How to Replace the Chain on a STIHL MS291 or MS271 Chainsaw. Chain for STIHL saw

STIHL Chain Vs Oregon- Let the battle begins!

Selecting a product from different top tire brands is a challenging task; rather a tricky query to solve because both seem to ease users with the best they have, imitating a positive impact on the customers, but what if you came across Oregon and STIHL? What would you choose?

Take your time, as you can go with the wrong brand chain for your chainsaw that won’t be compatible and will rather make you lose your bucks. So, let’s try out versus battle or both chains, STIHL chain vs. Oregon, to get the ultimate winners!

A chain good for one purpose might be non-compatible with others, so discussing each factor is necessary to conclude a specific product.

Chainsaws are full power tools, but the chain wears out with time, so replacement is the best you can go with. But for that, you would have a hassle in finding the right one but not after the guide! Having STIHL saw check out STIHL chain while for Echo, Makita, Husqvarna we got you Oregon.

STIHL Chain Vs Oregon- Quick comparison

Both STIHL and Oregon are Renowned brands offering one of their product saw chains, each with versatile functionality.

The STIHL chain is the user’s favorite chain that comes in semi-chisel type with sharper cutters that cut aggressively, showing better hardness and abiding wear and tear.

At the same time, Oregon is a full chisel chain offering soft cuts with a smooth and fine-cutting experience. Oregon chain does not support much hardness as the STIHL, so that it would cause wear-out issues.

The durable thick Chrome coatings make STIHL best, while the Oregon coating is thin. In terms of durability, and longevity, the STIHL chain wins with durable material and last longer.

Still, with compatibility, Oregon is the best option fitting most Echo, Makita, and Husqvarna models. Cost-wise, the STIHL wins more than Oregon. Want to know more? Overall, the STIHL got the winning factors, but let’s check out some major factors in detail.

Chain type

The STIHL comes with a built semi-chisel chain type with sharp cutting rounded blades, while Oregon has a full chisel that cuts smoothly, and cutters seem blunted.

The semi-chisel works best in agriculture, sites, construction, and tree pruning in forestry ensuring better-felling limbing, bucking, and sawing work. The Oregon full chisel opts best for skilled forest workers and wood loggers for cutting timbers.


STIHL chains are high-performance chains, while considering Oregon, the slightly bunted blade makes them low to medium-performance chains. So, the winner is the STIHL chain!


STIHL chain offers sharp cutters that swiftly cut the trees, while Oregon is also good for cutting timbers but usually offers smoother cuts. So, for enhanced sharpness, STIHL is the winner!


STIHL chains are much harder than Oregon and better resist wear and tear during cutting, while Oregon chain gets worn out easily.

But remember, the harder the chain seems more brittle! Again, the STIHL chain wins the factor for being more resistive and harder!


When considering the STIHL chain, you can opt for them primarily for STIHL chains. Oregon offers versatile compatibility to be easily fit on many models, most commonly Echo, Makita, and Husqvarna as top priorities. So, compatibility, wise Oregon chain wins!

Durability and Longevity

STIHL Chain offers a more durable chain with longer living cutters, while Oregon seems less stable and longtime. The winner is the STIHL chain!


Oregon chains are easily available online and in stores making it easy to replace the damaged chain on time. At the same time, you must search mostly online marketplaces for STIHL. Oregon wins!

Additional features

Both have additional features that help you select one after the main factors are sorted out.

Automatic oiling

STIHL comes with an Oilomatic oiling, while the Oregon Lubri-tech ensures better oiling and enhances chainsaw efficiency.

Kickbacks and vibrations

STIHL does not offer low kickbacks, while Oregon would be easy to handle offering low kickbacks. Vibration seems minimal for both.

For the STIHL chain, the outer chrome coating seems much thicker when compared to Oregon chrome coating; Oregon has a thin chrome coating, making the STIHL again the winner.

Which Chain Is the Winner?

With more winning factors, the STIHL chain wins the verse battle and is considered the best chain to opt for. Those requiring compatibility, availability, and good smother cuts should consider Oregon!

Comparison Table- Quick Go Through Table!

