How to cut a laminate along the wall curve. Foamed polyethylene

How to cut a laminate against the wall?

How to cut a laminate if there is no special tool

Laminate is one of the most popular types of flooring. This material taught such popularity due to its attractive appearance, affordable price and ease of installation. Even a beginner who has never encountered this kind of work will cope with the laying of such a flooring.

However, there is one nuance in laying the laminate, the lamellas are located according to the rule of brickwork, so it is obvious that such a floor covering involves fitting in width and length. Когда возникает вопрос о том, чем и как резать панели ламината, многие владельцы жилья, решившиеся на самостоятельную укладку настила, впадают в ступор. After all, the laminate is a durable material, and requires a special tool for cutting.

Repair professionals are in a hurry to reassure, if there is no special cutter in your arsenal of construction utensils, then you should not purchase an expensive tool for one.time use. Use improvised means that almost every home repairman has.

How to cut a laminate with a jigsaw. the right files solve everything

Most often recommended to saw lamellas with an electrician. In general, a jigsaw is a universal device. The tool is always needed on the farm. And it is not expensive. The cheapest device is easy to find for 20.

It is light and mobile, you will quickly learn to work with it. This is how to cut a laminate is really convenient. Here is the main solid hand (so as not to drive to the sides) and the selection of files. Which side of sawing will we figure out further.

How to cut a laminate with an electrician:

  • It is very important what pieces to cut laminated boards. There are special on sale. for laminate. But if you did not find them in trouble. So that there are no chips on the front side, make markings and cut it on it. And then we just use a file with teeth that are directed down. It is she who provides almost the perfect cut. All chips will be on the bottom of the lamella. But you have only a saw with teeth at home. In this case, we make markings and saw on the back side. That’s the whole secret. Some still use metal files.
  • You need to cut the laminate in another room. There will be a lot of sawdust. By the way, they are scattered differently depending on the file. Cloves up. sawdust up and vice versa. This is that sometimes you need to put on glasses;
  • You need to hold a piece that we cut off. Since at the end of sawing it can tear a piece of coating from above;

A jigsaw can be sawed laminate not only in length and width. You can easily perform curly cutting with rounded corners. For example, make a beautiful drank for a pipe.

Kryazuvka for metal

Cutting for metal is what to cut the laminate will be profitable, because the tool of those that are in almost every house and you will not have to run to the store.

It is very convenient to perform small cuts with a hacksaw for metal due to the fact that:

  • The laminate is easily lend itself to manual cutting;
  • A small hacksaw tooth guarantees the absence of chips;
  • If you still damage the edge, then you can easily close the shortcomings with a baseboard.

Remember that a hacksaw for a laminate is suitable only if the volume of work is small and there is no other tool at hand, also if you do not have a hacksaw at hand, it is better to buy a jigsaw in the store, which will be mentioned below.

The sawing should be carried out according to the following instructions:

  • First make a clear markup on the lamellas, remembering that it should be bright, because when sawing it will be covered with a thin layer of dust.
  • To get a high.quality edge, cut the sheet, turning it with the front side up.
  • Do not make much effort to the tool so as not to damage the finished edge.


The use of power tools allows you to achieve high speed and with a certain dexterity. the quality of the cut. But when working with an electrician, some rules should be followed.

laminate, wall, curve, polyethylene
  • To work is convenient, the marking is made on the front side of the laminate board. In order to prevent cutting of decorative coating from cutting, choose a saw with the back of the tooth. Standard. picks up the material from below and can damage the upper layers of the laminate.
  • If there is no way to use the saw with the back of the tooth, the marking must be made from the back of the board. In this case, the decorative coating will remain intact at the edges of the cut.
  • With zero feed and high speeds, you can use special saws with a straight tooth.
  • If you want to achieve very high accuracy and purity of the passage of the material, it is recommended to use special thin saws for curly cuts.

They work with an electrician according to the expected scheme: draw a fishing line for a cutting trimmer, depending on the type of saw and the material passes. The advantage of using the power tool. you can make long cuts, for example, along a wide strip. This will require attentiveness or support by which the sole of the electrician will move.

A construction or stationery knife is a quite successful tool for cutting a laminate. You need to do this according to the following scheme:

  • After marking the future cut line on the front side, a support is installed, preferably a metal corner or ruler;
  • a blade with a strong press is carried out along the laminate along the support.

It is necessary not to shift the support and make several passages of the knife until the blade passes more than half of the thickness of the laminate board. After that, it is broken with light swinging. It is not recommended to use excessive efforts so as not to deform the edge with a decorative coating.

The knife on plastic (along with construction and stationery) looks like the answer to the question, the better to cut a laminate from vinyl. This material is quite plastic and easily lends itself to steel blade. A special plastic knife thanks to a bent tip allows you to make a deep passage without excessive pressure, helping to maintain a direct direction.

How to fix the installation of a laminate without a gap near the wall

Laminate is considered quite modern material, so often its styling is trusted by professionals.

