How To Choose A Good Electric Lawn Mower

Blackdecker GL8033. the best combination of price and performance Powerful enough, lightweight and convenient electric top engine trimmer. The mower handles thick grass with ease thanks to the increased power drive and high cutting speed. The features of the model include: automatic line feed and edge trimming function. The presence of a second handle with adjustable height allows any user […]

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How To Set The Spool Clearance For Lawn Mowers

How to check the ignition coil of a chainsaw? There are several effective ways to check a factory ignition coil. The first one is visual. To do this, the operator must carefully remove the magneto from the saw structure, having previously disconnected all contacts connected to it. After that, you need to inspect the item. Most often, its malfunctions consist […]

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What Proportion Of Gasoline For The Lawn Mower

Oil for four-stroke engines For engines of this type, lubricants marked SAE-30, SAE 20w-50 and SAE 10w-30 are ideal. Numbers and letters indicate the viscosity of the grease as well as weather conditions. For example, SAE-30 and SAE 20w-50 are ideal for summer time, while SAE 10w-30 is best used during winter or off-season. Oil marked 5w30 is allowed for […]

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