Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaws Patriot 3816

Let’s talk about the Patriot 3816 chainsaw, consider its purpose, characteristics. After reading the article, you will learn how to independently adjust the carburetor and eliminate malfunctions that may appear in the chainsaw during operation.

Application Patriot PT 3816

Patriot PT 3816 is an unprofessional chainsaw model and is intended for private use. For example, Patriot 3816 will cope with such tasks as annual harvesting of firewood in small volumes, pruning tree branches in the garden, sawing up trash. Also, the saw is used in the construction of fences for trimming wooden poles.

Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaws Patriot 3816

Saw Patriot 3816 cannot be used by professionals in industrial deforestation due to lack of resources. Chainsaw parts are made, albeit qualitatively, but are not designed to work in harsh conditions for a long time. The engine cylinder is completely aluminum, which means it is afraid of long-term operation and even minor overheating. If you put a chrome cylinder on the Patriot 3816, then the engine resource will increase significantly.

If you look at the Patriot 3816 well, you can immediately see its resemblance to typical Chinese chainsaws.

We offer you to watch a about the Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw, in which the owner shows the configuration and tells the main characteristics.

Specifications Patriot PT 3816 and its description

The marking indicates the number 3816, it means that a 38 cm 3 engine is installed on the chainsaw, and the tire length is 16 inches (40 cm) as standard.

Such a volume is enough to give out power of two horsepower, which together with 12,000 rpm gives good performance indicators. A Patriot 3816 has a carburetor with the ability to adjust the quality of the mixture and a good air filter, which can be washed in soapy water if necessary and nothing will happen to it.

The width of the groove for installing the chain is 1.3 mm, the chain and the drive sprocket have a 3/8 inch pitch, the chain length is 57 links.

If necessary, you can install another tire, chain and drive sprocket on the chainsaw, the Patriot 3816 design allows this.

The case is made of plastic, although the parts are well fitted, they have gaps that immediately catch the eye. The quality of the plastic is much lower than on Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaws. When working with a chainsaw, strong vibration is felt, the reason is in shock absorbers, which are made of hard steel and can not cope with the functions assigned to them.

The shock absorbers of this chainsaw are made of low quality steel and break quickly, so with the active use of the Patriot 3816, you must have at least one spare shock absorber in stock.

For the convenience of the operator, the chain tension adjustment screw is placed on the side cover, which is really very convenient and safe, since the probability of cuts on the teeth of the chain during its tension is excluded.

The starter of this model is equipped with an additional spring, which reduces the force required to crank the crankshaft of the engine and start the engine.

Frequent malfunctions of the Patriot PT 3816 chainsaw and DIY repair

As mentioned earlier on the Patriot 3816 often breaks off shock absorbers. Replacing them is easy. It is enough to unscrew the two screws holding the shock absorber, remove the defective part and install a new one instead.

Another common Patriot 3816 malfunction is a clutch spring break. It is not difficult to diagnose this malfunction, because the chain of the chainsaw will spin constantly, and the saw will stall if the tire is idled while trying to stop the rotation of the chain.

To replace the clutch, it is necessary to remove the top engine cover and unscrew the spark plug, then, through the spark plug hole, use a cord to stop the piston stroke. Next, you need to remove the side cover, chain and tire from the chainsaw, thereby providing access to the clutch. After that, using a special key (you can use the key from an angle grinder), untwist the clutch.

The clutch has a reverse thread, therefore it is untwisted clockwise.

We assemble the saw in the reverse order.

Nuances of carb adjustment

Chainsaw carburetor Patriot 3816 typical. A similar one is installed on many Chinese chainsaws.

Do-it-yourself carburetor adjustment is possible only with certain experience and knowledge. The adjustment algorithm is as follows:

  • When the engine is turned off, the quality and quantity screws are fully tightened, then they are turned out 1.5 turns each;
  • A chainsaw is started and warmed up for several minutes;
  • Turning the screw “L” (the designation is on the carburetor body and duplicated on the saw) is the position in which the engine develops maximum speed, and then turns away by ΒΌ turn;
  • The screw (N) is unscrewed until the saw gives out the maximum speed with the throttle fully open, after which it also turns away by 1/4.

Carburettor adjustment, although not a very complicated procedure, should only be carried out after a complete inspection of the chainsaw and elimination of all existing engine defects (air leaks, fuel leaks, breather malfunctions), so we recommend contacting a service center or an experienced craftsman to carry out the adjustment.

User’s manual

An operating manual is supplied with the chainsaw, having read which you can learn how to properly install the tire and chain, adjust the chain tension.

You can also familiarize yourself with the algorithm for storing the saw. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the unit and eliminate breakdowns of the chainsaw if it is used incorrectly.

Patriot PT 3816 Reviews

Alexander. 32 years. Barnaul.

3816 is my first chainsaw. Bought on the recommendation of a neighbor about a year ago. Saw is good to start and saws. I tried to saw trunks of large trees, enough power. The saw has not yet broken, I try to monitor and carry out cleaning and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Anatoly. 30 years. Permian.

I bought a Patriot PT 3816 for gardening. I immediately noticed that it was quite heavy, but after a little work, I got used to the weight and did not feel it anymore. It starts perfectly, both cold and hot. For two years of use, he cleaned the air filter several times and changed one shock absorber, because the old one burst, the saw began to hang out and gas on its own. I am pleased with my chainsaw and recommend to anyone who needs a reliable tool for housework.


Patriot PT 3816 is a high-quality Chinese-made chainsaw, which is guaranteed to work out the money paid for it. Of course, it can not be compared with the saws of leading manufacturers, but due to the low cost and good performance, the Patriot 3816 finds its owners.