How to Cut New Teeth On A Saw

How to Cut New Teeth On A Saw

Do-it-yourself warming the loggia

From the author: “It’s time to warm up, again, an additional warm room will not be superfluous. I phoned the “builders” offices and realized that I would do it myself, since the “bent” were unrealistic (by the way, I’m not a builder at all and not even a “builder”). ” So, let’s go. I started with a study of specialized forums, what, how, why and why, what is the dew point and what it eats with. Read more Warming of the loggia with your own hands

DIY rotatable knife stand

We will not talk about rotating knives and jugglers in this instruction, but one way or another it will seem interesting to you. Here I will describe the process of creating a rotating knife stand with a homemade bearing. The support has the shape of a cylinder, the diameter of its base is about 18 cm, and the height is about 25 cm. You will need tools and materials. Read more Rotating knife stand with your own hands

Mobile tool stand

In the workshop there is always not enough room for a tool. Numerous drawers, shelves and, as always, you will not find the tool you need at this very moment. To streamline the storage location of the tool, the author of the homemade made a stand for storing it. Storage of the tool in one place and the ability to move the stand distinguish it from similar homemade products. With such a stand… Read more Mobile tool stand

How to make sturdy file handles with a plastic bottle

Wooden file handles tend to dry out and crack, so sometimes they have to be changed. Often, new handles are not the best way, as they are whipped up from under-dried wood. Since the file shanks are clogged in them, they strongly break down the fibers, which causes cracks. Consider a few tips to help make your pens stronger and more durable. Materials:. Read more How to make sturdy file handles with a plastic bottle

How to quickly make a tool for sharpening drills

Not only speed and quality of drilling, but also safety precautions depends on the sharpening of the drill. Only professional toolmakers can manually sharpen a drill by eye, everyone else will either make the wrong angle of the cutting edges, or make the semicircular platforms, or make them uneven and shift the center of the drill. All these errors lead to the fact that it is impossible to work with such a tool. … Read more How to quickly make a tool for sharpening drills

Bedside “wireless” bedside table for charging gadgets

Bedside “wireless” bedside table for charging gadgets: neat and functional! This project is very simple, and it is within the power of any person who has basic skills in the field of woodworking. As for consumables, for the most part. It is plywood and cheap electronics. We make the frame of the bedside table For starters, you need to build the frame. Read more Bedside “wireless” bedside table for charging gadgets

How to cut and grind new teeth on an old saw

After many regrinds, the teeth of a hacksaw for wood lose their shape, become smaller and become ineffective. Will you really have to buy a new saw tool? But with this, you can wait and try to cut new teeth on the old saw, after sharpening which, it will again be ready for full work. It will be required In addition to the old hacksaw for wood with worn teeth, we will need. Read more How to cut and grind new teeth on an old saw

Anvil from a piece of old rail

The anvil is a supporting blacksmith tool on which cold and hot processing of metals associated with plastic deformation is performed. It is not necessary to buy a small anvil; it can be made independently mainly from an old piece of a railway rail. According to GOST, the face of the anvil should be made of steel grade 45L or 35L, and it must be tempered so that the hardness is within. Read more Anvil from a piece of an old rail

DIY rocking chair

This project may scare off the apparent scale, but in the end it is not complicated. You just need to cut a couple of parts and put them together: everything is quite simple, but in the end you will find a blissful sense of work done. Materials The first thing you need is a tree. You can use different types of wood for this project, but I recommend hardwood like oak to… Read more Do-it-yourself Rocking Chair

The author was tired of paying for the rental of a warehouse, and he wanted to put his garage in order, so he decided that it was time to make racks. At first, the author thought about their acquisition, but considering how much they would cost, he had the idea to make them himself. Further, the words of the author of the craft. Shelf design In between working on two… Read more