The gap between the floor and the wall should be perfectly adjusted, if it is too large, then the aesthetics of the room will be broken, it will not work with the baseboard.

A small distance will also affect the correctness of the use of the coating, the elements can jump out of the locks or protrude, creating hillocks in certain parts of the room.

Elimination of incorrect styling

If some shortcomings have formed during installation, they need to be eliminated, moving the details that did not fully record large gaps near the wall.

To remove this space, it is worth using special thresholds, but they will not always help to eliminate the problem.

Experts often decide on more painstaking actions and add small blanks around the entire perimeter, the size of which will depend on the distance of the gap.

It can be both millimeters and entire centimeters, in some cases it is worth paying attention to the evenness of the walls themselves, the possibility of the perfect clearance of the gap will also depend on this indicator.

The material has the ability to expand and narrow with time, so the distance between the floor and the wall must be selected appropriate.

Removing excess material

In the case when there is no gap at all, you can find unpleasant hillocks on the coating or laminate elements will simply jump out of the locks.

In this case, you will have to remove the baseboard and cut off extra centimeters, the process is quite painstaking and will take a lot of time.

If there is no self.confidence, it is better to provide work to professionals with experience.

A rather accurate tool is required, and you need to start manipulations at the right point, otherwise it will not be immediately possible to remove the parts for trimming immediately.

Often this material begins to be put from the window, but various types of coating may assume the location of the locks from the side walls with respect to the doorway.

Optimal gap

It is quite simple to achieve high.quality styling, manufacturers always indicate the correct dimensions for a certain area of ​​the room, they can be clarified by the consultant or read in the instructions.

The distance of 1 centimeter is considered to be the optimal width if the room is subjected to large temperature changes and moisture exposure should be increased by 0.5 cm.

The same technique will be useful in parts of the room near pipes or door locks, a distance of 1.5 centimeters is considered optimal gap.

Rooms with a length of 12 meters, professionals advise calculating first, the width of the distance between the coating and the wall is determined based on the line of linear meters, 15 mm of the gap goes per unit.

Given all the small nuances, it will turn out not only to properly lay the laminate, but also correct the defects of the builders.

Is it worth it to take up repair work for beginners or will it better seek help from an experienced person?

Laminate and crooked walls

It is necessary to properly lay the first row. There are tubercles and holes in the wall. If the laminate is squeezed into the tubercle dense to the tubercle, then in some places the puppy 1 cm is obtained. I measured the print and noticed that he was falling into the gap. And if the laminate starts to narrow, then it will be even worse. I’m thinking of where the tubercles are wearing a laminate. Maybe there is another solution to this problem?

As it is not clear with you, such crooked walls, but you put the laminate, after installing the skirting board there will be a squalor, but for a laminate: (

Che is not clear.Walls and so crooked.Wallpaper seemed to be leveled.Skirting board was old 10cm.Respectively tore off the holes there.He smeared it as best he could and all.Plustmasovic plinth bent holes like disappear.The gap still remained small somewhere 2-4mm, and where there are irregularities up to 1cm.They write 8mm.So I think from the 2-4mm laminate left will not be entered by chance?

Evgeny Sage (12097), even in the budget repair itself, align the corners of at least on the plane, make the plane under the baguette and baseboard.

The wallpaper yesterday was pasted to the floor.And how to align it here?

Evgeny Sage (12097) then it remains to feed the first row.

Fit a thread with a thread for a trimmer to protruding protrusions on your wall. Put the laminate along this line. Then you cover it with polyethylene and settled the bottom of your wall to be even. After drying, plant a plinth. Everything will be perfect.

Collect a row, note where to file, sometimes we also sawed.

If so everything was simple.From wall to beam 4.4m then the beam in a 10cm width begins and goes 40cm, and at the end the beam width is already 22 cm.There you need to cut the beam and then 22-19.4 = 2.6cm in the length of the laminate.So I think I can drink, and then it will not get up.There would be a straight wall, I think I would have a sung for a long time.

And if you start from the second row, and then return through 6-7 rows to the first?

So they are now, but it will be easier to customize already in fact.

Run Guru (3494) then estimate around the beam to stuff the laminate.Tin is complete.I bent a plastic plinth and it seems that the hole is not visible.

Tighten the walls at least cm. 30 from the floor, do not really confuse and there will be no cracks.

Reluctance to equal the walls. Cut the laminate on the wall. Lost the whole where the deepest place, the rest in size talked and customized so that the gap is 8 millimeters. Instead of some bars, we used scraps of the same laminate placed vertically between the wall and the laminate. And the next row will go exactly. Only to measure everything in order to at least somehow observe the corners.

Gather a couple of rows, then press against the wall, then take something thick (thicker than the gap) put a pencil and draw a curvature of your wall on the laminate.

Cloud design of PVC tiles, ecologically clean, froze and cut with a knife, you can pick up three stripes and move to the wall, clothe the walls as you want.

Modular coatings (443) 8 years ago

Rastens do not need to put between tiles and walls, the gap can be 3-5mm.

