Husqvarna lawn tractor models. Husqvarna Lawn Mower Series and Individual Models

Husqvarna Lawn Mower Series and Individual Models

Gardening and landscaping both incorporate lawn mowing as a necessary and integrated component. Mowing equipment is essential for maintaining any property, whether a little lawn or garden-grown at home or on a commercial farm.

As a result, to cope with the growing needs, there is no dearth of lawn mowers in the market. Since its invention in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding, lawn mowers have come a long way. And today, one of the renowned companies that manufacture mowers is Husqvarna.

Husqvarna is an Austrian firm with Swedish roots established in 1689 to produce muskets. It was the time of the war, and the brand focused on contributing to Sweden’s weapons production. But once the war ended and the need for guns decreased, Husqvarna turned its FOCUS to several other goods. The company consequently began producing bicycles, motorcycles, mincing machines, gas stoves, and other items.

The company’s decision to diversify and produce a wide range of goods gave it a competitive edge. It challenged established solutions and created new products using its skills in development and manufacturing. As a result, the brand successfully implemented the idea of “thinking outside the box.” And Husqvarna’s first chainsaw, which utilized motorcycle muffler technology and cut the machine’s noise level by roughly half, was the item that best exemplified this idea.

Although Husqvarna is mostly recognized for its commercial lawn care machinery, there is more to the company than appears. The brand genuinely shines as a result of all its ground-breaking and award-winning unique items.

Husqvarna Overview

Here is a detailed table for you to provide you with a fast overview of this brand. In addition, you will receive a summary of the brand along with some essential details.

The Husqvarna brand has been around for 333 years, making it significantly longer than John Deere, one of its main market rivals. The company started making muskets in 1689 and has since greatly expanded. Currently, the Husqvarna Group is a Swedish company that makes outdoor power equipment. Under its brand name, the company sells items including robotic lawn mowers, chainsaws, and other garden tools. Husqvarna is one of the oldest continually functioning businesses in the world, with a history spanning 333 years.

Husqvarna’s success has been fueled by a pure drive for invention and breaking free from the constraints of stereotyped products. The company truly lives up to the adage, “Think outside the box.” As a result, the brand has been operating profitably for over three centuries, “consistently broadening its horizon, pushing the limits, and reinventing the business.”

However, to understand the company, we must go back to the 1600s, when Sweden attempted to increase the level of its weapon production. Husqvarna recognized a pressing need and set up a facility to do drilling operations at the waterfalls in Husqvarna, in Southern Sweden. Around 1000 people worked for the state-owned enterprise at the time. Since that day, the company produced muskets for the next 300 years, with the last shotgun in 1989.

The brand took a detour from its weapon production and invested in sewing machines. The machinery for producing rifles was found to be well-suited for manufacturing sewing machines. Husqvarna continued sewing machine production until operations were divested in 1997.

Afterward, the brand produced a wide range of products, from kitchen equipment to diamond tooling equipment. Here is a summarized timeline of products manufactured by the brand to give you a brief idea.

  • 1689 – Firearms
  • 1872 – Sewing machines
  • 1874 – Kitchen equipment
  • 1896 – Bicycles- Husqvarna is currently licensing the brand to Pierer Mobility AG
  • 1903 – Motorcycles- In 1987, the business is divested, and as of 2013, it is a member of the KTM family.
  • 1919 – lawn mowers- The first lawn mower to be powered by an engine was done in 1947.
  • 1959 – Chainsaws
  • 1968 – Power cutters
  • 1995 – Robotic lawn mowers
  • 2009 – Demolition robot
  • 2013 – Chainsaw chains
  • 2016 – Gardena Smart System
  • 2017 – Floor grinding and polishing; Solar powered facility
  • 2018 – E-Bikes; New generation chainsaw
  • 2019 – Automower
  • 2020 – Floor grinding and polishing

Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

It’s safe to say Husqvarna is a well-known brand that makes quality lawn mowers. The brand has a range of lawn mowers for all kinds of mowing needs. In terms of technology, what was created following the purchase of Norrahammars Bruk in 1918 has advanced significantly. The brand’s initial foray into outdoor products was its attempt to create lawn mowers.

In 1947, Husqvarna released its first motorized lawn mower for industrial use. Additionally, the first homeowner model debuted in 1959.

Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mowers

Due to its expertise and innovations, Husqvarna has established itself in the lawn mower market and is currently a major player in the outdoor equipment industry. Husqvarna’s riding lawn mowers offer a balance of comfort and quality. Despite not having origins in the country, the firm today produces its riding lawn mowers at Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products, USA.

Here is a list of different Husqvarna lawn mower series and individual models. Starting with the Husqvarna Yth22v46, the list will continue till the YTH20K46.

husqvarna, lawn, tractor, models

Husqvarna Yth22v46 Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Yth22v46, a 2WD tractor with a 46-inch mowing deck, is one of the best compact yards tractors available. This lawn tractor’s 22-HP Briggs Stratton® Intek V-Twin engine provides exceptional cut quality. For yards with 1-2 acres of land, this riding lawn mower is perfect

  • Engine- 22-HP
  • Mowing deck- 46-inch
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic
  • Cruise control
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Easy-access cutting height adjustment
  • Intek V-twin engine
  • Reverse Operating System (ROS)

Pricing of Husqvarna Yth22v46

Husqvarna TS 348XD Lawn Mower

A perfect product for medium-sized properties, the Husqvarna TS 348XD comes with powerful features packed inside a compact body. One of the best garden tractors at an affordable cost, this model features a reliable Kawasaki engine, which produces a power of 24-HP.

  • Engine- 24-HP
  • Mowing deck- 48-inch
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic
  • Engine Brand- Kawasaki (V twin)

Pricing of Husqvarna TS 348XD Lawn Mower

Current Price- 3,699.99 (approx.)

Husqvarna Yth18542 Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Yth18542 is another 42-inch riding lawn mower from Husqvarna. This mower is ideal for small plots and comes with a strong Briggs Stratton® Intek engine that produces 18.5 horsepower. A few of this riding lawn mower’s standout features are its small size, 16-inch turning radius, adjustable 13-inch mid-back seat, and ergonomic steering.

