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Review of the best, according to the editors of Expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

Despite the abundance of electrical tools for cutting materials, they are used in human activities and traditional hacksaws. With their help, you can quickly cut the most diverse workpieces in density. In this case, you do not need to unwind an electric wire, season with gasoline, the tool does not take up much space in the trunk of a car. A low price allows you to have a hand tool not only to professionals, but also to home masters. Today there are many different models, expert advice will help to make the right choice.

How to choose a quality hacksaw

The 14 best hacksaws got into our review. When compiling the rating, the opinion of experts and user reviews were taken into account.

Rating of the best hacksaws

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Best woodcuts
Best metal hacksaw
The best folding hacksaws
The best sprawling hacksaws
The best Japanese saws

Bahco Superior 2600-16-XT11-HP

Opens our rating of the best scabbard Bahco Superior 2600-16-XT11-HP. Even if you have never heard about this Swedish company, then you are still familiar with its products. Someded someday a gas key? But it was precisely the founder of Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad to Johan Johansson at the end of the 19th century invented it. Well, the company created by him, which changed its name first at Ba Hjort Co, and then on Ab Bahco (it is already clear where this name came from), to this day remains one of the leading world manufacturers of a manual tool.

Tired of “purely Chinese” or “type European” saws? Well, Bahco Superior proudly flaunts the inscription “Made in Sweden” on the canvas. And the canvases themselves, like the handle, the company offers separately-that is, specifically this model, in fact-the factory “designer” from the 400-mm Superior fabric (step-11 teeth per inch) and Ergo handle). A canvas made of instrumental steel has a protective coating with good antifriction properties: the hacksaw saws easily, and it does not threaten the rust. With one “but”. If you saw the tree along the large length, the canvas will still be wiped without rubber (a small divorce affects), erasing and coating. The handle is convenient and ergonomic, so its name justifies. The corners of the installation of the canvas in the design are provided for three, for the rearrangement you will have to twist the screws (which are also three). And if you assemble the “designer” yourself, then you can buy an updated ERGO hilt. now the company produces them with a more anatomical form (under the left.handed and under the right.hander separately), in several sizes for different brushes and with a quick removal of the canvas.

The stiffness of the canvas is good, during work it does not “play”. over, this did not require excessively increase the thickness, which means that the mass. even the hacksaw did not reach the half.kilogram. In general, let a hacksaw and not cheap, but made really high quality.

hacksaw, choose

Great professional hacksaw with a small tooth. I sawed an oak, but the teeth still do not need to sharpen.

Gross Piranha 24107

And now from the “real Europeans” let’s move on to “type Europeans”. Although advertising talks about “European quality and t.D. and t.P.”, Do not flatter yourself: the instrument under this brand is done in China, and the mention of the only Russian.speaking site of the company” The World of the Tool “on the canvas unequivocally hints that this” German “hacksaw is being done by order of a particular distributor at that the case, a hacksaw Not bad, it is largely similar to Bahco: an ergonomic two-component hilt, a canvas with a narrow wiring and step 11-12 tpi. The declared material of the canvas is the high-carbon instrumental steel SK-5 (although, rather, its analogue is China, after all), holding the sharpening well, the coating of the canvas is Teflon. The manufacturer offers a line of various canvases for its standard mount, so that you can buy a few more to this hacksaw.

In work, it is quite convenient if (as in the case of Bahco) does not get carried away with longitudinal sawing. but if the Swedish hacksaw basically affects the linflow of the canvas, then, it seems, the shape of the tooth is not so successful. Is it worth your money “piranha”? In principle, yes. it is almost half the cheaper than Bahco, but not at all twice as long.

I liked the hacksaw. It’s convenient to cut, the Teflon holds well. it is erased only if it really bites, but you are still trying to saw her anyway.

Armero A531/400

We have already encountered this brand in our ratings: “Type of Spanish” a company that has an official site in a domain zone.ES for some reason was written only in Spanish and Russian and hosts in St. Petersburg. So it is easy to guess about the real origin of the hacksaw. But, if you abstract from the “Abibasic biography”, for my money, Khspaovka is actually good.

A light hacksaw with an ergonomic handle is equipped with a 400-mm (which is understandable and labeled) with a canvas with 9 teeth in a step per inch. The declared material of the canvas is the same SK-5 steel as GROSS Well, let’s believe it: in practice, the canvas shows itself well. Then why a hacksaw is almost twice as cheaper than the “piranha”? There are two critical differences in essence: the absence of Teflon coating and a fixed handle. The first in some cases is even more practical (there will be no fishing line for a trimmer cutting when rubbing the canvas), but with the second you will have to come to terms with the second. But whether you often rearranged the hilt on a hacksaw at different angles?

