How to cut the wood-brown stove at home qualitatively. Rules of cutting woody plate, features and recommendations

Speaking wood-brown slab-methods and methods of processing

[contents] If you at least once tried to complete the cut of the wood-brown slab at home, you know for sure that this work is by no means simple and requires not only skill, but also a good tool. It is especially difficult to process the laminated wood-brown slab, with the cut of which many chips are often formed. That is why, many masters, faced with such a problem, come to the conclusion that it is better to cut the wood-brown stove when buying, especially since many trading organizations provide such services and the price for them is quite acceptable.

Speaking wood-bearing plate is carried out using the exact format-shock machines that will help to get blanks of a given size and shape.

Modern models make it possible to cut the slab materials even in the horizontal and vertical direction, but also at an angle.

In addition to cutting the sheets, you will be helped to calculate and provide in the form of a visual video file several options for competent and economical cutting of sheet material (using special computer programs) and, if necessary, will perform an assignment. However, if for some reason you prefer to do this work yourself, before cutting the wood-based stove you will have to carry out some preparatory work.

Tools and materials

If possible, it is best to cut a wood-cutting plate with a hand mill, using homemade guides. This method is not too convenient when cutting large sheets, because when working with this tool you need a table. In addition, with this method, you often have to change mills. But as a result, you will receive purely processed, “gaped” edges.

Electric jigsaw is the most popular tool for sawing a wood-piece plate

Some masters use an electrician in their work, however, in the absence of a skill, it is difficult to perform a cut evenly, and chips may form.

You can try to install a bimetallic canvas with teeth, pointed inside, designed for laminate. Make a cut with an electrician should be increased by increasing the speed, with a small feed, so that breaks do not form.

If such methods are not suitable for you, then to perform the sawing wood stove at home, we will prepare for work:

  • a hacksaw with small teeth (the one that is designed for metal work is best suited). In this case, the teeth should be divided into 1/2 thickness of the canvas and be hardened;
  • Paper gluing tape;
  • file for black cutting line;
  • sandpaper for finishing the cut line.

Cutting methods of laminated wood-bruise without chips

Speaking laminated wood-based stove at large enterprises in woodworking is carried out on a special format-sprinkle machine. Small workshops producing furniture also acquire this, but it is expensive, therefore, as a home tool is inappropriate. If the question arises of how to cut a laminated wood-bruise plate without chips, then as alternative methods for cutting, you can choose sawing using a hacksaw, circular, milling cutters for laminated woody plate or electrician.

Using a hacksaw

Drinking a wood-brown stove without chips with a hand hacksaw is not easy to also saw a laminated wood-brown plate with a jigsaw. Although this is a cheap and affordable way.

First you need to cut a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife, draw with a nail or awl, and then stick the masking tape, to protect the upper laminated layer. Then at an angle of 30 degrees carefully, without pressing, cut the material. The selected hacksaw saw should be with small teeth so that the cut is as even as possible.

The hacksaw can leave damage, which is eliminated using a tape grinder, exhibited perpendicular to the subsequent outskirts.

At the final stage, it is worth treating the sections with sandpaper with a flexible profile.


Often for cutting, laminated wood-based plate is used by an electrolobian. The main condition to carefully cut off the stove. small teeth.

The electrolobian saw will not be able to replace the disk saw, t. to. It is mainly used as a cutting tool for small sections of plates. They need to work without strong pressure, smoothly and not too fast. If the cutter of the laminated wood-brown plate has no experience, then small chips may appear on the back, but with practice the quality and appearance of the saw will improve.

Circular saw

If the question arises, how to cut the wood-based slab and which tool to choose, then the circular is quite suitable. It is also often called a disk saw. This is a disk tool mounted on the table. Many are interested in which disk for the circular saw to use. The circular disc is needed with small teeth. Cutting is better than when using a jigsaw.

For greater accuracy, you should mark the guides, and also not work at too large speeds.

