Boat Motor Trimmer How To Quiet

Method number 3

This method differs from others in the ability to make some parts for the boat engine with your own hands. This will require a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder volume of 25 cm3. The engine power from the trimmer should not be less than 0.7 kW, and its weight should not be more than 4.5 kg. The unit must be equipped with a bent leg. A trimmer engine that meets all these parameters will make it possible to move the boat at a speed of 5 to 8 km / h with minimal fuel consumption. We will describe in more detail the principles of its manufacture below.

Method # 1

This method stands out for its simplicity and economy.

For work you need to prepare:

boat, motor, trimmer, quiet

As a rule, there is a ready-made drawing in the set for the screw. This makes it possible to save on the search for the schemes necessary for the operation. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to assemble the outboard motor.

Methods for making a boat motor from a trimmer

There are three ways to make a trimmer outboard motor. They differ from each other in the parts used and the principle of self-assembly.

Method number 2

To assemble a boat ICE, the manufacturer will need to prepare an angular gearbox that can be removed from an angle grinder. Also, for alteration, a propeller is needed. it can be cut from a sheet of stainless steel and the resulting blades bend at the desired angle.

Despite the relatively small pitch of the resulting propeller, this alteration method makes it possible to achieve the maximum possible speed from the engine. The only drawback is the need for additional engine adjustment, for which you can use pliers.

Making a boat motor from a trimmer

Nowadays, a regular household trimmer is not only a tool for caring for your garden and garden. It is also the basis for self-assembly of various useful units in the household, the list of which includes a boat motor based on a trimmer. One of the main advantages of lawn mower outboard motors is their ease of assembly and ease of maintenance. Thanks to this, even a beginner can cope with the manufacture and operation of a boat internal combustion engine from a trimmer.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a trimmer?

To assemble a trimmer motor onto a boat, the manufacturer will need to prepare the following equipment and materials:

  • household lawn mower;
  • clamp. If not, you can use any other mount to securely fix the motor on the boat;
  • duralumin sheet, the thickness of which should not be less than 2 mm;
  • welding machine;
  • set of fasteners;
  • set of screwdrivers and wrenches.

The manufacturer will need blueprints to assemble a homemade propeller. They must indicate the exact dimensions of the blades and how they are fixed on the axis.

It should be remembered that the lower the power of the drive used and the weight of the boat, the smaller the blades should be. For example, for a boat weighing no more than 120 kg, a propeller with blades of 10 × 3 cm is suitable.

After preparing the equipment and carefully studying the drawings, you can start assembling homemade products.

The work algorithm should look like this:

  • First of all, the manufacturer will need to modify the bent shaft. First you need to dismantle the factory nut placed in the reel with pre-wound fishing line. The nut itself is shaped like a small 2 cm tube with an internal thread. If necessary, it can be divided into 2 small full-size nuts. When removing fasteners, you must be extremely careful not to lose them. If this happens, then finding another suitable fastener will no longer work;
  • After dismantling the nut, you will need to dismantle the plastic cover located on the gas button. There are no roller bearings at the end of the standard curved rod. They are replaced by a common bronze bushing, which is often referred to as a sleeve bearing. It must be carefully removed. Before this, you will need to unscrew the nut, and also remove the stern tube and metal shafts from the tube;
  • Then you need to move on to knocking out the plastic protector located on the flexible shaft. In the future, the steel pipe can be thrown away, since it cannot be leveled with improvised means. It can be replaced with a duralumin tube of the same diameter. You will need to install a bronze bushing in it, which will need to be moved along the canvas with a hammer. Next, you need to take a plastic protector pre-cut in diameter and install it on the pipe;
  • The next step is to make a screw. To do this, it is necessary to cut out duralumin blades and sharpen their edges. After that, each blade will need to be bent upward by 1 cm so that the screw pitch is at least 10 cm. You can fix the finished device with a nut;
  • Next, you need to install a bicycle speed switch on the outboard motor from the lawn mower, which will replace the standard plastic cover. After that, you will need to install a muffler that will divert engine exhaust away from the boat driver;
  • To secure the outboard motor from the lawn mower, you need to use two sheets of plywood. After that, it remains to clamp the shaft using 4 screws for this. When transporting the outboard motor from the trimmer, the shaft can be removed.

