DIY piston replacement on a motorcycle. Rapid diagnosis of defects in Chinese motorcycle

Not easy to replace the piston on the Chinese chainsaw photo report

Any new (or after replacing the piston group) gasoline 2-stroke engine (which is equipped with your saw, trimmer for grass, etc.D. ) In the first hours of operation, it requires the so.called “”, on which its further “life” depends. When preparing for the first launch of the chainsaw, you need to carefully read the instructions, given all the safety recommendations. The main component of the long service life of your benzo tool is oil. Now on the market there are more than a dozen different oils used for 2 stroke engines. The labels indicate the icons: saw, moped, boat engine. You should very carefully approach the choice of oil. As a rule, expensive oils are used for mopeds and motorcycles. Applying them for chainsaws is impractical due to their high cost. One of the most common oils in our market is Husqvarna, STIHL, OREGON, PARTner. These oils have additives that allow them to use them in any climatic conditions and when mixed with gasoline to ensure the normal operation of the engine. Modern chainsaws, benzotrommer are designed for 92nd gasoline, is better not to use, t.There are too many additives in it. The instructions for the operation of gasoline 2-stroke engines indicate that mixing oil with gasoline needs in 1:50 proportions (usually). This means that for 1 liter of gasoline you need 20 grams of oil. It is allowed to mix the first refueling of the fuel mixture in 1 liter capacity with a more other proportion (1 liter of gasoline and 25 grams of oil) will allow the first hours of engine operation to provide a more enhanced lubrication of engine mechanisms. In this case, smoke from the exhaust pipe will be observed. There is an opinion that the saw in the first hours of work should at idle (t.e. without pogazovka) work for several hours and only then can be used to cut a tree. We recommend that at the first launch of the saw, let it work for about five minutes and observing the safety rules, proceed to cutting small branches, trunks about 100 mm, while working at medium speeds. It is not recommended to overload the saw engine in the first minutes, allowing the clogging of the chain, or engine stopping. Since with increased load in the new engine in the working cylinder, “no backy” may occur, which ultimately leads to its breakdown. Tip: Never stir with oil gasoline more than you can produce for 2 weeks, since the properties of oil diluted with gasoline are lost. Tip: Do not use unknown oils. The label should indicate “Oil for two.stroke engines.»Tip: do not transfer your benzo.tool to another person without consulting it on safety and the rules for mixing oil” 1 l of gasoline.20 grams of oil “

There is an opinion that repairing the oil pump of a chainsaw with your own hands is quite problematic. In fact, in the presence of basic locksmith skills and general concepts and rotating mechanisms, it is possible to easily restore its initial parameters. To do this, prepare the following tools and accessories:

To eliminate the malfunctions of the pump, it is necessary to dismantle it without touching the working part.

A sealing gasket should be present between the two halves of the unit, which, if there are gusts and changes in heights, will need to be replaced with a new. The next step is to check the integrity of the supply hose. On its cylindrical forming, diaper rash and cracks should be absent, which in the future can lead to loss of tightness of the system. If such a highway is detected, it is necessary to replace, and rinse a good hose and install on a sealant to the ends of the tank and pump.

The output channels of the oil pump should not have extraneous inclusions (dust, chips, dirt). Such congestion can lead not only to a deterioration in the lubricant and the formation of vacuum plugs that can damage the supplying highways.

Description of the piston group of the chainsaw of Stihl 180

On the chainsaw of the Stihl 180, the piston group has a thirty.eight mm dialect. The dimension of the CPH of the chainsaw is determined by the piston diaphier, the cylinder is a bit than easy. In the configuration, the standard of the CPG MS one hundred eighty is supplied with the piston with a finger, 2 piston rings and 2 stopping.

The inner surface of the cylinder can be completely polished and have a glossy radiance, where you need to direct attention in the purchase of a spare CPG for the Stihl MS chainsaw. If there is damage on the inside of the cylinder, it is not necessary to install such a cylinder

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The operation of the tool should be carried out according to the instructions attached to it. Turn on the start button only after the tension of the circuit is checked, the presence of fuel mixture and oil. Having secured the chainsaw in your hands, you can start work.