How to put a laminate correctly: instructions

Alignment of the base for laminate

If the changes in the draft base exceed the capabilities of the substrates, only one thing remains. to level the surface. The most common foundations for laminate are concrete and wooden floors. Both options will require their alignment method.

Many people prefer a cheaper alignment method using sheets for this purpose wood-bearing plate. I would like to warn consumers that this is a bad surface under the laminate. This material is unstable to moisture, and at its slightest hit, it will begin to bubble. So, the laminate will be prone to rapid wear. In addition, in its production, formaldehyde is used, the pairs of which are very harmful to health.

How to identify bumps?

Defects and irregularities are easy to identify with the help of a hydraulicarian. To do this, attach the level to the surface of the wall. Combine the water level with risk and draw a zero mark. Use the other flake of the hydraulic head to repeat the operation throughout the room. Make marks on the walls every 2-3 meters. Next, put the control marks. To do this, drill holes in the floor and screw the screws at the water level in the first flask. Compare the indicators.

You can also use roulette and laser levels. But if you do not have these tools, then the construction level of more than two meters will help to identify irregularities.

Now that the level of irregularities is revealed, you can proceed to their elimination.

The alignment of the concrete floor

The alignment of the concrete floor most often with a black base under the laminate is a concrete screed. Previously, this coating should be evaluated at the degree of evenness, and then the method of the necessary repair is already determined. The best option for aligning concrete is self.combat mixtures.

If the differences are too large, then it is necessary to grind the surface. For radical leveling, special cement compositions will be required. By the way, it is profitable to use them, since the price of them, unlike the cost of self.leveling mixtures, is an order of magnitude lower.

Work with cement solutions require certain skills, but the process itself takes place with minimal costs. To obtain a perfectly flat surface, you can set the lighthouse level. Then the leveling mixture is poured from the highest point and distributed over the surface with a spatula. Next, you should walk along it with a roller to eliminate air bubbles.

The concrete screed should freeze well, that is, gain strength. The drying period depends on the used composition. It is usually indicated on packages with the material.

How to choose the right wallpaper for the living room will tell this article.

In the event that some boards rotate or creak, they must be replaced and fixed with lags. Gaps and cracks in the floor should definitely be thrown.

But the best way to align a wooden base is to fill it with a self.burning screed on a cement basis. Such a surface (with competent work) guarantees an impeccably even black base.

Once again we remind: no matter how even the black coating is, experts strongly recommend laying a substrate on it. So you will significantly improve the quality of laminate laying.

  • Do not pay due attention to the preparatory stage. As a result, the surface is uneven, and after laminate is laid, it begins to “play”, the locks quickly break.
  • They choose the place incorrectly where to start laying. If the door opens into the room, and you started laying from the far corner. you cannot stand normally the last row, without removing the door leaf from the hinges. In this case, it is better to start from the door.
  • Do not leave temperature gaps. It is very important to leave the gap near the walls, pipes and doors of 1 cm. This is necessary, since the laminate has a large expansion coefficient from a change of humidity.
  • Between the rooms you need to make a temperature gap that is closed with a decorative rapid. If you lay the coating in adjacent rooms whole, then the risk of swelling in the doorway increases, especially if the base is uneven.

Popular error. laying in adjacent rooms is not divided by breed

  • The new row should begin with the pruning of the previous. That is, joints need to be shifted in each row at least 1/3.
  • When laying on a concrete floor screed, especially new ones, you must definitely use vapor barrier.

Advantages and disadvantages of ways

The choice of a method of preparing a flat base for laminate depends on a number of factors. The main ones are the time available, the degree of curvature and the state of the foundation.

How to build a crate for laying a laminate

The quality of the final decorative surface depends on the ideal shape of the crate for laying the laminate on the wall. We need perfect straight. over, as we can guess, most of our readers do not have a laser level that could be relatively simply possible to arrange the bargains properly. In this case, it is recommended to start with two horizontal guides, along the ceiling and floor. Each retreats from the wall exactly so that another layer of vertical crate is placed under it. In the classic version, it is recommended to perform only one layer, horizontal. But we believe that in this case to lay exactly the bar with gaskets of various thicknesses is quite difficult with a high curvature of the walls.

It is much easier to create two horizontal guides, then strengthen the vertical row of crate from the inside with the inside, and then without problems fill a row for fastening the laminate plates. Thus, it becomes possible to lay a laminate on a wall of any geometry.

Is it worth it to do a crate for laying a laminate on the wall

Many people have a question why do a crate for laying a laminate on the wall at all, but we will now explain this issue. The most important advantage of such a technical solution is the ability to perform additional work in parallel with facing. For example, walls can be soundproof. In this case, there are some features. Suppose, when installing a drywall on a chatter, we first carry out the wall cladding, and then we cut out quite large holes for filling the ecovy or polyurethane foam along the resulting surface. In this case, this option is not suitable, because the laminate is a finishing layer of the wall.