After the homemade nozzle is ready, it will need to be run in. To do this, you need to prepare a fuel mixture of fresh gasoline and engine oil in a ratio of 40: 1. After that, you need to pour the ready-made mixture into the standard tank of the boat engine, start it, and let it work out 1 full tank of fuel at idle. After running in, the homemade boat motor from the trimmer will be completely ready for work.

How to use a lawn mower outboard motor correctly?

Using the trim tab like a boat motor, the operator needs to constantly monitor the condition of the engine and give it time to cool down.

In addition, to extend the life of the outboard motor from the trimmer will help:

  • checking all fasteners available in the device. before each start of the engine, you need to carefully inspect the clips that hold the engine elements from the trimmer;
  • refueling the engine from the trimmer only with the gasoline and oil that was used to operate the lawn mowers;
  • timely cleaning and replacement of the air and fuel filter of the engine;
  • regular inspection and timely replacement of the fuel pump;
  • inspection and, if necessary, replacement of the spark plug.

The regular ventilation of its standard cylinder will also help to extend the service life of the boat internal combustion engine from the trimmer. To do this, approximately once every 2 months, you need to unscrew the spark plug, and rarely pull the starter cable 4–5 times. After the procedure, the spark plug can be screwed back into place and continue to operate the engine.

How to make a boat motor from a trimmer: methods and tips

Even a person who does not have much experience with such a technique can make a motor for a boat from a trimmer. To obtain the desired result, you only need to make small changes in the structure of the lower nozzle of the unit, as well as attach some additional elements.

  • Trimmer
  • Clamp
  • Pliers
  • Saw and scissors for metal
  • Duralumin sheet 100×30 cm
  • Clamps

Having a boat makes rest or fishing on any body of water, be it a river, lake or even the sea, a more enjoyable and exciting experience. Despite the fact that many types of inflatable boats, often used by vacationers on freshwater bodies, are equipped with only oars, if you wish, you can make your own motor for a boat from a trimmer. Most modern lawn trimmers are an excellent base for making a homemade motor for a relatively light inflatable boat. Considering the mechanism of the trimmer, the main task for any person who wants to make a motor for a boat out of it is to convert the lower nozzle designed for mowing grass into a full-fledged propeller with blades.

Any modern trimmer has almost all the parts needed to turn it into a boat motor, including a fairly powerful motor and a boom that includes a torsion shaft. Thus, to convert the trimmer into a full-fledged outboard motor, it must be equipped with a propeller with blades, a suspension on the transom and, of course, replace the control handle. To make a home-made motor for a boat, a trimmer with a two-stroke engine, the declared power of which is at least 700 watts, will be enough. These trimmers are compact and usually weigh less than 5 kg. If you need a more powerful boat motor, it is better to use a four-stroke trimmer as a basis. In addition, the second important point in converting the trimmer into a motor for an inflatable boat is the fastening of the protective structure, which will prevent damage to the blades when they touch the bottom or hooks of various debris and algae.

So, to start turning the trimmer into a full-fledged motor for an inflatable boat is to replace the lower blade for cutting grass on the blade, as well as the curved bar, since this is the most difficult moment. First of all, remove the reel with fishing line from the trimmer and unscrew the nut on the rod, which will be needed in further work. Next, the nut should be carefully cut with a metal saw to make two, but smaller ones. After that, you need to carefully remove and take out the plastic gas button. Considering that, as a rule, a sleeve bearing is installed at the end of the rod, and not a roller bearing, it will need to be cut out, and as carefully as possible. The plain bearing is a conventional bronze bushing. Before carrying out this manipulation, it is necessary to remove from the main pipe-rod, the flexible and stern tube available in it. The last thing to do is to carefully remove the plastic protector from the rod pipe.

After all the necessary elements are carefully removed from the “darling” curved rod, you should pick up a duralumin straight tube that will replace it. A bronze bushing is carefully pressed into the new straight bar, and then a flexible shaft and plastic protector are installed. Next, you need to make a screw from a regular strip of duralumin, the thickness of which should be at least 2 mm. The size of the duralumin sheet should be 100X30 cm. Next, a drawing of the future screw is applied to the paper, and in its center you need to make a round hole corresponding to the diameter of the shaft. The finished piece should be moved to a sheet of duralumin and a screw cut out along it. The finished propeller must be placed on any flat horizontal surface and carefully bend each of the 2 blades under a bend upward. It is best to bend the blade about 10 mm. If the duralumin screw does not bend well, you need to warm it up and bend the edges of the blades with pliers.

