamentation are a little murky. Concrete geese might have started in Kentucky, and it’s possible that their plastic cousins originated in Massachusetts. In the 1990s, the geese started to get fashionable, with people in the Midwest starting a trend of dressing their lawn geese.

Historically, geese were something of a symbol of good luck in a garden. They like to eat many pests that could damage crops and are also territorial enough to serve as a warning system. And now, their concrete and plastic brethren are saving our gardens from the dangers of being underdressed.


A true lawn ornament icon of yards and gardens everywhere. Designed by Donald Featherstone in Leominster, MA in 1957, pink flamingos have been a hit ever since. They were first sold as pairs of two in the Sears Roebuck catalog for 2.76. They were popular with working-class homeowners who wanted to add some beauty to their yards. In the 1960s, because they were mass-produced and plastic, they became seen as a symbol of all things tacky. But nothing can keep a good lawn ornament down, and they surged in popularity again in the 80s and 90s, because they are objectively excellent. Make sure you look for Featherstone’s signature, added to the molds in 1987, to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

Guest author Lydia Stedman is old enough that things from her childhood are officially vintage. And not just because she grew up in a vintage-friendly household. Her vintage collections include costume jewelry, books and decor oddities.

Guest Author

This article was written by the Guest Author noted above. If you have an article you would like to Vintage Unscripted, please contact us!

Yard Decorations. Lawn Garden Decorations Customer Reviews

Decorating your yard and garden is a fun way to bring your personality outdoors. Add decor to flower beds, or use our yard decorations as the focal point of your lawn.

Types of Outdoor Decor

Outdoor decor is a great way to personalize your yard or garden. You can enjoy functional benefits—such as lanterns, decorative planters, and bird feeders—or treat your eyes and ears to wind chimes and spinners. Populate your garden with creative garden stakes and figurines that fit your style.

Hanging/Wind Ornaments

Wind chimes are a classic go-to for yard decor since they are enjoyable to listen to as well as look at. Hanging bells and decorative chains can be hung the same way as wind chimes to create a fun visual when the wind blows.

Wind spinners are a popular choice. Whether spinning or still, they are beautifully designed, and when the wind picks up they create a mesmerizing display. These spinners create different shapes, or even look like familiar objects such as a windmill or even a flower.

If you like to entertain with fires in the summertime, be sure to check out our selection of garden lanterns. Garden lanterns should be weather safe, but you can also use some other lanterns as long as you remember to bring them inside after use.

Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are a fun way to add your personal style or hobbies into your yard and garden. Choose figurines and garden stakes from a variety of mushrooms and gnomes, to angels, and animals getting into trouble.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a must have for any patio or deck when you want to eat outside or simply relax in the great outdoors. Choose from stools, benches, or chairs to elevate your space. Pair with decorative pillows for a fun touch. just be sure to take the pillows inside when you’re done using them.

How to Protect Your Lawn Ornaments

Protecting lawn ornaments and other outdoor decor depends on what material the piece is made of, and sometimes the climate where you live. If you live somewhere that gets snow over the winter, it is always a good idea to bring all lawn decorations indoors before the first frost.

Stone and iron are perhaps the most notoriously difficult to keep looking clean and new. For proper maintenance of a stone bird bath, for example, drain every drop of water before the first time the temperature gets below freezing, or (for even better preservation) bring it inside. To prevent rust in iron decorations, do your best to keep the decoration dry.

Decorative lawn ornaments with glass may need to be brought inside before big storms. This is at your discretion, based on how much glass is used and where the decoration is displayed. For example, a garden stake pushed firmly into the ground is more protected from high winds and hail than a hanging glass light.

Some of our decorations may look like concrete or copper, but are actually made from magnesium oxide. Most of these are bird baths, planters, or figurines. Our selection of products with these materials are already protected from the elements, so there is nothing you need to do to care for your decoration.

Yard Decoration Ideas

Just like decorating anywhere else, decorating your yard is entirely up to your tastes. If you’re looking for inspiration, and housekeeping publications are good places to brainstorm. Here are some ideas to get your space started.

Lawn and Garden Decoration Ideas

A lot of people enjoy our assortment of figurines. We have the traditional gnome and fairy garden decorations, as well as a variety of animals: birds (both big and small), quirky frogs, buggy-eyed bugs, and much more! For a look that will blend in a bit more with its surroundings, try a stone-colored figure.

Functional products can be decorative as well. Choose a hanging lantern to add light to night time entertaining, or a bird feeder that brings a fairy and the birds into your yard.

Patio and Deck Decoration Ideas

Unlike the lawn portion of your yard, a patio or deck does not have a permeable surface. Decorate with products that sit well on a flat surface and do not need to be stuck into the ground.

Planters bring a touch of the beauty of flowers from throughout your yard onto your deck. If you want your patio to be an area you can relax and enjoy nice weather or entertain guests, be sure to check out our selection of outdoor furniture. Hang wind chimes and lanterns from the eaves of your house if your patio is up against a wall.

Apartment Balcony Decoration Ideas

Since you’re likely working with a small space in an apartment balcony, hanging decor—such as hanging lanterns and wind chimes—is a great option. Create a natural backyard feel with a planter or a bird feeder.