Greenworks mower vertical storage. Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Maintaining a backyard or lawn can be remarkably smoother and simpler with the ideal mower.

To make it better, a hassle and wire-free experience to make your lawn grass even is only one buy away with the new Greenworks Pro 80v. If you are looking for a cordless electric lawn mower, navigate across this extensive review to make an informed decision on your choice of gardening equipment.

At the helm of the revolution, from gas mowers to cordless ones, the Greenworks Pro 80v is an impressive machine for all gardening enthusiasts with battery life for 1-acre yards.

Hence, if you are looking for a powerful mower that stands neck to neck with the classic old gas mowers, Greenworks has to be on your list. Their parent company Globe Tools Group has produced a plethora of tools for DIY gardeners, and the Greenworks Pro 80v makes the cut based on its features, values, and quality.

  • Battery charger includes a fan to keep the battery cool
  • Easily folds up for compact storage
  • Cuts and mulches efficiently
  • Hassle-free since no smelly gas or oil is needed
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Not very loud, especially when compared to a gas-powered mower
  • Easy to store in the upright position
  • Cutting height is simple to adjust
  • Safety lock-out button
  • Compared to gas mowers, it is a lightweight mowing machine
  • With the push button, it requires little effort to switch on or off
  • Quick charging time
  • Due to the combination of good batteries and fast charging time, the GreenWorks 80V performs well on large lawns
  • Smart Cut Technology allows it to automatically adjust its speed and power according to the projected workload. (You won’t find yourself struggling through any type of grass)
  • Handle folds, but not without some occasional difficulty
  • Bolt and knob assembly is tough to understand
  • When pulling the mower backward, the rubber mat may get caught
  • Sensor for mower speed may trigger late
  • Slightly heavier than some electric mowers

Greenworks Pro 80v Mower Specifications

Here are some specifications which enlighten you on the product’s usability:

Features of Greenworks Pro 21 inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro 80v is a formidable entrance in a space dominated by gas and corded machines. What’s best, it has a tough steel deck, and despite being robustly built, it is just 57 pounds.

If you’re picky about its storage capabilities, you’ll be glad to know its handle easily folds down for upright storage.

Additionally, this mower’s long run time, powerful motor, and Smart sensors that respond to the density and length of your backyard’s grass make the machine a solid choice. The maneuverability of the Greenworks Pro 80v is enhanced by the wheels that are designed for better ground covering.

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Several features make this mower stand out in the market amongst general, standard mowers. Read about them below to see if it’s the best fit for your garden:

#1. Cutting Power

Often the corded mowers and even the gasoline ones fail when it comes to optimal cutting power, but Greenworks Pro 80v does a commendable job in this department. As mentioned before, with its sensors, it detects the nature of the grass being cut and accordingly adjusts the cutting speed to match.

Whether it is tall or thick grass in your backyard, this mower cuts fast, making your place look cleaner with the evenly trimmed grass. Not to forget, weeds and tallgrass will ramp up the speed, making the mower a little louder and faster.

It is interesting to note that the mower has overload protection. This means that it will switch off if pushed too hard and if that happens, all you have to do is press the trigger again.

#2. Brushless Motor

The high-power rechargeable battery of the Greenworks Pro 80v and its revolutionary brushless motor delivers unmatched performance. To add on, the digital brushless motor serves as a powerful trimming machine that can work in larger areas.

Even better, its battery life is the longest in the latest lines of mowers. A single charge of 30 minutes is enough to work on 10000 sq. ft!

The strength of the motor is equivalent to a gas motor of 160cc. Thus, its efficiency is top-notch despite consuming less power and generating less heat. The result? Longer-lasting tools compared to its brushed counterparts!

You will not receive complaints about loud noise from neighbors while using your mower. So, all credit to the Smart-cut technology allowing the brushless motor to operate with less noise and more extended durability.

#3. Deck Size

With its superior motor technology and battery performance, Greenworks Pro 80v comes with a much bigger cutting desk than its rival battery lawnmowers. Simply put, it has a 21-inch cutting deck making life much easier for all lawn owners.