If the tool refuses to work, then first of all it is necessary to identify the cause of the malfunction. And the inventory for repairing a chainsaw is suitable for the most common: various screwdrivers, end and wrench keys, hexagons.

The oil lubrication oil leaks

Each owner of the tool will face this problem sooner or later. The cause of such a malfunction is a violation of tightness at the junction of the oil pump and hose from the oil tank.

To eliminate this problem, you will have to almost completely disassemble the chainsaw.

  • If the hose is damaged, then it is best replaced with a new. You can try to fill it with sealant, having previously degreased and washed.
  • Oil can flow due to the fact that the oil filter is clogged or broke. It should be checked and cleaned or replaced.

If the chainsaw does not start

If you believe the specialists, then with such a problem, first of all, you just need to open and close the lid on the gas tank. After that, you need to ventilate the combustion chamber, as well as pull out and dry the candles. These actions are enough for the tool to start and work. If the malfunction remains, then the reason should be sought in another.

The fuel supply is affected by the sapun. Therefore, if it clogs, then a vacuum forms in a tank with fuel and the saw does not start. The saapun is repaired very simply. it should be cleaned with a needle.

The engine of the chainsaw works with interruptions

The reason for such a malfunction may be a breakdown of a cylinder.piston group, which is enough simply repair with your own hands.

To extract a cylinder from a tank, four bolts must be unscrewed on its head. Then carefully check the piston on which there should not be any bullying, scratches, chips. If any, then the piston will need to be replaced.

The optimal pressure in the combustion chamber is provided due to the piston and piston rings, which should be tight enough on the piston case. If the piston inserted into the cylinder has a free move when swinging, then this indicates its wear.

This defect can be eliminated through the cylinder boring and installing repair parts. However, the easiest way is the entire set of CPH to simply replace.


First you need to make the base of the nozzle. To do this, cut a square with a side of 100 mm from a metal plate with a corner grinder. You need to mark it in such a way that there is a hole exactly in the center (at the intersection of the diagonals). To do this, from the center of the selected opening perpendicular to the short side of the plate, we measure a distance of 50 mm and outline the spitter cutting fishing line.

Cut the excess and get a square of 100 mm x 100 mm. Now it is necessary to twist the corners a little and drill the central hole for the shaft of a trimmer for the grass.

Twist the corners and drill the central hole for the shaft of a trimmer for grass

Cut the canvases for metal, measuring from each end 8 cm. We get 4 blanks with finished holes.

This workpieces must be given the shape of the knives. To do this, we plan a fishing line for the trimmer of the cut on the eye (special accuracy is not required), fasten all 4 blanks together and grind the excess.

As a result, we get the knives of the same weight and size, they can be sharpened a little on one side. Now all parts of a home.made nozzle for a trimmer for grass are prepared, you can start assembly.

We put a small puck on the screw and insert it into the corner hole. We put a knife on top, placing the sharpened side along the rotation of the shaft of the trimmer for the grass. Following is a large puck and nut, which does not drag out, so that the knife rotates freely. We fasten the other 3 knives in the same way.

The end of the screw must be blown up so that the nut does not fly.

The nozzle is ready. It is installed by nuts to the ground and fixed in the same way as a three.lobed knife that comes with a trimmer. In a collision with a stone, the knives fold and go a little inside.

This idea was proposed by our constant author of the video Tatyana (Tula region). You can see in more detail the entire process of making such a nozzle for a trimmer for grass and find out some nuances by watching a video that she prepared.

When working with a trimmer, it is important not to forget about safety precautions using any nozzles, and especially homemade.

Where to put the piston with an arrow on 2 and 4-stroke engines | Finger displacement (disaxial) | Dnieper/Ural.

We offer to discuss this idea in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the publication. Share with us your thoughts, and also tell about your successful decisions.

Without accepting any of the sides of this acute (in the literal and figurative sense) discussion, let me show one of the last models of the Motokos of the German company Robert Bosch. It provides for a deviating knife and an arcuate bracket, excluding the “struck” of the knife on the objects unexpressed by the coat. I show the general view of the motorcycles and the knife itself, in two positions. General view of motorcycles

Good evening to everyone! Exactly three years as it sunk from the moment of discussing the “acute” problem for a trimmer for grass. Over the past 1000 days, a clear picture emerges: “Glory to the author is a craftsman who conducts an experiment on himself to achieve the limit of the metal from which these knives are made.

