Choosing a hand trimmer for grass for grass.

TOP-20 of the best trimmers for giving the [YEAR] year

Garden care is a multi.level task. And it can be successfully solved only with the help of a set of special tools. One of them is a trimmer for grass. A simple and convenient technique in use will cope with the cutting of the lawn, removal of weeds and other situations typical for summer residents. The rating of the best trimmers for a summer residence in the [YEAR] year included only the most reliable and functional models.

2. Carver Promo PBC-43 from 5139
3. Stavr TB-1400LR from 5338
four. Elitech t 43r Promo from 6335
5. Champion T256-2 from 6441

Mini rating

Types of trimmers, their differences

Types of trimmers

Summer residents often confuse among themselves trimmers for grass and lawn mowers. In fact, despite the fact that these tools are designed to work with grass, they cannot be considered identical.

Important! A trimmer for grass is a hand.type tool that can cut not only grass, but also branches up to 3 cm thick.

Trammers for the grass are simple, compact and maneuverable. They are more unpretentious than lawn mowers. And can perform the tasks even on an uneven surface. For them, stones, roots of trees and a dense wall of weeds will not become an obstacle.

It is quite difficult to choose the best trimmer for grass for grass, as manufacturers produce several modifications of this garden tool. The following groups are first distinguished:

  • Professional. trimmers for grass are designed for long.term operation and equipped with a powerful engine;
  • universal. slightly inferior in terms of characteristics of the previous category, but successfully cope with long.term work and thick branches;
  • household. purchased to care for the lawn and weed fighting.

The gasoline trimmer for the grass is convenient, but it works quite noisy. One of the following types of engines is installed on it:

Most often, such models are well equipped.

The electric trimmer for grass is relevant in small areas with constant access to electricity. He is light, mobile and works with the minimum noise for such tools.

Battery Garden devices are found less commonly described above options. Trammers for grass of this type most often have an additional network cord, which allows you to work even in the case of a complete discharge of the battery.

Wireless trimmers rating for the garden

This category includes devices operating on the battery and do not require wired connection to the household network.

Wireless models have several advantages over gasoline and electrical wire devices: autonomy, compactness, ease of operation, low maintenance costs.

When using a wireless trimmer for the grass, you need to remember that the container is enough for an average of 30-40 minutes, and you need a socket to charge a power source.

In addition, wireless batteries for grass have relatively small power and performance, therefore, are used to solve simpler problems.

Such devices are suitable for cases when autonomy and lack of wire are of key value, and the volume of work performed is relatively small.

Most often, such models are bought for processing areas where there is no way to connect to 220 in outlet.

Below is the top 5 of the best models from a series of wireless trimmers for giving. We highlight their characteristics, features, price, pros and cons of.

GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

The semi.professional model from the famous American company, whose office is located in North Caroling, Charlotte.

A wireless trimmer for grass is produced at one of the factories in China, which in no way affects its quality or performance.

The device easily copes with high grass and shrubs, turns on using one button and is easily fixed on the shoulder using a special belt.

The model is distinguished by the presence of a fuse to protect against overload, has a steel and reliable shaft, as well as a 40 in battery.

  • bevel width, m. 0.35;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 6500;
  • noisiness. 96 dB;
  • battery-lithium-ion, 40 V, 4 mAh;
  • handle. folding, adjustable;
  • weight, kg. 5.46;
  • manufacturer-China (US brand).

The configuration with the device includes a 2-mm fishing line for a trimmer, shoulder belt and knife. The battery and charger are not provided (purchased separately). Cost. about 12,000 r.

  • Cuts almost all of vegetation no worse than gasoline models.
  • Good engine power.
  • Convenient coil, into which it is easy to charge a fishing line for a trimmer.
  • Low noise during operation.
  • Lack of unpleasant vibrations.
  • Brightless motor.

How to clean up grass clumps without bagging your lawn clippings

  • The need to separately buy a battery.
  • Not a very comfortable belt.
  • 2 an ampere battery is really enough for 25 minutes of work (it is advisable to have another spare).
  • Charging time at least 45 minutes.
  • Large weight.
  • Bad moving angle.

Model GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC copes with the cleaning work of the territory in the country or near a private house.

The device is equipped with a direct steel shaft, a bronnial induction motor and is characterized by a minimum preparation time for work. Occupies the fifth line of our rating.

BlackDecker STC1820CM Wheel

Reliable wireless (battery) wheel trimmer for grass for giving from the American brand. Its capabilities allow the processes of lawns in remote territories, perform the edging of borders and beds.

It is possible to install wheels for a simpler movement or alteration to a full lawn mower. There is also an E-Drive system that provides higher performance.

  • bevel width, m. 0.28;
  • bevel height, cm-4-6;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 7400;
  • noisiness. 92 dB;
  • battery-lithium-ion, 18 in, 2 mAh;
  • handle. folding, adjustable;
  • weight, kg. 4.7;
  • manufacturer-China;
  • year of release. 2016.