  • Engine- 18.5-HP
  • Mowing deck- 42-inch
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic
  • Engine Brand- Briggs Stratton® Intek
  • 3 Year bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Reverse Operating System (ROS)
  • 2 Cutting Blades

Pricing of Husqvarna Yth18542 Lawn Mower

Current Price- 2,599.00 (approx.)

Husqvarna YTH20K46 Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna YTH20K46 variant, introduced in 2009, is powered by a Kohler Courage SV600 single gasoline engine. This compact riding lawn mower, which has a gross engine power of 20 horsepower, is best for properties with 1-2 acres of land.

Additionally, its small size makes it simple to store when not in use. It is an entry-level tractor, so don’t expect it to be unique, but it doesn’t detract from its high quality.

  • Engine- 20-HP
  • Mowing deck- 46-inch
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic
  • Engine Brand- Kohler Courage
  • Open operator station
  • 6 deck height adjustments
  • 2-year warranty

Pricing of Husqvarna YTH20K46 Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Choosing the appropriate type of lawn mower can be challenging at times because so many options are available. However, it would help if you always choose a mower based on the size of your lawn and your mowing requirements. Having said that: Husqvarna zero-turn mowers are suitable for individuals who require a Rapid machine to mow wide tracts of land quickly. In addition, zero-turn mowers are ideal for larger spaces and suitable for people with some prior riding lawn mower handling knowledge and experience.

With that said, let’s move on to the top Husqvarna zero-turn lawn mowers listed below. We’ll provide their specifications and costs for your convenience.

Husqvarna Z242F Zero Turn Lawn Mower

With a 42-inch deck and an 18-HP engine, the Husqvarna Z242F zero-turn lawn mower is a good size. This lawn mower is a member of the Z200 Series and is equipped with a Kawasaki V-twin engine. The Z242F also has a comfortable rider’s seat and an ergonomic control panel, which would enable prolonged use of the bike without growing weary.

  • Engine- 18-HP
  • Mowing deck- 42-inch
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic- Maintenance-free
  • Engine Brand- Kawasaki
  • A patent-pending park brake system
  • Deck- ClearCut™ – Fabricated
  • Blade tip speed- 18,500 fpm

Pricing of Husqvarna Z242F Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna MZ61 is a multifunction zero-turn lawn mower from Husqvarna that is powered by a 27-horsepower Briggs Stratton engine. One may count on the mower’s efficiency and comfort level, making it ideal for larger acreage. This Husqvarna mower’s USPs include its heavy-duty steel frame, commercial-rated hydraulic system, and straightforward operator interface.

  • Engine- 27-HP
  • Productivity- 4.2 acres/hr
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic- Maintenance-free
  • Engine Brand- Briggs Stratton
  • Oversized chassis
  • Pedal-assisted cutting deck lift
  • Optional ROPS

Pricing of Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Z142 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

With a 17-HP engine, the Husqvarna Z142 is a compact yet powerful zero-turn mower from Husqvarna. This is one of the very powerful lawn mowers from the brand and is still renowned for its deck that can handle more than its fair share of work. In addition, the machine comes with an amazing and sleek design and can handle small to medium-sized land.

  • Engine- 17-HP
  • Cutting width- 42-in
  • Transmission- Hydrostatic- Maintenance-free
  • Engine Brand- Kohler
  • Convenient deck lift

Pricing of Husqvarna Z142 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Automowers

Anyone interested in mowing their lawn would be happy to know that there are robots to do the task. Yes, you heard it right. Husqvarna has entered the market of automowers resembling miniature automated cars, more of an automated Lamborghini, and other companies.

Husqvarna has launched robotic lawn mowers, also known as automowers, that are high-quality and affordably priced to minimize the workload for lawn owners. And according to the majority of customers, the annual operating cost of an automower might be less than 25.

However, it is important to remember that these robots cannot be used to cut thick grass. Therefore, you must manage your yard to prevent the grass from becoming out of hand.

Husqvarna Automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna’s 315X model is a versatile robotic lawn mower. This mower is great for those who want a finely trimmed lawn without exerting much physical effort. You can choose this mower if your grass area is smaller than 1600 square meters. This robotic mower also offers GPS tracking, LED illumination, and rubber bumpers.

  • Capacity- 1,600 m²
  • Search system- Triple search
  • GPS-assisted navigation – PATENTED
  • LED headlights
  • Weather timer
  • Manages slopes up to 40%
  • Charging system- Automatic

Pricing of Husqvarna Automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Automower 115h Robotic Lawn Mower

If you are not a fan of working under the sun to keep your lawn in good shape, we suggest you invest in an automated lawn mower. And a very good option out there is the Husqvarna 115h Robotic Lawn Mower. This automower is perfect for home gardeners, thanks to its exceptional features like the LED screen, a Bluetooth control panel, a patented guide wire, and a lower noise level.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Maximum runtime- 60 minutes
  • Work area- 0.4 acres or smaller yard
  • Manages slopes up to 30%
  • Cutting width- 8.7-in

Pricing of Husqvarna Automower 115h Robotic Lawn Mower

Price- 1,399.99 (AUTOMOWER® 115H (4G) Self-Install); 1,199.99 (AUTOMOWER® 115H Self-Install)

Husqvarna Automower 415X Robotic Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Automower® 415X, part of the brand’s X-line series, is appropriate for lawns up to 0.4 acres or smaller. In the Husqvarna premium series of robotic mowers, this is the brand’s second-smallest automower. This model, which is the Automower 430X’s little brother, is small, light, and strong.

  • Work area- 0.37 acre
  • Charging system- Automatic
  • Cutting width- 8.7-in
  • GPS-assisted navigation
  • LED headlights
  • Weather timer
  • Systematic passage mowing
  • It comes with the Automower® Intelligent Mapping (AIM)

Pricing of Husqvarna Automower 415X Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mowers

You can use walk-behind or push lawn mowers if you don’t have any trouble moving around and mowing the lawn. Having said that, we recognize that using these mowers requires the user to exert some effort to move them ahead. Husqvarna has developed its line of effective walk-behind, push, and self-propelled mowers that are user-friendly with this need in mind.

In the following sections, we shall discuss this brand’s W520 and W520i walk-behind lawn mowers. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Husqvarna W520 Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Work in landscaping can be taxing. Therefore, you require a mower that meets all your requirements and endures for a long period. As a solution, Husqvarna unveiled the W520 Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower, which has a solid yet ergonomic design and produces top-notch results. This walk-behind mower weighs around 117 lbs. and has a 20-inch cutting width. A Kawasaki FJ180 engine powers it.