A 21-inch width automatically means you can cover more surface area in one pass, thus traversing your lawn in much less time. What’s more, a height adjustment lever allows you to choose from seven trimming heights, making your garden clean and uniform as per your preference.

Larger decks have their own set of problems, such as difficulty turning the mower along curved areas. But the Greenworks Pro 80v becomes an intelligent investment for another reason – the deck size is perfect, neither too big nor too small.

#4. Push Buttons

Cutting grass is now just one button away. Push-button ignition has replaced the traditional ways of expending energy to fire the motor up with the pull cord. This feature makes the machine a lot more user-friendly, and gardeners who have back or shoulder pain can bid goodbye to the struggle by investing in the Greenworks Pro 80v.

One of the best design features is the reliability of the push button. If you are in a hurry, you won’t be riddled with the hassle of waiting for your mower to start.

#5. Durable Battery

A powerful 4.0Ah battery makes this mower a forerunner in the market. On a single charge, the battery can mow up to 6000 sq. ft.

There are two modes in the machine – low power and high power. It can sense the surface area and determine when you need more or less energy. Thus, the mower keeps oscillating between the two modes. When it goes to the low power mode, users tend to question its durability. But factually, the energy-saving mode is a feature not many mowers have!

Lithium-ion technology forms the make-up of the battery and is to be attributed for its Rapid rechargeability and energy efficiency. Fully charged batteries have a run time of 60 minutes to cover up an entire acre of land and take half of this time to charge.

Did You Know: Larger areas can be easily covered with larger batteries.

#6. 3-In-One

With this lawnmower, you have the freedom to access three different forms of grass discharges that are very flexible. Plus, you get to choose what you prefer:

  • Mulching
  • Rear discharge for grass collection in the rear bag (bag is included)
  • Side discharge to put the cut grass out to the side of the machine
greenworks, mower, vertical, storage, 21-inch, cordless

Although an added feature, the mower mulches quite well too. It chops the clippings into really fine mulch with rare cases of clumping. Users compare it with the older versions and witness a massive improvement.

If mulching is essential to your garden setup, your ideal mower is the Greenworks Pro 80v, as you get the best of both worlds – mulching and mowing.

Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch Mower Review

The smoothness of switching from one feature to another is a convincing trait of this mower. You can mulch, bag, or discharge your clippings, and it is super-fast and simple to access all that the machine offers.

Price of the Greenworks Pro 21 inch 80v Cordless Mower

Greenworks Pro 80v falls in the middle of the price spectrum of similar competitor models, making it a value-for-money mower. Most customers have expressed their experience of believing that this is the right value for them.

Thus at 495, the Greenworks Pro cordless mower is a justified deal.


If you are a backyard owner on the hunt for the ideal cordless mower, the Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Mower could cater to your specific gardening needs. Make sure to account for your lawn size, type of grass, frequency of mowing, storage setups, and any additional details which can assist in deciding whether this is the kind of backyard equipment you’re looking for.

The Greenworks Pro 80v 21-inch Cordless Mower

The Greenworks Pro 80v 21-inch Cordless Mower is the perfect tool for a simpler, hassle-free mowing. Powered by an 80v Lithium-ion battery, it can mow up to 6000 sq. ft on a single charge.

greenworks, mower, vertical, storage, 21-inch, cordless

GREENWORKS Pro 80 Volt mower Frist Reactions Review

Greenworks Pro 60V Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Brushless Lawn Mower W/ 5.0 AH Battery review – Say goodbye to gas

REVIEW – One of the newest innovations in yard work is the switch from gas-powered tools to battery-powered. The benefits are numerous: No fumes, no maintenance, no gas, no power. Wait, scratch that last item—battery-powered tools finally have all the power of gas making them a viable replacement to those smelly gas monsters in your garage or shed. One of the better-known brands of battery-powered tools is Greenworks—who sent me their Pro 60V Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Brushless Lawn Mower W/ 5.0 AH Battery. The name may be a mouthful, but the mower can handle almost anything thrown at it.

What is it?

The lime-green GreenWorks Pro 60V Cordless 21″ is a self-propelled brushless lawn mower best used for small to medium sized yards. It has variable speed, ergonomic design, one-step height adjustment, 3-way grass discharge, and other features I’ll go over in the review.