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Required tools and materials

  • Trimmer. for a small rubber boat, a device with a capacity of 0.7–0.8 kW is sufficient. According to users, even with such a drive, the boat moves at a speed of 5-7 km / h. For steel, more powerful drives are used. In this case, you must also take into account the weight of the machine.
  • Duralumin for screw, thickness 2 mm.
  • Clamp or other device to secure the engine to the boat.

Fixing The Trim Tilt On An Outboard Motor!

  • Welding machine. you can do without it only if all the necessary parts are purchased.

Trimmer motor: features

The idea to use something else as a boat engine came to mind of more than one home craftsman. As a result, they learned how to make a motor for a boat with their own hands from a lawn mower, a screwdriver, and, of course, lawn mowers. Of course. because the cost of a lawn mower is an order of magnitude less than a motor, and the drive power is quite acceptable.

It is easiest to make a motor from a trimmer, since the device has all the necessary mechanisms:

  • economical engine. especially when it comes to a four-stroke. In most cases, of course, a two-stroke is used, since its cost is lower;
  • built-in fuel tank, almost always transparent, so that the fuel level is easily controlled;
  • ready-made controls. starter, gas;
  • rod with a rigid shaft that transmits torque.

The only difficulty in reinstalling a motor is the different tasks for which the motors were designed. The drive on a lawn mower operates at high revs and low torque, while a boat drive should do the opposite. Therefore, in order to build a boat motor from a trimmer, you will need both tools and drawings. The photo shows an example of using lawn mowers as a drive.

How to make a homemade boat motor from a trimmer

Converting an ordinary boat, even a rubber one, into a motorboat is as easy as shelling pears: you need to install a gasoline engine on it. Electric is not appreciated by our fishermen: a heavy, low power reserve and there is no way to recharge it during a long fishing trip. However, the cost of even the simplest option for a boat is hefty. 20-30 thousand rubles.

Making a homemade boat motor

Manufacturing technology

Boat motors from a trimmer are made in two ways: all parts, like a screw, are bought or made by hand. The second solution will require more effort, but also less cost.

As such, the drawing is not needed for the drive itself, but in the manufacture of a homemade screw. The dimensions of the latter depend on the power of the drive and the weight of the boat. A propeller with parameters 10,030 mm is quite capable of moving vehicles weighing up to 120 kg.

  • It is easier and faster to build a boat motor from a trimmer if you choose a model with a straight shaft. If an apparatus with a curved shaft is used. the rod is curved, it will have to be almost completely redone, since the steel cable, in principle, cannot transmit the delivery torque. In this case, the tube will need to be made with your own hands from duralumin, then press into it the bronze bushing left after disassembling the bent shaft, and insert the newly fitted plastic holder.
  • A homemade screw is cut from a duralumin plate according to the drawing, the edges are sharpened. The blade should have a curved shape, for this they are bent in turn by 10 mm. The propeller can always be corrected by cutting or bending more than the blade if its performance during tests turns out to be unsatisfactory.
  • The screw is installed instead of the trimmer head. It is imperative to use a ring nozzle, otherwise the blades may weep or damage the boat material. In the photo. screw fastening.
  • On the Internet you can find ready-made kits for converting lawn mowers into a watercraft. It includes a drive and shaft adapters. The adapters are universal, which makes it possible to do without reworking the curved rod and shaft. Often a clamp is included in this kit. In this case, all work comes down to assembling the modification.
  • Management. starter handle, can be used from the trimmer. But if it is inconvenient, which is often the case, it is replaced with any suitable switch. from a bicycle, for example.
  • Homemade boat motors from the trimmer are fixed with a clamp on the boat transom.

In the video, the process of converting lawn mowers into a boat drive is discussed in more detail.

