How to choose a mower for a motor block.

Makeing a mower for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands

Note that various types of structures are known, and their list is not limited to the listed by three. However, it is precisely the rotary and segment type mowers, as well as the type of “wagon” that are not only the most popular, but also without much effort are available to assembly at home. Each type of structure has its own characteristics and its advantages and disadvantages, essential in the same working conditions and insignificant ones. in others.


Equipment of this type is intended primarily for cutting thickets of weed grass and thin shrubs. Having a rotary type device on the farm, you can without much effort to remove grass in large areas. The second name of this mower is disk, since the design of the device involves discs inside which moving knives are located. The number of disks varies depending on the structure, but, as a rule, there are two or three of them. Installing a rotary mowing on a single.based tractor usually involves a frontal mount, but there are varieties of disk devices that are attached from the side or behind, being semi.propeller or trailed.

The principle of operation of this equipment involves the transfer of torque from the supporting wheel to the discs. The discs themselves are fixed on the frame, the support of which is the sledding. Thanks to the same slopes, plant cutting height can be adjusted. Discs are located in a row, and the larger there are, the wider the capture strip. Such mowers are used both on pastures and on large garden farms.


The design of the segment mower is extremely simple. It includes a frame and bars fixed on it (usually two of them). Between the bars there are knives that make back and extension on the principle of scissors. over, the work of segments alternates. while one is in motion, the other is motionless. The herbs bevel is produced quickly and evenly, and the design features of the device allow you to successfully use it for mowing on surfaces with a complex relief.

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The frame is placed on the support wheels, due to which both frontal placement and fastening behind the walk.behind tractor are possible. As in the rotary type variant, the design provides for slopes that allow you to adjust the height of the cutting of grass. Due to the features of the principle of operation, devices of this type are well cope with weeds with thick stems, successfully mow dry plants and are very effective when harvesting green feeds.

One of the main advantages that users note is the availability, ease of use of devices of this type and rather rare breakdowns. However, segmented mowers and disadvantages have. These include small performance, in addition, the equipment of this type is not very suitable for beating low plants.

choose, mower, motor, block


Equipment of this type is usually aggregated with heavy motoblocks equipped with water cooling systems. Street slopes are designed for large-scale work-cutting in large quantities of tall and thick weeds and shrubs, large hay blanks. Sometimes the design is equipped with a rake, which greatly simplifies the assembly of mowed grass. As in other types of designs, there are slopes for adjusting the height of mowing.


This drawing shows the option of a mowing platform, which is effectively used in the summer for mowing grass and weeds, and in the winter-as a snowpliter. For cleaning snow masses, special nozzles in the form of stars are mounted on equipment, and in the summer. knives. This modification is similar to a rotary mower, however, it is difficult to execute. This equipment allows you to cut hard grass and remove snowy sediments with ice.

The design of this equipment created by yourself is two cylinders connected by hooks with a frame and conveyor tape. The chassis is created from the corner or any other metal that is found in the workshop. Wheels are installed on the chassis that can be taken from an unnecessary stroller, and a thick plywood sheet, although ideally it is better to use metal. The dimensions of the frame can be different, but it will be optimal 800×400 mm.

The main node consists of two cylinders (5), belt (3), frames (10, 16, 17, 18.20), brackets (19), corners of hooks (4).

Working cylinders can be made of large tin cans, in which it is necessary to cut the bottom and cover, and in their place to install two rounds of wood. Instead of cans, you can use a thin metal sheet and make 4 disks with an external diameter of 200 mm and 4 with an internal diameter. 170 mm from it. Using the bolts, connect small disks with large. Attach four knives to these discs from discs.

Since the knives should be easily rotated, when they are installed, it is necessary to observe between them and the disks of the gap of 1 mm. Nevertheless, it is necessary that all the mounts are reliable, so that when rotation or collision with random stones, the knives do not part. Drums are mounted on the frame, preliminarily you need to install bushings in them.

DIY frame. The equipment consists of the upper crossbar (10) and a metal strip with corners and backy bushes (16). For the crossbar, you can take a metal corner of 35×35 mm. The cylinders are interconnected by a belt, for the installation of which grooves 13 mm wide are drilled in the corners. For this, the lower sleeve of the leading drum is mobile fastened on the bar (15), and stretch corners (20) are installed on the upper axes of the cylinders. Tighting corners (20) is carried out to the ends of the transverse beam using the M5x65 mm screws. The drum belt is easier to make from the rubber strip, the ends of which are connected using a duralumin plate 2 mm thick.