With the help of a cutter

The milling cutter is used not only to cut the plates, but also when drilling holes, cutting grooves, creating edges, etc. P. With it, you can perform a figured cut. The tool is used with the jigsaw. The plate is first sawn with a jigsaw, and then a milling cutter with a bearing is used, giving a cut the necessary depth. How to drill, cut and saw slabs with a milling cape are known to professional sawing men. Using this tool, the cut is absolutely even and neat. However, this is very time.consuming, requiring increased attention and special skills (for example, setting a template for a cutter to a drilled or other surface), the process that without experience is better not to take such work, and order the sawing to specialists. In some workshops, such a service is provided. The main supplier of wood mills is Topvoltage, ordering their tools from them, you can do this with delivery.

Cut formatically cutting machine

The use of the sawing machine guarantees the accuracy of the saw and the complete absence of chips. Such machines are used in production and are considered specialized equipment.

  • Carriage. Allows the movement of the mobile table, but the plate is fixed in the right position.
  • Saw node. It has two flat metal disks: the first makes preliminary cutting, the second. drains completely through.
  • Stanin. The mechanism is fully relied on on it. Eliminates vibration and adds stability, which is important for the quality of the cut.

Three desktops: 1st: location of the knot. 2nd (mobile): supply of plates for sawing. 3rd: maintaining sawn parts.

Types of sawing machines depend on the time of continuous work:

When setting up the machine, they matter: the depth of the cut; plate position; The corner of the cut.

  • The plate is motionless to the table (mobile carriage);
  • The workpiece is positioned according to the size ruler and the saw node is launched;
  • когда диск наберёт нужную скорость, стол будет двигаться вперед вместе с плитой-заготовкой и попадать на него.

The use of format-sprouting machines is advisable for mass production, and not for isolated cases. For a one.time independent use, you will quite select the tool easier or order a cut to specialists.

Drinking with cutting

  • Tire. the ruler is fixed to the plate using a clamp on the marking line;
  • along the line, a cut is preliminarily made on one side with a depth of about 0.1-0.3 cm;
  • Further on the other hand, the plate is cut completely through and through.

If everything is done carefully, then no chips will appear.

Programs for cutting

You can make a laminated laminated wood-piece stove from a sheet in special programs on a computer. Among the most famous of them: “Astra cut”

In the program file, an order that may contain several products that have a set of parts, the parameters for which are set by the user. Based on information on the cutting of the edge of the plate, such as cutting, cut width, through cuts, etc. P. The program generates the cutting card. Then the specification, sketch and other technological documentation will be automatically formed. The program includes reference information about materials, operations, edges and details.

Suitable for those who are constantly engaged in the work on cutting a wood-based slab. This program:

  • supports multiplayer regime;
  • systematizing and sorting information;
  • Sort orders for archival, planned and active;
  • saves information about materials and so on;
  • takes into account the remainder of the material.

In the editor you can see which part is laid correctly, and which is not the remnants of both significant and not very. The user can change the settings for ease of work.

The editor window is divided in half: on the left. sheets for cutting, on the right. columns in order to set parameters to future details: the amount of color and size and size. The program includes the “rotation” mode in three versions:

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1st: The program itself has a part during rotation; 2nd: all the details that are the same, rotate together on the sheet; 3rd: Details do not rotate.

The cutting map is created using the “Calculation” command. If you repeatedly set this command, the program will offer new options that can be changed manually: rotate and drag the details.

The reasons for the appearance of chips

When cutting, wood-fiber slab, wood-fiber slab, plywood and other wooden paintings from the bottom-up of chips appear due to the fact that the dicks of the electrolobian file cling to the neighboring fibers of the material. If you cut the laminated woody plate, then the chips are additionally formed, the coating deteriorates.

Observation of the process shows that when performing cuts from below, the teeth do not finish the material, so chips do not remain the canvas when the tool is released. When working with a laminated woody stove, it is recommended to simultaneously cut 2 layers. The upper will counteract the appearance of defects.