For this reason, it would seem to use mineral wool as a heater as a heater. But there is one nuance. Mineral wool laid under the grill is covered with a vapor barrier membrane on top. This is done not only to protect the heater slabs from moisture, but also to protect our lungs from dust, which will potentially form over time. In addition, some types of mineral wool also distinguish formaldehyde, and the additional protective layer somewhat reduces the speed of penetration into the room of harmful substances.

As for insulation of the wall trimmed with a laminate, with the help of an ecowar or polyurethane foam, here on top of the crate it will be necessary to fill the sheets of veneer. What a thickness? See this by what load in the future will fall on the facing coating. On the other hand, we will limit the price. The thicker the veneer is, the more it is. As for the process of insulation itself and sound insulation, it is no different from the option with drywall, which we have already examined in our reviews earlier.

It should be remembered that when performing insulation or soundproofing, it is necessary to cover the wall with antiseptic soil. This is blocked by the growth of the fungus inside. Because under the insulation or noise insulator, favorable conditions for condensate loss are formed. This is especially true for walls that go out.

Many are now worried about what to do if the neighbors are flooded. In our reality, this is a fairly common phenomenon. It is clear that the violators of the order usually pay compensation, but not everyone will be glad to carry out construction operations in their apartment. To minimize the harm from such measures, you need to take some additional steps. In the presence of a layer of insulation, the main absorber of moisture will be it. So that the water does not get here, it is necessary to surround the mineral wool with a vapor barrier membrane from all sides. That is, we lay not only from the side of the cladding, but also from the side of the wall, not forgetting about the top and bottom.

The laminate itself is also afraid of water. To somehow minimize the damage in the event of a flood, you need to treat all the ends and the opposite side of the material with a special water-repellent soil. It costs a certain amount, comfort the fact that such a laminate will distinguish less than harmful formaldehyde in the atmosphere of the room. And do not forget that the places of shooting the Kleimers to the crate are a zone of increased danger. In these points, a vapor barrier membrane is holey through. That is why construction paper clips need some additional measures to protect against moisture in this place for facing. For example, you can use silicone sealant.

How to cut a laminate with a circular

How to cut on the floor?

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to cut laminated panels that are already laid on the floor. Typically, people with insufficient experience in carrying out construction work in this case are wondering how to do it right.

According to the reviews of people who met with such a problem during the laying of the flooring, the best option in this case will be the decision to use the corner grinder. At the same time, on the advice of experienced users, it is necessary to install a disk on the device for working on tiles with diamond spraying. When performing work, you must be extremely careful and move the tool all the time without pressing it with special efforts. During operation, the corner grinder must be kept on the start button all the time so that in case of loss of control over the situation, turn off the device on time and avoid injuries.

In addition, you can turn to a safer, but at the same time labor.intensive method. the use of a cutter. In order to cut off the laid laminate, you need to arm yourself with a professional cut for wood work. On the advice of experienced people, two parallel incisions should be made along the width of a narrow chisel, then select a cut piece with a chisel. And so slowly remove the length of the panel to the desired size.

How the laminate works

Laying the laminate only by whole parts is almost impossible. Laminate lamps are most often made rectangular shape. On the surface of the planks there is a thin film made of resin, which protects the laminate from various kinds of influences and damage. Under the protective layer is a layer with a shade, where the formation of a picture goes, which externally looks like a tree of various types.

Next is a layer of wood-based stove, which increases stiffness indicators. The latter is a layer of melamine, thanks to which the laminate is resistant to moisture. As a result, it turns out that in thickness such a coating will be about six to twelve centimeters

If you saw such products, then it is very important to carefully make the edge. Otherwise, curved chips may form, which will need to be compensated by valuable centimeters of the coating

How To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring Around A Curve

It may also be necessary to replace the elements with a malfunction with new.

In order not to throw away valuable pieces of coating, which is quite expensive, it is better to prepare tools in advance that will make it possible to make even sections. Thus, you can protect yourself and immediately styling without spending additional resources.

It is important to make only even sections. otherwise you can greatly ruin the coating, which will affect the expenses

Drill saws for cutting

Today it is just indispensable. construction, as well as woodworking. You can’t do without such a motorized device. Saws, as well as appropriate disks for cutting laminate are in great demand today.

laminate, wall, curve, polyethylene

Discs are classified depending on the work on the work. So, to work with lamellas, use a special device for boards.


When buying such a device, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of teeth and the angle of their inclination, the geometry of sharpening, as well as the recesses between the teeth.

A small number of teeth. an option for working with chip plates and wood. The average amount is suitable for massive wood and soft metals. Large. used exclusively with a very powerful device, so it is not advised to use it for soft flooring.

It is the sharpening geometry that will affect the cleanliness of the cut and the efficiency of work. Available varieties. flat, trapezoidal, as well as alternating. The angle of inclination also affects the quality. Flat sharpening is better to use for quick cuts, the universal version is suitable for any tree.

There are also professional discs with special teeth from hard alloys. They have hardness, high strength, as well as resistance to destruction. This guarantees high performance, long service and excellent quality of work.

