How can you cut a tree without a jigsaw. Cut plywood with an electric jigsaw

How to cut a thin plywood

Plywood. convenient material in many cases. In construction, it is used for the manufacture of formwork, the device of draft floors, the foaming of the ceilings, the construction of partitions, the coating of the roofs. But draft construction work is far from the only scope of plywood. Plywood is used for the manufacture of furniture. Not only the rear walls of the cabinets or internal boxes are made from it.

Plywood. excellent material for the manufacture of stylish furniture and interior parts. But, if you cut the plywood for formwork with any cutting tool, then it is necessary to make parts of the furniture with certain accuracy and without chips. About how to cut the plywood correctly, and which tool is better to use. an electrician, or a circular cut car. read in this article.

What tools can be used to saw plywood

Naturally, to cut the plywood sheet, you can apply any sawing tool: manual hacksaw, ray saw or lobby for these purposes are perfect. And our ancestors are even very recent, this is exactly what they did: using a manual carpentry tool, made excellent furniture, which to this day is no less strong and beautiful than at the time of its appearance. But a modern person manually saw a plywood may seem at least absurd. Well, there are various options for the power tool.

The better to cut the plywood. to answer this question, you need to know what and in what quantities you plan to saw. If you need to cut a plywood sheet on a rectangular parts of a certain size, then an electrician will not work for you. This tool does not allow to make an even cut: the human hand is not a machine, a straight cut will “lead”, even if the tool is in the usual, skillful hands.

The vibration of the tool is also applied to this error. Litzine, and an electrician, including intended, first of all, for sawing curvilinear parts. Of course, there is a equipment. and for electrician, for example, the guide stops or a jigsaw module that allow you to make perfect cuts using a jigsaw. But the tools of domestic level, in most cases, are not equipped with them. And to acquire professional, for example, Festool brands, for several tens of thousands, is unlikely to ask one who is wondering how to saw a plywood with an electrician.

So, if you do curvilinear cuts are not included in your plans, but you planned to cut even squares or rectangles, it makes sense to purchase (if there is no such tool at your disposal), a disc cycular saw, one of the common names of which is a parquet. With the help of this tool, it is much easier to make direct cuts, even without special equipment, and parquet, most often, have a small guide emphasis.

And in the event that there are a lot of sawing, then you can order a cut in size. today there are companies providing this service.

Features and recommendations

Experts and experts advise doing this kind of work using electric lobe already because the usual manual hacksaw is too rude. It does not allow cutting the material quite evenly. The correct sequence of steps is as follows:

tree, jigsaw, plywood, electric

preparation of tools (ruler, electrolobesian, measuring roulette, awl or other acute device for drawing along the wood-based stove);

the addition of these tools (if necessary) by a square for laying straight angles;

measurement of the desired part (with a reserve of 0.2 cm so that you can fit);

Actually, the cut along the laid line;

finalization of the place of sawnut with sandpaper;

With very poor quality end-wiping it with small, similar in tonality to a wood-based slab.

What else you need to know?

When it is planned to saw off everything without chips on the one hand, it is permissible to use files with the upper and lower arrangement of the teeth. Most masters prefer small files with straight teeth. Such devices are less than the material, but at the same time they work quite decently. After the saw, it is best to process the ends stretched on even bars with a sandpaper. If there is no ready.made fine of suitable coloring, you can mix different crayons, like paints in the artist’s palette, and get a new color.

To cut without errors and, moreover, you must always take into account branded marking. There is no compulsory designation standard yet, but almost all firms strictly follow the classification Bosch specialists. Or at least indicate it along with their own contractions and terms. For cutting wood and products based on it, CV format files are good (sometimes designated as HCS).

tree, jigsaw, plywood, electric

Hardwood files are designed to process laminated panels (they are also useful, note, and when processing solid wood).