The kit is included: the battery over the charge of the charge is about five hours, 1.6 mm fishing line for trimmer, telescopic bar, support / edging video and rotary head.

  • Light weight.
  • The ability to install batteries of another company.
  • Minimum noise and lack of vibrations.
  • Simple assembly and management.
  • Universality of application.
  • The presence of a wheelbase.
  • Small battery capacity (goes alone in the kit).
  • High price as for such characteristics.
  • A long battery charging time is about 5 hours.
  • Opening hours of full capacity of only 20 minutes.
  • Does not cope with high grass.

BlackDecker STC1820C wireless trimmer is an excellent solution for giving / house, when you need to put the lawn in order and trim low grass.

The model favorably is compact and ease of use, but due to a small stock of capacity, only the fourth position of our rating occupies.

Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00)

Available, easy to operate and light wireless trimmer for grass. Refers to the initial.level devices, intended for use in conditions of small intensity.

Easily copes with the task of mowing grass in the country or adjacent territory.

In terms of characteristics, this model exceeds many gasoline devices. It is compact, durable, has a high ampere charger.

Rating of gasoline trimmers for giving

Gasoline trimmers for grass are devices in which the main driving element is the internal combustion engine. The advantage of such devices is higher power and autonomy, which allows you to work without using a socket.

In the case of the end of the fuel supply, it is easy to add, in contrast to the battery models that need a long charge.

The back of the gasoline trimmers is large sizes, the complexity of the design, increased mass and the need to buy fuel.

Models with such engines are recommended to choose when a combination of two parameters is required. autonomy and high power, as well as the need to continuously perform work.

Below is the top 5 of the best trimmers for the cottage operating on gasoline.

Echo SRM-22GES

Simple and powerful gasoline trimmer for grass, designed for mowing grass using fishing line or knife.

It differs in the presence of protection from vibration, which increases the comfort of the work, simple starting of the engine and manual pump, which allows you to pump fuel during operation.

In this model, the developers solved the problem of a “reverse” blow, ”because the motor provides a light start system, and the engine itself is unpretentious and a long service life.

  • bevel width, m. 0.40;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 6500;
  • noisiness. 91 dB;
  • engine, volume / power. 21 cubic meters. cm/0.91 l. C (750 W);
  • Fuel tank, l. 0.45;
  • handle-T-shaped;
  • weight, kg. 4.8;
  • manufacturer-China;
  • dimensions. 1.78×0.65×0.45 m;
  • year of release. 2011.

The package of a gasoline trimmer for the grass includes a 3-mm fishing line for a trimmer, glasses, a knife and shoulder belt.

  • Comfortable hook on the shoulder belt.
  • Light start.
  • Lack of vibrations.
  • Light weight.
  • Lack of smoke during work.
  • Relatively slight noise.
  • Rich equipment.
  • Ease of cutting grass of any thickness.
  • One tank is enough for two hours of work.
  • Relatively small fuel consumption.
  • The small length of the rod.
  • Lack of stop gas button in a pressed position.
  • Inconvenience for people with high growth.
  • High price for original components.
  • Between the coil and the fishing line, the grass is constantly wound, which needs to be cleaned.

Trimmer for Echo SRM-22GES grass is a good option for all occasions, characterized by small weight, high assembly quality, good equipment and light startup.

Despite the manufacture in China, the equipment has earned many positive reviews and deservedly is in fifth place in our rating among gasoline versions.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Trammer for grass, characterized by high performance and quality. Thanks to the thoughtful connection of the motor and the working shaft, the developers managed to significantly reduce vibration and thereby increase the performance.

To keep the device, a special belt is used, which is securely fixed on the shoulder and allows you to control the process with high accuracy.

The new model also sets a primer for pouring fuel and a system provides for a simplified motor launch.

  • bevel width, m. 0.40;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 8000;
  • noise. 97 dB;
  • engine, volume / power. 25 cubic meters. cm/1.1 l. With;
  • Fuel tank, l. 0.75;
  • handle-adjustable, T-shaped;
  • weight, kg. 6.2;
  • manufacturer-China;
  • dimensions. 1.82×0.215×0.285 m;
  • year of release. 2011.

The standard configuration includes a knife and 2.4-mm fishing line for cutting trimmer, as well as the humerous belt. There is also a protective screen that excludes the release of branches to the side.


  • Starting the first time.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • High assembly quality.
  • Relatively small weight.
  • Even thick weeds chop.
  • High quality plastic.
  • The kit has a knife and a fishing line for a trimmer necessary for work.
  • Convenient pen.
  • During operation, vibration is felt.
  • When working “for cold”, difficulties with starting.
  • There is no canister for preparing the desired mixture in the kit.
  • Requires periodic maintenance.
  • High cost of spare parts.

