How the tornado cultivator works. Lever-pedal for the Tornado

What is the Tornado shovel: principle of operation, advantages, assembly and recommendations for mastering the cultivator

Tools have improved over time: the hoe has been replaced by the sapka, the plow has replaced the snare. Today, the usual shovel is offered to replace the Tornado cultivator. It will make agricultural work much easier and increase productivity.

The design consists of three parts, easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it easy to transport the machine.

  • The central regulating rod, made of metal.
  • Rotary handle.
  • Working part with sharp teeth turned counterclockwise around the rod. The teeth are made of special hardened steel that does not require sharpening.

All parts are secured to one another by two bolts and nuts.

Features and benefits of manual cultivator Tornado wulmart

The times of a shovel and a chopper are passing, because the Tornado mechanical cultivator is able to replace not only garden tools, but also weed the site from weeds, develop virgin soil, prepare beds and holes for seedlings, even dig up potatoes, perform construction and chores in the garden, on the site.

Thanks to the specific geometry of the sharp teeth, it is easy to pull out couch grass and other weeds with little or no clods of earth. When cultivating the soil near shrubs, in the near-stem zone of trees, you can quickly loosen the earth, saturate it with oxygen without damaging the roots.

Another important advantage of the tool is not just the facilitation of manual labor, but an increase in productivity by 3 times, compared with a shovel or hoe, a significant reduction in the load on the spine of the worker.

How to operate a mechanical cultivator

To control the Tornado cultivator, it is enough to master just one simple trick: put it on the ground, rotate it by about 60 °, while deepening it into the ground. Then move the tool to the next place and repeat.

When folded, the manual cultivator Tornado takes up a minimum of space. no more than a student’s briefcase, weighs approximately 2 kg. Assembles and disassembles in minutes.

Soil cultivation by the Tornado cultivator occurs without disturbing the fertile soil layers, each of which remains at its own level with maximum moisture and microflora preservation. And at the same time, the loosening depth is quite sufficient: 18-20 cm for pre-sowing soil preparation and subsequent processing.

The manual cultivator Tornado is a real find for the elderly, those who work in the garden and in the garden, for people with poor physical fitness. This tool is indispensable when working in greenhouses, conservatories, and other areas with limited access.

How the Tornadica works

You just roll it into the ground and pick it up with a clump. And then you either dump it in the cart or put it back in the bed. And if you have to uproot the weed, you just screw in, pull the whole thing out, and break up the piece, exposing the roots. All you have to do is pick up the weed and throw it away

I usually try to illustrate any of my reviews with as many pictures as possible. But it’s so simple, I don’t even know what to add. You don’t expect to review a shovel a dozen pictures of how it digs?

All the beauty of working with Tornadikoy provides a combination of the following factors:

(a) Sharp tips easily go into the ground

c) When you lift “Tornadiku” with her catch, then you drag her not back, like a shovel, and legs. Ideally, you stand as close as possible and parallel to it, if necessary, squat a little bit to engage the legs and lift up with the “Tornadika. If we are not talking about a carpet of overgrown roots, then in almost all cases, the cultivator (you do not lift virgin lands, but on your own plot) with the soil can be lifted with one hand. In any case, there’s almost no strain on your back!

Different nuances:

The ground is already tilled

For example, you need to dig over the garden in spring, which you dug up in the fall. Here, the Tornadika simply goes into the ground like a hot knife into butter, and you, as mentioned above, do not apply almost any effort. Digging with a shovel is slower and harder for your back. And after a certain age, that last factor becomes very important.

Делаем ручной культиватор Торнадо

tornado, cultivator, works

In the video the ground is of medium consistency. you can tell by the way the shovel goes into it.

The soil is compacted and it’s not digging at all

You have to put some effort. But, in any case, it is not comparable to if you had to dig it with a shovel. The amount of effort required is radically different.


The spade copes much better with roots. Because of its construction the Tornadice is very likely to just skirt the root and when you pull it up it catches the root and stops it. I’m talking about shrub roots and thicker. Normal weeds and grass are not a problem.

They dig very well. You’re only limited by the length of the cultivator. Of course it is comfortable to dig down about half of its height. Then you have to dig it out. But a neat half-metre deep hole you can make really quickly. If it is a matter of bending a bayonet, such holes can be riveted in a flow mode of movement along the bed. twist, lift, shake it sideways, and so on.