NorGAU N403

In the category of the best scabbard for metal, Norgau N403 wins. simple outwardly, but high.quality hacksaw with a lever tensioner. Yes, the distributor, as usual, decided to “send it to Europe”, representing the Taiwanese tool under a “kind of German” face, but they have good quality control, so you can use NorGAUs hacksaw for metal.

The hacksaw frame is made of steel pipe with galvanic coating, the hilt is aluminum. The stiffness of the structure came out very decent, not “playing” and calmly holding a strong stretch. and due to the lever it is not difficult to pull the canvas. The canvas “out of the box” goes well, with a step 24 teeth per inch-well, and any 300-mm.

Kraftool 15802_z01

This hacksaw also has a lever tensioner, but less convenient than that of Norgau: for tension, you need to free the upper lever, set the premature lamb on the lower one, and then return the upper lever “to the place”. But in convenience, it will probably be even more interesting, even with a two.handed grip. both on the handle and the front there is a trim.

Since we still saw more time than we rearrange the canvases (unless, of course, they “fly” after a couple of nozzles), then we will not greatly reduce the scabbard for the design of the tensioner: it is convenient to work with the tool. So as an option for buying, especially if you often work with both hands, it will be very interesting.

Technical characteristics of hacksaws

According to GOST, knife.offs on wood intended for carpentry and carpentry (manual sawing of wood) must correspond to certain technical characteristics.

The state standard specifies what materials canvas, pens can be made of, what should be the connection of the working surface with the handle. The permitted dimensions of the tool and its individual parts are also indicated. There are requirements for sharpening and breeding incisors, the minimum-permitted sharpening indicator to the front and back of the tool.

Technical characteristics of a manual tool

Hand hacksaw on wood has several fundamental parameters. it is a brand of steel, the length of the canvas, the shape of the canvas and the slope of the handle, but the shape and type of tooth is considered the most important parameter, and this characteristic is the same for both manual and electric models.

The quality of domestic hacksaws for wood is in no way inferior to foreign counterparts

The length of the hacksaw

It all depends on what purposes are bought a hacksaw. So if you take a hacksaw in a city apartment and do not plan to work constantly, then a folding model with a length of the canvas is quite enough 300. 400 mm. For a private house or summer cottage, a full.size tool with a canvas is already needed 500. 700mm.

Важно! При резке заготовки длина полотна должна превышать толщину заготовки минимум вдвое, в противном случае опилки будут скапливаться внутри реза и ножовку быстро заклинит.

For one.time work, folding or small types of wood hacksaws are suitable

Brand steel for a hacksaw on wood

In the recent past, hacksaws were made from brands HRC45 and HRC50, the metal is high.quality, but the canvas requires periodic sharpening. Now all leading manufacturers produce hacksaws with combined canvases.

The canvas itself is made of steel HRC45, which provides it with good flexibility and high strength, and the cutting edge with teeth is made of steel HRC55 or HRC60. You can find out such hacksaws by a dark cutting edge.

Важно! При покупке ножовки с темной кромкой из высокопрочной стали убедитесь в том, что она уже разведена и качественно заточена. Дело в том, что заточка и разводка любителем такого металла в домашних условиях весьма проблематична, соответственно придется дополнительно платить за заточку полотна.

Knife habits with a dark cutting edge are of high quality

Choosing tooth for a hacksaw on wood

Before dealing with the configuration of the tooth, let’s talk about the marking and the size of the teeth. Any types of knife stakes on wood are classified according to the same parameters. The marking indicates the number of teeth per 1 inch (1 “= 25.4 mm) and this indicator as TPI is indicated.

TPI indicator indicates the number of teeth per 1 inch of the canvas

  • A wood hacksaw with a small tooth has TPI from 7 and above. over, the larger the number of TPI, the more accurately and cleaner the cut, but at the same time, the speed of work with such a tool falls in proportion to the increase in TPI, in other words, the small tooth cuts accurately, cleanly, but for a long time;
  • A wood hacksaw with a large tooth has TPI from 1, to 7. A similar tool is designed to work in garden and summer cottages, in other words, to cut wood or cut branches, a large tooth is taken.

The higher the TPI indicator in the marking, the cleaner and more even the cut on the tree

Существует расхожее выражение «средний зуб», так вот в документах величина TPI среднего зуба нигде не зафиксирована, но в народе к этому направлению относят ножовки с TPI от 5, до 8.