Another reason for the formation of chips isolate work at high speeds. The accuracy of the processing of the paintings increases if the material is cut slowly, leisurely lead the tool along the marked lines.

In order not to have chips, you need to learn the features of the material

Rules of sawing

Before sawing, choose a method, as well as accessories and tools.

  • On the end of the wood-brown plate, apply points. It is necessary to determine in advance what type of cutting will be produced. a straightforward or figured. The technique of cutting is different from them.
  • Connect the points into a fishing line for a trimmer and stick a sticky tape on top. Drinking a wood-piece plate with a laminated coating is desirable using adhesive tape. It will reduce cracks when cutting, since a wooden plate is subjected to severe pressure with an increase in temperature.
  • Cock the board. The accessory is installed at the right angle to achieve extremely even edges. The process should occur smoothly, rhythmically and without strong pressure.
  • Irregularities and edges, if necessary, process a file and rashpil. The edges can be glued with veneer corresponding color. This will provide them with protection and will look more beautiful.

To mask low.quality ends, the method of decorative finishes is used. veneering (pashing the sides). Thus, not only the appearance will improve, but also the service life of the product.

Only after the location of all the necessary tools on the table can you start the saw.

What can not be sawn

Laminated wood-bearing plate cannot be sawed using an angle grinding machine, which is also called a “angular grinder”. When working with this tool, there is a high probability of injuries, especially when using large diameter disks. You can also get an injury when a protective casing is removed from the tool.

Application of an electrician

For an accurate sawing of laminated woody stove, you can use an electric jigsaw. However, it should be noted that it is preferable to use this tool for sawing small areas of wood. In addition, when using an electric jigsaw, you should choose a file with a small size of the teeth.

When sawing on laminated wood, the power tool should move smoothly, without strong pressure. When laminating plates using a jigsaw, it is recommended to configure the power tool for low speeds.

Speaking using a circulation saw

Often, circular saws, or disk saws, as they are also called, are used for sawing laminated shield boards at home. In this case, it is recommended to use saw wheels with small-crumped teeth for processing a wood-based slab with such a power tool.

As a rule, this method of processing a laminated wood-based slab is used when large straight sections must be made in the stove. Circular saws give better results than, for example, electrical jigsaws. To increase the accuracy of cutting, it is recommended to use guides and install the power tool on a stable surface, for example, on a workbench or table.

How to cut a laminated wood-bruise plate without chips

Here, I collected a sufficient amount of material and decided to roll another analytical note. This time the topic is a sawing laminated wood-bruise without chips.

There is a fairly fair opinion that it is possible to clean the laminated wood-based stove only on professional equipment (that is, a format-risk machine).

The whole highlight of this machine is that there are two saw disks located strictly on one axis. The first cuts the laminated woody stove, the second cuts through it through.

(of course, there is more expensive))). For an amateur, it is not very acceptable.

Of course, if you decide to make a wardrobe with your own hands, it is better to order a sheet cut (five square meters) in the workshop, and then it is calm. But what to do if you were bent in the calculations and you need to cut off the piece. I don’t want to drag in the workshop again, but you need to cut.

This article is designed to answer this question. A review of options will go from simple to complex. Unfortunately, not all ways will be illustrated (I ask you to forgive me in advance), I will try to compensate for this shortage with text 😉

Grandfather’s method. Previously, a laminated wood-bruise plate covered with a thick layer of varnish was used for sawing a Soviet. Now it is rarely used. With him, we scratch the margin or a simple nail on the ruler for a trimmer for a trimmer to the thickness of the decorative coating.

After that, we saw along the line, trying to ensure that the edges of the teeth of the saw fall exactly into the scratch and not a step past. You can saw, both a jigsaw and a hand hacksaw.

In principle, the photo of the right shows that all the chips were left on a piece without a scratch, and they did not go for the scratched line.

Detailed lesson by this method

The cut is much cleaner than when sawing without scratches, but chips are found. It is difficult to maintain the tool strictly along the line. So slow.

