How to Disassemble and Assemble a Makita Hammer

Today, developers offer buyers hundreds of different apartments and houses. Often, residents want to slightly change their parameters, making housing more convenient and comfortable. Makita punchers will allow to carry out repair work efficiently and quickly. Factory parts and good build quality will extend the life and help to avoid failures during the restoration process. The article will give an […]

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How to Disassemble a Makita 24 50 Hammer

Independent repair of the Makita hammer drill barrel with a selection of spare parts Even very reliable Makita rotary hammers break down over time. Any breakdown is eliminated, you only need to have straight arms and perseverance. In addition to electrical malfunctions, rotary hammers are also subject to mechanical breakdowns. The work of rock drills with solid materials in a […]

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What is the Grease in a Makita Hammer

A professional or home craftsman should take care of the tool that he uses in his activities. The duration of equipment operation directly depends on this. Power tools need high-quality lubrication. This will protect the components and mechanisms from wear. Work in this case will be much more productive. Therefore, the lubrication for the punch is extremely important. It must […]

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