Tooth step is far from the only parameter when choosing a hacksaw

Designed for the dissolution of the tree along the fibers.

As a result, with a cut along the canvas, the tooth works like a bit, and reverse sharpening also allows you to effectively cut a tree across the fibers.

often, a dagger tooth is taken as a basis, but sometimes a universal. The top of the triangle is slightly cut at an angle and additionally sharpened. This approach allows you to work with a tree in any direction and at any angle.

The triangular tooth is sharpened on both sides and bend in the direction of the handle, plus the top is trimmed on top and also sharpened.

When working with a hacksaw, the cut goes only while moving the instrument on the employee. The Japanese were the first to use this technology, so the name was taken from there.

Such a hacksaw is intended for cutting viscous and raw wood, so the models are hard than half a meter hard.

Важно! Кроме конфигурации изображенной слева, существует еще несколько схем ножовок с пропусками между зубьями, называются они по-разному, но предназначение везде одно – резать сырую древесину.

Rules and features of working with a hacksaw for metal

To work with a hacksaw for metal, you do not need to have special skills and skills. However, when operating the tool, certain rules should adhere to.

Before the cut of the workpieces, it is necessary to correctly insert the canvas on the metal for a hand hacksaw. Previously, it needs to be straightened in width. Then the ends of the canvas are installed on seats and fixed using nuts. Correct consolidation eliminates the likelihood of vibrations during the use of the tool. The cutting element should ring from a click as a guitar string. However, you should not excessively tighten the nuts, as this can lead to breakdown.

note! The optimal tension of the canvas is determined by the first fastening of it to the frame without subsequent intervention.

To minimize the likelihood of a breakdown of the toothed canvas, the processed workpiece must be fixed using a special vice. Such a measure will provide the product with a motionless position, which will contribute to a quick and high.quality cut. The tool is installed on the workpiece at an angle of 30-45 degrees, which minimizes noise and vibration when performing the sawing, forming the thinnest cutter.

To work with a hand hacksaw for metal, special skills and skills will not be needed.

The workpiece of the workpiece at a right angle across the metal is carried out in exceptional cases. In this case, the evenness of the cut will be determined by the smallest angle of inclination.

For the convenience and safety of using a hacksaw, the master needs to take the right pose. For good stability when performing the cut, the feet should be slightly extended. Hand with a hacksaw must be held at right angles. It is necessary to ensure that the movements are calm and uniform. The first movement is made with slight effort, which allows the cutting canvas to enter the workpiece, and not slide along the cutting line.

The scope of movements when performing the cut should be maximum, reach the edges of the workpiece. It is impossible to allow the arc of a hacksaw to contact with the processed part. Only one section of the cutting canvas should not be used, since it will quickly fail. The arc should be located smoothly, without tilt in different directions.

note! Sharpening of hacksaws for wood and metal is not performed, since in such a tool the canvas is equipped with small incisors, after abrasion of which it is necessary to replace the consumable.

To reduce the likelihood of breakdown of the canvas, the workpiece should be fixed in the vice.

TOP of the best hacksaw models

When choosing a hand saw on wood, it is necessary to take into account many factors. Firstly, the goal for which the tool will be used. Secondly, the hacksaw: the saw canvas, the size and shape of the teeth, the handle (it should be comfortable). The saw should be comfortable for the buyer and acute. Below is a list of the best hand.made hand.to.tree insurance, in accordance with the parameters and according to the opinions of buyers.

Stanley Jet Cut SP 2-15-288

Jobular saw, the size of the canvas. 50 cm, teeth are suitable for longitudinal and transverse cut. Gross weight. 0.5 kg.

Zubble “Expert”

Devices for wood from the company of the bison are represented by the following models:

  • Expert 15071-45: cross-length, the length of the canvas is 45 cm, a step of teeth-3.5, mass-0.34 kg.
  • Expert 15071-40: transverse saw, length-40 cm, step-3.5, mass-0.33 kg.
  • Expert 15073-45: Transverse saw, length-54 cm, step-5, mass-0.34 kg.

Stanley OPP 1-20-089

Carpentry, the length of the canvas. 38 cm, the presence of hardened teeth. Gross weight. 0.5 kg.

Bahco 396-Lap

The length of the canvas is 19 cm, folds, has an anti.corrosion coating, is fixed in a closed and open state. Gross weight. 0.215 kg.

Encor Wolf 9858

For the transverse sawing of wood, the size of the canvas is 40 cm, the step of the teeth is 4 mm, sharpened at three corners, which is a big plus for the speed of work. Gross weight. 0.35 kg.