Full list of available tools

Today it is not difficult to acquire a laminate of any class of strength. The differences in the material can be in the thickness, quality and strength of protective and decorative coatings. There is a difference in the main board that provides rigidity.

It is produced as a laminate according to a classic scheme, from a wood.fiber slab covered with several layers using laminating technology, and an vinyl finishing material that has only one external protective layer.

A complete list of how to cut off the board of the desired size for laying the flooring looks like this:

  • Kryzuvka for metal;
  • Draw on wood;
  • electrician;
  • construction or stationery knife;
  • knife for plastic;
  • corner grinder, it is also an angle grinding machine;
  • a circular saw;
  • special guillotine for laminate;
  • Blade cut.

Each of the devices is characterized by both accessibility and convenience and speed of work. The solution, the better to cut the laminate, is made on the basis of requirements for the volume of work, the quality of the resulting cut, as well as the accuracy of processing. If we are talking about a small repair and I want to know how to cut a laminate at home. the list will be significantly reduced.

Circular saw/machine or circular

The cheapest circular, meaning a saw, costs from 40. Buying it specifically for a cut of laminate when laying it is pointless. And drag a huge machine into an apartment is also not an option. If you are a happy owner of this tool, you can safely cut a laminate. To do this, use a metal disk. The newcomer will have to learn how to use the circular. This is not safe, even experienced craftsmen sometimes get injuries.

Features of the use of circular saw:

  • Mark and cut on the front side;
  • Reliably fix the workpiece on a flat surface upwards. It is to fix it, and not so that one holds, and the other saws;
  • If you have a circular machine. marking and cut also on the side with a pattern;
  • In the case of using the machine, the laminate board is not fixed. She is neatly conducted to disk. Be sure to use glasses so that large sawdust does not get into the eye.

Why is the laminate walking, swollen after laying? How to fix it

In his professional activity, he faced many reasons why the laminate swollen and walks after laying. Most cases, how funny it sounds. self.stir up. This applies to minor irregularity of the floor and curved laminate planks. However, there are many situations related to violation of the technology of flooring or an excess of humidity at the base.

It must be understood that a laminate or parquet board is a floating coating that is not attached to the base with screws and glue. Therefore, it is allowed that the laminated parquet will be pushed to some extent when walking. This measure is difficult to explain in words. Sometimes they ask: why does the laminate walking, but it actually lies normal.

Let me tell you cases from a personal example that I had to face.

Laminate walks, walks. the reason for the crooked planks

No matter how blasphemous it sounds in relation to the manufacturers, but often the curve of laminate becomes the cause of the festivities.

There was a case, they called us to the bulkhead of the coating. The truth was the Amberwood parquet board, but it does not change business. I asked if there were spare boards for oven and received an affirmative answer.

The wall plinth was not installed and we immediately started the dismantling of the parquet. When removing, they immediately paid attention to the boards curved with a boat. Here the reason for the festivities, walking of the coating was obvious. crooked planks.

In the parquet board, the upper layer usually consists of valuable wood. harder, and the lower stabilizing. from needles. These two layers have different tensile resistance and hygroscopicity. Therefore, in case of violation of storage and absorption of excess moisture, such deformation occurs.

Having examined the spare details of the parquet, they refused to bulkhead in connection with the futility of the lesson. Firstly, they were uneven. Secondly, I walked the whole floor.

The case should be different with a laminate. this material consists of a processed homogeneous wood mass. To stabilize the stove on two sides, a laminated layer is applied. One is decorative with a protective film, the second. from below the boards. The lower layer provides moisture insulation and stability of the entire composite. This should be, but with the regular frequency of the laminate planet, all the same in the packages curved. This applies not only to inexpensive brands of coating, but also from the premium segment.

On one contract with the flooring, I showed the customer that the laminate is very crooked. But even in such cases, no one has yet canceled the flooring in my practice. This is not beneficial to anyone: neither the owners of the apartment, nor the masters. Change the entire batch linings and for a long time, and the defect is eliminated over time.

At the end of the installation of an inexpensive laminated floor, they asked me why the laminate walks, especially around the edges? Another person took work. I had to explain the second time that the panels are crooked, showing the remaining planks.

I will draw your attention to the fact that the floating floor always walks a little along the edges of the rooms is the first and last row of coating.

Middle rows are pressed to the floor under the mass and due to the displacement of the seams, partial straightening occurs. Therefore, in the middle of the room, the laminate walks less than around the edges.

These were no exceptional cases, this happens quite often. Not everyone pays attention to this drawback, which manifests itself to a greater or lesser extent.

Laminate walks, walks when walking. correction

If the laminate walks, walks for this reason, then you do not need to disassemble anything. With a passage of some time, the floating floor will settle down.

The coating will fall tightly on the base under its mass. Strengthening the process will contribute to the placed furniture and the installation of a wall skirting board along the edges of the room. In addition, the laminate will eventually come out and takes the form repeating the relief of the base.