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 gasoline trimmer is convenient to use and a reliable device with an acceptable engine and the ability to cut even thick weeds.

The device has a solid design, a relatively small weight and, in general, has no large disadvantages.

In our ranking, this model takes fourth place.

Patriot Pt 553 (11)

A reliable and universal trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine, a comfortable handle and the ability to process large areas.

With its help, you can clean the grass in a large territory, including near the trunks of trees, as well as put in order the paths in the personal territory.

The presence of a bicycle handle contributes to the exact maintenance of the device, and a 3-lobed knife guarantees the rapid removal of grass and even small shrubs.

  • bevel width, m. 0.44;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 8000;
  • noise. 97 dB;
  • engine, volume / power. 52 cubic meters. cm/3 l. C (2200 W);
  • Fuel tank, l. 1.1;
  • handle-adjustable, T-shaped;
  • weight, kg. 6.2;
  • manufacturer-China;
  • dimensions. 1.82×0.215×0.285 m;
  • year of release. 2020.

Criteria for choosing an electric trimmer for grass for grass (and mini-rating the best models)

Lawns haircut, weed removal, pumping the territory. This is an incomplete list of works that the owner of the personal plot constantly performs. To facilitate the task, you can use special tools, for example, a trimmer ethletric for grass. He will suck out any shoots qualitatively, can cope even with small twigs. We will figure out which electric trimmer for grass for grass is better to choose for a summer residence and garden.

All about choosing an electrimmer

The trimmer is called a motorized braid for grass, designed to cut the grass. Unlike a manual analogue, the design is maneuverable and has a high efficiency. With its help, you can easily and quickly remove unnecessary shoots in the most inaccessible places. The design of the device is very simple. The torque is transmitted from the engine to the cutting head. It is closed by a protective element and is located on a long rod. A working engine rotates a cutting block with which weeds are bought.

Mechanical braids for grass, as also called trimmers for grass, gain more and more popularity. They can work from a gasoline engine or electricity. Gardeners and summer residents more often choose the last option. This is due to the advantages of electrical models.

The pluses of the power tool

  • Compactness and lightness, since there is no roomy fuel tank.
  • Lack of toxic exhaust gases emitting during operation.
  • Low noise level. This makes it possible to mow in the morning and evening hours.
  • A long period of time between regular maintenance.

The main drawback of electrical equipment is dependence on electricity. It does not function without it. In power, it most often loses to gasoline. But you need to know that for a summer cottage where it is not supposed to be baking high and dense grass or small branches and bushes are quite enough electrimmer.

What to look for when choosing a technique

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basics of its design. This will make it possible to understand the purpose of the main nodes and navigate in their characteristics.

So, the engine determines the working potential of the device. The higher its power, the greater the temporary load withstands the unit and the larger the shoots with which it copes. True, along with power, the dimensions and weight of the trimmer for grass increase. Today there are two options for a gas mower.


Light and compact engine of simple design, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and possible repair. Simple in operation. The two.stroke motor is highly turned off, this significantly increases its performance. The price is low, budget varieties of gasoline trimmers are equipped with two.stroke engines. There are also significant shortcomings. The device is very noisy when working, distinguishes a large amount of exhaust gases, does not economically consume fuel. He needs a mixture of gasoline and oil, which must independently dilute before pouring into the fuel tank. This is not very convenient, but two.stroke units are in demand more. This is due to their lower price, ease of operation and maintenance.


Powerful motor with a high motor. Works smoothly and quietly, economically consumes fuel. At the same time, the exhaust gases are much less than during the operation of the two.stroke. Equipped with two tanks, one of which is filled with gasoline, in another oil. You do not need to prepare a working mixture.

The disadvantages of four.strokes are significant weight and size. Given that the user has to wear the engine on himself, this is a significant minus. The design is more complicated, so service and possible repair will cost more. And the price of a four.stroke motor is higher. Therefore, in demand, they still lose to two.strokes. Although in the ranking of the best motos for professionals there are always powerful four.strokes.

type of drive

To transmit rotation from the engine to the cutting nozzle, use the drive. It consists of a shaft and a bar. Low.power units are often equipped with curved drives. They are very convenient when choosing obstacles: benches, flower beds, fence. In this case, the shaft is flexible. It is not designed for significant loads, so a large shoots cannot be removed with a curved drive, and even more so shrubby.

Direct drive structures are equipped with a hard shaft. They are not so convenient when working with obstacles, but withstand significant loads. They easily cope with young bushes and hard grass. On sale you can see trimmers for grass with a detachable bar. This is quite convenient because it facilitates transportation and storage. However, a detachable knot is the most vulnerable place where breakdowns most often appear. This must be taken into account when choosing.

Features and manufacturers

In any place, inaccurate, poorly well.groomed grass looks very bad. Ordinary lawn mowers do not always help to put it in order. They are very expensive, and even if there is a serious minus, there is insufficient maneuverability. A small trimmer for grass can do about the same work. However, it is smaller and cheaper.