Encor Bober 9857

A metal canvas made of high.strength steel, for longitudinal and transverse sawing, length. 50 cm, teeth are sharpened at two angles, so they are quite universal. Gross weight. 0.5 kg.

Izhstal 030108-050

For carpentry, the size of the canvas is 50 cm, a step is 6.5 mm, designed for two types of sawing. Gross weight. 0.46 kg.

Choosing which wood hacksaw is better: criteria and rating

We tell you how to choose a hacksaw according to the type, shape of the blade, width, length and what characteristics and requirements it is important to pay attention.

The electrical disk saw to work on wood is convenient, functional and copes with many tasks. But it happens that the volume of work is small, there is no way or even desire to mess with the assembly and connecting a rather bulky unit. Woods will help out a hacksaw. which model is better and how to choose a tool, let’s talk in detail in the article.

All about choosing a hacksaw on wood

Different modifications of goods have appeared today, each of them is designed for a certain type of work. Therefore, the choice has become more complicated. We will figure out what to pay attention to when choosing.


The blade is the main element of the adaptation and it determines its characteristics. The length of the canvas is important. It can be in the range from 25 to 50 cm. The longer the canvas, the larger the elements cut the hacksaw. At the same time, the efforts will have to be made less. But there is a minus: a long blade is stronger than spring, which is inconvenient. This is especially noticeable during the processing of solid wood: oak, ash, maple, t.P.

Therefore, the masters recommend adhering to the rule: the length of the panel should be twice as much as the sawing area. This ratio guarantees convenience in processing. Smaller saw will get stuck, it will have to be removed with considerable effort. Too long will begin to spring and jam, it may break. All this will greatly complicate manipulations. For small products, choose a length of 250-300 mm, for large-450-500 mm.

The width of the canvas also matters. Too narrow the plate breaks even with a small bend. It is inconvenient to work with excessively wide tools, you have to make significant efforts. Optimum width for manual saw-100-200 mm. You need to know that for various types of processing, products of a certain width are used. Therefore, masters buy them with sets to choose a suitable blade for different purposes.

For the production of the blade, carbon or alloyed steel is used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Low.alloy carbon metal was originally used. It is plastic, does not break, but wears out very quickly. The hardened, on the contrary, is not stupid for a long time, but breaks when the bend is loaded. A kind of compromise. bimetallic plates, where the metal is tempered only on a section of the teeth. Bimetallic linen can be bought in every construction store. They are plastic, do not break and do not dull for a long time. But it is impossible to sharpen them again. Hardened metal is poorly sharpened.

Knife.hacksaw Gross Piranha

For professional work, they produce high.altitable panels. They give the highest quality cut, but at the same time very fragile. Softer varieties acquire resistance to bending, but the accuracy of the cut is lost. For saws, the highly alloyed steel of brands M50, M7, M2, M1 are used. Products from it are marked with HSS or HS. These are the most expensive hacksaw cloths.

For household needs, carbon material panels are released. They are plastic, not sensitive to bending, amenable to grinding. True, it is quite difficult to sharply sharpen and dilute the teeth. Not all masters cope with this and, in order not to spoil the saw, turn to professionals for help.

For use in everyday life, it is optimal to choose a metal of medium hardness. It is marked with numbers 45 and HRC letters. A more solid option is suitable: 60-55 HRC.

How to choose a hacksaw

To buy a good hacksaw, it is necessary to take into account the sphere and intensity of application, the requirements for the quality of the saw, the strength characteristics of the materials. The length is estimated, the quality of the steel production. Productivity depends on the shape and size of the teeth, ergonomics of the handle, the presence of diverting channels. Only given these features you can buy a good tool that will help solve the tasks.


They produce different types of hacksaws for wood, metal and alloy, which are distinguished by thermal characteristics of the canvas, the size of the teeth. For garden work, models with specific ergonomics are performed, which allows you to comfortably cut branches in the crown of trees and care for a hard shrub. For thin, neat cuts of small width, Japanese saws are designed, which resemble training models. With their help, you can perform complex carpentry work.


It is made of instrumental steel of different varieties, which is durable, flexible, resistant to thermal loads. To additional improvement in technical characteristics, the best manufacturers use hardening. From corrosion, the metal must have protection. The performance, scope of application depends on the length. Models of 25-35 cm are used in the garden, when working with a timber 100×100 mm, a bad board.