Walks, walks laminate, the reason is an uneven basis

According to the tolerance for the base for laying the laminate, a drop of 2-3 mm per 1 meter is the headquarters is allowed. In household houses, the concrete screed is usually quite straight, although not always. Evenness must be checked using a rule or level, preferably 2 meters long. It is easier to identify hillocks and holes. Most often, the differences come across near the heating pipes and in the area of ​​doorways. Particular attention should be paid to the doorways, as this is a key place with high patency.

But most often the uneven foundation is observed in the old houses of the Soviet era. At that time, accuracy in the finish decoration of buildings did not attach any importance.

Floors can be parquet or concrete. this is not important. Installation of laminate in such houses is carried out regularly. Not all buyers of my services can allow to align the foundation. Not only due to financial difficulties, but also because of a small free amount of time and the constraint of housing conditions. Therefore, the flooring is produced on top of the old coating without quality warranties.

Walks, walks laminate due to uneven sex. correction

There are two ways out of the situation that the laminate is walking. One radical. to align the base. But if you did not immediately dare, then it is unlikely that when repaired you will want to re.bring a mess.

The second decision is to do nothing. Laminate is not linoleum that immediately takes the relief of irregularities of the surface. But over time, he is able to settle under his own mass and weight of furniture, taking the shape of the base.

The disadvantage of laying the laminate on an uneven floor is a change in the geometry of the docking and the appearance of cracks. And the formation of gaps leads to a faster depreciation of the key.

The laminate swollen. what to do?!

Under the phrase “laminate” swollen “. usually implies either

  • that he rested against the wall and a large wave formed
  • or that the laminate swollen at the joints from the water and the formation of bubbles occurred.

Unlike previous problems, this is more serious and cannot independently eliminate. What to do in this case, now I will describe.

Improvised materials

If the above methods seem too complex and time.consuming, then you can make a complex trim and using a pencil and thread.

Consider this process using the example of the manufacture of holes in the tile around the doorway:

  • We fasten the thread by the end of the pencil where the bar is located.
  • To insert the tiles into the jamb of the doorway, it is necessary to determine 4 points. To do this, we focus on two tiles lying in one row along the width and along the length with the tiles, which must be cut.
  • We fasten one end of the thread to the corner of the neighboring tile. Then we pull the pencil with a thread to one of the intersection points of the future tiles with a doorway. We transfer the point to the future tiles, having previously fixed the thread at the same angle.
  • We fasten the end of the thread to another corner of the neighboring tile and pull it to the same intersection point. We transfer the point, preserving the same angle to the future tile. At the intersection of the two semicircles, the point we need is.
  • We do the same operations with other points. On the points obtained, we draw the contours of the future pruning
  • Cut the resulting pattern and fasten the tile.

Here is another cutting method using coins:

Laminate laying rules near protrusions, pipes and doors

For the envelope of the riser, you need to drill in the opening panel, and then cut it in the center of the circle. The diameter should be 20 mm smaller than the pipe, then the gap is closed with a plug.

The joint at the door frame is one of the most important, in fact, you can cut the platband and box and start a lamella under it or make a recess in the laminate itself. It is important to remember that the indent should be 5. 10 mm. Then the cracks will be closed with plugs. The joint in the doorway is also blocked by a special element.

So that the joint at the door turns out to be of high quality, the elements should be combined in color. First they usually choose the door, since then picking it up under the laminate will be more difficult. Then the skirting board is chosen, it is usually made in the color of the door frame, the flooring is contrasting.

Where, in which rooms you can put laminate and what is its main advantage and disadvantages

This is his indisputable plus, on which we “peck” when choosing him. Another plus of such a coating will be the opportunity to purchase just the number of laminate boards that corresponds to the area of ​​its laying. That is, we will have a minimum number of scraps of laminate boards, and not a few unused square meters, which may well remain when laying linoleum.

All these phenomena can be observed under the influence of moisture, which may well fall into the cracks and on the back of the laminate board.

How to prepare a wooden floor for laying a bloodless laminate

How to come to this? If this is a wooden floor from the boards, then it is necessary first of all to get rid of insufficient rigidity. Boards with poor.quality styling often have the properties of bending, creak.

The protrusion of metal hats of nails or screws from the aligned floor is not allowed.

Requirements for the concrete floor before putting the laminate are similar to the wooden floor.

As a result, such a floor walk up and down will lead to the fact that the locks between the boards of the laminate may break, or the exfoliation will appear.

For granted, after the floor is aligned, it will be necessary to place it elementarily thoroughly, or vacuum. After all, small crumbs can also manifest itself by forming “humps”.

If you have to lay a laminate on the base of concrete, then it can be leveled with a watery self.leveling yxi screed or dry expanded clay and gll. In any case, it should be a strong, even surface with a difference in height of less than 3 mm. The surface inclination is checked using a long building level.

During the installation of a dry screed, a small.fractional layer of expanded clay is poured over the waterproofing. Expanded clay is aligned with the help of the level and on top of the backfill, GVL sheets have locks, which are firmly fastened with self.tapping screws and glue. Ultimately, a strong and equal coating comes out.