High.quality trimmers for grass are produced by those companies that have established the production of solid tools of another profile. If you do not understand the intricacies, you can safely choose products:

How all this works and works

A trimmer for grass is a hand tool that allows you to cut green grass with a soft stem and not too thick dry. It is lighter than the lawn mower and is transferred on a belt, and not rolls on wheels.

Thanks to a small mass, this device moves without problems within the same site and between neighboring areas.

Using a trimmer for grass for cutting the lawn, you can quickly remove unnecessary vegetation. This technique is also used:

mowing plants near houses, along paths and fences;

put in order the shores of rivers, lakes, Ruchev.

Such functionality allows you to use trimmers for grass:

ordinary people (summer residents and homeowners);

utilities and management companies;

enterprises and organizations with a large adjacent territory.

To prepare for work, just put on a trimmer for the grass with the help of special belts. Then the head of the device is brought closer to the grass and the motor is launched. Twisting effort is transmitted by a bobbin using a hard shaft located inside a special tube. There is a cutting part in the head. Its fast movements and help to cut off herbal stems.

To avoid strokes on hard barriers, trimmers for grass are equipped with protective casings. Motors can be electric or working on gasoline. In addition to these parts and the fuel tank, the typical design includes:

bobbin ending with fishing line or knife;

Popular gasoline trimmers for grass: which one to choose, consumer reviews and prices

In relation to which gasoline trimmer for the grass is better to buy, consumer reviews are different. Based on a large number of such responses about quality, reliability, power and functionality, the ratings were compiled that you got acquainted in this article.

“Last year I bought a STIHL FS 55 braid. And I was pleased with my acquisition. After several unsuccessful attempts to find an inexpensive and high.quality model among Chinese firms, I left this venture. Trimmer for the grass is just a fairy tale: practically does not vibrate, it copes well with a sharp bushes. The belt is a little uncomfortable, but I would not call this a significant drawback “.

“For two years now I have been in the garage of a gasoline braid for Husqvarna 143R-II grass. I worked out two seasons as a watch. I like that it is quite powerful and has a large fuel tank. But a strong engine and voluminous tank significantly weight the structure. There are no complaints about the work, but I would add a system that facilitates the launch on the site of the manufacturer. “.

“I have a braid for Champion T233. It works well, but there are a bunch of minor flaws. The lineing of the fishing line takes a long time, the mounting of the parts is uncomfortable, the belt is difficult to fix for yourself. I am glad that the weight is small. Mowed three hours without a belt and practically not tired “.

How much do trimmers for grass for grass cost gasoline: rates for rating models

The table indicates the average for the purchase of gasoline braids, which were previously considered in the ratings of the best devices in three characteristics: weight, power, the ability to effectively carry out work in areas with complex relief.

Average of gasoline trimmers for giving from ratings:

Category of devices Brand The model of the device The country of the manufacturer Price,
Light trimmers for grass Husqvarna 323 r Sweden 24000
Stihl FS 55 Germany 16000
Hitachi CG22EAS Japan 10300
Partner XS China 6800
Stihl FS 38 Germany 11000
Powerful trimmers for grass Hitachi CG40Y (t) Japan 23000
Husqvarna 143r-II Sweden 26000
Champion T527-2 China 7600
Vega VTG-3200 Germany 7000
Echo SRM-4605 Japan 34500
Devices for working on a difficult area Echo SRM-2655SI (L) Japan 20,000
Stihl FS 55 Germany 11000
Champion T233 China 5100
Huter GGT-1000S Germany 6700
Patriot T 545 Pro China 12100

Most of the trimmers from this table can work without problems for many seasons. But sooner or later you can face the problem of repairing trimmers of gasoline at home.

Why do trimmers for gasoline grass do not start: the causes of the problem

The operation of the device can be accompanied by various breakdowns, because gasoline trimmers for grass are not started for various reasons that can be detected at home. And each of the cases will require its own approach and a certain solution to the problem.

note! You can repair the gasoline trimmer for the grass with your own hands, if the breakdown is not too serious and you managed to identify it. In most situations, you can do without the help of specialists.

Why are gasoline trimmers not starting for grass: searching for faults

To choose an effective solution to carry out the repair of a benzotrimer with your own hands, you should accurately establish the cause of the problem. To do this, you need to conduct a diagnostic study of the tool for breakdowns. There is a certain algorithm according to which such a procedure is done.

The diagnostic diagram of a gasoline trimmer for the grass is as follows (the sequence of checking parts):

  • Fuel tank (checking the presence of fuel and its quality).
  • Channel and candle.
  • Air cleaning filter.
  • Fuel cleaning filter.
  • Breather.
  • Graduation channel.

Most often, the procedure for repairing benzotrimmers affects precisely these parts. If the problem is this, then the problem can be found by a thorough examination.