He has every right to risk his own health “. Now in stunt films you can often see Frvza. “Do not try to repeat the movie tricks that professional stunts performed.»The very first article was supposed to end with about the same phrase:

»Dear summer residents. This is my personal experiment. If you are not confident in your locksmith forces, please not repeat it. And most importantly. I do not bear responsibility for the operation of the tool performed in the wake of my article.”And the last. Do I see errors, judging by the photographs, performing this tool.

Alas, the author of this apparatus does not even suspect how the hole should be made for the shaft.

I inform you. the distance from the closest to the edge of the plate of the opening point to the edge should be no less than the diameter of the hole itself. Students of mechanics will learn this truth no later than the second year of the institute. And what do we see here? A thin isthmus reminiscent of a narrow pinch making the peninsula from the Crimea.

This is a priori, the place that is weak in this design. it experiences the same loads as other knives, and “Perekop” there is a very thin. Where it is thin, there and I want to hope, and completely sincerely that over these three years this crossbone has not undergone loads comparable to the limit of this metal, but rather an alloy from which a holey plate is stamped.

How to change a piston with a 4t scooter?

We will describe the process gradually step by step. First of all, it is necessary to relieve plastic, which prevents us from getting to the engine.

The next step is unscrewed and remove the carburetor (it does not have to disconnect all the hoses from the carburetor, and just take it aside).

We unscrew the silencer at the place of its mount with the cylinder head and at the place of mount with the engine card (2 long bolt). Now we remove the muffler.

The next step is to take the plastic lid of the cylinder head. (2 halves connected by two screws) After that we remove the lid of the cylinder head, unscrewing 4 bolt. Unscrew the chain tension controller, which is located near the carburetor.

Next, unscrew 4 nuts of the cylinder head mount, after which we can remove the cylinder head. When we removed the chain tensioning controller, we released the chain and can easily remove it (after we removed the chain from the camshaft, we must fix it, for example, with a wire so that it does not fall into the engine card)

In this photo, the head has not yet been removed, but only the camshaft is removed and the chain is fixed. The next step remove the cylinder from the hairpins. If problems arise with this, then you can slightly approached the wooden part of the hammer from all sides of the cylinder.

Put the piston in the upper dead point position (the highest position of the piston position, at the same time we focus on the marks on the generator rotor.) It is necessary to ensure that the chain does not fly away from the leading stars, so as not to bother with its installation in the opposite position. Take a clean rag and close the hole of the engine crankcase so that various garbage does not get into it. Remove the locking rings from the piston and thereby free your finger (here you can use the round.liners or small pliers.) Remove your finger with a small wooden bar (we try not to create a load on the crankshaft connector). This is where the process of removing the old CPG is completed.

Piston group of chainsaws

The dimensions of the cylinder piston group are determined primarily by the diameter of the piston made of heat.resistant aluminum alloy. Regardless of the model of the CPH of the chainsaws, it consists of a cylinder, a piston holding a finger and two latches.

In order to increase compression in the working unit and, as a result, increase in power, many manufacturers install two piston rings. The compression rings made of special cast iron, the chainsaws are tightly adjacent to the cylinder, as a result of which the combustion chamber is ensured.

Replacing the piston group in a chainsaw or trimmer

Repair of such a level should always be balanced. In such small engines operating at high speeds, the substitution of the 1st piston, which burned out or jammed, gives a long result and, as needed, you need to change the entire piston group. Therefore, you need to think about whether to use this saw further or purchase a new saw.

If this is a professional model, then such a repair should be carried out, but if it is an old household model like Husqvarna 40 and it has worked for more than ten or twelve years, it is unprofitable to repair it. Installation of rings on the piston of the lawn mower. Because its repair will cost, as well as the purchase of a new saw, let not Husqvarna, but on the Partner P350XT Chrome, worth 165 for sure. over, Husqvarna sells such saws, since Partner is its subsidiary.

Motorcycle Bike Ka Piston Work Kaise Karta Hai @Roshan_Mechanic

But if you still decide to repair a chainsaw or a trimmer for grass, then you need original spare parts that are not cheap. With proper operation of the engine, the first repair may not occur soon and only a piston ring or ring will have to be replaced, depending on the model. But if the saw jammed, then you need to change the entire piston group. a cylinder, piston and rings.