Design and features

When you unbox the GreenWorks Pro 60V Cordless 21″ mower, you’re greeted with some immediate good news. Except for two screws to attach the handle, there is no assembly. Once the handle is in place, you’re good to go. A note about the handle: Greeworks placed all the wiring inside the hollow handle, not zip-tied to the outside like so many other mowers. This protects the wiring from all kinds of hazards.

There are three grass discharge choices: Side, bag, or mulch. With rare exception, I mulch when I mow, meaning there’s no bag or side discharge. Mulching chops up the grass more as it revolves inside the mower deck at incredible speed. I do bag about once a season to help keep any grass build-up in check. I have never used side-discharge, but it’s there for those who might prefer it.

If you decide to mulch, there’s a safety plug that goes where the bag catches grass at the rear of the deck. Bagging requires that this plug be removed and the bag be inserted under a large lift-up door—much like every other mower available today.

Speaking of the deck, the Greenworks mower has a 21-inch steel deck. 21 inches is a good size for a battery-powered mower (but it’s not even Greenwork’s largest). Also, the blade cuts up to the edge of the deck, making it easy to track your mowing. While the steel deck is strong, its weight may cut into battery life vs. a plastic-decked mower.

The wheels on the mower are plastic, but with good tread for digging into grass, especially since the rear wheels are 10 in. vs. 7 in. on the front.

The mower comes with a single battery and a charger. The battery takes about 45 min. – one hour to fully charge. That’s about average for batteries of this type.

Batteries go into the top of the mower motor under a lift-up lid. There are two battery compartments that can hold any Greenworks battery, no matter the size or power rating. There are two added features with Greenwork’s battery compartment: The lid is a soft-close design that doesn’t require any snapping into place. Just let it drop and it gently closes. Also, Greenworks supplies a safety key that must be inserted for the mower to work. That’s a huge safety feature if you need to change the blade without worrying about accidentally powering the mower. The downside is, “Do not lose that key if you want to use your mower!”

The one thing that bugs me about battery-powered tools, is that there are no generic one-design-fits-all batteries. Each company has its own proprietary battery designs, so once you buy that first tool, you are locked into that brand if you wish to swap batteries.

Note: The mower only ships with one 60V 5.0 Ah battery. This can be misleading when comparing this mower to other mowers such as the EGO 21″ Self-Propelled Peak Power electric lawnmower, which ships with two 56V 5.0 Ah batteries. The EGO mower sells for 750 vs the Greenworks 500 price. The price difference is substantial, but a single Greenworks 60V 5.0 Ah battery goes for 200, so the price discrepancy is only 50 if a second battery is added.

Start-up of the mower is so, so simple. Many battery-powered mowers require a two-step process of pressing the on button followed by the blade starter handle—in that order. The GreenWorks setup is also two-step, but it doesn’t matter in what order it’s done. It’s not a big thing, but it is one less thing to think about.

While simple, the starting process has both good and not-so-good features. There are left and right blade and self-propelled levers on both sides of the handle. This is good for both left or right-handed people, but if one side lever is squeezed, the other lever also moves. If the other hand is just holding onto the handle under the lever (easy to do), it will be squeezed by the handle. It doesn’t hurt when that happens, but it is a bit awkward.

The handle houses a “Turbo-Mode” button, self-propelled drive-speed lever, and a battery life indicator so you’ll always know how much battery life is left. If you’re using two batteries, the mower will completely deplete one and then automatically switch to the other rather than use both simultaneously.

The drive-speed lever goes from turtle (slow) to hare (fast). I had the lever moved about 3/4 the way to hare and the self-propelled walking speed was too slow for me—and I’m a leisurely mower. Yet the full-on hare setting was too fast resulting in a small selection range between too slow and too fast. Keep in mind that mowing speed is a personal thing, so YMMV.

Turbo-Mode speeds up the blade motor for a faster, more substantial cut—at the expense of battery life—and should be reserved for tall, thick grass areas only. Despite the Turbo-Mode, the motor is geared to use energy savings when it detects an easier to cut grass area potentially extending battery life. For the record, battery life with the 60V 5.0 Ah for me was exactly 36 minutes on a full charge. That’s with a normal cut using self-propelled for the entire mowing. This makes the mower good for smaller to medium-sized lawns. Two batteries will yield over an hour of mowing—perfect for medium to larger yards. My backyard is almost an acre (with many trees) and I was able to cut half of it before the battery died.

