How to mix gasoline with chainsaw oil

How to mix your own fuel for STIHL chainsaws & equipment How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil The surest solution is to follow the recommendations specified in the instructions for the product! In the absence of such an opportunity, you can use a special fuel preparation formula. Butter According to the international classification, oils of the following markings are […]

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Gasoline to Oil Ratio for Husqvarna Chainsaw

Chainsaw Oil to Gasoline Ratio Every chainsaw company tunes engines and base carburetors to operate with a different amount of lubricant. Therefore, the proportion of oil and gasoline for your chainsaw may differ slightly. Most often, when mixing fuel with oil, manufacturers advise using proportions of 1:50, or 1:40. This means that 1 part of engine lubricant must be mixed […]

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