Types of coating

If it is supposed to lay the floor independently and without the help of specialists, it is better to pay attention to soft types of laminate

To cut this type of lamellas, you will not need a special tool, it will be enough to arm yourself with an ordinary ruler, a pencil or pen and a construction knife. First, a fishing line for a trimmer cut is planned with a pencil or handle, and then it should be drawn on it with a knife. After that, you just need to bend the canvas. If you need to perform a figured incision, then for such an action you can use large scissors.

How to cut a laminate at home without chips

Ламинат можно резать пилками, дисками, резаками и даже ножом. Правильный инструмент значительно ускорит время при укладке. Тем более стоимость его не так велика. И лучше потратить 20-30 долларов на тот же лобзик, чем пилить обычной ножовкой. Хотя кроме лобзика еще есть много вариантов.

Today we consider all the ways. You will learn how to cut a laminate best and from which side. We will also talk about how to saw lamellas correctly and without chips.

Perhaps you already have some kind of tool. Most often it is a simple saw, angular grinder or jigsaw. For them we will choose the right wheels, and good files.

When choosing a tool for cutting a laminate at home, it is important:

  • Its speed and convenience when cutting. Pulling a heavy machine makes no sense;
  • Pure and even cuts without chips and bullying at least garbage. It is clear that all the slices will go under the plinth. But you can lay the laminate not only on the floor. Often chips can spoil the appearance. Or you need to make a joint of tiles with a laminate without a rocking;
  • Whether the tool is useful after laying. We take what will not gather dust in the closet at a reasonable price (if there is nothing to cut);

How to cut a laminate with a jigsaw. the right files solve everything

Most often recommended to saw lamellas with an electrician. In general, a jigsaw is a universal device. The tool is always needed on the farm. And it is not expensive. The cheapest device is easy to find for 20.

It is light and mobile, you will quickly learn to work with it. This is how to cut a laminate is really convenient. Here is the main solid hand (so as not to drive to the sides) and the selection of files. Which side of sawing will we figure out further.

How to cut a laminate with an electrician:

  • It is very important what pieces to cut laminated boards. There are special on sale. for laminate. But if you did not find them in trouble. So that there are no chips on the front side, make markings and cut it on it. And then we just use a file with teeth that are directed down. It is she who provides almost the perfect cut. All chips will be on the bottom of the lamella. But you have only a saw with teeth at home. In this case, we make markings and saw on the back side. That’s the whole secret. Some still use metal files.
  • You need to cut the laminate in another room. There will be a lot of sawdust. By the way, they are scattered differently depending on the file. Cloves up. sawdust up and vice versa. This is that sometimes you need to put on glasses;
  • You need to hold a piece that we cut off. Since at the end of sawing it can tear a piece of coating from above;

A jigsaw can be sawed laminate not only in length and width. You can easily perform curly cutting with rounded corners. For example, make a beautiful drank for a pipe.

Is it possible to cut a laminate with a corner grinder, it is also an angle grinding machine (angular grinder)

If you have a corner grinder, feel free to use it to cut the laminate when laying. She can cut almost everything in the world. This tool is always at hand with a good owner. You can find a new corner grinder for 25 (this is the simplest). It is important to choose the desired disk here. Ordinary abrasive (black) is not suitable, the board will burn and smoke. Drinking a laminate with a corner grinder for a beginner without preparation is more difficult. You need to get used to the tool.

How to cut a laminate with a corner grinder. important nuances:

  • We immediately determine which disk to saw. It is best for cutting to be the same for a tape disk (by ceramics, porcelain tiles). Make markings on the front of the board and immediately cut. It will turn out a very even and clean cut, no chips. It is advisable to hold the sawed part of the board;
  • Corner grinder saws very dusty. If sawdust flies during the cut, then fine dust here is flying. She settles on Lameli herself and throughout the room. Therefore, it is better to cut a laminate to go outside or on the balcony.

Is it worth cutting the laminate with a regular saw

A simple wood saw of course will cut a laminated board, but. She has large teeth. there will be chips and torn areas if you saw it from the front side. You can try to saw the planks of the laminate with a hacksaw for metal. Her teeth are much smaller and thinner. In any case, using a simple saw or hacksaw is a long, tedious and very difficult task.

over, compressed boards are very dug for the tool. The fact that the jigsaw or angular grinder does in a couple of seconds, you need to suffer for 1-2 minutes with a saw. After the cut of several lamellas. hands and all sweaty. And also half the room is not laid. Now imagine that you have sipped crookedly. The novice master does not always manage to cut properly the first time.

Which saw is better to use? If you need the perfect cut without chips, we buy a hacksaw for metal. Its price is 5-10. It is not a fact that one hacksaw is enough to lay a laminate in the whole apartment.

Circular saw/machine or circular

The cheapest circular, meaning a saw, costs from 40. Buying it specifically for a cut of laminate when laying it is pointless. And drag a huge machine into an apartment is also not an option. If you are a happy owner of this tool, you can safely cut a laminate. To do this, use a metal disk. The newcomer will have to learn how to use the circular. This is not safe, even experienced craftsmen sometimes get injuries.