  • Engine model- Kawasaki FJ180
  • Cutting deck material- Aluminium
  • Ergonomic, adjustable handlebar
  • Aluminium chassis
  • Brake blade control
  • Easily foldable handlebar
  • Single-lever height adjustment

Pricing of Husqvarna Husqvarna W520 Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Husqvarna W520i Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna W520i Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower is another walk-behind lawn mower with a professional grade. This machine’s robust design makes it perfect for long landscaping projects, especially on difficult terrain.

This mower’s superior performance will astound you, and it is made possible by its strong aluminum cutting deck, energy-saving equipment, and 3000 rpm.

  • RPM- 3000
  • Battery backup option
  • Double battery slot
  • Cutting width- 20-in
  • Self-propelled
  • Cutting deck material- Aluminum
  • Single-lever height adjustment
  • Ergonomic, adjustable handlebar

Pricing of Husqvarna Husqvarna W520i Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Stand-On Lawn Mowers

What are stand-on lowers? These mowers enable the user to cut their lawn without compromising the length of their hip flexors. The user of stand-on lawn mowers can swiftly mow their property, and getting on and off the mower also becomes very convenient. Husqvarna has released two types of stand-on lawn mowers. Both the adaptable and appropriate for challenging mowing chores.

Husqvarna V548 Stand-On Lawn Mower

For commercial land mowing chores, the Husqvarna V548 Stand-On Lawn Mower offers exceptional performance and is discrete. In addition to being a stand-on mower, it also boasts a zero-turn capability that enables quick turns. Furthermore, with the industrial-strength drive systems and a robust build, this mower ensures reliable performance every time.

  • Engine model- Kawasaki (V- twin)- FX Series
  • Power output- 24.5 HP
  • Better balancing and traction
  • Ergonomic layout of operator’s console
  • Home warranty- 5 Years or 1,500 Hours

Pricing of Husqvarna V548 Stand-On Lawn Mower

Husqvarna V554 Stand-On Lawn Mower

The second model of a stand-on lawn mower from Husqvarna is the V554 model. Much like the V548, this one also can be classified as an extremely efficient commercial mower with a zero-turn feature. Some added features to look for in this model include Rapid mount-dismount, unbeatable maneuvering, and ergonomic operation.

  • Engine model- Kawasaki (V- twin)- FX Series
  • Power output- 24.5 HP
  • Productivity- 4.1 acres/hr
  • Ergonomic layout of operator’s console
  • Home warranty- 5 Years or 1,500 Hours

Pricing of Husqvarna V554 Stand-On Lawn Mower

Other Products from Husqvarna

Husqvarna produces a variety of additional goods and outdoor tools and supplies, enhancing its total adaptability. The company’s product line includes forestry tools and accessories for every customer.

Chainsaw Foresty Tools

You may complete your forestry activity easily and safely with the help of some excellent heavy forestry tools made by Husqvarna. All items deliver cutting-edge performance consistently and function admirably under challenging circumstances. The brand’s 325 years of testing and refinement are also unquestionably reliable.

  • Axe
  • Helmet
  • Log breaking bar
  • Fuel and filling equipment
  • Chainsaw
  • Forestry clearing saws
  • Chainsaw chains
  • Chainsaw bars
  • Arborist essentials
  • Chainsaw accessories
  • Personal protective equipment

Yard Ground Care

Husqvarna is pleased to produce durable and highly dependable yard and ground care equipment. The products are ideal for use at home and in businesses to maintain immaculate yards and lawns. The brand also concentrates on making a variety of simple-to-use goods that any devoted landscaper may employ.

  • Brushcutters
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Combi trimmers
  • String trimmers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Pole saws
  • Ride-on front mowers
  • Landscaping accessories
  • Power cutters

Home and Garden Tools

How can we not mention Husqvarna’s home and garden tools when discussing the company? The company’s Gardena division sells some of the most well-liked gardening goods in the world.

  • Garden handtool
  • Sprayer
  • Fuel and oil
  • Pressure washer
  • Vacuum cleaner

Accessories Attachments

Husqvarna manufactures a variety of accessories and attachments in addition to tools. Use Husqvarna accessories to broaden the scope of your landscaping, gardening, and other hobbies.

Riding Lawn Mower Attachments

  • Bagger
  • Mulch kit
  • Hitch kit
  • Dump cart
  • Spreader
  • Blade
  • Snow thrower
  • Tire chains
  • Snow cab
  • Wheel weights

Other Accessories and Attachments

  • Battery equipment
  • Tool belts and accessories
  • Zero-turn lawn mower attachments
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Chainsaw parts and accessories
  • Yard and ground accessories

Specialty Turf

The tough collection of turf maintenance tools from Husqvarna is designed to go above and beyond. If you’re looking for tools for maintaining your property, Husqvarna’s Specialty Turf collection may have what you need.

Husqvarna Subsidiaries and affiliates (List format)

Sustainability Goals

In addition to emphasizing the production of excellent lawn equipment, Husqvarna is dedicated to developing a resource-wise and sustainable economy. Through the creation of “Sustainovate,” the brand is concentrating on Carbon, Circular, and People.

Husqvarna is devotedly pursuing the transition to a low-carbon energy mix by 2025. Additionally, it is trying to break new ground in delivering excellent value to consumers through circular economy solutions and in motivating clients and staff to increase their beneficial effects.


This concludes our evaluation of the Husqvarna brand and its best offerings. We hope you now understand the brand’s foundations better and how it helps simplify and lower the cost of landscaping projects.

The company, which has over 300 years of experience and knowledge, works tirelessly to develop cutting-edge items for the market. Additionally, their expertise sets them unique from the other brands competing in the same industry.

Is Husqvarna One of the Best Lawn Mower Brands?

If you’re shopping for a new lawn mower, chances are you’ve come across a Husqvarna lawn mower. But is this brand any good? Find out here.

If you’re shopping for a new lawn mower, chances are you’ve come across a Husqvarna lawn mower. Husqvarna makes many different types of lawn mowers, ranging from zero-turn lawn mowers to riding lawn mowers. But as extensive as their lawn mower selection may be, you may find yourself asking, is Husqvarna one of the best lawn mower brands to shop? Let’s find out.