Roofers, carpenters better choose a tool of more than 40 cm long, this will provide high performance, allow you to work with a beam of 150×150 mm and a board, 20-25 cm wide.

The shape and size of the teeth

For sawing boards, timber used in the installation of power structures, large blanks, a large hacksaw for wood is used. Large teeth provide high performance, but the width of the saw can be several millimeters. For accurate work with Eurovar, a skirting board, a downshole sex board, fillets are recommended models with a middle tooth. The best selection of the finisor. a saw with small ones. at the beginning of the canvas and average in the main length. This format will help to do neatly cuts.

The shape in the form of an isosceles triangle is designed for a transverse saw. For longitudinal cut, models with teeth in the form of an asymmetric triangle are used. A pointed tooth with a worn peak is universal, it saws equally well along and across wood fibers. With a pronounced tilt in only one string, it will be easier to work with the tool, but only in one direction.


Should provide convenient, reliable grip. Manufacturers of professional models take into account the anatomical features of the palm, due to this, the vibrational load on the brush is reduced, there are no corns. So that the handle does not slip, the composite connection of two materials is used during production: shockproof and rubberized plastic. The blade is attached in several places, which protects against backlash, strong vibrations during sawing.

Which hacksaw is better

A tool intended for carpentry is poorly suitable for caring for trees, and it will not cope with metal blanks at all. There are no universal models, so the VYBOREXPERTA team.RU recommends the following brands taking into account the scope of application:

  • Armero A531/400. for wood work in a home workshop;
  • Gross Piranha 24111. the choice of a professional carpenter;
  • VIRA 801010. for a locksmith workshop;
  • Skrab 28154. for processing tall trees in the garden;
  • Opinel 2. the choice of summer residents and tourists;
  • Stanley Fatmax. a professional solution for complex tasks.

How To Pick Firewood Trees From Your Woods

All models presented in the review are worthy of the attention of customers, but only the most reliable, productive and convenient tools were awarded the titles of the best in their class.

Top hacksaw

To obtain a perfectly even cut, special types of hacksaws are used in Plotnitsky and carpentry. a saw with a teacher. Today, this species is represented by saws on the canvases of which an amplifying profile is installed. a training. Due to this, when working, the canvas remains as smooth as possible, it does not bend.

Bahco NP-12-Ten

A small tool for finishing work with blanks, where a particularly even cut is required. The length of the canvas is 300 mm, which is enough to work with low.size blanks and medium.sized blanks. The handle is monolithic indispensable. Grape’s teeth, universal form for both longitudinal and transverse sawing.

A training plate of a separate metal plate fixed with double squeezing. The saw is intended for both professional and home use. Thanks to the red.cutting edge, it does not require sharpening.

Stayer0 mm

Put wood saw in the company Sterov style. 350 mm long canvas. Stayer’s standard handle for all saws. shock.resistant plastic with rubber lining. The fastening of the canvas is bolted. The canvas has hardened teeth of a universal type. Laser sharpening. Step of teeth 12.

It does not require much effort to work with this saw. it copes with both soft wood and hard rocks. Standard training with a clue along the entire length. The saw is not afraid of bends in both the longitudinal and transverse direction. Plus configuration Availability in a set of plastic.

Bison expert 15397 400 mm

It is worth noting that China can pleasantly surprise. Bison expert is worth paying attention to her. Firstly, it is a steel canvas made of instrumental steel 400 mm long.

Secondly-a convenient handle made of shock-resistant plastic with rubber lining and cuts under the fingers. Standard bolted handle fastening. Reded teeth with a step 12 mm. The saw works freely both with dry blanks and with freshly sawed. Has a light smooth side and strength of the canvas.

To cut the metal, it is necessary to use the thinnest cutting canvas, with a large number of small teeth with trilateral sharpening. Crossings for metal rarely have a whole design, since the service life of the canvas is very small, and it often has to be changed. The best hacksaw for metal is a set of high.quality cutting canvas and holder. It should be understood that it is very difficult to cut the metal, and the better the holder is made, the faster the process will take place.

Longitudinal cutting, as a rule, is carried out either by a circular saw (round saw wheels) or a jigsaw. But there are manual hacksaws for these purposes. As in the case of electric counterparts, the teeth on the saw resemble hooks. The angle between them is allowed 40-55 degrees.

The hook.shaped form allows you to make a cut in only one direction. It is preferable to saw along the fibers. Then the hacksaw easily penetrates through the tree and the cut turns out to be as smooth and accurate as possible. The choice of such a hacksaw is only appropriate for those who have a desire to independently make furniture. Since it is not suitable for any other purposes.