Checking the fuel tank should be carried out regardless of breakdowns. Do not forget to look into the fuel container every time before starting work. To exclude the problem in this part of the design, it is enough to adhere to three simple rules:

Replacing a flooded candle is carried out as follows:

  • The part is twisted and wiped.
  • Thorough drying.
  • Removing excess gasoline from the camera and drying.
  • Installation of a new candle with a gap of 1 mm.
  • Checking the tool for performance.

Sometimes the reason that the lawn mower refuses to start is excessive dryness of the thread in the nest where the candle is installed. This place can be lubricated with a small amount of gasoline.

If the filters or a cabin are polluted, the problem is solved simply. You need to clean these parts or replace them with new.

There are more serious causes of breakdowns in trimmers. As a rule, they touch the carburetor or engine.

Useful advice! When working with nozzles and channels, do not use wire or needle, since they can damage the cross.sectional.

choosing, hand, trimmer, grass

Problems in the work of the carburetor and ways to solve them:

Type of breakdown The method of elimination
Blocking in nozzles or channels Cleaning a washing tool, purging
Wear of the gasket Replacement of details
Lack of tightness Replacement of details

If the carburetor works as expected, the only reason that prevents the normal operation of the tool may be wear of the piston system. To find the problem area, it is necessary to carry out a thorough inspection. On the engine cylinder and pistons there may be bullying, scratches or chips. In this case, deformed parts must be replaced.

Do not forget to inspect the piston rings. The presence of even a small lifa is a clear sign that the rings are subject to replacement. Do not do this procedure yourself. here you need experience and knowledge. Trust the rings on the piston to specialists.

TOP 20 of the best benzotrimmers presented on the market

The rating below included both budget, but worthy attention of the model, as well as models of medium and expensive price segment, characterized by good reliability and durability.

Stavr “TB-1700LR”

Universal gasoline trimmer for grass, capable of cutting vegetation up to 1.2 cm thick. Thanks to the collapsible rod, the device is easily folded and placed in the trunk.

It is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with chrome cylinder, which provides a long service life and work without breakdowns.

The device is equipped with a hard shaft, a special protective casing and has an air cooling of the motor.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

  • bevel width, cm. 44;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9500;
  • Motor volume, cube. cm. 53;
  • power, kW / l.C. 1.7/2.31;
  • Fuel tank, l. 1.2;
  • pen-folding, T-shaped;
  • weight. 8 kg;
  • The manufacturer-China (brand-the kit includes a coil with a fishing line, a 3-lobed knife, shoulder belt, hexagonal keys (2 pcs.) and wiper 8×10 mm, candle key, screwdriver, mounting kit and guidance. Price. 5800 r.

    • Fishing limiter.
    • Rich equipment.
    • Relatively small weight.
    • The engine starts the first time.
    • The ability to mow any grass without problems.
    • High power.
    • Collapsible bar, which allows you to achieve maximum compactness.
    • Grass is often clogged between the casing and the coil.
    • Large consumption. about 2 liters of gasoline for six “acres”.
    • Thin belt and weak carbine.
    • Low quality of the native coil for fishing line.
    • Large weight.

    Stavr TB-1700LR-a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass with a collapsible bar, convenient to use, transport and storage.

    Differs in light start.up, rich in equipment and acceptable noise. Rightfully enters the top and takes the 20th line of our rating.

    Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

    Model of a gasoline trimmer for grass with light access to an air filter, which simplifies service and allows you to quickly replace a contaminated element.

    The bicycle handle simplifies control and allows you to work for a long time without fatigue.

    The bar is made of aluminum, which excludes the appearance of rust and extends the service life of the product.

    Governing bodies are displayed on the handle, which simplifies control, there is a system of extinguishing vibrations and noise. A primer for quick starting is provided.

    • bevel width, cm. 40;
    • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
    • Motor volume, cube. cm. 25;
    • power, kW / l.C. 0.8/1.1;
    • Fuel tank, l. 0.75;
    • pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
    • weight. 6.2 kg;
    • Producer Country-China (brand-Italy).

    In addition to the lawn mower itself, the package itself includes a nozzle for grass, a suspension, a set of tools for assembly, instructions. Cost. 18,000 r.

    • The main elements are made of metal, which indicates high reliability.
    • Easily mowing thick grass with a fishing line with a square section.
    • Quickly starts “on hot”.
    • Low vibration level.
    • Substantial and reliable engine.
    • High.quality plastic.
    • Increased reliability even with active use.
    • Convenient management.
    • Difficulties are possible with the launch of the “cold”.
    • Not a very comfortable belt.
    • A container for downloading gasoline and oil is not provided.
    • The engine is poorly pulled if it is necessary to cut thick grass.
    • Expensive spare parts.

    OLEO-MAC SPARTA 25-a reliable gasoline trimmer for grass with a slight weight, a smooth launch and a large resource of work.

    Despite small Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the users, the device deservedly fell into our rating and is on the 19th line.