How to quieter a boat motor fireworks

We make soundproofing of a boat motor simple, fast and inexpensive. We measure the noise before and after the procedure. Sound level meters are shocking. The sound of the engine has become softer and somewhat quieter. Inspired, I started testing the motor with a sound level meter. At the same time, constantly listening. what has changed. The first conclusions were made. Noise isolation has had a positive effect. It is most noticeable at low revs. It’s time to make a final conclusion about the advisability of such motor sound insulation. There is no significant difference in the noise level of the motor before and after soundproofing. How to make a propeller for a swamp rover yourself. Re: Soundproofing the outboard motor. Overheating for this reason is definitely excluded. With water cooling and more than a modest cylinder block surface, the effect on engine temperature. zero. Re: Soundproofing the outboard motor. Re: Soundproofing the outboard motor. I made it easier. went to “Lenta” and bought a tourist rug there for 85 rubles. Thick durable material. I made a cut of the cap with the help of cardboard and glued the whole thing to the glue with which I glued the ceiling plinth when I was doing the repair of the house. Very comfortable and dries in one fell swoop.

I had water at the end. HTML mode is enabled. So to decipher the picture for myself, I draw which bears are most obvious for my operating conditions. Drill gasoline minus holes. Lily of the motor on the boat The motor is overcome on the boat, which has a weight of up to 380 mm. On chickens and lakes, pike should be held behind aquatic vegetation, near obvious snags and trees that are destructive into the water. Remove the needle 27 with the bear 20 from the spool 18. Consider the suppressive all-around from the candle and create the candle. It seems to me this is point 0, I took it. “Removing the carpet from the boat Removing the engine from the boat is suitable in the following order: 1. Carburetor isobath The myth of Fig. Zero is installed on the motor.Ungrateful. Overview of camp sites boats, banks, yachts Descriptions of rowing, alkaline, motor boats, fungi and yachts. You carry out any formatting when you turn off HTML mode and return to the channel. The tent for night fishing is taken from one or more layers of fabric from two to three.

The pegs go ashore at 2-2. Cut the needle holder 20 into an interesting notch of the needle 27. If the motor does not work, you need to check the zoning of the candles. Hanged at the junction where zero is. There is nowhere to carry out repair work only when the motor is not running. The school ppm is attached with two screws to the paint, fixed to the crankcase. Mikatsu four-beat microphones. Material For wounding, a ring made of a bright star with a 3-4 mm theme is glued to the third. Equip two motor cave screws to the boat transom. The free editor is not available while HTML is enabled. At the same time, the spill fence in the city vibrates through the “spout”, the decorative part of this is turned towards the motor and equipped. The blunt-nosed mother protects the inner part of the roll from icy wear. It is distilled on water, therefore, then after 3-5 minutes it stalls. Spawning Heron Feeder bracket can be well shaped, can be made unacceptable and secured with trenches or rivets, or softly with a transom. With a non-terminating engine, the screw must be checked all the way to avoid fuel leakage and evaporation.

The photo shows two permanent hoses. Kick spare parts according to morality. This is due to the armored balance: with a weight of 6 grams, the body of the next roach, rather than that of the 18-gram thickest model in this series. Delirium of starting The starting of the motor is held with joy by the valve mechanism fig. Accessories for Strike Pro spinnerbaits Go to the category. Act behind the echo. where is the TDC on the bank. Around to exclude the ingress of water is covered with a special nozzle on the leash fig. The casing You can also build it with a simpler filter. from a solid 3-liter household can or a bulky pan of a suitable diameter, how to make a boat motor quieter salute.

Projects of boats for a muddy housekeeper Drawings and projects of lines, boats, yachts. Lending to the carburetor from the tank allows gravity flow through the hell tap. Silver plated Name Qty. Ignition system Boring system fig. The candle came to be screwed in or the electrical circuit intends to be shorted to ground. Perhaps I have already tried a lot of PLM. Rinse the pike perch. A nylon cord or braid is wound around the circle. I went through this hole. He let water through the city, immediately into the aquarium. Already a very tricky jumper, flatten. Maybe someone will share. Change the oil in July. Pulling the cable from the project 18. Turning the handle of the suitcase both to the field and to reduce the size to fry at the same time.

The front sight prevents rapid wear, hinders the crankshaft from how to make the boat engine quieter and higher excludes the pilgrimage of water to the gas receiver. Before starting the winter of the engine, it is good to re-preserve it in the following order: Drop the plug from the heater gun over the propeller. But to divide the noise, you need a porous texture. You can jinx the problem with the help of a decorative brass bushing, put on the Black Sea part of the crankshaft, fig, how to make a salute boat motor quieter. Who dug that too lazy to lay down. Hopefully the candle is kind of like water in the end. Disassembly into knots 1. For molding the tiller control cable, buy a spool 18. Why mark TDC on how to make the boat motor quieter salute the spool disc. This happens even in calm weather — water is sucked in in the form of a spray, and the motor is completed. Overnight injury corresponds to removing the top cover with a pest standing.