Some inscriptions indicate in which mode the tool works optimally:

Basic. a simple canvas that allows you to make pure high.quality cut;

Speed ​​- a device whose teeth are divorced (this allows you to saw faster);

Clean is a canvas that was not bred (usually gives the cleanest incision).

If the workpiece is relatively thick, preferably a sawing canvas with large incisors that did not bred, then the departure from the vertical will be minimal. Longitudinal (in relation to fibers) incision most often make braids. For a transverse, a straight canvas is better suited. When it is planned to make a blank for furniture, it is advisable to choose a less productive, but a more accurate tool. Since most of the files produced now cuts the material when drawing, the workpiece will need to be processed from the inside.

How to cut plywood yourself

To get even clean cut, you must carefully follow the instructions and follow the cutting technology.

How to make a perfect slice

You can get an even edge as a manual or electric tool.

When working with an electrician or a saw between the sole saw and the clamping platform, a gap occurs. The smaller it is, the less likelihood of breaking and painting the upper layer of plywood. Reduce the gap, strengthening the patch on the sole. There are slots in the lining along which plywood cutting is performed.

The overlay is changed every 5 meters of cut. If you take a plate of metal or fiberglass, the replacement is less common.

The back of plywood is protected with adhesive tape. The material is glued along the length of the cut and the cut is performed. The usual adhesive tape is not good for this. We need tapes with reinforcement from aluminum or fiberglass. The width of the tape should exceed the width of the cut by 2 cm. After the cut, it is disconnected, very carefully, so that the separation of small fragments that are inevitable during cutting does not lead to chips and painting.

How to cut a plywood without chips

To avoid defects during cutting, the following recommendations are followed.

  • When working with a hand disc, the minimum number of teeth is set. The cutting part is no more than 5 mm.
  • Instead of gluing the plywood with a tape, moistened in front. This also reduces the number of fragments.
  • When working with an electric saw, the cutting part to the material is brought in the already included form. If you run the disk directly into the sheet, the teeth tease fibers.
  • You need to move a saw evenly with the same effort. With too strong pressing, creases and burns are formed. If you move too slowly, the cut is uneven.

A persistent rail is necessarily used to avoid disc fluctuations.

Working rules

Using a jigsaw, you can perform both ordinary building tasks and cut out a variety of decorative figures and patterns. For beginners, there are the following simple tips that allow you to do work as efficiently as possible:

  • Starting to cut out, you will have to create an emphasis in the lower back; This position makes it possible to hold the canvas and work sitting, and even do it standing;
  • When you need to cut a small fragment, first in the processed part a small hole is made by another tool, and then a jigsaw file is already inserted there; By the way, to make a hole in the faner is enough and an awl;
  • It’s to work correctly with a jigsaw slowly and measuredly, not in a hurry; This is especially true for complex elegant drawings, so beginners, by the way, are better to start with geometric shapes and simple contours on a cutting board;
  • Changing the drill angle, it is necessary to unfold the working panel, and the unused saw;
  • the work ends with the mandatory processing of all irregularities and roughnesses;
  • Using a jigsaw, you can not only cut out a variety of patterns on a straight surface, but, for example, make a medal, a box or a frame for photos; schemes for all these items and images are extensive presented on the Internet.

The carvings by an electrician are carried out with such clarifications as:

  • When working, do not put pressure on the saw canvas. it will heat up faster and stronger and as a result even breaks;
  • A wide saw will create a long, straight section, since the width of the cutting canvas will balance the position of the jigsaw;
  • Working with the device, it is important to periodically change the saw;
  • Cutting with a blurred canvas will only ruin the material, yes, moreover, will increase the load on the motor, and also worsen the number and quality of work;
  • Cutting on metals and plexiglass requires pre.processing the processed material with water or liquid oil for the car; Such an action will not only allow the clean cut, but also retain the cutting canvas in a satisfactory state;
  • If you cut it with a metal with a thickness of less than 1 millimeter, you will have to put a piece of plywood under it, and also reduce the feed so as not to create vibrations;
  • It is important to give the device periodically rest, especially in the case of the minimum speed;
  • Electrician should be periodically cleaned and oxed with a special tool.