It should be noted that the Husqvarna 136/141 chainsaws have approximately a resource of 500-600 mothers, Husqvarna 340/350-1000-1200 mothers, professional chainsaws of at least 2000-2500 mothers, provided strictly compliance with the instruction manual. In fact, you can’t rely on these figures, since the real resource can differ significantly both in large and less. But it can be approximately that semi-professional saws work 3-4 times longer than amateur, and professional up to 10 times or more.

Of course, there is nothing eternal, but it is one thing if you change the piston group, after long years of operation and it has worked out my motorcycle chassis, has fully paid for itself, and another thing is that this saw was refined for example, with one gasoline, without oil, and it jammed. Such a saw has to be repaired, since all other details are normal.

In this video I will show how to quickly change the piston on the trimmer. I will change on the trimmer.

How to put a piston correctly

The trunk shows and tells how to correctly install the piston in the cylinder on a scooter and motorcycle

Many firms specially overstate the cost of spare parts to buy new models. On chainsaws and trimmers for grass, for example, STIHL, spare parts are in a greater assortment than on Husqvarna. Therefore, choosing a certain model, find out how things are with spare parts.

How to install rings on a two.stroke self.scatter piston

However, there is nothing complicated in installing the rings on the piston of a two.stroke scooter, like a four.stroke, and many know this. But most of the scooters who have only recently purchased such equipment do not know how to replace the piston with a scooter, how to install rings on the piston, where the arrow on the piston should look, and much more. In this lesson, I will explain how to put the rings on the piston and collect the piston in its place. Since we have already talked about four.stroke engines, we will only talk about two.stroke engines. So, our piston is worn out and needs to be replaced.

First of all, rings and piston wear out, and usually they only need to be replaced. With a strong wear of the piston, it is necessary to drill a cylinder. It also opens when the piston wedges into the cylinder, forming deep scratches on the walls of the last. There is nothing wrong with this, and if your new cylinder has passed the correct hole (on which you will need to lay only about 10), you will need a repair kit with new piston rings. Such rings are marked 0.25. The second hole, respectively, 0.5 and t. D. Up to one.

Having bought a piston, you need to collect it. As a rule, you will find the piston itself, two compression rings, the third thin corrugated ring (about its appointment later), a piston finger and two locking rings of the piston.

Now about the third call included. His appointment. Tighten the lower compressed ring to the spring. It is installed under it and, as a rule, is useless during operation. You can throw this ring, or you can put it, it doesn’t matter. Many producers of the piston do not have it at all.

It’s time to put everything in place. Depending on the scooter model, compression rings can be the same or different in thickness and cross section. For example, most pistons for scooters Honda have different rings, where the upper part is thinner, and the lower one has a different cross section.

This should be paid attention to during installation, the top is thinner and sharpened at an angle.

Also pay attention to the inscription on the ring (usually the letter T or the size of the repair), the inscription should always be on top, t.e. On the opposite finger. First you need to put it below, then from above. You do not need to stretch and bend them. These manipulations should be carried out with caution.

The grooves for the rings have locks that prevent the rotation of the rings during operation, so the gap of the rings should be in these locks, otherwise you will not insert the piston into the cylinder.

And the last important point. arrow (1) at the bottom of the piston or inscription ex. Both the arrow and the inscription should be directed to the exhaust (2). In this case, the ring locks will be located on the side of the valve rod. If you put the locks in the direction of the exhaust, the piston will not last for a long time, the rings in the final window will be delayed and gradually polish it.

For all manipulations with a piston, you need to put a rag in the Carter window so that something does not hit, we still need a crankshaft with bearings.

When installing a piston finger, pay attention to the condition of the separator (bearing), it may be necessary to replace it. Before installing the piston finger, before installing on the piston, install the locking ring on one side (usually on the side where you will uncomfortably inserted your finger and the second stop ring). Then put your finger on the bearing and the second stop ring when it is fixed in the groove, this will give a certain click.

What problems need to be replaced with a “piston” on a chainsaw

The most common reason for the replacement of the piston group with a chainsaw is its natural wear.