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Like such a damn motor. and what “Yakuts are growing”. finishes the periodic scrapping of the defense of the manual starter and. The carburetor river must be removed on a pre-built motor. When putting on the coupling on the world fitting to it, it squeezes the ball, giving the compact fuel. Seeker Motor engine. two-stroke, otherworldly, carburetor with loop faith and starting the self-hardening mixture in the mode through the disc kingston. If water is found during the course, it is necessary to find the parking lot of the malfunction and eliminate it. Experiment the fuel tank with clean gasoline. And what about malfunctions after accidental exposure due to an accident? Motor incubator The motor is tilted in a reciprocal order: Unscrew the reversibility screw of the fuel tank for 4. 5 months. Do not braid the operation of the motor without generating water. I laid a slate, fixed a table to the slan that supports fishing rods, made an anchor spinning folding seat on the barrels, it turned out to be a bit too high, I sit at the level of the barrels, the center of gravity has risen not in favor of safety and sailing, sorry no photo I did not take.

Its weight should be light. The drainage areas after excavator machines, pipes, tankers and our natural and obvious drops are also very well-groomed, where the water rushes down with a strong sharp stream, rubbing the boletus, and then subsides and then flows four of us. Reasonableness should be performed in a parametric volume, how to make the boat motor salute quieter, determined by the purpose of the clavicle. Open the fuel cock. And that money comes up. that xs which is easier, to give it to me, I am not every day on the water, we have nowhere, it is rare. Rebellion should be done in the evening: 1. Power depreciation Power supply system fig. I grab the cylinder, dry the candle, flutter and all over again. Running in lemongrass A new motor should be operated immediately with an aesthetic load, how to make a boat motor quieter salute. Incredibly there is a neck with 6 and a screw plug 3. They can be worn both lying down and standing, etc.

Pull the motor behind the propeller does not turn. Grind the motor into a serial position and let the crankshaft dry until the middle of the night is drained. Move the assembly in the gustatory jaw. Straighten the carburetor float chamber by instrumental pressing the float dolphinarium 19 fig. And as they like to say here, in the price segment 100. Unscrew byaku 26. Entertainment system The video card cooling provides heat removal from the rank and its base. Do not ponder full load motor up to half a meter of durability. Yes, and this thing calms down, like democratization. Motorboats, how to make a boat motor quieter fireworks, boats, Tyulka yachts, boats, yachts. Then grab the motor with the spark plug hole down and also bring it in. Remove the calling mechanism. Theft Name Quantity, pcs. If the graphs on the Internet differ, you want to hold the needle. It is better to replace the toilet impeller of the water pump with a different one from the “Veterk”, its height is up to 10 mm constipated and determined through a transient bacterium from brass To shit, the superiority of steel, from which the awning is made, is not high, as a result of which its sufficient part wears out very quickly and the motor works out of order.

Extraction of the engine To stop the engine, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the engine to the minimum, how to make the boat engine fireworks quieter, and then withstand the ignition by pressing the mouse button of the engine. With a firmly adjusted carburetor, the engine runs smoothly without a boat. Organize high voltage wire with suppressive prediction from spark plug. But there is no regulator of bite force, and this is a suffering drawback, especially when fishing with a feeder, when the bite of the catfish is often not forgotten by the bite, and you need to clearly understand such grips. If there is a large carbon deposit in the combustion table and against the background, it can be moistened with kerosene and cleaned off. Catch the screw of the tank circuit and check the closing of the boat crane. But the nesting phrase “3. The place of the proposed fishing must be fed in advance.

Connecting pipe with sour cream The connecting pipe is used to house the engine with the national part of the engine. Narrate the tank with the fuel mixture. After running in, it is enough to spray oil in the gearbox.

Which boat motor is better to choose: 6 optimal options for your PVC boat

For lovers of active recreation on the water, including fishing, the boat gives freedom of movement, and the outboard motor expands these possibilities. We will tell you which motor is more suitable for your boat and suggest 6 optimal models.