Next, knit a mower with a power block selection shaft. The work of the pitch-brey can be viewed on the presented video.

Technical characteristics of the mowing

A seno.block for a walk.behind tractor is a great option not only for rural areas, but also small summer cottages. Using such attachments, you can put the cottage in order in a short time.

When choosing a suitable mower, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Compatibility with the walk.behind tractor. Not all types of equipment can be used to mow grass.
  • The size of the equipment. This characteristic depends on the requirements of the farmer and the type of motoblock.
  • Method of fastening. The mower can be installed in front or side.
  • Cooling method. Can be water and airy. Water cooling allows you to use the product for a long time without the risk of overheating.

When choosing air cooling on the device, you do not need to regularly monitor the amount of water. However, in the summer, the installation quickly overheats and may fail.

The principle of operation of the equipment is very simple and understandable to each user

Also, choosing a suitable installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the following elements:

  • Does the movement of the shaft coincide with the power of the tractor or motor cultivator. If the capacity is not enough attachment equipment does not cope with work at the proper level.
  • Mass compatibility. A mower and a motor.cultivator should have a difference of not more than 30 %, otherwise you can damage the technique.

Modern models are provided specifically to facilitate the labor of farmers and have a large number of advantages. However, before buying it is important to carefully study the technical characteristics and consult a specialist.

Using attaching equipment, you can stock up on animal hay in a short time

Varieties of mowers for walkways

Before buying attaching equipment, it is necessary to study the varieties of mechanized mowers.


Rotor mower for a walk.behind tractor ideal option for cutting the lawn. However, as the summer residents note, the device is suitable for mowing hay.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the grass is finely crushed. Thanks to the lower disks, all the greens are cut off very low.

Rotor braids can be several types:

  • Frontal. This installation is attached to the walk.behind tractor.
  • Side. Can be fixed on the side of the cultivator, they are ideal for mowing hay.
  • Combined. Consist of two parts that are mounted on the sides of the walk.behind tractor. Using such attachments, you can process large areas in a short time.
  • Trailed. It is recommended to use such installations for processing sites with uneven relief.

Also, rotary braids may differ in performance. Models from 4, 6 and 8 discs differ.

Almost all types of mowers have excellent maintenance. However, the correction of breakdowns must only be carried out with the engine turned off.

Rotary mowers have an affordable cost


The segment mower consists of a platform with a large number of knives. During use, the knives move, hay and grass cut high quality. A feature of this type of mower is that the hay is mowed with even rolls. The device is also suitable for processing large areas.

Models of this type, most often used for mini-tractors and powerful motor cultivators. Using such an installation, you can prepare hay in a short time and eliminate dry weed grass.

The main components of the equipment include the following elements:

Equipment can be segmented-paltsev or two-legged Bespaltsev. The first option consists of knives that have the appearance of acute triangles. The second option is similar to scissors. The knives are located in two rows and move the opposite to each other.

The knife type easily copes with the grass of all types, but very often clogs with garbage and needs constant observation.

Classification of braids

There are several main types of mowers that are different in their functionality and characteristics. The main differences are manifested in the nature of mowing elements. For self.assembly of equipment, it is necessary to determine the type of equipment required.


Rotary options are considered the simplest and most common. Main parts:

  • support frame;
  • cutting wheels fixed to the frame (2-3 pieces);
  • Side Slacks for Adjusting Affairs of the Superior Superior and Movement.

Important! Any rotary device does not require significant knowledge during operation. Also, such equipment has minimal requirements for the walk.behind tractor according to its characteristics and power.

Among the common options are “dawn”. There are also many special and universal models on the market. Manual creation of a rotary type mowel is the simplest.


The segment design of the equipment for the bevel of grass has several differences from the rotary version. Main parts:

The main advantage of this type of mowing is considered the performance and uniformity of the bevel. There is a protective casing that is located directly above the working part.

Important! The segment type is demanding on the power of the unit. It is intended for dense grass and thick thickets of weeds.

Various types of motoblocks have their own unique equipment models, which are designed specially. Less often on the market there are universal options.


The punching pitch is considered a special option that is used for heavy motoblocks. Application is possible for both the bevel of grass and cleaning ice and snow. You can use the technique at any time of the year. This type of equipment is used for large volumes of operation.

