What Is The Difference Between A Lawn Mower And A Gasoline Trimmer

Additional attachments In trimmers, they mainly use fishing lines (otherwise. string, cord) and plastic knives. The fishing line is very convenient to work where contact with the surface cannot be avoided (soil, stones, bricks). It easily cuts soft stems, but is not damaged by contact with hard objects. If you need to trim burdock, hogweed, and other thick-stemmed weeds, a […]

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Lawn Mowers Adjustment

Adjustment lever defective This breakage occurs when the contact surface of the lever wears out. The abrasion of the contact surface occurs due to the presence of abrasive particles in the gasoline or due to strong vibration of the engine during operation. This defect in the adjusting lever causes problems with the intake, as well as improper idling of the […]

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How To Remove The Reel From A Lawn Mower

How to Remove the Stihl Trimmer Spool Carburetor adjustment. The best advice I can give you. Believe me, specialists will adjust the carburetor for very little money. How to Choose an Angle Grinder For Cutting. Please advise which brand to choose as the mid-price range. Need a garage for bodyworkCircle-125mm Extended knob Speed ​​controller desirable Here’s how to choose the […]

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