STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss Vs MS 251 C-BE (Key Differences). STIHL ms 251c chainsaw

STIHL MS251 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Alternatives, And Price

The STIHL MS251 is a reasonably popular chainsaw in the STIHL community – not the most popular, mind you.

Due to the sheer number of options available, purchasing a new chainsaw can be a bit stressful if you don’t do your homework. Even among STIHL chainsaws, there are a ton of options from entry-level saws to professional logging and arborist chainsaw.

The MS251 is on the lower end of STIHL chainsaws when it comes to power, specs, and features, but it’s definitely a good saw for the right user.

Before Buying A STIHL MS251

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Overall, the STIHL MS251 is well received by users.

The STIHL MS251 chainsaw is a lean, powerful tool perfect for homeowners, landlords, and landscapers conducting outdoor projects and basic property maintenance.

It is a gas-powered, fuel-efficient 45.6cc chainsaw that boasts comfort and quality for an affordable price. Although not the most high-powered option on the market, the MS251 can handle various property maintenance tasks with ease.

It is usually sold with an 18-bar but works well with any bar from 16 – 20 inches. My preference to maximize power is a 16-inch bar.

They note that this is a chainsaw that packs a powerful punch despite its lower price point and smaller size. It is also user-friendly, which makes it appealing to a broader audience.

Not all chainsaws are created equal. Before buying a STIHL MS251, it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons, price points, and fuel efficiency.

You should also think about what capacity you plan to use the chainsaw in, considering the types of projects you want to undertake and the length of time it will take to complete them.

1 Wood Boss Specs

Let’s break down the STIHL MS251’s specifications:

  • 2.95 horsepower, 45.6cc engine
  • 390cc fuel capacity
  • 18in bar with.063in chain gauge
  • .325” saw chain pitch
  • 2.2kg/kW power-to-weight ratio
  • 114 dB(A) sound power level
  • IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor
  • Weighs 10.8 pounds

It’s a much higher spec chainsaw than the likes of the STIHL MS180c, for example.

STIHL 251 Features And Benefits

The ideal buyer for the STIHL MS251 is the average homeowner with extensive outdoor projects such as cutting firewood or cleaning up after heavy storms.

A great feature of the STIHL MS251 is its Master Control Lever.

This single lever acts as an on-off switch and operates the choke and throttle lock. It is easy to use; you simply have to pull the throttle trigger and adjust the lever towards the choke position.

You won’t find yourself struggling to refill the oil and fuel caps on this model, thanks to its tool-less caps.

The MS251 features caps that allow you to lift the lever then twist to tighten or remove them. It is an easy-access feature that benefits users of all skill levels.

Another significant aspect of this chainsaw is its STIHL Easy2Start system.

All that is needed to get it going is a single quick pull. It also comes with an anti-vibration system which helps reduce operator fatigue and makes using the chainsaw for longer periods more comfortable.

Finally, the MS251 is easy to take apart and put back together, meaning easy and long-term maintenance.

STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss Price

Most retailers sell the STIHL MS251 between 349.99 and 389.99, which is on the lower price end.

A great deal for a powerful saw. It also comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

To purchase the MS251, you will likely have to visit your local hardware store. Used options are available online, but you will probably need to buy a new saw in person.

You can sometimes find new and used STIHL MS251 chainsaws on eBay here – as well as parts.

STIHL MS251 Review

If you have a lengthy list of outdoor landscaping projects to attend to but are only mildly comfortable with power tools, the STIHL MS251 is the perfect chainsaw for you.

It is a gas-powered tool, which tends to raise eyebrows from the environmentally friendly consumer.

However, the MS251 model features an innovative Reduced-Emission Engine Technology. This results in 50 percent reduced emissions compared with other similarly built STIHL models.

With this, users can get more from their saw without negatively impacting the environment.

Like many STIHL products, the MS251 chainsaw is built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts.

With your purchase, you will be supporting American jobs and businesses and can ensure you’ll be receiving a quality-built product that will last a long time.

STIHL MS251 Alternatives

That isn’t to say that the STIHL MS251 is the only chainsaw on the market you should consider. Another good model is the STIHL 026 chainsaw if you can find it.

We’ve broken down some differences with other quality saws for you to compare.

Husqvarna 450R Rancher (50cc)

For landowners looking for a little more power from their chainsaws, the Husqvarna 450 Rancher would be a good fit.