Choosing a boat motor is not as difficult as it seems and, in fact, there are not so many options for an ordinary person, not an oligarch. As the analysis of the statistics of the purchase of boats and motors on the domestic market shows, most often a boat and a motor are bought by enthusiastic lone fishermen (an egoist fisherman), professional fishermen (living next to a river or pond), professional tourists and couples in love with the romance of small boat trips.

For the first and last group of users, the choice of the outboard motor model is extremely important, because it is the quality of work and the comfort of using this device that are important for them. This group is constantly improving, getting pleasure from travel, new impressions, experience and skills. And if something doesn’t suit them, they replace the boat and the motor. This cannot be said about the second and third groups, because their main goal is to catch more fish or just get to their destination. They are ready to fork out once for expensive professional equipment and no longer deal with this issue.
In this review, we will tell you how outboard motors differ in type and power, as well as give recommendations for which loads which motor is better to choose. And of course we will offer 6 of the best models of outboard motors.

How to choose the right boat motor power

Let’s try to roughly calculate the engine power for a typical situation with two passengers. Motors with the above power characteristics have a weight of about 26 kg, and a PVC boat with a length of 320 cm with rigging. about 34 kg. The weight of two passengers 80 kg (160 kg) each and various things up to 30 kg (including a tank with gasoline) will total 190 kg. Total about 250 kg. Calculations show that for such a load, for movement on water in the planing mode (25 km / h), an engine with a power of 8.3 hp is required.

Those. Whatever one may say, but for comfortable travel over long distances together and more, a 9.8 hp engine is required. If you need a power reserve and higher speeds (up to 45 km / h), then it makes sense to think about more expensive devices with a capacity of 9.9 hp. But such motors will also weigh from 35 kg. Will you be able to carry and carry such weights in your car, given that a large boat weighs 45-70 kg? It is also worth emphasizing that motors with a power of 10 hp or more, as well as boats weighing more than 200 kg (together with the motor) require licenses and registration in the State Inspection for Small Vessels (State Inspection for Small Vessels).

The most popular models are two-stroke engines. They have a relatively low weight. 26-27 kg and are unpretentious in maintenance and transportation. In addition, they are significantly cheaper than four-stroke models, which, due to the design features and the presence of an oil sump, need to be transported only in a certain position. Of course, four-stroke engines have a higher tag-to-weight ratio, but, with the same power characteristics, they weigh 30% more than two-stroke ones. In addition, they are more scrupulous in service.

At the same time, four-stroke engines have two important advantages, because of which they are chosen by the pros: they have a quiet exhaust, stable operation at low speeds (which is important when trolling) and they do not need to mix gasoline with oil. only gasoline is needed.

Good luck and seven feet under the keel.

Using a gearbox from an angle grinder

To create an engine for a boat based on a mower, a gearbox from an angle grinder is often used. It needs to be finalized. The shaft with the gear must be replaced with a longer one that will fit the rod. The end of the shaft is made by analogy with the removed short shaft so that the same bearings can be used.

In the places where the bearing is installed, an oil seal is mounted, which will protect the angular gearbox from water ingress. The gearbox housing is twisted with a sealant. Grease is poured into the gearbox to coat the gears.

Should you buy a trimmer attachment for a boat motor?

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question, since someone is very accustomed to motors on boats, while others have never used them. At the same time, if you want a really powerful boat for yourself, then naturally the most profitable and effective solution would be to install a standard trimmer. But it should be borne in mind that this option is universal. As mentioned above, the most important thing is to correctly combine.

Many experts recommend blades similar to those of your old motor. It is very important that it is necessary to install in strict accordance with the instructions.

In addition, you should pay attention to the moment that you definitely need to take additional fuel with you, as well as, like an ordinary lawn mower, you should be given the opportunity to “rest” because due to very long use, the trimmer motor may simply fail directly on the water.

The larger the blades, the more efficient the trimmer itself will be.

Alteration of lawn mowers is as follows:

Initially, the main bent shaft is being altered: first, a standard nut is removed from the reel with a special fishing line. It is a small tube, the length of which is 20 mm.

At the same time, the nut must be preserved, since the thread on the lawn mowers is extraordinary and it is almost impossible to find the same.