Production of a mower: instructions

In the manufacture of any type of equipment, the initial stage will be a selection of all tools. After that, a drawing is created by which you can determine the main required elements and details. Next is the process of assembling the device. For each type of mower it is his own.

  • discs are taken in the amount of two pieces from any device. The chain can be taken from the chainsaw. A gearbox is prepared;
  • The diameter size of the pipe for the axis is needed within 1 centimeter. The axial shaft is delayed;
  • discs are fixed on the frame, which is connected to the sewing shaft drive. Disks have rotation towards each other. This allows you to make small grass rows.

The assembly process of segment equipment:

  • Bars are prepared with 12 identical holes for the bolt with the marking “M8”;
  • There should be a guide rail on a bolt mount. Its length is 89 cm. Also on the rail, teeth and knives are previously fixed;
  • Rights and scenes are created on both sides of the bars;
  • A small wheel is installed from below the frame;
  • The haymaking of the seno.block is connected to the motorcycle unit through the power shaft.

The creation of a homemade mowing mowal has several stages. Step-by-step instruction:

  • A metal sheet is placed on the frame;
  • Further on the frame, two canning cans without a bottom are fixed;
  • Disks are installed on banks. External discs should have a diameter section of 20 cm, and internal. 17 cm;
  • there is a pair of disks with the help of bolts;
  • The blades to the disk are attached at the same distance from each other;
  • The drum part is inserted into the sleeve and fixed to the frame;
  • A leaf made of steel angles on the frame is installed;
  • drums are connected by transport tape;
  • The fasteners of the lower type of lower type are carried out;
  • The corners are fixed to the drum.

Facilitate your work with a mowing on a single tractor

After the creation, you need to connect the device to the walk.behind tractor.

It should be borne in mind that any connection with homemade technology is made only in reverse mode. It will be necessary to connect the devices through the lifting nest. After that, the connection is stopped by a shkworm and springs. Before the initial and checking, it is necessary to unload the walk.behind tractor, since excess weight will affect performance.

A haymaking on a single tractor can be either purchased or made on its own. If necessary, you can create any type of mechanism. It is required to comply with all the requirements and rules regarding the compatibility of the device and the motor.cultivator.

The creation of a mowing of any type is on a special instruction that must be observed.

Rotor mowers

Street braids are divided into two types: rotary and segment. The former are a strong supporting frame, at the bottom of which two or three cutting discs are fixed, and on the sides-slingsmen to adjust the height of the bevel and promote the device on the ground. The main advantage of rotary models is that they practically do not require technical knowledge for operation and maintenance. at least, unlike segmented mowers. For the Neva motornote, the most common in our country is the rotary mower “Dawn”.

How to CHANGE an ENGINE on a lawn mower

Please note that today its production is engaged not only in but also in China. The assembly quality does not differ much, experienced users note only one significant difference. the gearbox of foreign devices before use it is advisable to disassemble and smash well, because the standard amount of oil in some conditions is not enough.

Zarya weighs about 32 kilograms and rolls about 0.2 hectares of grass per hour of work. Tunable bevel width. up to 1 meter. Passage width. 80 centimeters.


A segmented mower for a walk-behind tractor is a frame installed on a wheelbase and equipped with a cutting element of many knives that make reciprocating movements during operation. The height of the bevel is adjusted using lateral slopes.

Segmented mowers are not only more productive, but also safer than rotary analogues thanks to the protective casing located above the working part. The same.based tractor equipped with such a mower evenly mowing the grass, regardless of the relief and the density of thickets.

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Under specific specifications of the motor blocks, segmented mowers with the function of neat laying of the grass in rows were developed for the convenience of subsequent cleaning.

Below are the technical characteristics of segmented type KN 1.1 mowers for Neva walk.behindists. To date, they are produced only in weigh such mowers about 45 kilograms, mush grass with stripes of 110 centimeters wide, a beard height. from 40 millimeters. During the hour of operation, it is possible to process an area of ​​about 0.35 hectares with an average advanced speed of 5 km/h.

Today, there are many instructions in the public domain describing the process of making a mower for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands. As a rule, the main motive for the independent manufacture of a mower is the desire to save. Such a desire is normal, but it is only appropriate if you have the necessary materials and welding equipment.

If you need to buy or rent any of this, the point of making a mower with your own hands is lost. And spending 10-15 thousand on a reliable device created for work in almost any conditions, it seems no longer such a reckless solution. It should also be taken into account that the homemade device is several times more dangerous than the factory manufacturing unit. even for the simple reason that old parts from agricultural machinery are usually used to assemble it.