Is Husqvarna a good lawn mower brand?

Buying a new lawn mower can make for an expensive purchase. Chances are, then, you want to buy a lawn mower from one of the best lawn mower brands in the business. The good news is that Husqvarna is one of the best lawn mower brands, Bob Vila reports. There are a few reasons for that too.

In fact, according to Bob Vila, Husqvarna is one of the most durable and reliable lawn mower brands on the market. Not only that, but Husqvarna lawn mowers also come outfitted with plenty of sought-after features, including pedal-operated speed and direction control and ergonomic seating. Perhaps the only downside to this lawn mower brand is that its products typically come with a premium price tag.

Are Husqvarna lawn mowers reliable?

Bob Vila isn’t the only one singing Husqvarna’s praises. As a matter of fact, Consumer Reports has a lot of positive things to say about Husqvarna too. Most recently, the organization recognized Husqvarna as one of the most reliable lawn mower brands on the market. Overall, Consumer Reports said, the lawn mower brand was awarded a Very Good predicted reliability rating.

Consumer Reports recommends multiple Husqvarna lawn mowers too. Among them are models like the Husqvarna TS 354X and the Husqvarna TS 254XG. These riding lawn mowers are similar in price and even earned similar ratings. While Consumer Reports gave the Husqvarna TS 354X an 80 overall score, it gave the Husqvarna TS 254XG a 79 overall score. Both earned Excellent scores in side-discharging and mulching too.

Where are Husqvarna lawn mowers made?

At this point, you may find yourself asking where Husqvarna lawn mowers are made. As it turns out, Husqvarna lawn mowers are manufactured in the United States at Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products, SF Gate reports. The companies factories are located in Orangeburg, South Carolina and McRae, Georgia, SF Gate added.

The company didn’t get its start in the United States, however. In fact, Husqvarna was first established in Sweden and originally got its start manufacturing musket pipes. These days, however, a lot has changed. Beyond its selection of lawn mowers, Husqvarna also manufactures chain saws, hedge trimmers, snowblowers, and more.

How to choose the best lawn mower for your yard

If you’re in the market for the best new lawn mower for your yard, you can’t go wrong with a new Husqvarna lawn mower. While they tend to be more expensive than their competitors, Husqvarna lawn mowers are known for their durability and reliability. Further, consider that Bob Vila called Husqvarna one of the best lawn mower brands, and choosing a Husqvarna lawn mower becomes an even easier decision.

Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mowers: Enduring Performance You Can Trust

The Husqvarna Group is a global manufacturer of power products such as chainsaws, lawn mowers and other motor-driven yard tools. With manufacturing plants and sales centers in more than 100 countries, the Husqvarna brand has earned a reputation for performance and quality.

If you are in the market for a riding lawn mower–or lawn tractor–the Husqvarna line of tractors is a good baseline for comparison shopping.

The Basic Husqvarna Tractor Line-Up

Husqvarna riding lawn mowers are compact for better handling and ease of storage. They offer easy-to-reach cutting height adjustment at fender level, a seat that adapts to different body styles, and an ergonomic steering wheel for comfort.

All models have hydrostatic transmissions, air induction mowing systems to ensure a even and clean cut, plus each machine accepts a range of towable add-ons plus a mulcher that eliminates clipping clean-up.

YTH2042: This entry-level Husqvarna riding lawn mower has a 42-inch cutting deck, a step-through driver’s seat design, a manual blade engagement control, a Briggs Stratton Intek single cylinder motor, and an angled steering wheel. Cruise control, deck wash port for easy clean-up, and a cast-iron front axle all add the the convenience and durability of this lawn tractor designed for year-round usage. This little beauty carries a 1,499.95 price tag.

Need Help With Your Lawn?

YTH21K46: This edition has a 46-inch cutting deck, a Kohler 21hp, single-cylinder engine, a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, and anti-scalp wheels. MSRP for this tractor is 1599.95.

YTH22V42: Step it up with more power–a 2-cylinder Briggs Stratton engine equipped with a mechanical compression release to facilitate trouble-free starts. Other features on this 42″ cutting deck machine combine the best of the previous two models, with cruise control, step-through seating, and a pedal-activated hydrostatic gear shift. The 22V42 is priced on a par with the model above, as is the YTH22V46 that differs solely in the larger swath it will cut through your lawn.

YTH23V48: Husqvarna ups the ante in its lawn tractor line with a 23hp engine and a 48-inch cutting deck for better power on bigger terrain. The MSRP for the 23V48 is 1,799.95.

YTH24V54: This tractor will mow 54 inches of turf per turn, and the bigger 24hp Briggs Stratton motor will chew through higher, thicker vegetation without a hiccup. The electric blade engagement control is at your fingertips. With a longer-lived two-cylinder engine, the 24V54 will keep your yard finely manicured for years to come. You’ll pay 1,999.95 for the privilege.

LGT25K54 from Husqvarna represents a bigger leap forward. Its efficient, pressure-lubed Kohler engine has both a residential side discharge and a mulch option, and when you accessorize, this 25hp hydrostatic machine becomes a formidable snow blower, thatcher, and driveway sweeper. The manufacturer suggests a tag of 2,299.95 for this powerhouse.

The LS Series Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Line-Up

The riding lawn mowers included in Husqvarna’s LS series are engineered for premium durability, extra comfort, and more precise performance. LS Tractors are equipped with fabricated cutting decks and heavy-duty chassis.

These upscale, workhorse models are the perfect choices for landowners with extensive grounds to maintain, difficult terrain, and tough vegetation. Integrated deck wash ports are standard on every LS mower.

YTH22V43LS: Husqvarna’s Endurance V-Twin engine provides the oomph behind this riding mower. Manufactured by Briggs Stratton, this engine is equipped with a premium air filtration system, chrome plated valves, and a cooling system that safeguards the engine from overheating for years of superior service. Cruise control and a 43-inch cutting deck complete the package. This LS entry-level tractor commands a price of 2,199.95.

YTH23V43LS: This model’s dash board has an hour meter with a service reminder feature. Its engine upgrade to a commercial-quality motor that has withstood 2,000 hours of performance in lab tests offers premium durability. Cast-iron cylinder sleeves and an automotive-type air filter system further extend the life of the engine. This model is priced at 2,499.95.