While mowing, I noticed a bothersome (for me) trait while using self-propelled. If you need to back up, you have to wait for a second or two fully stopped before self-propelled mode will turn itself off. Otherwise, the wheels lock up and you find yourself having to drag the mower backward. I’m impatient, so giving the mower that extra second or two is something I am still dealing with.

I really appreciate the battery-life indicator on the handle. Many yard tool batteries have the power rating on the battery itself. With my eyesight (and closer handle), it’s much easier to see how much power remains.

The mower can be set to 7 mowing heights—all using one easy-grip handle. After years of futzing around with separate wheel adjustments with my gas Honda, I’ve grown spoiled by these easy-to-use improvements.

Greenworks was thoughtful enough to include headlights on the Pro 60V Lawn Mower—headlights! The LED lights are bright and can allow extra minutes at dusk to finish mowing a lawn. The lights are bright enough (and the mower is quiet enough) to mow in the dark if you want without disturbing anyone. But that’s not recommended in bug-infested Florida, so I don’t. Note that the lights are always on—there is no on/off switch.

So, how does it cut? My backyard is mostly St. Augustine grass—popular in Florida. It’s deep green, thick, and grows fast, requiring weekly mowing. The mower breezed through the grass with the motor increasing in speed (and noise) only where the grass was thicker. But it never stalled—even in the damp parts. Keep in mind that the still new blade helps.

Due to its larger rear wheels, easy start and quiet motor, the Greenworks Pro 60V Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Brushless Lawn Mower is a joy to use, despite a couple of quirks mentioned earlier. I expect the steel deck to hold up under punishing use for years. Now I just have to purchase an extra battery to handle my large backyard.

What I’d change

Final Thoughts

Once you begin investing in battery-powered tools, you begin to accumulate batteries which can greatly extend the use time of any tool. The worst mistake you can make is buying different brands of battery-powered tools. It’s important to choose what brand you will use before buying that first tool to get the benefit of switching batteries among all the tools.

Think of charged batteries as refilling the tank after the tool runs out of fuel. Except there’s no fuel or fumes or maintenance or practically anything else to worry about. It’s a new world regarding yard work and I’m all in.

Price: 499.99 US Where to buy: Lowes Source: The sample of this product was provided by Greenworks.

Kobalt 40V Mower Vs Greenworks 80V Mower: Which One Wins?

With modern self-propelled or robotic lithium-ion battery-powered lawnmowers, homeowners and businesses have myriad options for getting a smoothly cut, velvety emerald lawn. Two choices include 40-volt mowers from the Kobalt brand and 80-volt mowers produced by GreenWorks. Both mowers harness electric power to get the job done without the foul-smelling exhaust fumes of gasoline mowers.

Kobalt is the tool and power tool house brand of the Lowe’s home improvement chain. Several companies build the Kobalt line for Lowe’s, including Chevron and Rexon Industrial of Taiwan. Lowe’s sells the Kobalt line as its highest quality tools and mowers, above the Project Source and Blue Hawk brands. GreenWorks makes affordable lawnmowers that still offer plenty of performance with an 80-volt battery as the power source. Here’s how Kobalt 40V Mower Vs Greenworks 80V Mower measure up against each other.

Kobalt 40V Mower Vs Greenworks 80V Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

Kobalt Gen4 40-Volt Mower vs GreenWorks 80-Volt Mower: What’s the Difference?

Both are cordless, self-propelled mowers. The two machines cut similar swaths through the grass, and neither is robotic, requiring human guidance (though not pushing). Though color does not impact performance, each brand is instantly identifiable by its tint matching its name. The Kobalt Gen4 40-volt boasts a cobalt blue color, while the GreenWorks 80-volt sports large amounts of pale, fresh green.

Both mowers draw on 100% electric power, eliminating the need for gasoline or resulting gas fumes. They trundle along under their power, making them well-suited to all users. Homeowners with little body strength or tired after a long day’s work must do no more than guide the mower back and forth over their lawn.