We test the nozzle-rot braids on the walk-behind tractors. “Dawn”, “Terminator”, Neva “KR-0.5 “Welcome you on our Internet channel! We hope that here you will draw a lot of interesting things for yourself.

Unine tractor Neva Rotor mower in action.Rotor Koslik “Dawn”. Total annihilator of weeds!

Rotor mowel dawn for a motor lock / purchase, test, overview and testing mower dawn for the recks “Redname” Redname for a mowing rude and herbal vegetation.

Lawn mowing for the Neva motorblock

For mowing grass, rotary.type mits are suitable on lawns. The KR-0.5 mower produced by the same manufacturer is suitable for the Neva. Aggregation occurs using a N-shaped coupling. The KR-0.5 mower is a single-disk, great for working in parks and gardens, carefully cuts the grass around trees, large stones, etc.D. Capture width. 55 cm, cut height. 4 cm. The lawn mower will cope not only with the trim of the lawn, but also with the mowing of thick and high grass. The optimal use is on the lawns of the meadow type.

The rotary mowel dawn has two discs, which increases the width of the capture to 80 cm. Double.disc mower allows you to quickly process the site. The optimal height of herbs for mowing is up to 1 m. The height of the cut is adjustable from 3 to 7 cm, the tilt of the equipment allows you to operate on a slope of up to 10 °, which increases the maneuverability of equipment. Dawn has high performance, is able to process a plot up to 0.2 ha per hour.

Rotary mower is a great option for those who need to process only the lawn. It is compact, inexpensive, universal. Such a mower can mow not only grass, but also small shrubs, folds beveled vegetation in a roll, which adds amenities when harvesting hay.

Precautions when working with hinged braids

Neva’s uniform tractor with a mower is an excellent assistant to summer residents and farmers in solving many problems associated with spining in vegetation. But when working, you must not forget about the precautions, which are as follows:

  • Before starting, make sure of the strength of all nodes and connections.
  • Check the knife mounting.
  • When you detect malfunctions, turn off the unit.
  • The settings of the mechanism are carried out only with the motoblock motor turned off.
  • Check belt tension, knives, nuts, bolts every 2 hours.
  • Do not exceed the operating speed of the device.
  • Do not work near people.
  • Know caution near stones and extraneous objects.

To increase the service life of the device, the manufacturer recommends to review the corner compounds once in 12 hours and process the lubricants of the gear for more efficient mowing.

With proper operation, the mounting equipment for the walk.behind tractor will last a long time.

How to make a mower for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands. manufacturing options

Almost each of the listed types of mowers for the motor block available on the household is quite easy to make on your own. The only thing is that the problems can arise during the assembly of frontal equipment, since it is quite bulky, and requires the acquisition of many articulated mechanisms.

The greatest popularity among farmers-enthusiasts is rotary and segment devices for motoblocks. They have a simple design, and for their manufacture it is not necessary to have specialized equipment in stock.

Rotary mower. how to do it with your own hands?

This type of common attachment equipment will be as effective as possible on any site. If low grass sprouted on it, then the device will simply grind it, and if the weeds are quite high, then the mower will download them.

For the manufacture of a rotary mower, you must definitely study drawings. They should indicate the dimensions of each part details and methods of their fastening.

The further procedure for assembly is as follows:

  • First you need to find 2 disks. they can be taken from the grain seeder or any other equipment available in the farm. Also, a gearbox and a chain from a chainsaw will be required to work;
  • To make the axis on which the knives will be mounted, you should use a pipe made of carbon steel, with a diameter along the entire length of about 1 cm. In order for the knives to rotate freely, the axis is tightened by the disk to the stop;
  • The previously manufactured disks will need to be fixed on the welded frame and connect it to the drive provided in the design of the powerage power shaft. Make sure that when rotating, the disks will rotate towards each other. in this way they will put the mowed grass in neat rows.

A homemade rotary mower made in this way will quickly get rid of weeds and bushes of any height and thickness. The collected equipment does not need frequent repair and special maintenance.

TOP of the best rotary mowers for a walk.behind tractor. analysis of and manufacturers, proper installation

The Neva Unoa tractor is equipped with a rotary mower

Motobobes without additional hinged and trailer equipment are useless. Moot blocks are no less popular than plows. Rotor and segmented models of travo.shirts for walk.behind engines will like farmers with fields and just owners of a small farm. About what features a rotary mower for a walk.behind tractor has to talk in more detail.