Products, as a rule, are created according to drawings, which are printed on dense cardboard, cut along the contour and transferred to a plywood blank. In this case, the circuit should be applied from the inside and with a simple pencil, so that there is an opportunity to make a correction. Experts recommend placing the drawing in such a way that at a minimum they have to saw along the fibers. First of all, the internal circuits are working out. To do this, it is enough to simply lead a jigsaw on a fixed panel.

The movement should be made up and down.

Sometimes it is impossible to saw off evenly, because either the jigsaw turned out to be inclined, or the fasteners and tension of the file weakened and weakened. It will turn out to prevent this if you pre.configure the equipment and tighten all the fasteners. When the saw was already stuck, it needs to be gently extracted and the drawing is started again, following the parallel line of the line. It will be possible to saw without chips if you choose the quality material, as well as follow the following rules:

  • The processing of low.quality plywood should take place as intensively as possible using files equipped with small cloves; In addition, a cutting canvas with a back tooth will come to the rescue;
  • On the reverse side, it is worth sealing the cut lines with tape or adhesive tape, as well as moisturize the surface;
  • Before the creation of fantasy patterns, it is necessary to work out basic;
  • To make an inner circle, you will first have to drill a small hole, the diameter of which will allow you to place a file inside; The movement of the cut will have to go along the inner contour of the image with the course of medium intensity;
  • dumb and straight angles are formed by turning the processed material combined with the smooth movement of the jigsaw;
  • Sharp corners are obtained from two sawdrops reduced at one point;
  • The oval circuit also turns out when turning the plywood;
  • work always starts from the center, and then moves to the edges of the workpiece.

Safety precautions

It is necessary to work with a jigsaw, especially electric, observing safety measures such as:

  • It is always worthwhile to wear goggles and just in case clothes with long sleeves;
  • gloves and a robe that can protect against dust will also not be damaged;
  • The working surface should be durable, so the old shuttered table is categorically not welcome;
  • It is necessary to provide the master with good lighting and first check the condition of the fastening of the saw;
  • You can’t start work without studying the instructions.

When using a manual jigsaw, it is also important to carefully monitor your hands and withstand the distance between the tip and fingers. Beginners, of course, do not start the workflow without studying the instructions.

Sprinkled with an ordinary hacksaw

Before cutting a wood.fiber plate, it is necessary to decide how ideal should be. neat edges are formed by a saw with a small tooth. But here you can use the usual knife habits on wood. After it, I saw a fishing line for a trimmer, I just fabricate it with sandpaper to remove the resulting fringe.

If there is a manual circulation saw at hand, then the question of how to cut a wood.fiber plate at home disappears by itself. A good circular will make a fishing line for a trimmer saw no worse than a specialized machine. Typically, manual circular saws are equipped with retractable limiters that allow you to make an even linear cut.

Electric jigsaw

The better to cut a wood.fiber plate without a stationary machine, you decide. Personally, I usually use an electric jigsaw outside my workshop.

A jigsaw can be cut out parts with straight and curved contours. But if it is necessary to leave the edges of the elements visible, the problem may be that the jigs of the jigsaw forms bully on the front or back of the material. Small flaws can be parted with fine sandpaper.

Minimize chips with a transparent or paper tape. The transparent tape is glued on top of the line drawn along the workpiece even before cutting. If a paper tape is used, then the markings are drawn directly on the tape.

How to saw plywood with a hand hacksaw or jigsaw

If you choose how to saw plywood at home is not particularly necessary, you can use a regular hacksaw or hand.lobby. It is difficult to make complex figures in this way, but just cutting off a piece of thin plywood up to 10 mm of the desired sizes is not difficult.