YTH24V48LS: A 48-inch cutting deck makes the 24V48LS a force of nature. This deluxe model’s hydrostatic transmission includes a locking differential for excellent traction even on the most slippery slopes. With the service minder and commercial-grade engine, the 24V48LS ramps its predecessor up an extra notch. As you might expect, the cost is a notch higher as well: 2,599.96

GTH26V48LS: This Husqvarna yard tractor offers ground-engaging 48-inch cutting capability in addition to all of the previous LS series goodies, making for a superior machine. The cost? A cool 2,899.95.

GTH27V52LS: At the top of the Husqvarna riding mower heap, this one cuts a 52″ swath through the competition. The first-class ergonomic design of this model makes it a machine fit for a king. All the levers and buttons are within a finger’s reach; the 15″ high seat back with armrests is fully adjustable to optimize his highness’ comfort level, and the steering wheel features comfort-grip padding to protect his manicure. At an MSRP of 2,999.95, Husqvarna’s lawn tractor flagship represents the ultimate in power and durability.

Consumer Reviews

Most consumers trust the Husqvarna brand to deliver quality and durability. The manufacturer’s attention to user comfort and convenience culls high marks among Husqvarna riding lawn mower owners, and they are willing to pay a bit more for a piece of equipment with the security of a trusted brand name.

Some owners expressed the opinion that other brands out-perform the Husqvarna lawn tractor on hilly terrain, being better balanced for optimized slope-side mowing. Others have complained of engine problems in some of the lower end Husqvarna models and of the frustrations they have encountered in dealing directly with the manufacturer to resolve these issues.

Where to Purchase a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor

Multiple outlet giants such as Sears, Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers, and Home Depot sell Husqvarna riding lawn mowers. Husqvarna power products are also available at many smaller home and garden centers.

Be sure to choose a retailer you trust to provide the warranty service and future repairs you may need when purchasing your riding lawn mower.

Husqvarna Riding Mower Review: An Unbiased Report

Have you been trying to find the best riding mower for your lawn works and activities? If so, then this article is for you. We will be talking about the Husqvarna Riding Mower, which claims to be the best for you. It promises to relieve you from all the stress you might face while doing your lawn work. But is it true? We will be finding out the same. You will understand the working of the riding mower and get to know why you should choose the Husqvarna Riding Mower for your lawn activities with the help of our Husqvarna Riding Mower review.

In the 21st century, every task is done with the help of gadgets and machinery backed with advanced technology. So, why waste time manually doing every work when there are multiple other options for doing the same work with less labor. Husqvarna Riding Mower claims to make your work easy and 100% efficient. Let’s check how credible these claims are with our authentic Husqvarna Riding Mower and get acquainted with the working process of the machine.

Husqvarna Riding Mower Review | Is It A Good Choice?

Riding mowers, in general, are expensive tools. Husqvarna is one of the best and most trusted brands globally, ruling the market for manufacturing products for lawn and yard activities. They promise to produce the best lawn mowers for everyday people. It has also been reviewed as the most durable and one of the most reliable brands. The brand has earned fame and respect for its best products and performance worldwide.

The features available with Husqvarna Riding Mower are vast and loved by the customers. The engine present in the machine provides maximum power, and the performance of the riding mower is of high quality. It is well suited for any type of terrain and surface and hence is not a cause of worry for users staying in rough and rocky areas. Husqvarna Riding Mowers provide the best cut to the yards and has the best services and facilities. Understanding the working and operation of the Husqvarna Riding Mower is very easy for the user. The customer can simply do the required task by holding and riding the machine. The construction and design of this machine are more robust. Hence, this machine provides the best facility to the customers with various features.

Husqvarna Riding Mower Accessories:

Accessories associated with this machine make the lawn activities and tasks easier and simpler for the operator. There are a large number of accessories accompanying the Husqvarna Riding Mowers.

The extra accessories associated with the Husqvarna Riding Mowers are:

  • Mulch Kit with the blade
  • Hi-hitch tow kit
  • Best waterproof cover for the mower
  • Spindle assembly pack
  • Pulley bearing
  • Bagger Attachment Container

Why Should you buy Husqvarna Riding Mowers?

When customers decide to purchase a particular product, they mainly FOCUS on the advantages and the good sides of the product that will help them work. It is also pretty evident that benefits are necessary for every product; otherwise, it is worthless to buy any product. The advantages that are associated with the Husqvarna Riding Mowers are:


People having problems walking or having any prolonged health issues will find this machinery a blessing in their lives. The ease in operating the Husqvarna Riding Mowers will avoid their pain. They can simply ride the mower and get their work done perfectly with the help of Husqvarna Riding Mowers.


Husqvarna Riding Mowers are gaining more popularity as compared to any other mowers because of their variety of properties. Large attachments are associated with this machinery that will make the work even more accessible, such as canopies, spreaders, etc.


The speed of Husqvarna Riding Mowers is incredible and doesn’t have any competitors. People generally love to complete their tasks as soon as possible and chill and relax. For them, this is a perfect choice. With the help of a Husqvarna Riding Mower, one can complete tasks quicker and with perfect working.


Husqvarna Riding Mowers can be maneuvered easily. The steering wheels are highly flexible and give perfect mulch to the leaves. This machine is suitable for smaller areas and perfect for more lavish lawns. The installation of the wheel at the front and the reverse is also much more flexible.

Benefits of Husqvarna Riding Mowers

The benefits of Husqvarna Riding Mowers are extensive in numbers and are impressive too for the customers.

  • Power utilization range of 18 HP to 36 HP
  • Power consumption range of 4.5 HP to 5.5 HP for gas riding mowers
  • Provides automatic mowers
  • Bag available to collect the grass remains
  • Suitable for both smaller and larger areas
  • Durable with the best construction and design

According to the Husqvarna Riding Mower Reviews, the advantages of this machine have been impressive. The level of flexibility and simplicity this machine carries has increased its popularity in the market.

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Disadvantages of Husqvarna Riding Mowers

There will be some disadvantages to a machine, but that doesn’t make the machine terrible. When a machine is created, no one is aware of its cons. After utilizing and getting reviews only, further improvements are made to the machine. The disadvantages associated with this machine are:

  • Assembling of the machine parts after delivery is a hectic task
  • Speed control using a lever is a bit difficult to learn

These disadvantages don’t make the Husqvarna Riding Mowers bad because the pros surpass the cons. over, these disadvantages are just minor ones.