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers have a simple design, which facilitates their maintenance and repair. The working bodies are discs on which knives are mounted. They are fixed on the disks using movable hinges. Discs can be from one to several. The more working disks, the wider the area of ​​the processed surface will be.

The price of spare parts and components is low. For our models of rotary braids, spare parts can be bought at any specialized store. Imported models are not older than 10 years no worse. Mowers over 10 years of imported production may not have spare parts, since some models no longer release.

The owner of the rotary mower will easily ennoble the lawn in front of the house and stocks the grass for the winter for livestock. A small model for a walk.behind tract during cleaning areas around fruit trees and beds is convenient.

They produce rotary mowers with us, as well as abroad. Among the largest and most popular models, mowers for the Neva, Dawn, Mole, Favorite stand out. Models differ in the number of working bodies and adjusting the height of the cut of grass. To clean the grass for feeding animals, you can use models up to 20 cm high, haymaking with a cut height of 5 cm showed themselves well on the adjacent territory.

Aggregate with the Motoboblome Favorite, Mole, Neva Rotor mower in several ways:

Reviews are better about hinged models for the Neva and Cascade, Mole, Favorite. Their power is higher and it is easier to work with a walk.behind tractor, since the entire processed area is visible.

According to the method of mowing grass, rotary mowers are divided into views:

How To Size Electric Motors for Any Project: A Beginners Guide #085

  • For begging grass and laying in an even row. Suitable for mowing grass on hay.
  • Mulching the grass. Crushed grass quickly rolls, suitable for handling lawns.

Selecting a model for its Neva, Salute, Zorya, Favorite, Mole is recommended to take into account the following factors:

  • Landscape features.
  • The purpose of acquisition (for mowing grass on hay of livestock or for aligning the lawn in front of the house).
  • The weight of the mower (it is important during transportation, since it is difficult to transport a large model).
  • Productivity (for a small lawn, the most miniature mower is enough with slight power).
  • Type of a bevel of grass (for harvesting hay for livestock feed, models that mulch grass are not suitable).

How to choose a segment mower for a walk.behind tractor

An effective mower on a single tractor should be reliable, durable and well fixed on the aggregate. As a drive, such a device uses belt transmission. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, take into account the following points:

  • The segmented knives should be made of hardened steel so that they do not blunt for a long time and effectively perform work.
  • An important parameter is the width of the capture. How quickly you can cope with the task depends on it. On average, it is within 1-1.8 m.
  • The average cut height in a mower for a walk-behind tractor is 40-80 mm. Select this value depending on the type of vegetation on the site.
  • Despite the fact that the segment mower is a hinged equipment, it has such a parameter as working speeds. It can be from 5 to 10 km/h.
  • The operability of attachment equipment for the walk.behind tractor does not exceed 1 ha/h. Often this parameter is 0.25-0.35 ha/h.
  • Find out which walk.behind tract is a stake.based segment mower. Some models are intended for specific models of technology.
  • An important point is the availability of components. Thanks to this, you can quickly eliminate problems and replace the failed parts.
  • Pay attention to the mass of equipment and its dimensions in the working and transport position. The latter value is very important from the point of view of the transportation of a segmented mower from one site to another. The design weighs depending on the model from 20-35 to 100-115 kg. Heavy models are intended for mini-tractors.

Before buying a particular mower, read the most popular and common options. Compare their and main characteristics. Take into account the existing pros and cons of. Only then make a specific choice. and more. Top manufacturers include:


Professional segment mower for the GHEPARD (MBK0012013) walkover has 92 cm width, which is quite suitable for personal use on a suburban area. The design uses a transmission (included in the kit) with a large work resource. Durable teeth and made of high.quality steel with a special coating. The model is good for both decorative mowing and hay harvesting. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 23390 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-92 cm, height of mowing grass-up to 100 cm, cut height-from 25 mm, operating speed-0.5-4 km/h, dimensions-92x50x50 cm, weight-32 kg, guarantee-2 years from manufacturer;
  • Pros: effective, high.quality cutting elements, a large resource of work;
  • Cons: not optimal for large areas.