Comparison table STIHL Chain Vs. Oregon
STIHL Chain Oregon chain
Chain type
Semi chisel Full chisel
Sharper chains cut aggressively Blunter than STIHL but cuts smoothly
Hard, brittle chains abide the wear and tear Soft chains with the less wear-abiding capability
durable thick chrome coating Thin chrome coating
Carb adjustment
Not required Required
Stable because of hardened steel Slightly durable
Last longer Less longevity
Initial Compatibility with STIHL chainsaws Compatible with Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, and other chainsaw brands and models.
Excellent cutting performance outstanding cutting performance only on Power Cut units.
Pitch, gauge, drivelines
3/8 Inch low-profile pitch0.043 Inch (1.1 mm) gauge50 drive links 3/8 Inch low-profile pitch0.043 Inch (1.1 mm) gauge56 drive links
Diplomatic lubrication Lubri-tech oiling
Kickbacks and vibration
High and minimal Low and minimal
15 – 30 23, after a discount of 19
Online Online and store

What kind of saw chain does STIHL opt for?

STIHL uses high-quality semi-chisel chains with rounded corners, offering sharp blades and easy cutting. The semi-chisel ensures the blades or cutters remain sharp for a longer period after heavy-duty work or cutting even frozen or dirty wood. With other chains, it gets difficult, so STIHL pts its sharp semi-chisel cutter chain to get the task done with better accuracy.


With a detailed comparison, you would know better which chain to opt for, but overall, the STIHL remains the ultimate winner for providing sharp, durable cutting with unparallel high performance.

STIHL offers durable good intense cutting performance and better Oilomatic lubrication; on the other hand, among the versus battles, Oregon also offers some good features you should consider when purchasing.

Those requiring better compatibility, good availability, and affordable option consider the Oregon chain. Oregon does good oiling with its Lubri-tech technology. For any query, review our blog post to find the easy fix to your problem. Do share with friends and family so they can get easy comparison solutions!

Horner Mattox is a skilled and experienced professional in the field of wildlife management and wood cutting. With years of experience using chainsaws and other saws. Despite also utilizing other tools for home improvement, Horner primarily concentrates on utilizing his chainsaw skills for cutting fallen trees and maintaining his backyard.

How to Replace the Chain on a STIHL MS291 or MS271 Chainsaw

Follow these easy steps to change the blade on a MS291 or MS271 STIHL chainsaw.

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Tools and parts used:

By the way, check out this post where I cover what to do about issues getting your STIHL MS291 to start.

How to Select the Correct Chain for STIHL Chainsaws

Before we begin with the detailed steps on how to change the chain, a few words on how to select the correct chain for your saw. There are a plethora of chains available, and it is important that you get the right chain. The wrong chain can damage your saw… or damage you.

The first and easiest step is to simply look at the bar of your saw. It has imprinted on it the specifications for the chain that you need.

For determining which chain to use, I would recommend that you download the STIHL Chain Selection and Identification Chart. This pdf is really great for understanding which chains work with which saws. It also gives a breakdown of what each number or letter means in the chain model number.

For example, I recommend the STIHL 26RM3-74 Chain for my MS291 saw with 18″ bar.

This is the chain recommended by STIHL for this saw.

Let’s break-down the meaning of these numbers:

  • 2 – Pitch – Indicates that the distance between links is 0.325″
  • 6 – Gauge – Indicates that the gauge is 0.063″
  • R – Cutter Type – STIHL Rapid
  • M – Chisel Shape – Micro (Semi-Chisel)
  • 3 – Special – Single-humped drive link
  • 74 – The number of drive links

There is another common alternative, the 26RS3-74. This chain has the “full chisel” instead of the “semi-chisel” shape. Basically it means that it is sharper, but along with that it tends to get dull faster. The semi-chisel is not as sharp, but lasts longer between needing to be sharpened.

Here is a close up of the semi-chisel on the 26RM3-74

Note the way the cutting blade is rounded (i’ve heard it described like the curve in a “?” question mark). The RS blade comes to a point (like a “7”).

Here is another view of the RM, semi-chisel.

Also, the 26RM3 has the anti-bucking feature (green link – and green square on the box), whereas the 26RS3 does not (yellow link – yellow square on the box – for ‘caution’), making it a bit more dangerous for the inexperienced user.

I use the 26RM3 so that I don’t have to spend as much time sharpening. The extra safety feature of the anti-bucking is a bonus.

The number of links is also important. If you have the wrong number of links, the chain won’t fit quite right, and it will come off often and cause you all kinds of grief.