    ST-65M Stavmash (3.4 liters. C, 2500 W)

    Benzotrimmer with a comfortable T-shaped handle and the upper engine location. Thanks to a thought.out design, allows you to work for a long time without much fatigue.

    The engine has air cooling, which allows you to do without oil. The lock button is provided, the ability to work using fishing line and disk.

    • bevel width, cm. 44;
    • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
    • Motor volume, cube. cm. 52;
    • power, kW / l.C. 2.5/3.4;
    • Fuel tank, l. 0.95;
    • pen / bar-T-shaped / straight;
    • weight. 7 kg;
    • The manufacturer is standard. Cost. 5800 r.

      • Easily mows grass of any thickness.
      • High power.
      • Small cost.
      • Convenient management.
      • Upper location of the motor, which simplifies control.
      • The ability to cut with a fishing line or disk.
      • Reliable gasoline motor with a good resource.

      ST-65M Stavmash is a universal apparatus from a well-known brand that is in demand among customers and is one of the best solutions among budget models. Located on the 18th line of our rating.

      What to look for when choosing

      The above models are included in the top of the best for 2022, but if desired, you can choose the option yourself. To do this, it is important to know the criteria that is worth paying attention to when buying.

      For manufacturers

      The most reliable include gasoline trimmers for grass from the following manufacturers.


      A German enterprise operating in many countries of the world with the main office in Vibelingen.

      Is engaged in the development, production and sale of chainsaws, trimmers and other motorized tools for the construction sector, rural and forestry.

      The STIHL assortment also includes batteries and electric trimmers for grass, special.purpose heaps and other similar equipment.

      All products are characterized by low noise, ease of work, slight weight and democratic price.


      A Swedish manufacturer engaged in the production of lawns and grass-beams, chain saws, bushes, vacuum cleaners, altitude and other equipment.

      Benzotrimmers of this brand are highly performance, low noise and emissions, loyal pricing policy.

      The features of the brand models include hollow rods with a wear.resistant shaft, the upper location of the engine, the durable cast reducer and a high.quality cutting set.

      Japanese brand engaged in the development and sale of equipment. The company produces chain saws, motorcycles and black cutters, blower devices and much more.

      The manufacturer’s products are characterized by good equipment, high quality parts and a long service life.


      A large Japanese concern with an office in Tokyo, who released the first product back in 1910.

      Benzotrimmers of this brand have economical and reliable engines, high.quality cutting elements and affordable price.

      Have a little weight, a comfortable belt and many protection elements.

      Other manufacturers, such as Huter, Makita, Patriot, Champion, Bosch, DDE, can also boast of quality goods at an affordable price.

      They have a good configuration, have earned many positive reviews, and their benzotrimers are included in the ratings of the best in terms of price and quality ratings.

      Sales indicators for manufacturers are shown below.

      Power choice

      When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, you must look at the power. If it is high, this indicates the ability of the engine to cope with complex tasks, for example, the removal of thick vegetation.

      Of the minuses of this option, it is worth highlighting a high price (not always), more weight and fuel consumption.

      To process the country, garden plots and with a rare use of the tool (up to two times a month), you can choose a small power benzotrimer. It will last for many years, and its purchase will not hit much on your

      For frequent use and long.term work, it is better to take trimmers for grass of higher power from proven brands, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna or Echo.

      They are distinguished by a longer resource and reliability, which explains a higher price.

      Trimmer design for grass

      Structurally, the rod of the benzotrimer can be straight, curved or collapsible.

      The first option is characterized by simplicity and reliability of use, used in the most part of the devices under consideration.

      The curved form allows you to reduce the total length and simplify the process of work in places.

      A collapsible bar is a big plus, implying the possibility of disassembling and reducing the total size of the device.

      For ease of use, a shoulder belt is provided, with which you can hang a trimmer for grass on the shoulder and transfer most of the weight to the back. This is very convenient when you need to work with a trimmer for a long time.

      The handles can be D- or T-shaped. The first option is compact and convenient for left and right-handed operators.

      But in general, T-shaped bicycle handles are more convenient, therefore, most often are used on light trimmers.

      The downside is that T-shaped handles are most often focused on right-handed users.

      The engine can be placed on top or below. The upper location is the best option for devices with medium and high power motors.

      This is due to the ability to unload the operator and simplify the movement during operation.

      The lower location of the engine implies a simpler design, but makes the work more difficult (especially with large engine weight).

      That is why the location of the motor from below is more suitable for low power trimmers.

      In rare cases, the engine can be transferred separately in the shoulder backpack.

      In some models of benzotrimmers, support videos and even wheels are found that allow you to roll the design on the ground and facilitate the process of use (see the photo above).

      The pluses of this design should include the support of the nozzle at the same height and the possibility of obtaining an almost perfect result. Of the minuses. weight gain and higher price.

