How To Eliminate Oil Leaking In A Chainsaw

How To Eliminate Oil Leaking In A Chainsaw

Partner chainsaws are a great example of really high quality tools for a low price. The range of partner chainsaws is really huge, which allows you to choose a model with the right characteristics for every interested buyer.

Partner Chainsaws. Troubleshooting

Like other household equipment equipped with an engine, Partner chainsaws are in need of repair from time to time. This may be due to improper operation of the saw, or with the banal wear of spare parts. Be that as it may, the chainsaw needs to be repaired, and it is quite possible to do it yourself.

How to refuel a Partner chainsaw?

As the instructions indicate, for refueling the Partner chainsaw should use gasoline, brand no less than AI-92. It must be mixed with oil designed for 2-stroke engines.

The optimum ratio of gasoline and oil for Partner’s chainsaw is 50: 1, that is, in 1 liter of gasoline, 20 ml of engine oil should be diluted.

How to set the ignition on the Partner chainsaw?

If you can’t understand why the Partner’s chainsaw doesn’t start, then first check the ignition system of your tool. Checking and adjusting the gap looks like this:

  • First remove the cover to which the starter is attached. To do this, we recommend using the T27 hexagonal bit, tools from the chainsaw kit and additional nozzles;
  • Carefully inspect the ignition coil, flywheel with magnets and, especially, the gap between these parts. To do this, use a specially designed gasket;
  • The ignition is installed on the Partner chainsaw by turning the screws, which leads to the approach of the coil and flywheel to each other.

How to remove the clutch on a partner chainsaw?

It is often necessary to repair the tool clutch in cases where the Partner chainsaw starts and stalls when the gas is pressed. However, not all beginner gardeners know how to remove the leading sprocket from the Partner chainsaw. You can do this in this order:

  1. First turn the lever and remove the chain brake cover;
  2. Unscrew the nuts securing the clutch system using the key from the Partner chainsaw kit;
  3. Remove the clutch from the chainsaw and completely disassemble it. If necessary, replace worn parts and clean the walls of standard clutch elements.

How to replace the oil pump on a Partner chainsaw?

If you find that the Chain does not spin on the Partner chainsaw, then the cause of this problem is most likely the wear and tear of a separate pump designed to pump lubricant to the chain.The design of the oil pump includes 2 elements. A storage chamber and a working part. Pump repair is carried out with the disassembly of the mechanism, however, it is not recommended to take any action with its working part. Further actions are as follows:

  1. Carefully inspect the inlet and outlet tubes through which the lubricant passes. As a rule, all pump malfunctions are associated with them;
  2. If the channels are clogged, then all garbage must be removed. Simultaneously blowing them with compressed air;
  3. If cracks appeared on the channels, then they need to be replaced;

If, after assembling the Partner chainsaw, the lubricant does not pass to the saw chain again, the pump will need to be completely replaced.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Partner chainsaw?

Setting the carburetor of the Partner brand chainsaws is slightly different from the procedure with other brands of chainsaws. The difference lies in the marking and meaning of the adjusting screws. For adjustment, the manufacturer equipped the Partner chainsaw with three screws. The left fuel quantity screw, the right fuel quality screw and the “T” idle speed adjustment screw. All these screws are located on the left under the top cover of the chainsaw body. Partner carburetor adjustment is as follows:

  1. Remove the cover and clean the parts under it;
  2. Unscrew both screws clockwise to the end, and then turn them 1/5 turn in the opposite direction;
  3. Start turning the quantity screw slowly until you hear that the motor has started to run at the highest possible speed. Immediately thereafter, turn this screw орота turn in the opposite direction. As a result, the Partner chainsaw must steadily maintain idle speed;
  4. Then, using the quality screw, set the maximum speed for the Partner chainsaw.

Partner Chainsaw Lineup

Each of the available partner chainsaws manufactured by Partner is suitable for those other purposes. Let’s look at the technical specifications and applications of the most popular and widespread models of the Partner brand.

Partner 340S

The technical characteristics and weight of this model of only 5.5 kg can easily be used to remove wet and dry branches at a height.

Technical Parameters of Partner 340S Chainsaw