Method 2. Electric

Small in length of the cut of acceptable quality can be carried out by a simple electrician. To do this, you must fulfill several conditions. Firstly, the file should be with a minimum size of teeth (that is, for metal) and new. At the same time, on the one hand (where the teeth are included in the material), the cut will be almost pure. With the opposite. there will be chips, but relatively little.

Secondly, you need to submit the tool smoothly, without pressure. The revolutions are not set maximum (slightly above average.

The disadvantage of the method is quite difficult to withstand the strict rectilony of the cut, as well as the presence of a small number of chips.

Method 3. circular saw

To work with the circular, we need a “final” saw disk (again, with a small tooth). Circular saws are more convenient than the jigsaw to draw long direct cuts. But chips are formed much more (the side where the teeth cut into the material (bottom), as a rule, clean. Slows up pieces from the opposite side (from above)).

You can saw it as a freely saw (leading exactly along the line is quite difficult). It is difficult to cut a few identical details. a lot of frosts with markings.

And a saw fixed in the table. When using the guides, it is much more convenient to saw. Both hands are free. You can use the guide, which will increase the accuracy of the cut and allow you to stamp the same parts.

Even when using a final disk, on the one hand there will be many chips.

Method 4. cutting with cutting

This is a modification of work with a circular saw. Ideally, it will need a submersible saw, but, in principle, you can do with an ordinary circular. To work, we need a ruler (tire), which is fixed on the workpiece with clamps. It can be purchased or homemade (in the photo a simple circular with a home.made bus).

The whole chip is, by analogy with a format-sprinkle machine, draw two cuts strictly along one line.

A cut on the tire (long ruler) will help us with this). The tire is placed on the marking line, after which we first make the first cut, cutting a laminate, about 6-10 mm deep. In this case, the teeth go almost parallel to the surface of the laminate, without tearing its pieces. In the photo, my household submersible saw Elitech. I highly recommend.

If you increase the photo, it will turn out something like this

The second cut through. At the same time, at the place of entrance to the tooth into the material, as we recall, chips are not formed. And at the place of exit, the laminate is already cut and nothing to prick.

Another article dedicated to the revealing saw of professional, however, a class, but still informative-read.

A good way to cut the incorrectly marked parts, but you can’t drink the whole cabinet in this way. Chips, of course, are present, but in an amount that is quite correlated with the format (he, too, in secret, leaves a small number of small chips). Many hassle with marking. Only rectilinear cuts can be done.

How to cut a laminated wood-brown plate with a jigsaw without chips

In general, I have already considered this in a review article, which was devoted to the cutting of a laminated wood-brown stove without chips without the use of a format-stringing machine.

Today I decided to dwell in more detail on the method available to most homemade drivers. this is a sawing by an electrician, since this tool is very widely common. In this lesson, I used Skill 4581la household electric. By the way, a very good machine.

For the highest quality cut, the following conditions must be met

In addition, for the greater purity of the cut, we will use such a modification as sawing “on scratches”. Its essence lies in the fact that the laminate is scratched to the entire depth and its pieces pulled out by the teeth of the files, the scratches do not go abroad. For clarity, I will give several photos.

It is necessary to scratch the ruler (any sharp object-I used a drill-perca, or at least a self-tapping screw.) So that the ruler does not shift during the scratch, I additionally fixed it with a clamp. you can a couple.

Scratch to the entire depth of the laminate, that is, before the appearance of sawdust in the scratch.

Then we take the jigsaw, and we lead it so that the saw goes as close as possible to the edge of the scratch, while without leaving, beyond this border.

Thus, chips are formed only on the unnecessary side, without going beyond our marginal fishing line for a trimmer

Once again, the same cut at its completion. It can be seen that the minimum chips still remained, although they can be on professional equipment. But the evenness of the cut leaves much to be desired.