If you are looking for hinged equipment for the GHEPARD motornote for commercial use, then pay attention to an analogue with a wider capture. the MBK0012015 model. Its cutting teeth are also made of steel with a special coating. they are made in Germany. After the bite, the unit leaves a perfectly even cut. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 37690 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-107 cm, height of mowing grass-up to 100 cm, cut height-from 25 mm, operating speed-0.5-4 km/h, dimensions-107x50x50 cm, weight-34 kg, guarantee-2 years from manufacturer;
  • Pros: wide cut, suitable for large areas, efficiency, durability;
  • Cons: it is expensive.


Hayfield with the Eurosystems p 70 motor unit

EUROSYSTEMS P 70 motor blocks will help to mow thick vegetation and prepare hay. The model is equipped with a wide capture with a high.quality cutting element that can cut off thick stalks of grass. This is an ideal assistant if you have a large site of several thousand square meters. The manufacturer of this unit is the Italian company. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 44250 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-102 cm, operating speed-2-4 km/h, dimensional dimensions-102x50x50 cm, weight-55 kg, guarantee-1 year from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: bevel width, efficiency, the ability to use in different areas;
  • Cons: high cost, heavier than analogues.

EUROSYSTEMS P 55 segment unit will cost cheaper than the previous model, but it is already. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 20860 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-87 cm, operating speed-2-4 km/h, overall dimensions-87x50x50 cm, weight-35 kg, guarantee-1 year from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: an acceptable price, sprinkles thick vegetation well;
  • Cons: not the best choice for large areas.

Virgin lands

CS: GO-850 segmented mowel capable of mowing grass as close as possible to the soil. The segments of the device during the bumping raise the easier grass. They are very resistant to contact with branches, stones and other objects.

  • Price: 17390 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-85 cm, maximum cut height-20-40 mm, transmission-belt, rotation frequency-up to 360 about./min., Dimensions-135x66x91 cm, weight-46 kg, suitable for motoblocks-virgin lands, Neva, cascade, beam, Crosser C-RM8E, Crosser C-RM10 and others.;
  • Pros: an acceptable price, works on complex reliefs, compatible with many motoblocks;
  • Cons: capture already than analogues.

Mobile K

Segment-Paltsevo equipment for the Motobilok Mobile for G85 is ideal for frequent use in large areas, including commercial use. This became possible due to a reliable gearbox in an oil bath and a high.quality cutting tool. Mower made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 37690 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-107 cm, operating speed-0.5-4 km/h, dimensions-1070x500x500 mm, mass-34 kg, guarantee-2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: high.quality cutting tools, a wide cut, suitable for the performance of volumetric work;
  • Cons: High cost.

An equipment with a 92 cm width will be an alternative and more budget option for a walk.behind tracton. This model is also produced in Italy. Detailed parameters:

How to set up a mowing before work?

After buying rotary equipment, you must correctly configure and adjust the mower.

You can set up in several main stages:

  • All settings are carried out after aggregation of the mower to the walk.behind tractor.
  • Put a protective casing on the raised device and secure it with bolts.
  • Rotors should be strictly parallel to the surface of the field.
  • Adjust the height of the mowing. To do this, there are a special bolt on the salaes that will help to set the desired height. When adjusting the height, it is necessary to take into account the irregularities of the landscape, working discs should not capture the soil.
  • Check all the connections. The bolts should be tightly tightened. Knives move freely. If necessary, they need to be sharpened.
  • Run the mower and go through one row. If the height is suitable, then you can perform work.
  • People and animals should not be on the field. The operator needs to wear protective clothes and a mask. They will protect from branches and small pebbles.

European, American or Japanese technique is durable, but expensive. The spare parts for them are also not cheap, but strong and wear.resistant. Chinese models are more affordable, but can last much less than the declared deadline. Domestic mowers for price-quenches approximately in the middle between Western and Asian brands. Consumables for them can be bought for little money without long searches.

Scout FRM-80

A hinged rotary mower with compact dimensions (810 x 930 x 780 mm), weighing 42 kg and a front installation. She cuts thick grass, grain crops, meter dryness. FRM-80 will cope with overgrown shrubs if their base is not thicker than 1 cm in diameter. On two discs, 4 knives are fixed, which will be processed up to 1.7 hectares per hour. Mowing width. 90 cm, height. 7 cm. It is better to take a wedge belt to take the A-1800-the native B-1850 does not allow you to work at any lifting height.