Yes, it’s worth noting that the bulkiness of the soil also plays a role. The black earth is held in one lump and I loaded the whole cart with it without a shovel.

Scraping the sod.

Ручной культиватор торнадо отзывы отрицательные

The hardest part. In the video below I specifically went to the field. Unploughed chernozem field, with a real blanket of sod half a palm thick. To remove it with a shovel would require a lot more effort. It’s really only a couple of the first “heels” of turf you have to put your power into. Then, removing the turf, at least one side is already cleaned and no special effort would be required. When you have to dig a hole in the black earth, it’s a fantastic difference with a shovel.

How a hand-held potato plow works

If you’re looking at a hand cultivator for the first time, you might wonder how exactly the potato digger works? This tool Tornado is universal, it has the ability to adjust to a person’s height. It can be adjusted for other heights, if necessary.

The Tornado potato harvester is assembled from individual parts. Nuts and screws provide rigid mounting and reliability.

How to work with the Tornado potato digger:

  • Tool assembly.
  • The potato digger is placed next to the potatoes at an angle of 90°.
  • On the working head there is a bayonet that you press into the ground.
  • Put your hands on the handles.
  • Turn the handles in a twisting motion. As you do this, the tines of the working section go into the ground.
  • Raises the Tornado.
  • Place the potato digger next to the next bush and repeat the whole process.

You can see the operation of a hand operated potato harrow from TM Tornado at the following picture

Using the Gardening auger

The advantages of the new cultivator are ease of use, simple assembly and excellent economy. The drill can excellently cope with any soil structure, has adjustable handle length (according to user’s height) and drilling depth. Super auger “Tornado” is liked by a huge number of amateur gardeners.

Based on the reviews, this model is up to 4 times better than plate drills and 2.5 times better than auger drills. We are pleased with the affordable for this tool. in the range of one thousand and the warranty period of more than 10 years.

Garden fork “Tornado” is a handy tool to perform work in the garden to carry grass, hay, for processing heavy soils, during planting operations. Low enough weight (a little more than half a kilogram) and strong forged tines contribute to the considerable effort during the work. Fork handle made of metal forks for greater resistance to stress. For high-quality tillage, the tool is equipped with a footrest function, which helps to perform the work process in an accessible and comfortable way.

Long life, all-weather use and a reasonable price (about 800) are the advantages of the fork.

The snow shovel “Tornado” removes snow, sand, grain without effort and strain on the lower back. The shovel weighs less than two kilograms. For the manufacture of the cutter used a special tube with a small diameter, durable and easy to use. The shovel is made of plastic that is not afraid of low temperatures and is strong enough. The shovel is designed to facilitate the work of the gardener. It should be light and practical, comfortable and ergonomic (safe). these are the qualities endowed with the shovel “Tornado“. Shovel in an aesthetically designed beautiful package can be a great inexpensive gift that will always contribute to a good mood and delight gardeners.

All gardening tools with the “Tornado” logo enjoy great popularity and demand among dacha owners and private homeowners. Feedback from gardeners emphasizes the ease and simplicity of use, low for the cultivator and its modifications. Hardly any negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Special thanks to the manufacturers of this wonderful garden tools, say pensioners with small incomes, who feed themselves with the fruits of their hard work on the land plots. And in this they are provided with invaluable assistance models of the cultivator “Tornado”, affordable to everyone.

Manual Tornado Cultivator. Product Range

Usually, any work in the country house, homestead has not very pleasant components. fatigue, pain in the back, legs, arms. Therefore, every novelty and improvement, such as Fokin and Kozma ploughshares, Tornado cultivator, users perceive with great enthusiasm.

The first cultivator, instead of today’s universal arc, had comfortable grips for hands and looked like this in the photo:

Tornado hand cultivator has the simplest device. it is a solid metal rod with a curved crossbar on top and control knobs. Specially curved sharpened tines are mounted at the bottom of the tool. One can easily operate the handy device without much physical effort, by making short, sharp clockwise rotations.

Hand-held root-removing cultivator

Root remover has wide opportunities. soil loosening, digging, weeding, weeding, gentle soil treatment near trees and bushes with productivity 3-4 times higher than with simple tools.

Tillage depth. up to 20 cm, i.e. almost to the bayonet position. Unlike Fokin’s ploughshare, which, in fact, is just a slightly modified hoe, the Tornado cultivator can comfortably perform all these operations without bending over.