Of course, there are unique ones that can saw an electrician quite evenly. I don’t belong to this. Of course, the class of the tool itself also plays a significant role. As a rule, in inexpensive tools, the saw is not as stable as in professional models. Due to this, it takes it towards the sawing.

In general, this method has the right to exist, but I would not advise putting it on a stream.

Cutting methods of laminated wood-bruise without chips

Can be sawing on a format-shuttle machine. But if you need to cut the laminated woody stove in order to make several items of furniture for yourself, other methods are more suitable.


The line should be scratched with an awl or nail on a trimmer for a trimmer to the thickness of the laminated coating. Drink along this line, making sure that the edges of the teeth of saws fall exactly into the scratch. Can be sawed with a jigsaw or hand hacksaw.


Suitable for cutting a small area. The saw should be with the smallest teeth size. You need to move the jigsaw smoothly, without pressure, set the turns just above the average level.

From the side where the teeth enter the stove, there will be practically no chips, and with the opposite. with insufficient experience will appear, but in a small amount.

A circular saw

You need a saw for a saw with small teeth. With this method, long straight sections will be more successful than when cutting the jigsaw. On the side where the teeth crash into the plate, there will be no chips. If they appear, then from the opposite side, as in the case of a jigsaw.

The use of guides increases the accuracy of the saw. At the same time, it is better to fix the saw on the table.

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Drinking with cutting

A large ruler (tire) is required, which is fixed on the workpiece with clamps. The first cut is carried out to cut the laminate along the marking line. The tire must be installed on the line, and the cut is carried out to a depth of 6-10 mm. there will be no chips.

The second cut is carried out through and through. There will be no chips on the input line of the teeth, and the laminate is already cut at the exit site, so they simply cannot be.

Milling mill

In this case, first the blank should be cut with a jigsaw, retreating from the marking line by 2-3 mm, and then level the fishing line for the trimmer according to the template. The mill should be with a bearing. With this method, you can cut and curvilinear.

Cut a format-sprinkle machine

For the cut with the machine, the workpiece is installed on the left motionless table to the adjustable stop. The required length is measured. A saw node is launched. When the disk reaches the necessary revolutions, the table moves forward.

The workpiece along with the table is fed to the disk to saw off the desired piece.


The most popular models are MJ 45KB-2, JTS-315SP SM, Woodtec PS 45, AltenDorf F 45. Despite different features, they have a common design.

wood-brown, stove, home, rules

Mandatory components of the cutting machine:

  • The bed is the basis on which all the mechanisms are attached. Heavy beds exclude vibrations and vibrations, which is extremely important for the exact saw.
  • Sawing unit consisting of two discs. The first disk is located in front of the node and serves to preliminary sawing the workpiece. The second. for complete sawing the slab.
  • Three desktop. The first is motionless, there is a knot on it. The second, format. mobile, on it there is a supply of the plate to the disk. The third supports the sawn parts.
  • Carriage. a part that allows a format table to move.
  • Stops and ruler that fix the workpiece in the required position.

Depending on the model, price and characteristics of cutting, machines can have various nuances of the structure.

  • a pipe that drops the chips and sawdust, and connecting the dust removal system;
  • clamps for reliable fixing the workpiece on the table;
  • The rotary ruler and the angular stops, with which the cut is carried out at the right angle and without marking;
  • Frame with a stubborn foot for the cut of long blanks;
  • Ball and roller carriage.

The first format machine with a moving carriage was assembled in 1906 by the German joiner Wilhelm Altendom.

Crossing wood-cutting stove rules

The cutting of the wood-based slab can be done either manually or using a special computer program.

First, we will analyze the most important general rules:

  • Determine which residue will turn out. If you do not need this residue at all (for example, for the manufacture of additional, previously not provided interior items), strive to ensure that it is as little as possible.
  • The woody pattern on the laminated layer of the chips (structure) on the surfaces of the future piece of furniture located in the same plane should have the same direction. along or across.
  • Determine the visible elements of the piece of furniture on which the structure will be located in the same side. To numb the future details. Typically, the first numbers are assigned to the details in which the drawing goes in structure (that is, along).
  • Make a plywood sheet base. Usually there are some irregularities along its edges, chips. Therefore, when cutting, 10-15 mm are cut off on each side and, making cut, you need to specify the actual size of the sheet after this operation.
  • Take into account the width of the drink. The saw on the sawing machine is 4 mm thick. Therefore, when cutting, you need to consider this width.

