Saw attachment for cutting metal

Watch DIABLO Blades Cut Through My Steel Like Butter, “CRAZY FAST” Steel beaver attachment The device is designed for cutting flat and profiled sheets (corrugated board, metal tiles). It has a cutting mechanism that works similar to the processing of materials with a nibbler. In the process of metal processing using the “Steel Beaver” tool, sparks are not formed and […]

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How to choose a circular saw for wood

Cordless circular saws Designed for use in places where it is difficult or impossible to connect to the power supply. For example, at a height during the repair or construction of roofs, summer cottages, where electricity has not yet been supplied. Modern models of circular saws are equipped with accumulators to ensure sufficient continuous operation of the tool. Sometimes two […]

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Miter saw metabo how to use

Miter saw: device, purpose and capabilities A hand-held miter saw has a narrow purpose, and you are unlikely to be able to unfold boards with its help. Her tasks are slightly different. she can perform extremely short cuts. With its help, you can cut the board in half, align its end, or cut the end of the board at a […]

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