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TOP 5 electric trimmers

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In the spring and summer period, in small suburban areas, periodic mowing of the grass is required. The use of lawn mowers and powerful petrol cutters in small areas is not advisable. It is expensive and not always convenient. In small areas, up to 6 acres, as a rule, an electric grass trimmer is used. Lightweight, comfortable, easy-to-use device. With such a unit, women, adolescents and the elderly can easily cope. The electric grass trimmer has a huge number of advantages, the main one of which is the absence of fuels and lubricants. There is no need to buy gasoline and oils, prepare a fuel mixture, change oils and spark plugs in the engine. To work, you only need a 220 volt outlet and a garden extension cord. This type of gardening equipment in our country is the most popular due to its low cost and ease of use. In the Garden Equipment Center “Garden Mechanisms”, a huge number of electric trimmers are sold in the spring and summer period. Today we have prepared TOP-5 electric trimmers according to our version. This rating is based on our many years of experience in sales and requests from our customers.

In fifth place, we put the Huter GET-1500SL electric grass trimmer. Electric grass trimmer Huter GET-1500SL. lightweight tool designed for mowing grass in small areas. The air cooled engine has a power of 1.5 kW. The collapsible bar facilitates transportation and storage of the tool. The set includes a 3-blade knife, which allows you to mow dense growth. The low price and decent characteristics allowed this model to enter our rating.

grass, trimmer, patriot, champion

In fourth place is the PATRIOT ЕТ 1255 electric grass trimmer. The feature and advantage of this grass trimmer is the comfortable bicycle handle. electric grass trimmer PATRIOT ЕT 1255. A high-performance unit with an adjustable ergonomic bicycle handle designed for cutting and trimming lawns and grass around tree trunks and along paths in a small personal plot. Thermal cutout prevents engine damage in case of overheating.

grass, trimmer, patriot, champion

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Лучший бензиновый триммер patriot pt 5555es

The bronze medalist of our rating is the Al-Ko BC 1200 E electric grass trimmer. Equipped with a powerful motor and a split, straight aluminum bar. Thanks to the optimal weight distribution and the shoulder strap, the powerful electric trimmer is easy to use. The ergonomic handle and low weight of the grass trimmer ensure the most comfortable operation. Tall grass or shrubbery, mowing along walls, fences, or other obstacles. thanks to the excellent equipment (high quality steel knife, hanging bobbin), the tool will cope with any of these tasks.

The second place is taken by the electric grass trimmer of the Italian assembly Oleo-Mac TR111E. Powerful, low weight and high performance. Thanks to the overhead engine, it can work on wet grass. Complete with shoulder strap and reinforced trimmer head with line. Designed for mowing grass and weeds. It is used in areas not exceeding the total area of ​​10 acres. Due to the presence of a thermal relay, it turns off in case of overheating and power surges. Perfect for the elderly, ladies and people with disabilities.

And here is our Champion! The STIHL FSE 81 Electric Grass Trimmer is the most powerful grass trimmer in the STIHL electric grass trimmer range. The grass trimmer is equipped with a soft, anti-vibration handle and motor overload protection. Ideal for the homeowner with small to medium sized lawn areas. The STIHL FSE 81 is for those who generally need performance and don’t want to use a petrol grass trimmer. A flexible shaft is used as a drive for the trimmer head. The height-adjustable loop handle ensures user comfort. the STIHL FSE 81 grass trimmer is purchased by people who want an excellent product with high consumer properties.

grass, trimmer, patriot, champion

Any of the above electric trimmers will easily satisfy the needs for mowing grass in a small summer cottage. It remains only to choose the most suitable electric grass trimmer from this rating. However, if for some reason you did not find the model you need in this TOP-5, then our site is at your service. On the pages of our site there are more than 110 models of electric trimmers. Or contact our highly qualified managers who will be happy to recommend a model of electric trimmers suitable for your specific tasks.

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PATRIOT electric grass trimmers or RedVerg electric grass trimmers which is better

Check the priceName: MamayRating: Advantages: No merits Disadvantages: grass trimmer. a solid drawback. some kind of gonorrhea Comment: Frank junk. Flimsy, weak Even in women’s hands it looks unreliable, and most importantly. a non-separable coil! It is impossible to change the line, buy a new reel. It’s not worth your money, it’s not worth anything at all. One word: TRIPPER!,

Name: RomanRating: Advantages: Price, engine speed Disadvantages: There was no special key, there is not enough adjustment of the bar length, the shoulder strap, with my height of 170, holds the grass trimmer at the waist level with a fully selected length (I had to add), the locking button is more adapted for the left hand than under the right Comment: In principle, to cope with its task

Name: DmitryRating: Pluses: Normal grass trimmer in terms of price / quality ratio. Relatively light, heats up a little, tenacious Disadvantages: In the second season, the safety button began to jam, which made it difficult to turn on. Otherwise works great. Comment: The grass trimmer was bought a year ago for gardening. He does his job with a bang! I worked for 40 minutes for them. it doesn’t get very hot. Tall grass is wound around the rotor, sometimes it smokes. In such cases, you have to stop work and clean the coil of grass. Overall the grass trimmer is good for the price.

Commentary: The grass trimmer is lightweight and convenient, cheap. I don’t need to mow a lot for them, but there is a job for him. Conveniently under bushes and trees. everything becomes clean at once. The loop handle is convenient, the upper handle has gas. The grass is not very sprayed, protection is firstly, well, and this is how the model is made. Second season. I’m happy.

Commentary: the grass trimmer is lightweight, collapsible, the upper engine, the bar was bent under the bushes, it is convenient to mow and trees, it mows well, I mow for 15 minutes and give the engine a rest, a cool convenient grass trimmer in my opinion and I have a long-liver.,

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Name: SergeyRating: Advantages: Perfectly mows Disadvantages: It is better to immediately change the line to a better one Name: NataliaRating: Advantages: Good performance of a grass trimmer Disadvantages: A bit heavy for female hands a conventional lawn mower could not cope with tall grass and weeds. Having purchased the Patriot ET1200 electric grass trimmer, I solved the problem of high-quality lawn processing with good performance. The grass trimmer easily copes with both tall grass and rather tough weeds. And when working with a knife it can even cope with shrubs.

Name: Julia Rating: Advantages: the grass trimmer is good, the assembly is not difficult, for the girl it is not heavy Disadvantages: If you follow it, do not let it overheat and remove the grass remnants in time, then there are no drawbacks Комментарии и мнения владельцев: The build quality is good, nothing rattles, pressed the button and mow, take breaks. as with any power tool. Recommend!

Find out the priceName: AndreyRating: Advantages: Low price with high power. Moderate weight. Disadvantages: Not found yet. Comment: I bought a grass trimmer at the end of the season, so I didn’t use it for long. Assembling the grass braid is straightforward. It’s nice to work: the tool is not too heavy, a convenient power button (the button of the old grass trimmer was tight and with long work the hand got tired of holding it). The protective cover is small, you need to work carefully, but you can see that you are mowing. the grass trimmer is equipped with a steel blade for cutting brush growth. Next year I will try a thicker fishing line. the “native” line for the trimmer is shortening very quickly.

Триммер Patriot ET1255. обзор, обслуживание, впечатления после 2 сезонов работы