Like the STIHL MS251, it has lower exhaust emissions and excellent fuel economy. It is also easy to handle. Let’s compare the two:

The Husqvarna 450 Rancher:

  • 3.2 Horsepower X-Torq engine
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner
  • Smart Start fuel pump
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Visible fuel tank
  • Felling marks on the body
  • Good for extended use
  • Medium-to-large size tree cutting
  • 3.0 Horsepower
  • A 1-year limited warranty
  • Lighter, more comfortable to handle
  • Good for occasional use
  • Small-to-medium size tree cutting

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 2-Cycle (55cc)

Husqvarna 455 Rancher 2-Cycle:

Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24in (60cc)

For heavy-duty use in any kind of cutting condition, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw is ideal for homeowners who are used to working with chainsaws.

Of the three alternatives, this model is the most powerful and suitable for large trees and heavier-duty work.


Below are some commonly asked questions about the STIHL 251 that may help you in your buying decision.

What CC Is a STIHL MS251?

Is the STIHL MS251 a Good Saw?

It’s an excellent lightweight saw for the average homeowner. Its engine moves at speeds up to 13,500 rpm, with an idle speed of 2,500 rpm, perfect for basic landscaping needs and cutting firewood between 10”-16”.

What Is the Difference Between STIHL 250 and 251?

Overall, the differences between these two models are relatively small.

However, the 250 model is.7 pounds lighter and can hold 15.9 ounces of fuel, compared with the 13.2 ounce capacity of the 251. It also holds more bar oil than the 251.

The 251 is better for the environment with its Reduced-Emission Engine Technology, something that the 250 lacks entirely.

Finally, as it is an older model, the 250 usually sells for a lower price than the 251.

Can You Put a 20 Bar on a STIHL MS 251?

Unfortunately, the STIHL MS251 cannot accommodate a 20-inch bar. It maxes out at 18 inches.

Is It Easy to Find Parts for the STIHL MS251?

STIHL MS 251 | How to mount and bar the chain, tension the saw chain | Instruction

STIHL is a well-known brand with well-made products.

If you need replacements, you can purchase parts directly from authorized full-line servicing dealers or various online STIHL parts sellers.


Overall, the STIHL MS251 is an excellent choice for the homeowner with the occasional need to trim or prune small trees and cut firewood.

It features a lightweight, easy-to-use design that packs enough power to get the job done.

While it is unsuitable for heavy-duty cutting projects and lacks some of the more cutting-edge features of alternative options, it is a quality-made product that will likely last a long time. Best of all, it comes at an affordable price which will suit every budget.

If you’re interested in purchasing the STIHL MS251, click here to check it out.

Lastly, another higher-powered alternative that is exceptionally popular in STIHL circles is the STIHL 261 – find out more through that link!

3 thoughts on “STIHL MS251 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Alternatives, And Price”

i have a STIHL ms251c there seems to be not enough bar oil lub the chain is there an ajustment screw to increase the oil flow Reply

The review is not much more than regurgitating the specs and information you can get from the website. With the exception of the embedded video which was created by someone else, the “review” was not helpful. The linked YouTube video was very helpful (however it could have been found by searching YouTube). I dont mean to be overly critical and hope this helps with future articles but this was the 5th “review” that I found on the saw that essentially said the same thing all of which I found from from the STIHL website. The man in the video said it well when he said (my paraphrase) at the beginning of the video, “I dont care too much about the specs of the tool I just want to know if it does the job and does it well.” This is what a review should be. What would have been helpful is if you shared your personal experience with the saw. Have you used the saw? If so, what was your experience using the saw? How does your experience using this particular saw compare to your experience using other saws like the ones you have compared it with? That would be a much more helpful use of a “review.” Reply

stihl, wood, boss, c-be

STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss Vs MS 251 C-BE (Key Differences)

I could not understand why STIHL would release two chainsaws with almost identical features and similar model numbers. I thought the MS 251 Wood Boss and MS 251 C-BE chainsaws were exactly the same.

However, I had a change of heart as soon as I began using them. After cutting a few trees with these chainsaws, I noticed how different they are.

The STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss and MS 251 C-BE are mainly distinguished by their weight, starting mechanism, power-to-weight ratio, and chain adjustment. Their are different too.

In the article, I go into more detail about how they differ. I have also recommended the product I believe to be superior at the end of the article.

Let’s jump right in!

Features of STIHL 251 Wood Boss

Here are the key features of the STIHL 251 Wood Boss chainsaw.

The STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss saw features a lightweight frame that makes it easy to maneuver. At only 11 pounds, you can experience high power without sacrificing comfort.

STIHL included their master control lever with the Wood Boss chainsaw. Unlike other levers, this one is super easy to use, even for beginners.

You can use this feature to start the throttle lock and operate the choke.

In case you are not aware, chainsaw vibration can be extremely harmful. You can develop neurological and musculoskeletal disorders from overusing vibrating chainsaws.

Thankfully, Wood Boss does not produce a lot of vibration since it has an anti-vibration system.