The MSRP for the Kobalt Gen4 40-volt lawnmower is 429 before any discounts or savings. This price includes a single 6.0-Ah 40-volt lithium-ion battery and a battery charger. The owner can buy extra batteries separately, with these available under the manufacturer item number #380990. For this price, the mower comes with a 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge kit.

The GreenWorks Pro 80-volt is priced much higher at 550 MSRP. Like the Kobalt, it has a single battery (4.0-Ah, 80-volt) and a charger. It also includes the attachments needed to set it up for side discharge, bagging, or mulching. While priced higher, the GreenWorks Pro is also a more powerful mower. It also includes a few extra features like the potentially power-saving Smartcut technology.


Kobalt builds tools with 20-volt, 40-volt, and 80-volt batteries, and the Kobalt Gen4 20-inch mower falls into the middle range. A full charge should be enough for a maximum of 46 minutes of operation. The company claims this is enough runtime to cut approximately half an acre of lawn. The Kobalt’s battery is usable with over 45 other outdoor power tools in the “Kobalt 40V Family,” including leaf blowers, trimmers, and more.

The GreenWorks Pro’s 80-volt battery can also power a whole lineup of GreenWorks’ other tools. The battery fits into over 50 of GreenWorks’ outdoor products, powering everything from trimmers and leaf blowers to chainsaws and garden tillers. The included fast charger charges this 5.0-Ah lithium-ion battery in 30 minutes, while a fully-charged battery supplies roughly 45 minutes of runtime.

Kobalt 40V Lawnmower

The Kobalt 40 V cuts a 20-inch stripe of lawn with each pass, matching the width of most other mowers. Kobalt built its 40-volt lawnmower with a brushless motor, extending motor life and delivering more power to the cutting blades. The rugged construction continues with a beefy steel mower deck able to withstand years of use.

Users start the Kobalt Gen4 lawnmower with a straightforward push button. The mower propels itself using rear-wheel drive, requiring the operator to do no more than steer. The user can adjust the speed of the powered rear wheels from a crawl to faster mowing. Slow speeds can be used to chew through long, thick grass. Faster speeds enable a quick touch-up on an already mowed lawn.

Besides the variable speed control, the operator can choose from one of six deck heights. A single lever adjusts the mowing height quickly and easily. The minimum cutting height is 1.25 inches, while the mower rides on 7-inch front wheels and 9-inch rear wheels.

The user chooses from one of three mowing setups. The Kobalt Gen4 40-volt can be set to mulch grass, chopping it fine to fall between the blades and nourishing the roots. There is also a choice of a rear discharge bagging attachment and a side discharge spout. Kobalt includes panels in the package to close off the attachment opening that isn’t currently in use. When the user finishes with the unit, the handle folds telescopically to make the lawnmower more compact for storage.

GreenWorks Pro 80-volt 21-inch Lawnmower

The GreenWorks Pro 80-volt lawnmower cuts a slightly wider swath than the Kobalt Gen4 at 21 inches. The difference likely isn’t enough to matter in most cases, however. Once again, a brushless motor drives the GreenWorks Pro, developing plenty of torque and boosting the product’s lifespan. The company built the deck from steel to keep the mower rigid and make it stand up to more accidental dings, plus wear and tear over time.

A push-button starter makes yanking on a gasoline mower’s rope starter a memory of the distant past. The user picks from one of seven adjustable heights, but the GreenWorks Pro lawnmower has an extra trick up its sleeve. Its onboard electronics include a sensor for its Smartcut technology. Smartcut detects the length of grass being cut and automatically adjusts the power fed to the blades. This means a light touch-up trim will use hardly any power. But the GreenWorks Pro will put high energy into effectively chopping through dense, long grass.

Like its Kobalt competitor, the GreenWorks 80-volt mower propels itself with rear-wheel drive. Its 8-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels are a little bigger, making it slightly better on bumpy ground. It can readily climb a 20° slope using only its power and no extra pushing from the user. When the mowing job is complete, the lawnmower features a folding handle for “vertical storage.” The company says it occupies 70% less space in a garage or shed.

Make the switch to a greener yard with a high-performance battery-powered lawn mower.