Here is an improperly fitted 72-link chain put on a bar requiring 74 links. Note the gaps you can see between the bar and the chain. This is an INCORRECT fit!

Here is the correct fit around the sprocket, it fits perfectly.

Changing a Chainsaw Chain – Step by Step Procedure

Alright, let’s go through each of the steps for changing the chain in a little more detail with pictures!

Step 1: Remove the Bar Cover

Use a 3/4″ socket wrench or the wrench tool that came with the saw.

Loosen the two nuts holding the cover on.

The sprocket, tensioner pin, and chain are visible.

Stihl Ms 271 Chainsaw “Curse Boss” what #shorts

Step 2: Remove the Bar and Chain

This old chain had been sharpened quite a few times and was due for a change. The new chain is on the left, and the old chain is on the right in the picture below.

Step 3: Clean Residue from the Sprocket

This is an excellent opportunity to clean the debris from the sprocket and bar studs.

Here is a close-up view of the tensioning screw and tension pin.

Step 4: Relax the Tensioner Screw

The old chain will likely have stretched, and the new chain will be shorter. Back up the tension pin by screwing the tensioning screw counter-clockwise.

Step 5: Flip the Bar

It is a good idea to flip the bar every time you change the chain in order for the bar to wear more evenly.

Step 6: Put on the New Chain

Take the new chain and line it up on the bar. Note that the cutting surfaces should face outward on the top of the bar, and in (toward the engine) on the bottom of the bar.

Step 7: Place the Bar and Chain onto the Saw

While holding the chain on the bar, put the bar and chain back onto the saw. Loop the chain over the sprocket drive.

Step 8: Line Up Tension Pin

Make sure the tensioner screw is in the corresponding hole on the bar.

Step 9: Tighten the Tensioner Screw

While holding the bar and chain so that the bar does not come off the tension pin and the chain stays on the sprocket, use a flat-blade screwdriver to tighten the tensioner screw by turning it clockwise. Do not worry about getting it super tight. We will adjust the tension in a later step.

Step 10: Put the Cover Back On

While holding the bar and chain in place, fit the bar cover back on.

Put the 2 nuts on and tighten them finger tight.

Step 11: Adjust the Chain Tension

Using the flat-bladed screwdriver, tighten the tension by turning the screw clockwise.

(I always think these nuts and the arrow look like a smiley face! He’s pleased when you properly adjust his tension!)

The proper tension is achieved when you pull on the chain and it comes away from the bar by about 1/4″ – 1/2″, or to where the drive links are just about to come out of the bar groove.

Step 12: Fully Tighten the Cover Nuts

Fully tighten the cover nuts with the 3/4″ wrench.

Step 13: Verify the Chain Tension

After tightening the cover nuts, verify once again the tension of the chain. Re-adjust if necessary.

replace, chain, stihl, ms291, ms271


That’s about it. I hope this was helpful. This is the chain I use on my 18″ bar.

Here are a few more pictures showing the old and new chain side-by-side.

I recommend using only STIHL chains, I use and recommend the 26RM3-74 STIHL chain.

replace, chain, stihl, ms291, ms271

By the way, I only use the genuine STIHL 2-cycle oil to assure long life of the saw.

New saw chain from STIHL!

In 2020, STIHL will release a new saw chain with a.325” pitch and a 1.3 mm gauge. The name is STIHL RS or RM, with the extension PRO after. The two versions, RM and RS, stand for Rapid Micro and Rapid Super where micro is Semi-Chisel and super is Full-Chisel.


STIHL will also release an RM3 PRO chain with reduced jolting tendencies and low vibrations, which usually entails a small reduction in capacity. None of this is new, STIHL has operated like this before and chains with “3” at the end are offered to customers who may not desire optimal cutting ability over a relatively non-aggressive chain that is easy to use and without surprises.

The PRO Chain in a New System

STIHL has introduced a new cutting system featuring a chain with a 0.325” pitch, which they call the PRO chain, along with a new sword called Light04. While the.325” chain with a 1.3 mm gauge isn’t exactly new, the PRO chain is generating excitement and competition against other chains like the Husqvarna SP33g X-cut and the Oregon SpeedCut 95TXL, both of which are.325 with a 1.3 mm gauge.

According to STIHL, the newly developed PRO chain is designed primarily for use with the 50cc MS 261 and MS 271 saws, but it can be used with chainsaws that have power levels ranging between 2.2 and 3.0 kW. Like its competitors, the chain should be filed with a 4.8 mm round file, which is different from the Picco ⅜ that requires a 4.0 mm round file.