FRM-80 is suitable for mini-cutters with a capacity of 15 liters. With. and above (0.2–0.6 traction classes), the speed of rotation of the power shaft (VOM) should be 540 rpm. In addition, this model can be connected to the walk.behind tractor. Hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinder and fasteners are included with it. The frame and the tensioner are made of soft metal. any tubercle can turn into a dent, so you need to work slowly.

  • High performance for a small mowing.
  • A simple reliable design.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • One of the lightest models among rotary equipment.

TALEX Z083 “Mini”

Polish hinged model that will burn up to 2 ha per hour. This technique is created for natural and seeded herbs, high.yielding and killed vegetation. Two disks with a pair of knives in each are laid cut into the wrap. Capture width. 1.35 m, height. from 4 to 7 cm, which is ideal for a garden or garden.

You can work with it in any area, except for mountains and rocky meadows. Nevertheless, the rotors are protected by a traction fuse. this will save if you face a solid obstacle. The model is made of durable metal, but thanks to small dimensions, it is still light.

  • High performance for the “mini” class.
  • Strong assembly, rotor protection.
  • Compact dimensions (d/sh/c. 2.66/1.92/1.06 m).
  • Small weight (270 kg).

DM 135

A Chinese hinged mowel for a mini.tractor was created for high.yielding varieties of grass (seeded, natural). It only works on flat ground without stones and hills, although it can be used in a wooded area or just in areas with bed of grass. The vegetation is laid in the wrap, thoroughly dried and suitable for livestock feed. The model is suitable for cleaning road sidelines from weeds.

Strong.barreled shrubs and shoots of young trees are contraindicated to her. Two cutting discs (with three knives on each), declared performance. up to 1.35 ha/hour. The model mows 1.35 m in width, and with partial mulching of the stems. Cut height. 4-7 cm. Weight DM 135. 340 kg. She needs a tractor for 20-30 liters. With. (VOM should rotate with a frequency of 450 rpm).


A hay.preparatory hinged mower from the domestic company “Agramak”. Capture width. 1.9 m, performance. up to 2.5 hectares per hour. The model cuts high.yielding erect and light grassy herbs. If the site is uneven, then the adjustment of the corner of the mowing will help out (from 50 to.25 degrees). To the area of ​​KRR-1,9 is unpretentious-it will even work on fields clogged with stones.

Rotation discs here are 4 (each in 3 knives), the height of the cut is 4–7 cm. The edge of the blades in the CRR models is hardened, so they slowly dull, do not break on solid obstacles and lend themselves to repeated sharpening. Belt drive. you will not have to spend on lubricant, plus the weight of the structure is reduced (the mass of the unit is 320 kg). For normal operation, the mower needs a mini.tractor with a capacity of 35 liters. With. and with the frequency of rotation of VOM by 540 rpm.

  • High performance.
  • Unpretentiousness to the type of vegetation, resistance to stones.
  • Adaptation to bumps on the site.
  • Durability, reliability.
  • Lightened weight.

Z-178 Lisicki

A hinged rotary mower for a mini.vector from Poland. Cuts agricultural and weeds, puts greens in the ridges. If the earth is uneven, then the angle of inclination can be changed to 12 degrees. The model has a traction fuse. He will throw the beam back when he arrived at something solid (stone, anthill, metal). Protective casing and telescopic shaft, which changes the working position of the equipment, are sold separately.

Z-178 was created in 3 versions with different widths of the mowing: 1.35 m (performance up to 0.65 ha per hour), 1.65 m (1 ha/h) and 1.85 m (1.4 ha/hour). Cutting rotors. 2, blades on each of them. 3 (at the option of 1.35 m. 2). Cut height. 3.2–4.2 cm. The mower is suitable for mini.tractors with a rotation of VOM from 540 rpm. The youngest version (330 kg) is designed for class 0.6 (20 liters. With.), medium (400 kg)-from 0.9 (30-80 liters. With.), the last (455 kg). from 1.4 (40 liters. With.).

  • Assortment of 3 versions with different widths of capture.
  • Productive work.
  • Tuning the angle under an uneven relief.
  • Protection from breakdowns when hitting something solid.
  • Wear resistance, strength.

Z-169 Wirax

Another Polish hinged mower for the cut of low.stained high.yielding herbs with laying in a roll. The model is suitable for plain and wavy fields, meadows, pastures (the angle of inclination in the Z-169 changes to 12 °). Solid debris, stones are better to avoid. On each of the two rotors, 3 knives are installed (only 2 blades on the younger version). Maximum cut height. up to 4.2 cm.