By Tony Carrick and Mark Wolfe | Updated Jul 12, 2023 8:21 AM

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

Whether you’re switching from gas-powered to green or buying your first cordless electric mower, battery-powered lawn mowers offer many advantages. In addition to being kinder to the environment, they’re also quieter and easier to start than gas-powered mowers.

These innovative machines use powerful batteries that provide enough juice to mow lawns up to a half acre or larger. They also produce enough torque to cut through tall grass and many are self-propelled, making them easier to operate.

We tested the following battery-powered lawn mowers in different grass-growing environments to find out more about their capability, reliability, and overall user comfort. Read on to learn about the important features to consider, how to select the best battery-powered lawn mower for areas ranging from just a few square feet to a couple of acres, and how each mower performed in our hands-on tests.

  • BEST OVERALL:Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK:Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower
  • BEST SELF-PROPELLED:Toro Flex Force 60V 21-Inch Super Recycler Mower
  • BEST RIDING:Ego Power Z6 42-Inch Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • BEST FAST-CHARGING:Ego Power 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower
  • BEST FOR LARGE YARDS:Greenworks 40V 21-Inch Smart Pace Lawn Mower
  • BEST FOR SMALL LAWNS:Worx Nitro 80V Power Share 21-Inch Self Propelled Mower

How We Tested the Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

Battery-powered lawn mowers generally offer a quiet, exhaust-free mowing experience. They remove the hassle of buying and hauling gasoline, changing oil, and other maintenance aspects of gas engines. With the notable exceptions of sharpening/replacing blades and charging/replacing batteries, they are virtually maintenance-free. While shoppers are motivated to buy battery-powered lawn mowers for a multitude of reasons, the expectation remains that they will be able to mow their grass whenever they want, without hassle or frustration. To us, as testers, that meant we needed to closely scrutinize runtime, recharge time, and overall mowing capability.

We tested all mowers the same way and captured the results on a testing rubric for comparison. After fully charging the batteries, we used them to mow two different areas, one that had been consistently maintained at the normal mowing height, and one that had been neglected and allowed to grow about 10 inches high. Both areas included a mix of flat and moderately sloped ground. As we mowed, we assessed general operator comfort, self-propelled capabilities, mowing power, and finished mowing quality. We mowed until the batteries ran out, recorded the runtime, and measured the area mowed. Finally, we recorded the time required to recharge the depleted batteries.

Because riding mowers offer many more features and control options, we tested the Ego Power Z6 over several days with multiple battery configurations. Battery life plays such an outsized role in overall performance and customer satisfaction that we wanted to collect results on maintained and overgrown grass for groupings of two, four, and six batteries. The testing criteria and observation points for each test run were virtually the same as those for the other mowers. The great news is that all of these mowers delivered excellent mowing power, good-to-excellent cut quality, and plenty of runtime for real-world applications as shown in the individual reviews.

Our Top Picks

We tested the following mowers taking into account the above considerations for large and small yards. Read on to learn how each model performed in testing and why we consider them among the best battery-powered lawn mowers.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mo

The Snapper XD features a variable-speed transmission and design features that allow for adjustments to meet different grass-cutting demands. The StepSense feature automatically adjusts the speed to match the user’s walking pace. Load-sensing technology in this model automatically adjusts power output based on the thickness of the grass to provide a clean cut while maximizing energy efficiency.

The mower’s impressive 21-inch steel cutting deck is versatile. It boasts seven height adjustments that are easily changed from behind the mower with a single lever. The deck can mulch, side discharge, or bag with a capacity of up to 2.1 cubic feet of grass clippings.

When the yard work is done, this mower folds up conveniently for vertical storage in the garage. The kit includes two 2.0-Ah (amp hour) batteries, which together provide about 60 minutes of runtime and recharge in about 60 minutes.

In our tests, the Snapper XD traversed all types of terrain and left behind a smooth, even cut on a single pass. It easily powered through overgrown grass and weeds up to 10 inches tall, although extended use in tall weeds increased the needed power output and reduced runtime by about half.