Problems associated with Husqvarna Riding Mowers and their respective Solutions

Nothing is perfect and needs some improvement in it to be good. Some common problems occur in Husqvarna Riding Mowers that can be done immediately to avoid further issues.

When the machine doesn’t start with click

The specific reasons behind this problem are flooded engines when the engaged position is not set for the freewheel control when neutral is not set for the control lever, insufficient fuel in the machine tank, and when the disengaged position is not set for attachment clutch.

Solution: The problem can be corrected by checking the above requirements. After correcting those also, if the machine doesn’t start, there can be serious issues that must be looked after.

When the spark plug is defective

This problem can arise due to a cracked porcelain insulator, damaged electrode, and when there is carbon buildup in the electrode.

Solution: With the help of a tester for the spark plug, you can check whether there is any fault at the spark plug. When you put the tester, you will observe a spark between the terminals during the engine’s cranking. If any spark is not produced in the tester, you have to replace the spark plug.

When the Carburetor is Clogged

When the fuel is left in the tank for many days without using the machine, the problem comes to play because of which thicker substances are created in the fuel that clogs the carburetor, and then the engine stops working. Another reason for this problem can be old or lousy gasoline.

Solution: With the help of carburetor cleaning, you can clear clogging in the carburetor. But if it is still not cleared, you have to replace the carburetor.

When the ignition coil is defective

The ignition coil has a direct attachment to the spark plug. The ignition coil supplies voltage to the spark plug when an engine runs. If there is any problem with the ignition coil, then the machine won’t run.

Solution: To check whether the problem is in the ignition coil, you can use an ignition coil tester.

Husqvarna Riding Mower Review | Customer Feedback

Para, a resident of Detroit, found the Husqvarna Riding Mower fantastic to cut and design the lawn according to their wish. He has nearly two acres of land to mow. After going through Husqvarna Riding Mower reviews, he and his wife finally decided to go with this mower. He has bought this for his wife, and she is happy with the machinery and its best operation. He has mentioned that it nearly takes around two and a half hours to mow their lawn completely.

DJay has mentioned that the mower has been just used for two months and the machine needed a lot of repair within these two months. He even didn’t get to repair the machine parts under warranty. The money is wasted by buying this machine as more money is spent on repairing only.

Kevin from Albaquerque has said that the Husqvarna Riding Mower is outstanding, but the newer versions of the belt drives are not as good.

Mike has reviewed that this Husqvarna Riding Mower is great and takes less time to mow the lawn. He had a beautiful experience with the machine.

William says that the Husqvarna Riding Mower is suitable on flat surfaces but fails to provide the same service in the hilly regions. While going down the hills, the machine walks uncontrollably and doesn’t stop, and while moving up, it doesn’t provide sufficient power and perfect grip.

FAQs | Husqvarna Riding Mower Review

Are Husqvarna riding mowers good?

Hiusqwarna produces the best Husqvarna Riding Mowers. The ratings on this machine are primarily favorable. They are easier to use and are flexible enough, and you can make the speed adjustment with the control lever. They do require proper maintenance and are durable with beautiful construction.

Which is better: Craftsman or Husqvarna riding mower?

The power of the engine is more for Husqvarna than for the Craftsman. There are 12 deck positions in Craftsman and six deck positions in Husqvarna riding mower. The blades available in Husqvarna riding mowers are three in number, and in Craftsman, it is two. The forward speed is more in Husqvarna Riding Mower, but the reverse speed is more in the Craftsman riding mower. Both the machines have their own best features.

Is Cub Cadet better than Husqvarna?

The Cub Cadet has been famous for its maneuverability and speed, while Husqvarna is famous for its cutting efficiency and powerful engine. The deck position in Cub Cadet is 12 in number, and in Husqvarna, it is 6 in number. The blades are three and two for Husqvarna and Cub Cadet, respectively. The forward speed is more in the Husqvarna riding mower, while the reverse speed is more in the Cub Cadet riding mower. Hence, both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Does Husqvarna make good riding lawn mowers?

Husqvarna has been dominating the market for a long time and is one of the reliable lawnmowers providers. According to Consumer Reports, the Husqvarna brand has been awarded a good reliability rating. Overall, the Husqvarna provides the best riding mowers.

How long does the Husqvarna riding mower last?

If proper care has been taken with proper maintenance, the Husqvarna riding mowers will last longer. They can operate well and be powerful for nearly 15 years.

Conclusion | Husqvarna Riding Mower Review

You are bound to be happy when you get the best product for an affordable price. You would feel that the money has been utilized appropriately. After buying a Husqvarna riding mower, you will have the same feeling. The Husqvarna riding mower review suggested that this machine is one of the most durable and reliable lawn mower machines. The features and properties associated with the machine are incredible. The benefits are more significant in number.

The Husqvarna riding mower takes less time to mow the lawn and gives you time to relax. The control levers work perfectly for speed adjustment in both directions. The engine of the Husqvarna riding mower is more potent as compared to any other riding lawnmower. The machine is also suitable for any region and surface. Overall, the machine is a blessing for the people who want perfect cuts for their lawn.

John Deere vs Husqvarna Riding Mower: Which One Should You Choose

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You probably don’t want to be pulling a mower across your lawn if it’s big. At some point, the area becomes too big to mow comfortably without using a riding mower. Numerous manufacturers produce zero-turn mowers. However, Husqvarna and John Deere are two of the most well-known brands. Which of the two riding mowers is the superior model?

John Deere rises to the top because of its robust construction, high-quality production, and low failure rate. However, the Husqvarna riding mower models are the most powerful and efficient. Even though both companies provide great specs, there are significant distinctions to be made and thus a few critical factors to consider.

For many decades, these brands have been the go-to option for lawnmower purchasers due to their dependability, high-tech features, and superior mowing abilities. Continue reading as we compare Husqvarna and John Deere mowers and determine which is the best fit for your requirements.

John Deere Riding Mower

John Deere is an archetypal American brand. A man by the same name founded the company in Grand Detour, Illinois, in 1837, and it has since grown to become a household name in the heavy equipment industry. John Deere mowers are mostly manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa, in the United States. Nonetheless, John Deere has production facilities throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

John Deere is well-known for its customer service, which is gained during the Great Depression when the company notably refused to recover any of its tractors from farmers. Given all of this, it’s no surprise that John Deere lawn tractors are among the most expensive on the market.