(2)- Two Stroke Piston Problems

We see this in the photo on the left. If your saw has worked for more than nine years, working according to the instructions, you will learn about the need to repair when the power of the saw at high speeds.

In this case, you can limit yourself to replacing compression rings or piston.

The next group of reasons for the overhaul of thermal power plants:

  • Overheating the gasoline engine during long.term operation at high speeds. A striking example of this in the photo on the left. This is a strong abrasion of the engine piston near the “cork” due to the expansion caused by the overheating of the piston and the cylinder.
  • Disconnecting the bottom of the piston. This is due to long.term work at high speeds.
  • The appearance is noticeable deep abrasions, scratches on the piston and the mirrors of the engine cylinder, which are spastic. This is due to the ingress of foreign grains or fragments into the cylinder cavity.
  • Burning of the piston engine due to extreme operation or factory marriage.
  • Rupture of the compression ring on the piston. This is manifested due to excessive loads on the gas tool.
  • Obvious non.compliance with the ratio of oil and gasoline, the use of oil substitutes or any other, but not original, indicated in the instructions for the use of a chainsaw for the manufacture of a mixture. In this case, the scratches are located evenly in a circle on the inner surface of the cylinder, you can see the impressive abrasions of a dark color, as can be seen in the photo.

Read Lawn Mushiel does not develop full power

Do not disassemble the gasoline piston saw immediately. Disassembled separately if the diagnosis is necessary in the following cases:

  • Significant drop in load under load,
  • The appearance of a metallic sound, roar or cotton,
  • The crankshaft of the engine is not a crank.

It began to measure the compression pressure in the engine combustion chamber. If its value is significantly different from the norm in the direction of reduction, it is necessary to replace the piston with a chainsaw.

Then delete the “Glush” and through the exhaust window we will see the technical condition of the ring, piston and cylinder. And only after that we draw the final conclusions.

Pay attention to the state of the cylinder mirror. Should be like a glossy mirror. If you see scratched stripes, abrasions and other defects on it, then this part is better not to install.

How to independently disassemble and repair an electric braid

Before disassemble and repair an electric braid, you should check the condition of the outlet and the voltage in the network. If its value deviates from the norms specified in the instruction manual, then you should not even try to work as a device without a stabilizer designed for appropriate power. Otherwise, the electric motor may fail. Only after determining the fact that the cause of the trimmer refusal is directly connected with it, we can begin to analyze the mechanism with the repair goal.

Dismantling and repair of the electric part

Dismantling of electric cosmos for the repair of its electric part is carried out in such a sequence.

  • Put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface (for example, a table) that does not contain extra objects.
  • Spin the screws of the lids located on one side.
  • Remove the unscrewed half of the case, getting access to the start button, electric motor, brush unit, bearings, electrical connections (these elements are shown in the photo below).
piston, replacement, motorcycle, diagnosis

Brush and bearing nodes are presented in the photo below.

The braid for the grass will work without a thermorele, you will only need to constantly check the temperature of the electric motor, periodically let it cool down. You can also install a new similar sensor.

The button for starting the electric motor can be checked by the jumper by the jumper of its contacts. If the trimmer for the grass works, then the problem is clear. But this option is unsafe. Everything should be done carefully so as not to get an electric shock. To change the button, you should use the screwdriver to extract it from the seat and attach the wiring from the old to the new. After replacement, you need to assemble an electric shout, and then check its performance.

Replacing brushes is required if they are destroyed. At the same time, it is enough to pull out the old ones from the grooves, and set the new ones in their place.

piston, replacement, motorcycle, diagnosis

The connecting terminals on different models of trimmers are practically identical, so the connection-reference of the wires is equally performed.

Replacing the bearing is a rather complicated operation, because it can boast and not be removed from the engine shaft. Tighten or hit it carefully so as not to damage the rotor or seat.

When a trimmer electric motor for the grass fails, and it must be replaced with a new one, you should carefully remove the fan and bearings, and then install them in the same place. In terms of expenses, replacement is almost comparable to the acquisition of a new mechanism. Its implementation in the absence of experience with electric motors is best entrusted to specialists.