Features of the use of circular saw:

  • Mark and cut on the front side;
  • Reliably fix the workpiece on a flat surface upwards. It is to fix it, and not so that one holds, and the other saws;
  • If you have a circular machine. marking and cut also on the side with a pattern;
  • In the case of using the machine, the laminate board is not fixed. She is neatly conducted to disk. Be sure to use glasses so that large sawdust does not get into the eye.

Special cutter, guillotine for laminate

The home master definitely should not purchase this expensive tool. over, he can cut a laminate along it very badly. For 40-50, which are asked for it, it is better to buy a more expensive electrician. The device consists of the base and a handle with a blade for cutting lamellas.

The principle of its work is quite simple. Put the plank of the laminate on the base and lower the handle down. However, when working with this tool, there are features. Here they are:

  • As already mentioned above, this guillotine does not cut well along;
  • Cuts off very not carefully, the cut piece looks like a stub. Even the sharp blade of the Rezak literally tears laminate;
  • You need to make a lot of effort, and the blade is quickly stupid. Hands are very tired. A thick laminate of more than 8 mm may not cut;
  • Used only to cut the laminate. T.e. In the farm, this device will no longer come in handy. So, for home conditions is not suitable.

How to install hardwood floor around curved existing wood or wall. instructions for laying laminate with your own hands

Installation of the laminate can do any person, even a beginner master

It is important to observe the sequence of work and the installation technology

The laying order of layers. warm floor, substrate, laminate

  • The first rule of laying linoleum on the concrete base is its waterproofing. Polyethylene film is used for work. It will overlap her, and the joints are glued with construction tape.
  • Installation of wedges for the formation of a deformation gap. Elements should be the same. They are dismantled after laying the coating.
  • Laying the substrate. This step involves the use of natural or artificial materials that hide minor irregularities, and also play the role of a sound insulator. They are laid perpendicular to laminate slabs.
  • Installation of the first row of flooring. Here you need to strictly follow instructions. Start laying from the left corner of the room. Between themselves, the panels are connected using the Ship-Paz system. For tight fixation, they are knocked out with a rubber hammer. The last element will have to file.
  • Installation of the second row. It should be assembled separately. When he is ready, he is attached to the first row. The spikes are inserted into longitudinal grooves at an angle of 40 degrees. If the ranks are long, the master will need assistants.
  • Laying the last row. Here the lamellas will have to be adjusted not only in length, but also in width. In addition, you need to arrange a doorway, threshold.

Lastly, skirting boards and sills are fixed.

How to calculate the laminate before buying

Before laying laminate lamails on a pre.prepared base from wooden flooring, it is necessary to purchase the material. In order not to be mistaken in quantity, the material is subject to accurate preliminary calculation. This operation is performed in several ways:

The exact calculation, provided that the room has the shape of a correct rectangle, and the laminate is laid in the longitudinal or transverse direction.

In such situations, the length of the room is determined, which is divided into the longitudinal size of each lamella, after which a fractional residue is calculated.

This operation is repeated for the transverse direction of the room, the size of which is divided into the width of the product to find out the number of rows.

The algorithm specified above is quite complicated, and each consumer can easily make an error in the calculations. Experts recommend using a simpler empirical dependence. subject to direct layout of the laminate, the area of ​​the room is calculated, after which 10% of the trim is added to this value. The risk of making an error in such situations is minimal.

  • In cases where the laminate is laid out diagonally, at an angle to the orthogonal projection 30, 45 or 60 degrees, in such situations there should be more. up to 20%.
  • If the lamellas are arranged on the floor, according to a previously developed project, with an exclusive pattern, then the supply of the number of laminate should be within 30%, which indicates a large number of pieces.

It should be noted that the above dependencies are relevant for residential and public premises with a standard area. up to 30. 40 m2. In the case of laying the laminate on the floor in extended spaces. halls, corridors of hospitals or schools, the areas of which may exceed 100 m2, it is recommended to take a lower supply. from 5% to 15%.

The second reason is a violation of installation technology. What to do if the laminate has swept for this reason?

When the masters lay the laminate, they must leave a short distance between the end of the laminate and the wall. At least. on one side of the laminate. If they did not, then the laminate will swell over time.

You can also find that the joints of the laminate are also a little swollen.

After conducting the above manipulations, your laminate will most likely return to normal.

If the parquet has missed the fact that you bought a poor.quality laminate or your room is too wet? What to do in this case

If you bought low.quality laminate, then read the reviews on the network about it. If many people write that their laminate swells, then you can arrange a consumer code and demand a refund for the laminate in the store. Also, in this case, you should not pass by in some cases the store grows the funds for the laminate, but most often through the court.

A rare reason for swelling of the parquet is increased humidity in the room.

If the cause of the laminate is luminous in this, then you need to buy and put a home weather station at home. It is sold in most electronics stores, there are also dozens of options on the Internet.

The correct humidity is less than 79%.

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