We were more impressed by the blade motor’s load responsiveness than by the automated pace-adjustment system. The StepSense feature worked well on relatively flat ground, but on inclines it felt somewhat sticky or uneven. In overall performance for the price, this mower offers excellent power and runtime to mow about ⅓ of an acre, or 15,000 square feet, per charge.

Product Specs

  • Runtime/recharge time: 60 minutes/60 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled, automatic pace adjustment
  • Automatically adjusts to any individual user’s pace
  • Powerful motor doesn’t bog down in dense grass
  • Single lever cutting-height adjustment for user-friendliness
  • Folds into a compact unit for ease of storage
  • Less runtime per charge than some competitors
  • StepSense feature feels somewhat “sticky”

Get the Snapper battery-powered lawn mower at Appliances Connection, Amazon, or Mowers Direct.

Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks is known for its advancements in battery technology, and this model has two 2.0-Ah batteries that allow for up to 70 minutes of runtime from a full charge, with a combined recharge time of just 60 minutes. This push mower features a 21-inch-wide mowing deck. Technology that adjusts the motor speed based on load helps to maximize battery life and maintain excellent cut quality.

Adding to this impressive mowing coverage is a steel deck with seven positions that are easy to adjust with a large handle near the right rear wheel. Its sturdy steel deck gives it the tough feel of gas-powered models.

A large start button and easy-to-maneuver speed control mean it can be manipulated with gloved hands. This push mower does not have motorized wheels, which keeps the price low and maximizes battery life for cutting grass. The 3-in-1 grass clipping capability allows for bagging, mulching, or side discharging, and a foldable handle design facilitates compact storage.

Although this Greenworks push mower required a bit more effort to move around the yard than the self-propelled mowers, its simplified design made it an extremely capable mower. The powerful motor offered the most “gas-like” performance of the group. It had no trouble cutting dense, weedy grass up to 10 inches tall and left possibly the best finish of all the mowers we tested. In all three modes, bagging, mulching, and side discharging, it left the grass perfectly smooth, with no uneven spots or stringy weeds left behind. It had plenty of power to mulch thick grass into virtually invisible clippings.

The only downside of this mower was that hilly ground reduced the amount of area mowed per charge, not because of demand on the mower, but because the operator’s pace slowed. Everything else considered, we felt that this push mower delivered the strongest mowing capability, even though we had to push it. And the price was significantly less than the others.

Product Specs

  • Runtime/recharge time: 70 minutes/60 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Push
  • Dual 2-Ah batteries offer up to 70 minutes of runtime; ideal for both small and large yards
  • Strong motor delivers powerful cutting performance; ideal for thin and thick grass varieties
  • Easy to use controls integrated into the handle
  • Included charger only charges one battery at a time
  • Not self-propelled; may cause some strain on the user

Get the Greenworks 80V battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon or Lowe’s.

Toro Flex Force 60V 21-Inch Super Recycler Mower

The Toro Flex Force Super Recycler lawn mower is built for powerful mowing performance with superior operator comfort. The three-phase motor automatically increases power output when it detects tougher mowing conditions, then eases off to conserve battery life when the mowing gets easier again.

The 21-inch military-grade cast aluminum deck features a powerful vortex air-intake system that stands the grass blades up straight for a smoother, cleaner cut. The shock-absorbing Personal Pace self-adjusting, self-propelled system operates smoothly regardless of the terrain. Bright LED headlights make it easier to mow later into the evening. It comes with a powerful 60V 7.5-Ah battery that delivers up to 50 minutes of runtime per charge and recharges in 3 hours.

The Toro Super Recycler was the most comfortable battery-powered mower we tested, primarily because of its robust self-propulsion system. Although it was not the only mower with a pressure-sensitive handle, this one functioned the best. It paired the slightly more resistant, but buttery smooth, handle movement with a higher top-end speed for self movement that felt almost effortless on most terrain. Only slight pressure was required to climb the uphill areas, and it didn’t try to run away on the downhills.

Toro’s excellent cut quality was second only to the Greenworks 80V (mainly because the Greenworks mower performed exceptionally well in overgrown areas and Toro needed a second pass for best results there). However, we were underwhelmed by its battery performance at only 45 to 50 minutes of runtime in average conditions and 3 hours to recharge. Still, anyone with less than a half acre who is shopping for smooth operation and a top-quality cut may want to consider the Super Recycler.