Assembly Electrics

Instructions for assembling the electric part of the motorcycles are as follows:

  • install the engine, tightening the fasteners;
  • connect an electric circuit;
  • The wires are placed neatly between the individual compartments into existing recesses;
  • close the top cover, snapping the locks and screwing it with screws.

After assembly, check the performance of the device.

There are a lot of possible breakdowns in gasoline and electric trimmers. So that the device is working for a long time, it should be kept clean, in a dry place. An important point is regular preventive measures (for example, reducer lubrication) and compliance with operation rules set forth in the instructions for the device. Buying equipment is better than high quality from well.known manufacturers.

Disassembled the mechanism, it is recommended to take pictures of the process in stages so as not to forget anything, and when assembling, not to miss a single part. When replacing parts, you should pay attention to the choice of suitable components: it is better to use original spare parts.

In some models, the rod consists of two parts. a coupling is used to connect them. Such devices are convenient during transportation.

The algorithm for determining the malfunction

The reason for the refusal of the saw or the deterioration of its performance may be:

  • a clogged battleship cover;
  • Air sucker with a carburetor due to the destruction of the gasket or weakening of threaded fasteners;
  • Mechanical sequel of removable saw equipment and other minor defects.

How to change the piston on a benzocosa yourself.

Before starting disassembly, you should verify the need for a more volumetric repair.

Independently assemble a new chainsaw after repair with initial quality, most likely it will not be possible. In the design of modern chainsaws, press plantings of conjugated parts are often used, which have minimal maintainability.

Even a partial analysis of a chainsaw with an improvised tool can lead to undesirable consequences. In most cases, to eliminate a malfunction, you can limit yourself to the dismantling of a separate node or system.

Piston chainsaw replacement algorithm

If it is time to replace the CPG of the chainsaws, you need to know that for each specific model there is an individual algorithm of action. To facilitate the disassembly/assembly work, it is necessary to prepare a candle key, a large flat screwdriver, a hammer, a compressor for cleaning the parts of the unit, a set of rock and end keys. Regardless of the manufacturer and the design features of the model before removing the chainsaw cylinder, the following work must be done:

  • Dismantling the upper protective cover;
  • Spinning candle twisting;
  • Removing the side cover;
  • With the help of a large flat screwdriver, stoppers from shock absorbers are removed;
  • In the candle channel, place the cranberry lamp and unscrew the clutch and nut of the flywheel;
  • Dismantling the leading star of the chain;
  • We remove the carburetor with an air filter;
  • Remove the ignition module and exhaust system.

After removal from the base of the power unit, unscrew the pallet and take out the crankshaft with a piston from the cylinder. Using a locksmith tweezer or screwdriver, dismantle the piston fingers.

Before dismantling the Piston, it is necessary to remember its location in the cylinder in order not to spend time subsequently on re.disassembling and assembly of a power unit.

Sealant for fixing the shaft of the chainsaw

Before starting the assembly, compressed air, rags and other means to clean the parts and assemblies of the unit from dirt, remains of sawdust, dust. The first stage of replacing the piston chainsaw is to install the piston on the crankshaft. We fix it on the connecting rod with a steel finger that is included. In order to prevent the arbitrary loss of locking rings, it is recommended to install them with a cut down. Next, we mount the compression rings on the piston, but due to their fragility and brittleness to this operation, you need to approach as carefully as possible. To prevent the formation of scratches before installing the piston in the cylinder, grease the piston with oil. Before installing the crankcase (pallet), it will be necessary to degrease its mounting surface and apply a layer of heat.resistant sealant. The assembly of the chainsaw is carried out in the reverse algorithm described above.

Often the replacement of the piston of the chainsaw, crankshaft and compression rings solves problems with the idle stroke and with a problematic launch of the internal combustion engine.

Fuel system

So that as the fuel consistency is spent, the fuel tank was filled with air and negative pressure was not created in it, which would not allow the combustible to enter the carburetor, and with all this, so that a fuel does not flow out of the opening for air, in the lid that closes the pouring hole, Brown of a sapun. And by the way, if the saapun clogs with a dirty rod, then the chainsaw will staller.