      A large plus is the presence of a metal deck. an element of the case, which closes the knives.

      In more budget models, this element is made of plastic, but the metal is a more reliable and durable option.

      The main disadvantage of metal decks is the high price, which is especially true when using aluminum.

      Steel devices have a lower price, but also more weight. In addition, they require additional protection against rust.

      Functional features

      When choosing a suitable benzotrimmer, it is worth considering its additional functional features.

      • Blocking random inclusion.
      • overheat protection.
      • Fuel level indicator.
      • Collapsible shaft.
      • Adjustable / folded handles.
      • Handles for transportation and others.

      Pros and cons

      It is necessary to deal with another moment. the positive and negative sides of the trimmers in comparison with alternative mowing devices. Compared to lawmakers, trimmers for grass have advantages such as:

      • ease;
      • occupy less space during work and storage;
      • They do not consume so much energy;
      • Excellent show themselves in uneven areas.

      However, with the help of a trimmer for grass, it is hardly possible to process large areas. This is theoretically possible, but holding a mower in your hands for a long time is very uncomfortable. Due to prolonged work, trimmers for grass can overheat, sometimes the drums even melt slightly. It is necessary to pay attention to another point. a trimmer for grass is not suitable for an even mowing and the formation of beautiful lawns.

      But you need to compare trimmers for the grass with motorcycles. The lawn mower is able to cope with the vegetation before which light equipment “grazes”. The difference is clearly found in power, in the duration of continuous operation and the value of the cleaned area. But the lawn mower is heavier (at least 7 kg), so only strong, physically developed men can use it normally.

      Producer rating

      Only those companies that have established the production of worthy models of other tools deserves to the top. If you do not delve into technical nuances, then you can consider the optimal products of the following companies:

      A special place on this list is a portable trimmer for Zip Trim. A pretty green apparatus has a full set of weights of not more than 0.465 kg. The cutting part is made in the form of a fishing line. Such a solution is perfect for mowing small areas of grass. Food is provided by a three batteries of the AA type, which are not included in the basic configuration.

      As for other models included in the rating of the best, we must immediately say that they were chosen not for one belonging to leading brands. Even the most advanced brands often supply frankly weak models of technology. But Huter GGT-2500T is a happy exception against this background. This apparatus seems to be designed to confirm by its existence a non.over.over the thesis of a solid German quality.

      The power of a trimmer for grass is 3.3 liters. With. It is not difficult to hold it in your hands thanks to a thought-out T-shaped handle with rubber overlays. To make it convenient, its position can be changed. Directly on the handle, marking describing the basic safety requirements. Placed in a tank of 1.2 liters of gasoline is enough for intense kota for 2 hours.

      A trimmer for grass can be equipped with a fishing line and a knife. The mowing speed is up to 9500 rpm. The width of the pumped strip is 0.255 m. To lengthen the fishing line, which is very good, you do not need to disassemble the coil. You just need to disperse the device to large revolutions and knock slightly on the ground. The motor located on top will not overheat and will not be clogged with a dedicated vegetation.

      Shoulder belt will help to avoid excessive fatigue of the back muscles.

      A good budget alternative can be considered “Interskol KB-25/52V”. This is a relatively inexpensive trimmer for ICE grass, squinting the grass with stripes of 0.43 m. The operating speed of the cutting element is 7500 rpm per minute. 1 liter of gasoline is placed in the fuel tank, which is enough for 1 hour of continuous operation. The delivery kit includes a knife, belt and a fishing line for a trimmer. The change of working element is not difficult. The device is launched without unnecessary problems and is considered suitable for cutting small branches. However, it weighs a lot, and the assembly quality of different specimens in the series can be very different.

      Another decent apparatus with knives width 0.255 m. Fubag FPT 43. The trimmer for the grass of this model has a special option guaranteeing the accelerated launch of the motor. Its power is 1.75 liters. With. This is enough for mowing even high grass in economical mode. The folding handle helps to simplify transportation. Due to the metal fastening of the casing, increased reliability is ensured. Since the trimmer setting for grass occurs using a control screw, there is no need to use additional tools.

      However, with all the attractive characteristics of Fubag FPT, this device is equipped with an insufficiently comfortable shoulder belt.

      As for the Hammer MTK25B, this device was originally created for mowing in particularly complex places. It will be able to remove the grass almost close to the wall, stairs, wood and so on. The fuel pump of this trimmer for the grass is arranged so that the launch is made without jerks even after a long downtime. The casing guarantees reliable protection of the motor from flying pieces of grass.

      Trimmer fishing line is designed to work on a rocky uneven surface. When touching a solid item, it will not fail. Hammer MTK25B weighs only 5.6 kg. Thanks to the bending bar, you can place the device in various angles and it is easy to extract it from the most inaccessible sections.

      Protection against unintentional launch is provided; Another product is easily versed, but sometimes complaints about a loud noise come.