Tooth for transverse cutting is most common. Outwardly it looks like an isosceles triangle. The angle between the teeth is 40-50 degrees. Such a design allows you to cut equally well both when moving the cutting edge forward and back. As a result, the transverse cut is performed as accurately as possible, quickly and without much effort. When buying a hacksaw, it is important to consider that this type of tooth is suitable only for dry blanks. Fresh wood will be broken, while sharpening spoils.

For fresh branches, triangular teeth with parallel sharpening are used. This means that each tooth is sharpened in a checkerboard pattern and only, on the one hand. As a result, a free channel is formed between the teeth inside the cut, through which wet sawdust can freely get out of the cut, not making it difficult to move the saw.

Another option is the combined composition of the teeth. In it, the triangular is combined with semicircular. At the same time, semicircular elongated teeth are longer than triangular. When the hand moves forward, narrow long teeth make a guide cut, and when the hand returns to its original position, the triangular tooth expands the cutting channel and removes the sawdust and chips from it.

It should be remembered that the smaller the angle between the semicircular and triangular teeth, the more accurate the cut.

It is better not to buy hacksaws for universal cutting, usually they are equipped with various compilations of teeth, which in theory should cope equally well with any task. But in practice, such saws dull much faster, and their sharpening is often more expensive than a new hacksaw.

And most importantly. in any high.quality hacksaw the teeth are always made of hot metal.

Technical characteristics of hacksaws

According to GOST, knife.offs on wood intended for carpentry and carpentry (manual sawing of wood) must correspond to certain technical characteristics.

The state standard specifies what materials canvas, pens can be made of, what should be the connection of the working surface with the handle. The permitted dimensions of the tool and its individual parts are also indicated. There are requirements for sharpening and breeding incisors, the minimum-permitted sharpening indicator to the front and back of the tool.

Types of hacksaws on wood

As you wondered how to choose a hacksaw on a tree, first of all you need to build on from what it is purchased for.

  • If you need a hacksaw on a faner, then it is enough to choose a classic. an inexpensive option, where there are always variations with the base and incisors.
  • If the tool is planned to be used for various types of work (repair in the country or in the apartment), then the advantage will be the entry of interchangeable paintings. Changing the working base depending on the goals, it will be possible to perform straight, transverse, curly cuts, cut trees, shrubs with one saw with one saw.

When choosing a hacksaw, it is important to pay attention to all its components, because its operational properties will depend on this. It is better to buy a stainless steel tool. the price is more expensive, but the service life will be longer.

The teeth of the hacksaw are very sharp, so working with it must be observed precautions


The most popular wood hacksaw, based on a wide canvas. The length of the saw can vary, like the number of teeth. Universal in application.

The kit may contain interchangeable canvases, special drifting for sawing wood at different angles. This type of saw is suitable for sawing a wood-cutting plate, work with wood or plywood, for laminate.

Classic hacksaw with a plastic handle


The spanish hacksaw has a narrow canvas and teeth close to each other. For certain types of work, there is a model with a double.sided location of the cutting elements.

This type of saw is well suited for neat warring on the pre.marked contours. If necessary, a spacecraft is used to cut holes (round, square and others). When working, you need to be careful. sometimes it can slip out of hands.

Working with an outfound (narrow) hacksaw on wood is very easy and simple

With award

Two.handed hacksaw, whose hands are located on both sides. The size of the working surface is 12-15 cm, the width is 8-10 cm. Outwardly drank similar to a shirt.

The main application includes cutting the spike and groove. At the same time, the saw is suitable for any wood species, even the hardest.


Carpentry manual saw for thinner and accurate cuts. The main advantage is the presence of a metal or brass lug that protects the tool. Thanks to additional protection (lining), you can work with rigid materials, while getting neat cuts. after all, the hacksaw itself has small hot teeth.

It is most convenient to use the shoe hacksaw for removering. The only disadvantage of this model can be called that the training interferes with the cut deeper than the width of the working surface.

Cooling hacksaw is great for working with any lumber


For convenient use, garden saws are often made with a curved blade. This is a great option for work on the house site. All thanks to a special design-a narrowed end with widely placed incisors, which are diluted in a special way, for a comfortable cut of branches and knots.

The material from which a garden saw is made is a strong chromium steel of special hardening, for even cut so as not to damage the bark.

With a garden hacksaw, your garden will always look beautiful and well.groomed


This name was given thanks to similarity with rifle onions. It will fit perfectly to remove small bitches and branches, although it can also cope with more solid material. A distinctive feature of a ray hacksaw. a thin canvas fixed in a single frame on both sides. Dimensions vary from 300 to 910 mm in length.