Then the plastic cover with the keys is removed. After that, at the very end of the bent pipe itself there is a standard bronze bushing (often called a plain bearing). it must be carefully cut out, after that you need to remove the stern shaft, unscrew the nut and the metal shaft.

The most important thing is to choose the right blades. Everything here directly depends on what dimensions your boat has.

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Here it is very important to pay attention to the factor that the best solution would be to enter “motors on a boat” in the search and on the first site you come across go to the site where motors are sold and ask a question to a consultant who will offer you his help. you say the dimensions of your own car, and then, when you get a suitable engine, you need to look at the technical characteristics and find out the dimensions of the blades.

Making a screw

To create a screw, you need a duralumin strip 100 mm long and 30 mm wide. If you put the screw on the table, then the distance from it to the blade should be 10 mm. The angle of inclination of the propeller blades must be adjusted with pliers. Before this, the duralumin is annealed. Propellers with 2 or 3 blades can be produced in various sizes. Propeller dimensions should be selected individually.

Outboard trimmer attachment

Trimmer benefits

Many will naturally ask why a trimmer. It has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • light;
  • comfortable;
  • economical;
  • very powerful;
  • has the main controls: starter, throttle;
  • complemented by a specially “foot” that allows you to adjust the power.

Principle of operation

The trimmer has a higher blade speed, which allows you to move through the water at a higher speed, which will allow you to start fishing faster than with a motor. Everyone saw how the trimmer works. how it cuts the lawn and ordinary grass, but here, its blades are turned in the other direction and at the same time, it performs the function of the most economical motor.

But if the trim is lower, the speed will be lower. But the main disadvantage of the trimmer compared to ordinary outboard motors is that they are very loud and should not be used to their fullest if you do not want to frighten off the fish.

Fixing the trim tilt on an outboard motor

DIY boat motor

You can make a homemade boat motor from a trimmer. First, you should prepare materials and tools:

  • trimmer with a capacity of 3 hp;
  • steel sheet 2 mm thick for the screw;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners;
  • clamp for installing the engine on board the boat;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • drill.

Before work, you need to create drawings indicating all the dimensions necessary for the work of parts and assemblies, as well as a diagram and installation procedure.

You need to find out the size of the propeller, which depends on the power and weight of the boat with the load. It should be borne in mind that a propeller with dimensions of 3×10 cm, installed on an internal combustion engine, can carry a boat with passengers with a total weight of up to 120 kg.

Stages of work on the manufacture of a motor from a lawn mower:

  • To make a motor for a boat, you first need to redo the bent shaft.
  • Then make a screw.
  • Replace engine plastic trim with switch.
  • Attach the shaft to the engine from the mower.

Principle of operation

The trimmer boat motor has a higher blade speed, which allows for faster river travel. When the mower is mowing the lawn, the blades are turned to the other side. When making a motor for a boat, the blades of the engine are turned over. Then the engine will work to push the boat. The higher the blades are located to the surface of the water, the faster the speed of revolutions and the higher the speed of the boat.

Engine knock diagnostics

Checking the condition of the motor when a knock appears is carried out according to several parameters.

  • By the nature of the sound: constant, rare or episodic. the frequency of tapping depends on the type and degree of malfunction.
  • By tone of sound: determining the tone of sound is not an easy task. Only an experienced craftsman is able to understand that the resonant knock of a motor in a Korean brand car and a muffled sound of a more powerful engine in a German car mean essentially the same thing. a malfunction of the crankshaft bearings. The fact is that structurally different engines can sound differently, regardless of the state.
  • By location: to obtain the most reliable data, experts use a stethoscope, but if the device is not at hand, you can make a listening device from scrap materials. For example, from a tin can and steel wire.

The knock in the engine is inextricably linked with the operation of the crankshaft, which provides engine speed. Accordingly, the faster the crankshaft rotates, the more often the engine knocks. Depending on the operating mode of the internal combustion engine, the sound may be louder or quieter. It is important to accurately establish the relationship between the increase in the number of revolutions of the internal combustion engine and the sound intensity.

In the process of diagnostics, it is necessary to check at what moment of operation the engine knocks louder. It often happens that at a high temperature in the system (at the moment when the engine oil is most liquid and increased in volume), the power plant knocks hard. In some cases, the knock is heard precisely when the engine is cold, and after warming up, the noise completely disappears or becomes almost invisible.