Product Specs

  • Runtime/recharge time: 50 minutes/180 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled, automatic pace adjustment
  • Mows up to 0.4 acre (17,424 square feet) per charge
  • Self-propelled rear wheels
  • Motor automatically adjusts output to match mowing conditions
  • Lightweight, rust- and corrosion-resistant aluminum deck
  • LED headlights allow for ample visibility or nighttime mowing
  • Longer recharge time than the competition
  • Top mowing speed is too fast for imperfect conditions

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Ego Power Z6 42-Inch Zero Turn Riding Mower

Those with larger acreage can now have a battery-powered mower that can actually cut all of their grass on a single charge. The Ego Power riding mower is capable of mowing up to 2 acres per charge, with easy upgrades that can increase runtime to cut more than 3 acres per charge. Plus, it offers many of the same features found on gas-powered zero-turn mowers, such as adjustable lap bars to independently control the rear drive wheels; heavy-duty front swivel casters; a comfortable high back seat with adjustable suspension; a 42-inch deck with 10 height settings from 1.5 to 4.5 inches; and side discharging, mulching, and bagging capabilities.

The electric motor delivers power equivalent to a 22-horsepower (HP) gasoline engine. The Z6 also boasts high-power LED headlights, a battery level indicator, and independently adjustable modes and blade speeds. This mower comes with four 56V 10-Ah lithium batteries, with six available battery slots onboard, and is compatible with any of Ego Power’s other 56V batteries. It also comes with the fastest battery charger in the industry.

With so many features to test, we spent more time with the Z6 than with any of the other battery-powered mowers in this roundup. For our first run, we charged the four 56V 10-Ah batteries that came with the mower and cut as much grass as possible until the batteries ran out. Then we repeated the process with only two batteries, and again with a full “tank” of six batteries.

greenworks, mower, vertical, storage, 21-inch, cordless

The mower requires a minimum of 15-Ah to operate, and the charger plugs into the mower to recharge all six batteries at once. Runtime and charge time were as follows: two batteries charged in 1¼ hours and mowed 3/4 acre, four batteries charged in 2 hours and mowed 1¾ acres, and six batteries charged in 3 hours and mowed almost 3 acres (we mowed the entire available area with about 12 percent charge left in the batteries).

We should also mention that the acreage we were mowing included a 1-acre rectangular field and two 1-acre home lots that, in addition to the homes, are approximately 50 percent and 75 percent lawn. The total grass acreage is more like 2¼, with some significant slopes and obstacles to navigate. Since Ego offers an even bigger battery size at 56V and 12-Ah, we estimate that runtime could possibly be stretched to mow up to 4 acres, depending on the condition of the grass and the lay of the land.

The Ego Power Z6’s operation was mostly excellent. Startup was easy, and maneuvering was intuitive. The apparent noise level was extremely quiet and limited to operating the mower deck. The machine travels almost silently when the blades are not running. The lap bars and drive wheels felt somewhat imprecise compared to other zero-turn mowers we’ve used. The machine pulled slightly to the left at full speed on flat ground under an average mowing load. The suspension seat was comfortable, but the relatively small rear tires and light weight of the machine made for a bouncy ride at times. It climbed and maneuvered fairly well on slopes, which is not a strength for most zero-turn mowers.

For most mowing, we kept the machine in “standard” mode and the blades on half power with excellent results. We tested the top blade speed on an area of about 2,000 square feet of overgrown crabgrass that was about 12 inches high, and we had to slow the travel pace significantly to get an acceptable cut in that situation. The Ego Power battery-powered zero-turn mower would make a great choice for any large-acreage owner with lots of grass to maintain.

Product Specs

  • Runtime/recharge time: 30 minutes/120 minutes (4 batteries)
  • Deck size: 42 inches
  • Mobility: Zero-turn riding mower
  • Four 56V 10-Ah batteries included, with room for 2 additional batteries
  • Onboard Rapid battery-charging system
  • 10-position, 42-inch deck allows for ample cutting per pass
  • Mows at speeds up to 7 mph/2.6 acres per hour
  • Bright LED headlights for low-light mowing

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