Good to know! All ray saws relate to tools with a stretched canvas. It is also worth noting that the main tools of labor among the red-breeding carriers include it is the beam hacksaw.


  • The saw is considered fragile enough, but it is not necessary to worry: it is easily restored by replacing the canvas with a new. So, the deficiency in the form of fragility is converted into a dignity. easy repairs and durability.

Important! You need to work with this type of saw carefully, the frame located at an acute angle touches the palm of your hand, which can lead to injury.

Luching manual saw easily cope with the task assigned to it

A wide hacksaw

Great for a cut of large wood, the most effective when cutting across the fibers. This type of hacksaw can still be divided for a longitudinal saw or across.

Teeth of a triangular configuration (may contain a slope of the “slanting sharpening”) with an angle of pointing from 40 ° to 50 ° degrees. Separately equipped with various canvases for comfortable carpentry or locksmithing.

Which hacksaw to choose

If a hacksaw is bought for carpentry, products with large teeth are suitable

In order for the purchase of such an instrument to bring only positive emotions, you should know the rules by which it needs to be chosen:

  • Determine how often a hand saw will be used. A hacksaw with hot teeth is suitable for regular sawing work. Having bought such a “assistant”, you can not worry about the divorce and sharpening of teeth. Models with an unsolved cutting edge can not be used so often. With constant sawing, they will quickly become unusable.
  • Price. High.quality models from popular companies are more expensive. But well.known brands give a long guarantee for their products. If the tool is purchased for one.time work, you can buy a hacksaw easier.
  • The uniformity of the canvas is an important parameter. To do this, in the store when examining the tool, carefully bend it and release it. If there are even small changes at the bending point, then the metal has low quality and will quickly become unusable. The length of the canvas affects the possibility of using a hand saw. How the tool will be used depends on this value. The longer the canvas, the greater its springiness. Therefore, such hacksaws are unsuitable for processing oak, maple, ash or other solid varieties of wood.
  • If a hacksaw is bought for carpentry, products with large teeth are suitable. The fine canvas is useful for carpentry. It is very important that centimeter and millimeter divisions are applied on the canvas. Such a scale will help not to break away from the workflow in search of a ruler.

See how the handle is made. It can be whole or consisting of two halves. Both are convenient when cutting wood.

Sometimes manufacturers supplement it with a substrate for fingers made of rubberized material. Such a detail will not let the corns on hand appear.

The material of the hacksaw

Hacksaws on wood will not dull for a very long time and give an even cut

Most often, saws for saws are made of steel. It can be cold, alloy or instrumental. The latter is the most popular. Some manual instruments are covered with a thin layer of Teflon. This material removes friction during sawing and protects the metal from rust.

It is also important and the quality of the teeth. The hardened cutting edge is better for processing raw wood. The hardness of the teeth in such manual saws is more than usual 7-8 times.

Therefore, these hacksaws on wood will not dull for a very long time and give an even slice. Such models cannot be re.re.re.staged, which is very inconvenient. This means that after the service life goes away, the tool will have to be thrown away.

A manual saw with an ordinary non.chilled cutting edge is suitable for sawing soft woods. The edge is quickly stupid and it will have to be sharpened.

Find out that in the store in front of you a hacksaw with a red.hot cutting edge is easy. Its canvas is in black. This is the best saw for sawing any kind of tree.

hacksaw, choose

The shape and size of the teeth

Experts recommend buying models with cloves from 6 to 8 mm

The cut rate and accuracy during the cut will depend on the drain cloves. The less such details, the cleaner the work will be. But when using this tool, more time will be spent. To perform a cut faster will allow a hacksaw with large teeth.

Experts recommend buying models with cloves from 6 to 8 mm. Straps when using it will be much larger. When working with laminate, wood-cutting stove, wood-fiber slab, etc.D. Choose saws with teeth no more than 3 mm. A hacksaw toe can be:

  • Kind.shaped. Used to perform longitudinal cut. Looks like a triangle with different sides. Sharpening in it goes across the canvas.
  • Dagger. Works in any direction of the hacksaw. The tooth is easy to recognize by appearance. It looks like a triangle with equal sides.
  • Universal. These include trihedral teeth sharpened 3D method. They easily saw in different directions.

For the cut of decoration elements and thin materials, a saw with 9 to 15 mm in steps is suitable. Medium.sized parts are sawn with a tool with 7 or 9 teeth.