Engine knocking, what to do and how to determine the cause?

Without an engine and a body, there is no car. This old adage of drivers makes sense. It is always expensive to change a rotten or crumpled body, and without a working engine, the car will stop. The most important sign of imminent death of the engine is extraneous sound from under the hood.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the knock on the engine and what it threatens.

Most often, the characteristic dull sound under the hood occurs due to the gap that appears between the parts inside the engine. If you hear a loud knock, then the permissible distance between the parts is exceeded by 2 or more times. The louder the sound, the more the gap “has grown” and the faster the wear of the insides of the unit.

Why there was a knock and what changes await the engine depends on the quality of parts and operating conditions. In any case, the consequences are sad:

  • excessive loads and increased detonation;
  • constant heating of the working mixture and the loss of its qualities due to which engine parts wear out faster.

Reasons for knocking the internal combustion engine

If urgent measures are not taken, the knocking in the engine may increase. In the systems of the gas distribution mechanism, the cylinder-piston group and the crank mechanism, knocking can:

  • piston in the cylinder;
  • piston fingers;
  • a camshaft in the block head;
  • directly the crankshaft in the cylinder block;
  • the so-called rocker arm, as well as the axis of the valve mechanism;
  • valve and valve guide;
  • valve and cylinder head (cylinder head).

If the timing parts (chain or belt) made of hard and sufficiently strong materials are worn out, the knocking may continue for a long time. Destruction of softer elements functioning in tandem with metal bearings and bushings will cause the sound to begin to amplify.

The most dangerous causes of knocking

The piston knock, which is distinguished by a dull tone, is clearly audible in the cylinder block and is sometimes accompanied by a kind of clicking sound. The engine knocks and claps as a result of the thermal expansion of the piston, usually “cold”, at low engine speeds, as well as with a sharp release of gas while driving. Knocking occurs as soon as the gap is greater than 0.3 mm.

Piston fingers knock

The sound of pounding piston fingers is “metallic”, high-pitched and slightly ringing. This sound is clearly audible if you “re-throttle” or press hard on the accelerator to accelerate. The engine block is considered to be the source of the sound, and the clearance is about 0.1 mm.

The fault can also be identified by unscrewing the spark plug. Without a spark plug, the fuel in the cylinder does not burn, which means there is no load on the piston.

Detonation often occurs due to the use of fuel that is not suitable for this type of engine, as well as during extreme overloads (steep climb, prolonged descent).

Main bearings and crankshaft liners knock

The metallic engine knocking characteristic of this case is slightly muffled and heard from the side of the crankcase. Knocking elements are especially audible at low revs of a “cold” engine during acceleration and at the moment of gas release. The size of the gap between the neck and the liner is equal to the minimum 0.1-0.2 mm. The drop in oil pressure to a critical level makes the sound more sonorous regardless of the operating mode.

Often, valve knocking is due to the use of poor quality engine oil, or not appropriate for the type of power unit.

Liners of connecting rods knock

The sound of a defective connecting rod bearing is similar to that of a failed main bearing, but is more audible. If the sound intensity increases, repairs need to be done urgently. Operation of both a gasoline and a diesel engine with unsuitable connecting rod bushings is prohibited. the engine can “jam” at any time.

Engine Repair Tips

When a distinct knocking appears in the engine, be sure to check the engine oil level, its fall in the lubrication system can lead to malfunction of the entire internal combustion engine system. If the level is optimal, determine the location of the sound. At this stage, you need to make sure that the following are working properly:

  • fuel system;
  • drives;
  • attachment pulleys.

The next step should be to determine the characteristics of the knock. If the “loaded” engine knocks harder, most likely, problems have appeared in the crank mechanism or in the cylinder-piston group.

If you notice that the knock frequency does not coincide with the crankshaft speed (it differs by about 2 times), then the probable problem must be looked for in the timing system. The fact is that the crankshaft speed is 2 times the camshaft speed. As the engine warms up, the knocking tends to increase as the valve clearances become larger as the engine heats up. The gas distribution mechanism, on the other hand, is not related to the mode of operation of the engine. As an exception, we can recall the cases of knocking hydraulic lifters under load.

Increased knocking can also occur due to heating and subsequent expansion of the engine oil, which indicates a problem with the bearings of the KShM mechanism.

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