In STIHL’s own tests, the new PRO chain has proven to be 20% more efficient at cutting upper directional cuts and up to 15% more efficient on ordinary cutting, compared to the previous RS.325. The lengths include 14”, 16”, and 18” with 60, 67, and 74 drive links on the chain, as well as a 20” option. While STIHL already offers 13” and 15” options, they will be phased out in favor of 14” length, and spare parts for the 13” and 15” systems will be available until 2024.

It’s unclear whether STIHL plans to offer complete PRO chains with other lengths in the future. All PRO chains will be pre-stretched in the factory to reduce the tension of the new chain.

Reduced cutting width

The new PRO chains from STIHL will leave a narrower track after cutting compared to the older chains. STIHL claims that the PRO chain will have a cutting width of 6.8 mm, which is slightly smaller than their Picco ⅜ chain with a width of 6.7 mm. Although STIHL is unable to achieve a smaller cutting width than the Picco chain, the difference from the older chain is significant, as it had a cutting width of 7.7 mm. We have done some initial testing ourselves and found the cutting width to be very good. We will conduct more detailed tests to compare the different chain types and analyze the differences. Reducing the cutting width is an important aspect as it can save power and fuel consumption.

A First test of the RS / RM PRO

We’ve been given the chance to try out the new Light04 system with PRO chains on an MS 261 saw in forestry. While we haven’t conducted extensive testing yet, our initial impressions of the PRO chains are positive. As expected, the RS chain is more aggressive and better suited for fast work, while the RM chain is gentler and works well for cutting and removing twigs. Both have impressive cutting capacities and are comparable to STIHL’s Picco ⅜ chain.

Overall, the system feels great – the sword is light, narrow, stable, and stiff, and the PRO chains are a pleasure to use. We’re eager to conduct more tests and discuss the system with other users once it hits the market in February 2020.

Final Verdict

I’ve had the opportunity to use both the OILOMATIC STIHL Rapid Micro (RM) and the OILOMATIC STIHL Rapid Super 3 (RS3) chains.

Starting with the Rapid Micro (RM), I appreciate its low-kickback design. When I’m dealing with tricky cuts or unpredictable wood, this feature gives me an added sense of safety. It’s also a versatile chain, suitable for a wide range of tasks from firewood cutting to small-scale tree felling. It doesn’t deliver the fastest cut, but it’s reliable and gets the job done with minimum fuss.

On the other hand, the Rapid Super 3 (RS3) is a true workhorse. It’s designed for professional use, and you can feel it in its performance. The cutting speed is notably faster, and it powers through hardwood like a hot knife through butter. However, it’s a more aggressive chain and doesn’t have the same low-kickback design as the RM. This means I need to be extra cautious when using it, especially in challenging cutting situations.

In conclusion, both chains have their strengths. If safety and versatility are your priorities, the RM chain is a solid choice. But if you need high performance and speed and are experienced enough to handle a more aggressive chain, the RS3 won’t disappoint. As always, the right chain depends on your specific needs, the tasks at hand, and your skill level.

STIHL 012 Chain. Replacement Parts

The STIHL 012 chain is an extremely important part of the chain saw. The chain must effectively cut the wood fibers fast and cleanly. In order to carry the sawn wood chips away, the chain must have a sharp and durable cutting edge. Chain saw chain comes in many different configurations from professional chisel chain [square tooth] to semi-chisel [round tooth] chain to safety chain saw chain for the occasional user. STIHL 012 Chain saw chain comes in many combinations to include full chisel chain, semi chisel chain, full skip chain, ripping chain, carving chain and harvester chain. For more information on measuring STIHL 012 chain saw chain, determining pitch of chain, and using the chain reference chart, feel free to browse the chain saw chain information section.

If your STIHL 012 chain is excessively worn, stretched, or has been sharpened many times, it needs to be replaced with our high quality suitable replacement chainsaw chain parts below.

Suitable Replacement STIHL 012 Chain Parts

Chain saw chain design has come a long way in the last 60 years. Currently, chains are being designed on computers. The manufacturing process has also advanced to new levels to permit worldwide delivery of the best combinations of chain available. To get maximum power and performance out of your chain saw and optimum power when cutting wood, make sure your saw has a sharpe chain or new suitable replacement STIHL 012 chain parts.