John Deere’s yellow and green shine out, letting you know you’re dealing with them. When it comes to specifics, Deere has gone above and beyond its rivals.

Throughout the past century, the company has sold millions of mowers, tractors, and other outdoor equipment. Today, they have production facilities in seven countries (three of which are in China), creating concerns among people who think their mowers are made elsewhere.

How to Tell the Year Your Husqvarna Lawn Tractor was Made. Serial number Breakdown.YT, YTA, YTH

Top models of John Deere Riding Mowers

John Deere E120

If you’re looking for a tough, reliable lawn tractor, the John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor is an excellent choice.

This riding lawn mower is powered by a 20-horsepower engine that starts easily and quickly, even if the mower has been sitting dormant all winter. The mower is hydrostatically driven and has a maximum speed of 5.5 miles per hour.

For additional durability, this John Deere ride-on lawnmower has a fully welded steel frame and cast-iron front axle, as well as a large and comfortable operator station with an adjustable seat for a more enjoyable mowing experience.

The mower deck is easily adjustable for various cutting heights, and blade engagement is achieved by simply pushing a knob. The most impressive feature of this mower is that it has a 30-second oil change system and a 10-point pre-inspection to ensure it is ready to go.

John Deere Z345M

The Z345M is equipped with John Deere’s patented Accel Deep Mower Deck, which cuts grass easily and smoothly. The mower is powered by a 22-HP Briggs Stratton M44 Intek V-twin engine with a displacement of 724 cc. John Deere’s patented ReadyStart technology enables hassle-free choke-free starting.

This mower also rates quite well in terms of comfort, and its engine is robust and nimble enough to handle even the most difficult grass while maintaining a smooth ride. Maintaining this unit is simpler than with most others since instructions are written on the mower’s body. These, along with a slew of additional features, combine to make this zero-turn mower an excellent option.

The Z345M Zero Turn Mower is built tough with a welded steel chassis that ensures durability and dependability. The mower deck has been built specifically to maximize performance, even at high speeds. Additionally, it includes plastic covers that can be removed to clean your belts.

Husqvarna TS 248XD Lawn Tractor Walkaround

John Deere Z515E

If you’re looking for a true classic, go no further than the John Deere Z515E, since they do not get much better for the price! While the Z515E is not a tractor, it is constructed with care and has the manufacturer’s reputation.

If you’re looking for a vintage mower that will last a long time and cause the fewest problems imaginable, this may be the one for you. Equipped with a John Deere V-Twin ELS engine, it provides enough power for home mowing and also performs well as a commercial workhorse.

It has a larger-than-average gasoline tank for extended mowing time, as well as broad 22-inch rear tires for improved grip on the grass. The body is built with a welded steel frame and heavy-duty components, ensuring that it can easily withstand the roughest terrain. Additionally, there are 13 options for changing the cutting height, making it ideal for cutting grass on almost any kind of terrain.

Having said that, the control levers are simple to use from the driver’s seat, allowing for fast and accurate changes at any moment.

John Deere Z335E

The John Deere Z335E is powered by a 20-horsepower (14.9-kW) V-twin engine that generates sufficient power and torque for difficult mowing, mulching, and bagging situations.

Its oil filter and gasoline filter are easily accessible and replaced, minimizing servicing time and expense. The driver benefits from excellent vision ahead and to the trim side of the deck, which makes operating pleasant and simple.

Comfortable chairs enhance the operator experience on the John Deere Z335E Zero-Turn Mower. If desired, the armrests on the John Deere Z355E seat may be flipped up out of the way. This zero-turn mower is intended especially for home usage, and its excellent trimming capabilities ensure effective mowing.

By elevating the grass as much as possible, the ACCEL DEEP mower deck maximizes airflow and improves cut quality at higher speeds. The big wheels and broad tires provide a smooth ride and improved performance on hills, as well as increased grip.

Husqvarna Riding Mower

Husqvarna is a well-known producer of high-end outdoor power equipment, its most well-known product being chainsaws. While the business offers walk-behind mowers and lawn tractors, its riding mowers, which include tractors and zero-turn mowers, are their most well-known product.

Husqvarna is a top brand in the United States, having one of the most durable and dependable product lines on the market. They also include high-end features like pedal-operated speed and direction control, ergonomic seats, and comfy controls. On the other hand, durability and cutting-edge features are prohibitively expensive. Husqvarna lawnmowers, like the rest of the company’s outdoor equipment, are expensive.

The majority of Husqvarna lawn tractors are equipped with a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission. To drive it, you turn the wheel with your hands and control the speed using the foot pedals. There are gauges and controls located within easy reach of the driver. These controls include a rear differential that is electronically or automatically locked.

They are mainly utilized while working on hills or when cutting thick, damp grass. Additionally, cruise control is included, and your seat may be adjusted for optimum comfort. Additionally, there is a cup holder; this is beneficial for people who have big lawns and need a drink to cool or warm them.

Depending on the size of your land, Husqvarna provides walk-behind and riding lawnmowers. Certain versions include the revolutionary Clear Cut cutting deck, which allows for precise lawn mowing even on uneven terrain.

Top Models of Husqvarna riding mower

Husqvarna Hydrostatic 46-in. Riding Lawn Mower

Riding lawn mowers are an investment, and we believe the Husqvarna 46-inch riding lawn mower provides excellent value. It has a 22-horsepower, 724cc Briggs Stratton engine that offers enough power for long grass and hills while being compact for simple storage. Its hydrostatic gearbox offers a smooth ride and has cruise control for simple speed adjustment.

Foot pedals control speed and direction, allowing you to steer with both hands on the wheel. With the press of a button, you can go into reverse, and the tiny 16-inch turning radius enables you to easily navigate around obstacles and mow in tight areas. It features a 46-inch cutting deck, as the name suggests, to provide an equal cut over your grass.

Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic lawnmowers are a relatively recent entry into the market. They work through a wired boundary, allowing the mower to cut the grass autonomously, even on slopes. Husqvarna invented this category, and its robotic mower is ideal for lawns up to 0.8 acres in size.

With built-in Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, as well as voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, I was pleased by how simple it was to use the software to remotely start, stop, and park the machine, as well as create and monitor a mowing schedule.