      The next model in the ranking is Patriot PT 4555 ES. The device has a power of 2.5 liters. With. Users note its good configuration. The developed effort is enough for creaming even in complex areas. The designers provided protection against vibration, and the assembly is very soundly possible. The disassembled bar simplifies the transportation of a trimmer for grass even in a car or carriage of a motorcycle. Only a slight tanning capacity can be considered weakness.

      If you need to choose a mower for working with grass of almost any stiffness, you need to pay attention to Champion T523. In the most intensive mode, the consumption of the combustible mixture per hour will be 0.62 liters. The fishing line for a trimmer is served in a semi.automatic way, but the head of the trimmer for grass sometimes fails, and the weight of the device is not the smallest among such devices.

      Operation Rules

      Determining the rating model and technical characteristics is not enough. It is important to know how to use the purchased device. There is nothing complicated about this. you can start mowing grass immediately after purchasing, taking care of only a good lubrication of the gearbox with a lithol.

      Important! Stretching the cable, it must be checked so that it is not in the way of the car.

      It is extremely desirable to remove the garbage and stumps, pieces of glass, stones and other hard objects from the entire cleaned area in advance (and for reliability. and from the adjacent area).

      During work, other people and pets should not approach the electric trimmer. Even at a distance of 10-15 m in the eyes and respiratory tract, thrown particles of mulch can fall. And getting them on the skin, clothes are also unlikely to be pleasant. For the same reason, they advise mowing grass, moving away from buildings and cars, and not vice versa. Excessively approaching fences, walls and other structures is inappropriate also because this can lead to a breakdown of the cutting device.

      Playing an electric trimmer for grass is not difficult. When commissioning, it is simply launched and disabled 3-5 times in a row. This is enough to determine how easy it will be. If everything is in order, a trimmer 5 minutes work on a lawn grass. With everyday operation, it is worth focusing on 20/20 mode.

      The belt is put on a completely assembled and prepared device. Then the belt adjust to their anatomical features. If everything is done correctly, the hands will not get tired. But when such fatigue appears, especially if there is also unpleasant vibration, it is better to stop and change the position of the belt. This adjustment is repeated until the slightest inconvenience disappears.

      The belt in any position should be tightened to the end. Lawns are usually mowed according to conditional squares, which are more likely mentally. Move clockwise, which allows you to exclude problems during manipulations. To pump out vegetation under the root, they work, touching the surface at an angle of 30 degrees or more. The lower the fishing line for the trimmer, the more even the result of the haircut will be.

      Important! Grass on the hay is mowed by a trimmer strictly under the root. Otherwise, it will be crushed, collecting a bracket will be almost unrealistic.

      Having met a large weed, the space around it is shook. After the rest of the work, all weed plants are removed with their hands. If there are a lot of them, use more powerful mowing equipment or change the fishing line for a trimmer to the disk. High grass is usually mowed in two directions. In the first passage, the tops of plants are removed, and in the reverse passage the bar is already located at the desired height. If the thickets are very powerful, you have to make several right and several left movements on each row. Kosba of tall herbs immediately under the root is impractical. wrapping long stems on a fishing line for a trimmer will stop the work for a long time.

      Important! In raw weather, especially during the rain, working with an electric trimmer is strictly unacceptable.

      Review of reviews

      Finally, you should get acquainted with what buyers think about certain devices. Very good grades give an electric trimmer Oasis TE-120. On this device it is very easy to replace a fishing line for a trimmer. For minimal vibration, it is also praised as the Champion ET1203A. “Champion” is suitable for people with slight growth, but it is impossible to mow grass under the root. Conflicting grades give Ryobi RBC 1226i. The convenience of the combined casing is slightly overshadowed by increased noise. As for the Daewoo Datr 1250E, this is also a good device. It is capable of working even on wet grass. Folding makes a trimmer for grass more convenient, but a fishing line insert can cause some difficulties.

      OLEO-MAC TR-111E is distinguished by the thoughtfulness of the design. This trimmer for the grass mows the grass very wide. A branded fishing line for a trimmer will easily break young trees. But the disadvantage of the device is the high price and significant cost of spare parts. Periodically you have to blow out from dust (however, like any other electrical equipment).

      Most often they are made of metal. Along with covering the operator’s legs from a disc touch or fishing line, the casing rejects the chopped grass to the side. Therefore, she cannot cause damage to the car itself. Thanks to the waist belt with the adjustable position, the operator’s hands are less tired. The belt is mounted on the loops placed on the case and the upper rod.

      Concluding the description of the device, it is worth mentioning that designers refuse to fully deliberately deliberately from speed regulators. The faster the working element is spinning, the more effective the kosba of the grass. exceptions from this rule do not happen. Now you can consider how a similar tool works. When connected to the 220 V network, the flow of alternating current begins. He first enters the rectifier, and then into a capacitive filter.

      About how to choose the right electric trimmer for grass, watch in the next video.