STIHL 012 Chain Types Configurations

Chain saw chain comes in many different configurations from professional chisel chain [square tooth] to semi-chisel [round tooth] chain to safety chain saw chain for the occasional user. STIHL 012 Chain saw chain comes in many combinations to include full chisel chain, semi chisel chain, full skip chain, ripping chain, carving chain and harvester chain.

Every chain must be driven to perform work. On the bottom of every STIHL 012 chain there are drive links that are v-shaped. The drive links ride into the bar groove to guide the chain in the cut.

The cutter has several different parts. First, there is a top plate which is the top of the cutter and is the leading edge of the cutter tooth. There are both left and right cutters that alternate from left to right and left again. Next, the depth gauge controls how deep the cutter tooth cuts. There is also a gullet which funnels the wood chips away underneath the cutter and ejects them when the chain reaches the sprocket. The toe of the STIHL 012 chain cutter rides on the bar groove and is on the front bottom of the cutter. Another toe on the bottom rear of the cutter can become worn as the tooth rocks when cutting the wood fibers. Finally, there are rivet holes where the bearing rivet rides.

The last part of the STIHL 012 chain is the tie strap that is opposite the cutter tooth. This strap helps to connect the chain together.

replace, chain, stihl, ms291, ms271

STIHL 012 Chain Maintenance

The chain saw chain requires periodic maintenance of the chain cutters. You can either file the STIHL 012 chain with a chain saw file or use an electric sharpener (12 volt or 110 AC chain grinder) to sharpen the cutter for top performance.

The top five things to remember to get top performance from your chain are:

2- Your chain??s depth gauge must be properly set per manufacturer’s specifications

3- Your chain must be properly tensioned

4- Your chain must be properly lubricated

General things to know about different types of STIHL 012 chain and for cutting conditions:

Skip tooth chain is generally used for longer bars sized 24?? and up. Skip tooth chain is usually for the professional and has more kick back tendencies.

Ripping chain is designed to cut with the grain of the wood and not against it, the chain is sharpened either 10 or 15 degrees and is intended for saw mills.

Semi-chisel chain [round tooth] is one the most overlooked chains on the market. The round cutter is more forgiving in dirty wood conditions when compared to the chisel cutter chain. This type of STIHL 012 chain cuts a little slower but stays sharper longer than chisel chain.

Chisel chain is by far the fastest cutting chain available for chain saws, with its square teeth, it cuts faster than the semi chisel round tooth chain. However, STIHL 012 chisel chain doesn??t perform well in dirty conditions. Once the points get dull, chain cutting performance decreases significantly.

To determine your replacement STIHL 012 chain, count the drive links on the chain. The drive links are v-shaped and go into the bar groove. You may also find a number on the drive link along with the manufacture of the chain. Armed with this information, you can check the chain reference chart or go to the saw manufacturer to find and the bar and chain information for your model number.

For more information on measuring chain saw chain, determining pitch of chain, and using the chain reference chart, feel free to browse the chain saw chain information section.

Important Notice. We are not affiliated with any chainsaw manufacturers and we do not attempt to make any affiliations with them. Any manufacturer logos, model names and numbers are the sole property of their respective owners and are used here for the sole purpose of reference. We do not sell OEM chainsaw parts for any brand. We do however, offer high quality suitable replacement parts guaranteed to meet or beat OEM part specifications like our suitable replacement Chainsaw STIHL 012 chain we offer for sale for you to buy and put into their brand of chainsaws.

STIHL Vs Oregon Chain: Ultimate Battle of Chainsaw Chains

It may seem overwhelming to choose a chain for your saw, given the variety of choices. Two options that caught my attention were the Oregon and STIHL chains.

As both manufacturers produce high-quality chains, I couldn’t decide which one to go with. However, after some research, I identified several notable differences between these chains that made my decision easier.

STIHL and Oregon chains differ primarily due to their performance, durability, compatibility, and cost. These two chains also have vastly different availability, which is a major factor to consider.

In the article, I will go into more detail about the differences. I will also include my recommendation at the end of the article based on the factors impacting saw chains the most.

Features of STIHL Chainsaw Chain

Here are a few noteworthy features of the STIHL chainsaw chain.


