Champion chain saw how to adjust the carburetor. Algorithm of tuning

Champion 142 is a reliable chainsaw for simple tasks Usually to adjust the carburetor of chainsaws Goodluck and other manufacturers use two screws. L and H, which allow you to create a fuel mixture of the required quality. If you want a lean mixture, turn the screws clockwise to increase the RPM. In other words, the purpose of the operation […]

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What grass trimmer for the lawn to choose. Champion T433-2 gasoline-powered

best trimmers for dacha: garden trimmers for mowing the grass, selection criteria Trimmer is a hand-held garden tool, which is a mechanized analogue of a grass scythe. Structurally, it consists of a motor, a cutting head and handles, which are fixed on one boom, controls. The small width of the blade allows you to treat even narrow areas, where you […]

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Champion Trimmer How To Dilute Gasoline

Champion brand gas and electric braids are known for their reliability, simplicity in everyday use, and modest fuel and electricity consumption. Models of this famous brand stand out for their endurance and solid torque reserve. At the same time, the price of Champion tools is much lower than their market counterparts. Chinese company Champion. Brand appearance and popularization Today, Champion […]

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