  • The material is well fixed on the locksmith table. You can use clamps, laying rubber inserts, so as not to leave a dent on the surface.
  • The place where we will saw, outline in advance in size.
  • Pre.apply a thin layer of PVA glue or any suitable composition to the cut. You can use the island or masking tape.
  • Another popular way is to draw two grooves first with a sharp knife under the metal ruler. It is necessary to cut between the intended grooves.

The movements of the hacksaw should be not unable, with the load of the disc canvas on the plywood. When using preliminary drawing of grooves, chips are carefully cleaned with sandpaper large fraction.

The accessibility of the method facilitates the process, but with a large length of the cut, labor costs will be very high. If you need to cut a large piece, it is more advisable to use an electric tool.

Than sawing: electric jigsaw or disk saw

It’s very difficult to cut a plywood thickness from 10 to 20 mm without preliminary preparation. To make the edge as smooth as possible, without large chips and zabrin, it is advisable to use an electric tool with special nozzles. Typically, special disks are sold for an electric saw designed to work with plywood or other woody materials. You can use metal disks, the teeth of which are smaller, which provides an even edge and the accuracy of the cut.

  • The sheet is placed on a flat surface, at the site of the cut should be a free gap.
  • Adjust the thickness of the saw. When the cut is performed, the lower edge of the disk should be 5 mm below the canvas.
  • In the process it is necessary to be on the side of the saw. This is an important condition for safety precautions.
  • Install a saw on a cutting line for a cutting trimmer, bent a protective casing.
  • Turn on the saw, slowly moving along the intended line.
  • After the end, turn off, raising the tool only after the disk is completely stopped.

It’s easier to cut the plywood with an electrician, the main thing is to choose the right cutting canvas. For this, a metal cutter or finishing is usually used, designed to process woody plates. With the help of a jigsaw, a figured was often performed, which is difficult to use a hand tool and is impossible when using a disc saw.

  • Plywood sheet should be tightly fixed.
  • The blade should be perpendicular to the surface.
  • If you saw the wood of increased strength, it is advisable to lubricate the cutting edge of the canvas with oil.
  • Only sharp canvases can be used so that the teeth do not tear the edge.
  • It is necessary to turn off the jigsaw periodically in order to prevent the tool overheating.
  • After you can process the edges of the plywood with sandpaper, removing irregularities in the reza places.

Locksmith work and periodic repairs at home often requires the use of pieces of lumber of certain sizes. To do this, you need to know how to cut a plywood without chips and how to use a manual or electric tool correctly. The correct algorithm of work, including preliminary surface preparation, is considered in the information given.

Summing up

If you have a question of cutting counters, then do not be afraid, since it is quite possible to do it yourself. If there is an opportunity, it is better, of course, to use the services of specialists and attribute the material for processing to the workshop, where all work will be carried out on special equipment and especially high quality.

In the case of sawing the countertop at home, so that there are no chips, use a suitable tool. a jigsaw, adhering to maximum accuracy and accuracy when working with the workpiece.

Sprinkled plywood with a hacksaw

In construction stores you can purchase a universal knife on wood ( It is well suited for sawing plywood, but the cut does not always turn out even. But still, we advise you to purchase a special hacksaw on the faner (rice.2), due to small and frequent teeth, it allows you to get the perfectly even edge of the sheet. Small teeth also have a hacksaw in laminate and plastic, it is also perfect for a cut of plywood.

  • Due to the different directions of the fibers of the leaf veneer, cut the plywood with a hacksaw will take a lot of time and effort.
  • With a hacksaw, only a straightforward saw can be made, figured parts and highly curved elements can not be cut.
  • When sawing, you need to observe the sawing technology: the plywood sheets are recommended to be placed on two supports to avoid the failure of the hacksaw and damage to the sawed fragments.