One of the common problems with chains is that they seldom last long. STIHL makes chains from hardened steel to resolve this issue. They also include links with mirror-smooth holes.

The material and holes allow the chains to withstand heavy use and last for a long time.

Oilomatic Lubrication

After a certain period of use, saw chains tend to wear out and become more frictional. Such a condition hinders a chain’s ability to cut.

Compared to regular chains, STIHL ones are less wear-prone thanks to an oilomatic lubrication system.

Cutting Capability

STIHL’s semi-chisel cutters provide good cutting performance. Whatever the tree’s thickness is, you will have no trouble cutting it with a STIHL chain.

Another big plus of the semi-chisel cutter is its ease of maintenance.

Features of Oregon Chainsaw Chain

Here are a few noteworthy features of the Oregon chainsaw chain.

LubriTec Oiling

A chain cannot remain sharp if there is not enough lubrication. Since Oregon’s LubriTec oiling system keeps the chain lubricated, you don’t need to worry about lubrication.

It not only ensures less fraction but also increases the chain’s durability.

replace, chain, stihl, ms291, ms271


Oregon manufactures a line of chains called PowerCut, which is known for its performance. They offer full chisel cutters to meet the needs of any logger seeking optimal saw chain performance.

Low Kickback

Oregon chains’ distinctive yellow labeling shows they meet the low kickback requirements set by ANSI. Furthermore, the vibration is minimal as well.

Low kickback and vibration reduce injuries and make cutting more comfortable.

Differences Between STIHL and Oregon Chains

Let’s take a look at what distinguishes these chains.


Chainsaw’s performance is largely determined by the chain it uses. A saw may have all the horsepower in the world yet perform poorly if the chain is not up to par.

STIHL chains deliver superior cutting performance. Every cutter you see on the chain is crafted from special steel through several stages of production.

over, chrome plating is electrolytically applied to the top plates. All of this contributes to a superb cutting performance.

Oregon chains, in particular the PowerCut ones, offer exceptional performance. However, in comparison with their competitors, they fall short.


Chains are among the least durable parts of a saw. Thus, you should always ensure the chain you purchase has long-lasting features.

STIHL chains lead the way in terms of longevity. These products undergo constant tensile loads during production. Their hardened steel material is also responsible for their durability.

Although Oregon chains provide some attractive features, they are not as durable as STIHL chains.


While buying a chain, compatibility is of the utmost importance. No matter how well a chain cuts, if it is incompatible with your chainsaw, the item will not be of any use to you.

As much as I appreciate how feature-rich STIHL chains are, I cannot use them outside of STIHL saws. This is a major disadvantage for me since I own chainsaws from various manufacturers.

Thankfully, Oregon chains fit a wide range of saws, including those from Husqvarna, Echo, and even STIHL.


Doesn’t it feel frustrating when your chain breaks during a crucial cutting process? The situation worsens when you cannot find a suitable chain in your area.

This is precisely why chainsaw chains must be readily available.

As I mentioned previously, STIHL chains are compatible mostly with their chainsaws. Hence, these products are hard to come by, especially in local markets.

You may need to order one online. In that case, the cutting project could be hindered by the long delivery time.

On the other hand, Oregon chains are way more available because they work with most saws. You can even find them at your local hardware store.

How to replace a chainsaw sprocket,Stihl MS 290,310,390,391


Based on the previous points, it is clear that STIHL chains combine great performance with many features. As a result, they are more costly, usually between 40 to 50.

If these are beyond your budget, Oregon could be the answer. They offer so many choices, with starting at 15. Even the most expensive Oregon chain does not exceed 30.

Having said that, it is important to remember STIHL chains are much better performing for a higher cost.

Which Chain Is Better Between STIHL and Oregon?

If I had to pick one, I would always choose a STIHL chain for its strength, durability, and performance. The cutting capability it offers is unparalleled.

However, some people may value having more options with Oregon chains. Budget is another area where Oregon has the edge.

Ultimately, do your research before selecting a chain. Both brands manufacture excellent chains, so either option is worth considering.

To Sum Up

After comparing both chains, it appears that the STIHL chain offers more durability and power, while the Oregon chain is known for its availability, compatibility, and easy maintenance.

The decision comes down to your personal preference and the type of job you are working on. Nevertheless, for heavy-duty tasks, the STIHL chain is undoubtedly superior.

Need help measuring the size of your bar? Here’s a tutorial that will help you.

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