From the tank, fuel sways through the hose freely dangling in the tank. Husqvarna; Who knows where the gas tank saepun is and how its saepun is in the upper part. Thanks to this, regardless of the position of the chainsaw, the hose is always immersed in fuel. The fuel filter is attached to the inlet end of the hose. A combustible carburetor snut.fuel.

To facilitate launch, part of the chainsaws are equipped with a manual pumping pump. a primer. When starting a chainsaw with a primer, the carburetor is filled with fuel in advance (an excess of fuel flows back into the tank). Thanks to this, the engine triggers, The stage of filling the carburetor is already passed by fuel, which is made without a primer by a carburetor pump due to the starter.

Causes of malfunctions of the piston chainsaw

There are many reasons for the failure of the CPG, which are customary to divide into two main categories: natural wear and artificial malfunctions. The first type of malfunctions, as can be seen from the name, belongs to the physical wear of the rubbing parts of the piston group. The second category is more extensive and means:

  • strong overheating of the internal combustion engine and, as a result, the appearance of thermal bully on the piston surface;
  • bummer of the lower part of the piston (skirt) due to the duration of the chainsaw at maximum speed;
  • getting into the combustion chamber of foreign particles and the occurrence of mechanical damage to CPH;
  • the bummer of the compression (piston) ring due to severe wear or exceeding the permissible speed of the saw;
  • The inconsistency of the recommended portions of gasoline and oil in the preparation of the fuel mixture.

Experts do not recommend disassembling the CPG for no reason. However, if the tool has significantly lost power, a metallic ringing in the internal combustion engine arose or when the starter jerks of the crankshaft does not turn, the piston chainsaw should be diagnosed. First of all, to identify the motor malfunctions, it is necessary to measure the compression in the cylinder. With a significant deviation from the values ​​recommended by the manufacturer, it can be safely argued that there are scratches, production, and darling on the surface of the cylinder or piston. It is the decline in compression that is the basis for the complete disassembly and repair of the piston group of the chainsaw.

For operational diagnosis of CPG for a breakdown of a compression ring of a chainsaw or bully in the cylinder, professionals advise removing the muffler and evaluate their condition through the final window.

The incomplete list of structurally similar chainsaws with the Partner 350 XT chainsaw, which are suitable for the cylinder-piston group Partner (Partner) 350, 351:

Poulan 2150; Poulan 2250; Poulan 2550; Greenline GL 367; Piran 4016; Piran 350; Piran 351; Packard Spence PSGS 400D; Packard Spence PSGS 450D; Kingston KSCS 4200; McCullock Mac 335; Priority 350; DELTA BP-1600/16/B; Profer 360; Profer 361 and others.

We draw your attention to the fact that the Partner 350 chainsaw was produced both with the housing on shock absorbers (springs) and in the “hard” case. Most of the spare parts of these chainsaws are absolutely similar, but some elements have small differences, please take it into account when choosing spare parts for the Partner chainsaw. 350 xt and its analogues

Features of the selection of a piston group

When selecting a new piston or pair of piston-cylinder, be sure to pay attention to the compliance of their markings. Each model of motorcycles exists from two to four dimensional groups of pistons

Their diameter may differ from 0.01 to 0.025 mm.

The labeling of the group is usually applied in the form of a stigma on the bottom of the piston and the lower end of the cylinder. Make sure that these numbers match.

The cylinder must be squealed before installing the piston. If the piston has acute internal corners remaining after machining or due to the marriage of casting, they must be twisted with a file and covered.

To arrange the piston correctly, focus on the arrow knocked out on the bottom of the part. If it is absent or not visible, put the piston in the same way as stop pins: they should “look” at the vertical sectors of the windows without windows.

When selecting a suitable finger, pay attention to its marking. Just like pistons and cylinders, it belongs to one of the several dimensional groups

Usually, a point of a certain color is placed on the end of the finger, the same label is available on the bobes inside the piston.

The piston fingers of the engines of modern motorcycles are usually included in the boss under the influence of slight effort at room temperature. In old models, fingers were pressed after heating in boiling water. In order not to make a mistake, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for the operation of the vehicle.

Why are the motor details break?

Breakage can be planned and emergency. The scheduled failure depends on the manufacturer, the materials of the manufacture of the group, the intensity of operation. Usually calculate the saw resource in the motorcycles. After working out the required number of motorcycles, you should hand over the tool for repair for engine prevention.