Features of STIHL 251 C-Be

Here are the key features of the STIHL 251 C-Be chainsaw.

One of the best features of the MS 251 C-BE is its Easy2Start function.

stihl ms251c

This simplifies the starting process, even for those who are new to chainsaws. The saw will start right up with just a quick pull of the cord.

Another benefit of the C-BE is its outstanding fuel economy. There is a 20% increase in fuel economy compared to its predecessors. As a result, you save a great deal of money on fuel.

If you want an easy-to-use chainsaw that is also good for the environment, the 251 C-BE is a great choice. In comparison to previous STIHL saws, this one emits 50% fewer emissions.

Differences Between STIHL 251 Wood Boss and STIHL 251 C-BE

Let’s compare these chainsaws based on the five major differences.

While many people overlook weight when buying a chainsaw, I always consider it first.

The reason is that whenever you use a saw, you always carry it with you. So if the weight is too heavy, I doubt the tool will be comfortable to use.

At worst, your hands will be in severe pain after a few hours of work.

Weight-wise, the Wood Boss outperforms the competition. It weighs 11 pounds as opposed to 11.5 pounds for C-BE.

I understand that the difference is not huge, but I prefer the.5-pound lighter chainsaw.

Winner: STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss

The pull start feature has been an integral part of gas chainsaws for years. It is a reliable starting method that comes naturally to loggers.

However, STIHL offers an electric start on the Wood Boss chainsaw. I know it doesn’t require physical effort, but it can sometimes be inconvenient.

For example, you attempt to start the power tool, but it does not turn on. Why? It’s just that the battery is dead.

Hence, the C-BE uses the traditional pull-start mechanism.

over, STIHL claims this saw won’t require much effort to pull. It has Easy2Start, a feature that makes pulling a breeze.

There are times when the horsepower alone won’t give you an accurate picture of the strength of a chainsaw. You must determine the power from the PWR (power-to-weight ratio).

stihl, wood, boss, c-be

The STIHL 251 Wood Boss has a PWR of 0.273 HP/lb. On the other hand, the STIHL 251 C-BE delivers 0.261 horsepower per pound.

Based on these figures, the Wood Boss is clearly more powerful thanks to its higher power-to-weight ratio.

Winner: STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss

Adjusting the chain on a saw is something you have to do constantly. Unfortunately, it is difficult for most chainsaws since you need different tools for the job.

The C-BE saw is equipped with a Quick Chain Adjuster to ease this hassle. With this feature, you are able to adjust chain tension without using any tools.

As disappointing as it is, the 251 Wood Boss lacks this essential feature.

In spite of how good a chainsaw is, if the price is out of your budget, you won’t be able to afford it.

When it comes to affordability, the Wood Boss unit stands out. It is loaded with so many features yet costs only 400 with an 18-inch bar.

On the other side, despite being so similar to the 251 Wood Boss, the 251 C-BE is surprisingly more expensive at 440.

Winner: STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss

Which Chainsaw Would Be The Best For You?

These two saws are almost equivalent in performance and many other aspects, making it hard to choose one over the other.

The MS 251 Wood Boss is an impressive chainsaw with strong power output, a decent PWR, and a lightweight design. In addition, it has a lower price. Hence, if I had to pick one, I would choose the Wood Boss.

Having said that, the MS 251 C-BE cannot be considered inferior. It also boasts excellent performance and has some notable features like a quick chain adjustment and a more reliable starting mechanism.

STIHL 251 Wood Boss Short Review

The STIHL 251 Wood Boss is a top-notch chainsaw that delivers exceptional performance with a lightweight design.

It also offers numerous features, such as master control lever and anti-vibration system.

What I find impressive is that you can get this feature-rich chainsaw at a very affordable price.

To Sum Up

I hope I was able to demonstrate how different the 251 Wood Boss and C-BE chainsaws are. If you are willing to spend more money, you can choose the 251 C-BE for some additional features.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, pick the Wood Boss saw, as it comes with almost everything you need.

Looking for more articles that compare STIHL chainsaws? Here is another one where I compared the STIHL 362 and 462 chainsaws.

Hi, I am Jose Wilson. I am an avid DIY woodworker. I love to try out new woodworking tools. In over 25 years I have tried several Woodworking tools including Chainsaws, Circular saws, Table saws, and Jigsaws among the rest. I also learned that many people didn’t quite understand how to use these tools. I want to help peoples to learn the use, benefits, and how these woodworking tools operate. I have created a number of work-tools s, built websites, and developed social media pages. Follow me on my social media.

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STIHL Easy2Start (E)

The STIHL Easy2Start system makes starting STIHL outdoor power tools almost effortless, eliminating the need for a strong pull of the starting cord.

Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA) (B)

The Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA) (B) allows the user to adjust the tension of the chain without the use of tools. This allows for easy chain adjustment.

Master Control Lever /h3>

The Master Control Lever is an easy to use single lever, operating the choke, starting throttle lock and on-off switch.

STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning

With STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning, it’s easy to adjust the saw chain, without tools and without coming into contact with the sharp saw chain itself.

QuickStop Chain Brake

The STIHL Quickstop chain brake is designed to stop the rotation of the chain if activated by the operator’s hand or by inertia if the saw kicks back with sufficient force.

With the MS251C-BEQ petrol chainsaw by STIHL, you can expect a superior cut and effortless work. Packed with features for ease-of-use, this model boasts a reliable and strong startup that requires less effort with a simple smooth pull on the starter rope. All necessary functions of the chainsaw, including the start, choke, throttle, and stop, are operated through a single lever, making it incredibly user-friendly.

STIHL has integrated an efficient anti-vibration system to reduce strain, allowing you to work for longer periods without impacting your arms and hands. Powered by a low-emission engine, this chainsaw features a pre-separation air filtration system, extending the cleaning life of the air filter, so you have less maintenance. The construction of this model is surprisingly lightweight for such a robust chainsaw, allowing you to maneuver freely and resulting in minimal strain and fatigue.

This high-performance chainsaw offers a higher level of convenience than similar models, with unique design features that allow you to handle any job effortlessly. The STIHL MS251C-BEQ Petrol Chainsaw also comes with Easy2Start, Quick Chain Tensioning, and QuickStop Super capabilities.

STIHL MS251 C-BEQ Wood Boss Chainsaw “45.6cc Engine, 18” Bar, 5.3Kg

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Strong, compact 2.2kW chainsaw with fast chain tension (B) and ErgoStart (E). Up to 20% less fuel consumption and up to 70% reduction in emissions compared to the same performance STIHL two-stroke engines without 2-Mix technology. With optimal leadership and easy handling. Ideal for sawing on the property.

Double your warranty when you buy one bottle of 1 Litre of STIHL HP Ultra Two Stroke oil or 4L of STIHL MotoMix with your order

Click Collect from Kingston and Oakleigh stores only

Heavy duty air filter for longer run times Anti-vibration system Fast Chain Tension Easy2Start system Manual fuel pump for easy starts

The innovative long-life air filter system greatly extends the service life of the filter. Air routing removes larger particles of dirt, meaning the actual filter has less to do. So the saw can be used for longer without having to clean the filter.

Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to longer-term effects of blood vessels in the hands and arms. STIHL have therefore developed an effective anti-vibration system where by the oscillations from the machines engine are dampened which significantly reduces vibrations at the handles.

This controller in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged. The correct quantity of fuel is delivered to the carburettor depending on the quantity of air passing through the air filter. This keeps the fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture constant and hence also the engine power. The filter doesn’t need to be cleaned until an appreciable drop in power occurs.

A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required from a cold start.

All important functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop are operated via a single lever.

The Ematic chain lubrication system ensures pinpoint lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails. When used with STIHL OILOMATIC saw chain, it will provide maximum lubrication, longer wear and less oil consumption than conventional methods of chain lubrication. The Ematic system can reduce bar oil consumption up to 50%.

Easy starting with less effort due to an additional spring between the crankshaft and the rope rotor. A smooth pull on the starter rope tensions the spring against the compression resistance of the engine. The jerks are not transmitted to the rope. The spring automatically transmits the stored energy to the crankshaft, causing it to turn and ensuring reliable starting of the engine.

With STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning, it’s easy to adjust the saw chain, without tools and without coming into contact with the sharp saw chain itself. Just release the sprocket cover and turn the adjusting wheel to set the optimum tension

The two-stroke engine with STIHL 2-MIX technology saves up to 20 % of fuel and reduces emissions by up to 70 % compared to STIHL 2-stroke engines of the same performance class without 2-MIX technology.

Special caps on the fuel and oil tanks are designed for easy opening and locking without the need for tools.

This air filter keeps even the finest dust away from the engine, ensuring a particularly long service life. Thanks to special material, the filter can be washed clean, for example with STIHL Varioclean and warm water.

Displacement cc 45.6
Power output kW/bhp 2.2/3
Weight kg 1) 5.2
STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type 0.325
Tank volume mL 390.00
Vibration level left/right m/s² 2) 3.9/3.9
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 102
Vibrationswert links/rechts m/s² 4) 3.9/3.9
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 113
1) Without fuel, without bar and chain
2) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2m / s ²
3) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
4) K-Faktor nach RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s²

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