Replacing The Starter Cord For The Stihl 180 Chainsaw

Replacing the starter cord on the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw Find out more on our website: Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel! Let’s be friends in social. Sometimes carburetors have two adjusting screws, which are made to simplify configuration. The exact data on the carburetor setting must be extracted from the operating manual, but it is better to entrust this operation […]

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No Spark On The Stihl 180 Chainsaw

Identifying ignition faults It is very important for a lumberjack to make a correct diagnosis when his sawing tool starts to “mope”, or “falls into a coma.” This, I repeat once again, is extremely important, because the consequences of an incorrect diagnosis can lead to both unreasonable expenses, wasted time and even nervous breakdowns. The fact is that inexperienced lumberjacks, […]

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How To Start A Stihl Chainsaw Ms 180

User’s manual The passport of the Stihl MC-180 gasoline saw is an instruction manual, which contains complete information about the tool itself. Before starting operation, you must carefully study the manual to avoid annoying malfunctions. We offer you to get acquainted with the instructions for the chainsaw. Modifications In addition to the basic modification MS-180, there are improved models: Chainsaw […]

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