Additionally, you may quickly and easily adjust the cutting height through the app. GPS tracks the mower’s location and sends alerts and messages to your linked devices to deter theft.

Three razor-sharp spinning blades cut neatly in all directions, even when wet, and operate similarly to a mulching mower, with no clippings collected. The weather timer guarantees that the mower cuts more often during periods of Rapid growth and less frequently during periods of sluggish growth.

When it runs out of juice, I like that it knows how to find a charging station. It is capable of functioning in the dark due to its LED lighting and ultra-quiet operation.

Husqvarna YTH1852

Compact lawnmowers that provide high-quality results are few. The Husqvarna YTH1852 is, in my view, one of the smallest but most powerful motorcycles I’ve tested.

Although it is smaller than the majority of riding lawn mowers, it has a slew of features that put it on par with the best models we tested. It has a 42-inch cutting width, almost double that of a conventional push lawnmower. Additionally, it has an industry-exclusive air induction technology that optimizes airflow across the deck, resulting in a cleaner, more consistent cut.

The Husqvarna YTH1852 is constructed of weather-resistant flat-stock steel. Finally, it has an outstanding cruise control function that keeps the mower moving at a consistent speed throughout the mowing process.

Husqvarna Yth24V48

Everything you’d expect from a machine costing that much money is included with the machine. This model is equipped with a 24 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine, a hydrostatic transmission controlled by the foot pedal, cruise controls that allow the tractor to maintain a constant speed, an electric cutting deck engagement, and a 48-inch triple-blade reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing.

The Husqvarna YTH24V48 provides superior, a consistent cutting performance that is unmatched by other mowers in this price range. It has a fast hydro-cutting deck and air-induction technology for mowing.

This 48-inch commercial lawn tractor combines comfort, versatility, and excellence in a single piece of equipment. For big grass fields, it outperforms the vast majority of riding lawnmowers.

John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mower: which one is better for you?

While these characteristics are appealing on paper, how do these lawnmowers perform in the real world, and which one is the superior model? There is no obvious solution for any of these two, but I’ll attempt to take you through numerous stages so you may pick the one that is most suited to your requirements. Consider the following similarities while choosing between John Deere and Husqvarna riding mowers.

Engine Efficiency

When shopping for a riding mower, the engine is the first item on the shopping list. Without an effective engine, you would be unable to mow the lawn properly or enjoy your ride pleasantly.

For more than a decade, Husqvarna has been recognized for manufacturing the highest-quality outdoor equipment and supplies. With two distinct lines of riding mowers – residential and commercial – Husqvarna can cater to lawns with varied engine performance. Husqvarna mowers are powered by Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs Stratton, and Yamaha engines.

Engines ranging from 17HP (Horse Power) to 31HP are offered in a variety of different types. Therefore, whether you’re mowing a home lawn or a commercial golf course, Husqvarna has a model for you to test.

On the other hand, John Deere offers its premium V-Twin engines that provide greater power and last longer between service visits.

John Deere may be a step behind in terms of available power, with just 20 to 25 horsepower accessible. However, it is capable of mowing your lawn grass with such precision and intelligence that you will want to see.

Mower Cutting Speed

Husqvarna and John Deere both make excellent riding mowers for your lawn, and you may be at a loss for which to choose. Let’s have a look at the cutting performance of the two mowers.

John Deere mowers have blades that are capable of cutting even the tiniest grass with the precision that Husqvarna mowers lack. Husqvarna’s cutting speed, on the other hand, is very good. However, both types of mowers include a three-in-one side discharge system, high-quality mulching, and bagging, and both mowers feature variable speed technology for effortless cutting.

User Comfort and Ease of Use

Husqvarna and John Deere mowers offer variable speed technology that allows you to mow your field quicker and with less effort, as well as other ride-controllable features.

Both of these mowers are very comfortable to use, and they have easy-to-find and operate control panels. Additionally, they include lap bar systems that enable you to customize the mower’s settings and speed, allowing you to create the optimal working environment for yourself.

husqvarna, lawn, tractor, models

The majority of Husqvarna riding mowers have comfortable and readily accessible controls that are simple to concentrate on and operate. Additionally, the larger deck with appropriate footrests and premium level chairs with a higher back and armrest allow you to mow from your preferred position.

The automatic steering adjustment and the automatic engaging and disengaging parking brake are very useful in avoiding accidents if you are new to this mowing profession. John Deere’s Z500 series mowers have the most comfortable mower seat available, as well as ComfortGlideTM suspension. While this may raise your expense, you will get a comfortable area to space your buttocks while disregarding terrain roughs.

Additionally, the rubber floor mat and premium control lever are visible on John Deere’s Z300 series mowers. Apart from that, both riding mowers include simple-to-use features such as warning lights on the bar, quick access to storage, and a more responsive control lever.


Between Husqvarna and John Deere’s zero-turn mowers, John Deere seems to be more durable in terms of long-term use. Its premium components, which include polyethylene chutes, a high-impact polypropylene top hood, rubber floor mats, and a steel stamped deck, all contribute to a really premium riding experience, albeit these characteristics vary across versions.

On the other hand, Husqvarna mowers have a high-quality 10, 12 gauge steel body and strong, reputable engines from Kawasaki and Kohler. Husqvarna may fulfill your long-term requirements if you’re searching for an efficient machine at an affordable price. That is the primary distinction between the two.


Safety is paramount when operating any piece of heavy equipment, but zero-turn mowers need additional caution. Because these mowers operate by lap bars rather than conventional steering wheels, there is a learning curve associated with their usage. Husqvarna and John Deere take safety very seriously.

Both of these lawn tractors are equipped with parking brakes that must be engaged before starting, as well as low fuel warning lights, speed controls, and simple-to-use ignition switches.

However, the Husqvarna takes home the prize in this category due to its innovative parking brake mechanism. Rather than installing the parking brake as a separate component, Husqvarna incorporated it into the control levers.

When the levers are swung out, the brake is activated automatically to keep the machine steady. When they are inserted, the brake is released, making it simple to start the machine. This greatly increases the safety of entering and exiting the machine, since there is no possibility to inadvertently release the parking brake and cause the machine to drift.

Warranty period

While Husqvarna and John Deere machines will always have a two-year guarantee, there are certain exclusions. Husqvarna’s hovering trimmer comes with a one-year commercial guarantee.