Large blanks are processed with a hacksaw on which from 3 to 6 cutting elements.

Model rating

Many home masters are interested in which wood hacksaw is better? Choosing such a tool, you should carefully attribute to several parameters.

This is high.quality material, an ergonomic handle, proper sharpening of the teeth and the optimal length of the canvas for the saw. They answer all these criteria:

  • Archimedes 90664 350 mm;
  • VIRA 800245 450 mm;
  • Armero A531/400 400 mm;
  • Gross Piranha 24111 400 mm;
  • Bahco Superior 2600-16-XT11-HP 400 mm.

All listed models have their own advantages and disadvantages. details about them are described below.

Archimedes 90664 350 mm. coating for protection against mechanical damage on the saw canvas

Such a tool is the best price in the category. quality. The blade of this hacksaw is made of carbon steel. To protect against damage, the canvas of the hand saw is covered with special varnish. Troundwall sharpening of large teeth of the tool allows you to make a quick and light cut.

These cutting elements can be re.re Two.component monolithic handle provides reliable control and convenient capture. The handle is made of thermoplastic elastomer and durable polypropylene.

Due to the special design of the teeth, the saw can be used for longitudinal cut. The strong and wear.resistant canvas Archimedes 90664 leaves behind a smooth cut with a small number of sawdust. To make it convenient to store the tool, the manufacturer made a hole for hanging on it.

VIRA 800245 450 mm. scale with divisions on the blade

This hand saw is made of hardened steel. Such material provides it with high strength. The tool will quickly cut even raw hardwood of solid varieties.

The manufacturer provided a hacksaw with a comfortable handle to reliably hold the tool during operation. Suitable for the sawing, both across and along the fibers.

On the VIRA 800245 canvas there is a special scale-canom that will replace the ruler if it is not at hand. The optimal length will cut a larger amount of wood in a short time. The tool is equipped with 7 teeth that allow you to get a cleaner cut when sawing.

hacksaw, choose

Armero A531/400 400 mm. lightweight and comfortable handle

This woodcock hacksaw for a home workshop has a two.component handle with a protective insert of aluminum. The saw is practically not felt in the hand because of its lightweight. At the same time, she quickly makes the cut and leaves behind a flat cut.

The tool is made of instrumental steel and has hardened medium.sized teeth. 3D sharpening makes the blade very sharp and is suitable even for solid wood wood.

Three cutting edges Armero A531/400 provide a quick cut and the absence of a large number of sawdust during operation. An anti.slip coating of an ergonomic handle will prevent random slipping with intense sawing.

The tool is designed for transverse cut. It is convenient to store such a hacksaw. For this, a hole for hanging was made on its upper part.

GROSS Piranha 24111 400 mm. Thin drinking without garbage

This tool rightfully takes place in our scabbard rating for 2020. It is suitable for transverse and longitudinal sawing of wood preparations. The two.component knife handle helps to ensure maximum saw control and convenient grip during operation.

A special hole for the suspension will make it more convenient to store a hacksaw. Teflon coating makes such a saw resistant to mechanical damage and significantly extends its service life.

Gross Piranha 24111 hardened teeth help to quickly cut any type of wood. Such a hacksaw is suitable not only for wood work, but also for processing a laminate with polystyrene foam. This manual tool can also be used for sawing parts made of polyurethane, wood-cutting stove, wood-fiber slab, wood-fiber slab. Included with the model is a case for a cutting edge.

  • Thin drank;
  • quickly cuts;
  • comfortable pen;
  • The hand does not get tired;
  • gives little shavings;
  • There is a case on the cutting edge.

Bahco Superior 2600-16-XT11-HP 400 mm-resistance to rust

This hacksaw from the Swiss brand can be cut not only wood, but also an orphan, a wood-brown slab and a plywood. Tempered cloves of the model allow her to remain acute for a long time. A comfortable handle lies well in the hand and does not slip.

High resistance to corrosion and less heating during operation is provided by a low.friction coating. The accuracy of the cut gives an increased thickness of the canvas.

The model is suitable for sawing small and medium.sized parts. Can be used to cut soft and solid woods. Bahco Superior 2600-16-XT11-HP is also suitable for cutting laminated coatings and plastic pipes. It is convenient to mark the angles of 90 and 45 degrees with this tool.

Crossworms for sawing wood will come in handy for any home master. Such a tool has an acceptable cost and is easy to use. When buying a hand saw, look at the material from which it is made, the appearance of the handle, the length of the canvas and the shape of the teeth. Only in this case, the hacksaw will be convenient to use.