Programs for cutting

Online cutting of the sheet, a wood-brown stove can be made using special computer programs. We give descriptions of the most popular of them.

Master 2

This program provides users with several additional advantages that are necessary for whom working with a wood-based stove is a business:

  • multiplayer regime;
  • sorting and systematization of information;
  • saving data on materials and counterparties;
  • accounting for the remaining amount of materials;
  • Orders group: active, planned, in the archive.

Large.scale models of sheets with calculated sizes are laid on the editor field. In the process of cutting, the editor indicates a correctly laid part, an incorrectly laid part, an insignificant residue, a significant balance. The default program tries to make the remains as larger as possible. But if the user wants differently, the service can adapt to it.

Cutting 3

The program window is divided into two parts. The warehouse is located on the left side: the sheets that need to be cut. The parameters should be introduced into the right side, according to which parts are created from the plates. Color, dimensions, quantity are indicated.

wood-brown, stove, home, rules

Three modes can be set in the “rotation” field. The first is to rotate, while the part is located at the discretion of the program. The second. to rotate together: all the same details rotate together on one sheet. The third is not to rotate. After pressing the “Calculation” button, a cutting card appears on the screen. With a new click on the same button, the program will offer other options. All the options received can be adjusted manually, in particular, drag and rotate the details.

Astra cut

The program file is an order in which there may be several products. And each consists of a set of parts, the parameters of which are selected by the user. Cutting maps The program generates automatically taking into account the width of the cut, cutting the edge of the sheet, through cuts, such as cutting and other factors. Following the map, a complete set of technological documentation is formed: a sketch and specification. Astra cutting also contains a guide to materials, edges, details and operations.

wood-brown, stove, home, rules

Tips for sawing a wood-piece stove at home

To implement high.quality and neat saw, we suggest using several recommendations of specialists.

For example, it is desirable to cut at home with the help of the most ordinary carpentry saw, with small sharp teeth. When using such a tool, you can get even, clear and high-quality cutting of the cut of the wood-based slab. To do this, the saw should work, bending at an acute angle to the surface of the sheet wood-bearing plate. During the saw, it should move smoothly, without sudden movements, with a slight pressure on the slab itself, only in this case you can get a high.quality cut and minimize the formation of creases to a minimum.

To carry out additional protection, it is necessary to use the following method: Stick on a fishing line for a trimmer of sawing a glue tape, this method is ideal in the case of a cut of laminated wood-based stove.

During operation, it is necessary to adhere to strict technology and be as accurate as possible with the material, and also be consistent in your actions and not rush anywhere. If you do everything very quickly, then chips may occur on the surface of the building material that worsen the appearance of the finished sheet.

If everything is done correctly, then after completing the work, a perfectly even edge is formed, the need for additional processing of the sheets will disappear. If everything did not work out as accurately as possible, then in this case it is necessary to leve an uneven edge with a rubbish, rashpil or file.

Disadvantages of sawing woody boat at home

Also, one of the disadvantages of the saw is the exposure of the inner layer of the wood-bearing plate, which can also be deformed in case of unprofessional work. To avoid this, use an adhesive plastic tape. Adhesive coating, as well as the veneer will protect the wood-bearing plate from the deflections.

As you can see, the process of sawing the wood-intensive cutting is laborious, it requires obtaining certain skills and experience with this type of materials. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can cut the wood-brown stove yourself, seek help from specialists who will do everything efficiently and quickly.

If you decide to do everything yourself, then we will be glad if the materials of the article help you in this, and you will be able to cut the woody boat yourself beautifully and accurately.