In this case, the layers of earth are not turned over, but retain their natural position with their peculiar microflora. Also, the seeds of perennial weeds are not pulled from the depth to the surface, as with deep plowing.

Root puller

Light, ergonomic tool for digging up land, loosening soil and making holes for seedlings, fast and comfortable, with pinpoint precision. Only 0.5 kg weight.

Weed extractor cultivator

Enhanced version of the Tornado-mini cultivator with which you can also loosen soil, make holes for bulbs, weed between the rows. Thanks to the height adjustment, the cultivator can be adjusted to the individual working height.

Hand operated potato digger

The specialized hand-powered potato harrow is easy to adjust in height, so it doesn’t put any strain on the operator’s lower back.

The sharp tines of the cultivator are forged from robust steel by hand. A true all-rounder. with the appropriate tools, it can be used for a number of other tasks such as hoeing or preparing holes for planting.

Garden drill Tornado-Profi

Designed for preparing holes when planting various plants, applying fertilizer and water under trees. Due to the handmade forged part of the auger, the product is characterized by high reliability and durability.

Drilling diameter. 20 cm, depth can be up to 1.5 m, so the Tornado can be used for other household purposes, for fence construction.

Super drill

The product is distinguished by its material. high-strength, heat-treated steel. Forged teeth with characteristic geometry allow for a smooth penetration into any ground, even with stones and other objects.


Ergonomic shovel Tornado with a special grip allows you to perform heavy works with sand, soil, gravel, clay without straining the spine. Efficiency and productivity is incomparable in comparison with a usual shovel.

Winter shovel

The super-sturdy shovel is made of frost-resistant metal and has an impressive size of 40 x 40 cm. Due to its curved shape both hands comfortably hold the tool while working, relieving the lower back from the strain. Model weight only 1.6 kg.

Miracle Shovel

The shovel is an improved version of the popular LANDER shovel. This product is characterized by its reduced weight (4 kg), optimal processing parameters. width 35 cm, depth 25 cm. Shovel has sharp forged teeth, all metal elements are coated with a special composite coating that eliminates soil sticking.

Operation and maintenance

The simpler the design, the easier and more comfortable it is to work with. So it is with the Tornado cultivators. the rules of their operation are quite obvious and completely uncomplicated. The tool is easy to assemble, takes minimum space when transported assembled.

The Tornado cultivator operating instructions contain information on the assembly of the device, the order of operation, recommendations and useful tips, safety precautions are given.

It is typical that there are almost no negative reviews of the owners of cultivators. There are rather ironic opinions about the reluctance to master modern tools, dissatisfaction when trying to cultivate virgin land without prior preparation.

Features of operation and maintenance

The Tornado hand cultivator has a simple device, the work on it is intuitive at a glance, and it does not take much time and effort to get used to the tool.

According to. work with the cultivator is not only not tiring, but on the contrary, it brings a sense of liveliness, raises the mood by the fact that you can cope with hard work quickly and accurately. After all, not everyone can stand in the garden with his back bent in half with a hoe in his hands all day long.

Maintenance of Tornado cultivators is the minimum. keep the tool clean, use as intended. From real owners of the Tornado you will not find negative reviews, on the contrary, only positive ones. And those who express doubts and show prejudice to the tool, there is nothing left but to manually shovel and hoe, with great difficulty to master the virgin.

The manual Tornado manual cultivator manual provides information about the features of the work, safety precautions when operating the tool:


Reviews about the mini cultivator of the manual type among consumers are mostly positive. Among those who use the Tornado equipment are people of all ages who like to work on the ground.

Nikita, 43

To order a manual cultivator mini I was asked by my father, whom I bought a standard Tornado cultivator last year. It is convenient for him that you can set the height of the handle. For my father we adjusted the mini to 93 cm. I personally like the fact that modern tools do not strain my back, and allow even the elderly to work on the garden. I bought it on the official website, it is more reliable.

tornado, cultivator, works

Olga, 52 years old

We decided to buy a manual mini Tornado with my husband, after we bought a dacha. After us, the same handy root remover bought our neighbors. Tornado cultivator is reliable, and in the garden is not lost in the grass due to the bright yellow color.

Arkady Semenovich, 64

I am moving to the country house for the summer. My plot is not big, I plant a little bit of everything. That’s why I don’t need serious power tools to work the land. there’s no place to turn around with them. But compact hand-held rippers, root removers (including mini) and other similar devices are very suitable for me. I advise to buy the Tornado inventory at the official website. To be sure of the originality of the products.