  • operation with increased loads that are incomparable with the power of the tool;
  • lack of normal what leads to dry operation of the motor and increased wear;
  • the use of low.quality fuel, which does not give stable engine operation;
  • The great age of the saw, despite the small intensity of operation.

Each launch of the tool is a certain stress for the piston and cylinder. Therefore, the resource of the device also depends on the number of launches. If you notice extraneous sounds from the motor, reduction of power, increase in consumption, it is time to give equipment for preventive repairs to the service center.

How to install a piston on a scooter. Installation of rings on the piston of a scooter

Deterioration of traction, falling maximum speed, blue smoke from the muffler and weak dynamics of a scooter-a sure sign of worn piston rings, or worn-out cylinder-piston group. Most often we wear out exactly. The diameter of the piston group of scooters is small, the working area of ​​the rings is very small and therefore they do not go for so long.

So, if you are faced with the need to replace the piston rings on a scooter, and in addition to the main problem, that they need to be changed, there is another way to put the rings on the piston correctly. You can’t just take any ring and put in any of the “grooves” on the piston. You need to understand which ring is the upper compression, which is the lower compression, as well as how to put an oilfield ring correctly.

Installation of piston rings on a 4-stroke Chinese scooter. In the photo below it is noted where what kind of piston ring.

How did you manage to notice that the set of piston rings consists of two compression rings (upper and lower), as well as the oilfold, which consists of two ordinary (thin) rings and central expander.

The second compression ring has a dark black

color, as well as unique (beveled) geometry.

For different manufacturers, the color of the rings may vary, for example, CMR. the lower compression ring has a redhead

The following scheme shows the correct location of the rings.

On the compression rings you can see the inscriptions, they can be different depending on the company of the rings, but the essence of them is one. installing the rings should be carried out upwards

! T.e. inscriptions should be directed to the cylinder head.

On the oil.welded (two thin) rings of the inscription, as a rule, you can put them with any side, the main thing is that the so.called expander is installed between them, as shown below the photo.

The process of installing the rings on we will lower, there is nothing complicated there

Only caution should be observed during the establishment of rings in the grooves, The rings are made of high.strength cast iron and a strong exposure to stretching can lead to breakdown of the rings

If you did everything right, then in the end the rings on the piston should be installed, as shown in the next photo.

On this, all the features of the installation of piston rings on a four.stroke scores are voiced, now you can put the piston in the cylinder, lubricating the rings and cylinder in oil.

Installation of piston rings on a 2-stroke scooter. So, let’s say you purchased a new piston with rings and want to install it on a scooter. Only two compression rings are included with a piston on a two.stroke scooter.

In some cases, depending on the scooter model, there may still be the so.called expander or as it is also called. the expander can be also in the kit. Such an expander is installed for the second (lower) ring.

Before you stand to install the rings on the piston, you need to understand where the upper compression ring is, and where is the lower. The rings are very different in geometry, the wrong installation of one of the rings will lead to its breakdown

Please note that the upper ring has an internal bevel, before installation, carefully inspect each ring. Below is the installation circuit, which clearly shows where which ring should stand, and also where the expander is installed, if any in the kit is present

How to assemble a piston on a chainsaw

All my samples find out what kind of model it is and in what years they produced it, ended. Inappropriate (I will be very grateful for you if you can help me with anything in this matter). But I can approximately imagine that in some places it is the 60-70s of the past century. Bosch is used by Bosch.

The number was applied on the crankcase. 21554. What is this number. Riddle for me.

On the left side of the saw is a sign with the inscription.

What information is indicated on it and for me. Dark forest :-))).

I partially dismantled the chainsaw (to clean and evaluate the state of parts). I also changed the tip of the spark plug (he cracked everything) and installed the ignition switch (it was absent at the time of purchase of the saw). This information, as you realize, are not unique :-))). And this is another minus. There are oil layers. (In the photo everything is indicated by arrows).

On pollen is a chain. How to launch a chainsaw. The question of how to launch a chainsaw can be divided into two parts: start with the instructions what to do if it does not come out for starting the information from the first part will be useful for them. Takasago (I have never heard of this, but this is evidenced by the inscription on the cutting tooth).