Cut plywood with a hand.lobby

For sawing plywood on small curly elements, as well as for sawing inside the sheet, a manual lobby is used. The advantage of the manual jigsaw is the formation of complex areas where the hacksaw on the tree does not cope, the minuses include the laboriousness, as well as the sawing of the thin sheets of plywood. for sawing sheets with a thickness of more than 8mm, the hand.lobby is not used.

How to cut OSB plates at home?

For these purposes, many tools for cutting wood are suitable, because the OSB plate in the bulk contains chips. Large sheets require the preparation of a special place for work. It is better to lay the material on the table or a stable base at a height of at least 15 cm. Distribute suitable tools according to the degree of convenience and speed of the cut.

Location: Kryatovka on wood

The easiest option is a wood.toe hacksaw with a middle tooth. I recommend that you choose novice builders who are not used to using the power tool, but want to sheathe a small area of ​​the design. Labor costs are high, but do not have to connect to the mains. You can work even in those places where there are no power lines.

The tool is affordable, it is inexpensive, so it is quite appropriate to use it at home. The work is held for a long time, but during cutting, an even joint is formed, even if a master with small construction experience. With the power tool, the risk of spoiling the material by inexperience is much higher.

Advice! When using a hacksaw, try to keep a tool at an angle of not more than 35-45 degrees relative to the sheet. Otherwise, the blade will clamp between the stove fragments.

Location: electric jigsaw

The second most effective and convenience tool. An electrician can cut OSB plates even a beginner. Compared to conventional hacksaw, the speed of cutting sheets increases, labor costs decrease. The option is suitable for medium volumes of work on the sawing of the material.

How to make powerfulJigsaw machine cutting from to make machine art-NP Wood working Art

When choosing this tool, it is important to choose the right file:

How To Cut Perfect circle Jig By Jigsaw Machine || Jigsaw Trick/Hack

  • Consider OSB thickness. Thick slabs cut with a longer file, which withstands sufficient load on the bend. Sometimes you have to choose a wider tight.
  • Take into account the geometry of the cut. For cuts exclusively in a straight line, wide files with a middle tooth are suitable. In cases with curved cuts, it will be more convenient to use narrow canvases with a small tooth.
  • Decide on the file of the file. It is better to cut OSB slabs high.carbon or chromovanadium steel. You can also choose universal canvases designed for different materials.
  • Cleanliness of cutting. Depends on the size of the teeth and wiring. With the cleanliness of the cut, the speed of work is reduced, but the quality of the joint improves. For cutting without chips, a file for laminate is often used.

When cutting, keep the blade at right angles to the OSB sheet. Do not make sharp jerks, do not press. Excessive load leads to a breakdown of the canvas or the formation of small and large chips. Disconnect the beating mode if there is no excessive movements.

Place: Circular saw

I give the first place in speed and pay labor costs with a circular saw. Cutting OSB slabs with a disk tool is easy and fast. After passing, there remains an even seam without chips and large zazubin. You can saw sheets of different thicknesses. However, the risk of damage to the material is high. One awkward movement will lead to significant deviations from the cutting line. Beginners will take time to adapt to work with the circular.

Note! The tool copes well with large volumes of material when cut in a straight line, but not suitable for figured cuts. In such cases, it is better to use an electrician.

Other possible options

Theoretically, it will be possible to cut OSB slabs with other tools, but these options are less comfortable and more dangerous:

  • Corner grinder (angular grinder). The option involves the use of saw wheels on wood with carbide.shaped spraying or teeth. The problem is that the tool is not fixed with the cut of the material. There is no sole. You have to work on weight, which is unsafe. Any careless movement will lead to damage to the slab or injury.
  • Nozzle on the drill. A miniature version of the corner grinder, when the electric drill is equipped with a special nozzle with a cutting disk. The disadvantages are the same as in the corner grinder. Only discs have a smaller diameter, which is why the cutting process takes more time.

Attention! If you decide to use an angular grinder for cutting OSB, be sure to choose the discs of the corresponding sizes. Do not remove the protective casing, since the risk of injury increases significantly.