How to Lubricate the Husqvarna 128r Flexible Trimmer Shaft

Than grease trimmer gear? Trimmer lubrication points

Proper maintenance is the key to continued and reliable tool operation. Primitive care operations include timely lubrication of the gearbox and cleaning of the trimmer filter. And than lubricate gear trimmer, every user should know. Cleaning is carried out in several stages:

  • After removing the casing, the element is removed.
  • Then it is washed with gasoline and dried (naturally).
  • The place under the filter is cleared of the remains of oil and dust.
  • Check the bar for rotation during operation.

Is it possible grease trimmer gear with solid oil, if there are no other means? No, for a long service life, machinery manufacturers recommend using specialized lubricants. How to lubricate a gas trimmer gearbox? Come in, grease the trimmer gear. Some manufacturers are developing care products that are tailored directly to the branded tool. To lubricate the working steam, it is only necessary to unscrew the plug and pour liquid into the container.

Gearbox Prevention: Frequency and Order

First of all, prevention is carried out immediately after purchase. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers lay the minimum amount of lubricant, which is only enough for the duration of the break-in.

If the trimmer is used at home (the amount of work is small), it will be enough to add grease at the beginning and at the end of the season.

In severe operating conditions, the gas trimmer gearbox must be lubricated every 20-50 hours of operation. Indicators for urgent prophylaxis are increased node noise and overheating. If a lack of lubrication is found, it should be completely replaced.

Often manufacturers produce multifunctional car chemistry. This means that grease for gasoline gears is also suitable for processing hoses and gears of any garden equipment and components that operate under high loads.

Gearbox lubrication process

Gearbox Is a mechanical device that is designed to transmit torque from the engine to cutting equipment. Located at the bottom of the trimmer.

Immediately before maintenance work, remove the electric cap (or plug from the plug). Do not overturn the trimmer to prevent fuel leakage. To replace grease, disassemble the device.

The disassembly process consists of the following steps:

  1. The side screw is unscrewed.
  2. If there is no trace of grease, then it should be added (3-4 grams).
  3. Next, the gear is scrolled manually. This is done to evenly distribute the material across the gears.

The operation is performed several times. The assembly should be tightly greased. At the end of the operation, the screw is put in place and tightened tightly.

To lubricate the trimmer gearbox, it is necessary to clean the plug and the area around it from dirt, and then unscrew it. Lawn mowing fits on the left side. By rotating the gearing, grease is simultaneously added to the gear housing until it is full.

How to choose the right lubricant

During operation, the nodes of the mechanism are loaded with contact forces on the teeth, resistance reactions in the event of debris, as well as dynamic and shock loads. Depending on the characteristics of the load, you should choose how to lubricate the trimmer gear.

In the selection should take into account such factors:

  • Brand of the manufacturer;
  • Lubricant viscosity (selection of this parameter depends on the torque of the shaft);
  • Adhesion to the surface of the parts of the site;
  • The intensity of lubricant consumption (the ambient temperature, type and amount of work should be taken into account).

Zmazuvannya gearbox and shaft of the lawn mowing

Zmazuvannya gearbox and shaft of the lawn mowing

  • Highly refined mineral oils (inorganic);
  • Solid lubricants with graphite or molybdenum disulfide.
  • Varieties of lubricants

    To care for the nodes of the mechanism, greases of different consistencies are used:

    • Semi-fluid. Such formulations contain a variety of additives and additives.
    • Plastic. They are the most versatile option. Most often used for gears and helical gears.
    • Solid. Plate suspensions in their original state.

    Special gearing composition refers to a semi-fluid system.

    Trimmer grease is popular. “Stihl”. Thanks to the special composition and components, wear is significantly reduced and corrosion resistance is increased. The main properties of the grease of this brand are:

    • Oxidation resistance;
    • High penetration;
    • Resistance to high temperatures;
    • High adhesion.

    Grease “Stihl” Suitable for brush cutters and trimmers, as well as for all transmissions with a closed housing.

    Faults and solutions

    1. Strong (or fast) heating. The main reason is the lack of lubrication. If such a malfunction is detected, add lubricant and run the tool in a gentle mode.
    2. Increased vibration, staggering gear. The reason is mechanical damage. It is eliminated by tightening the housing or replacing it.
    3. The presence of knocking, play or jamming when rotating the shaft. The causes of the malfunction are bearing destruction, anther damage. To prevent the occurrence of such defects, the trimmer gearbox should be lubricated. How and at what frequency to lubricate is indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer.
    4. Jamming of the trimmer knife at high loads. The reason is tooth wear. This problem cannot be fixed. A complete replacement of the mechanism is required.

    Trimmer lubrication points

    For smooth operation and durability of the mechanism, a thorough inspection and care should be carried out. An important point is the lubrication of moving parts. In most cases, these are:

    • Place from the transition from engines to a straight shaft;
    • Straight shaft joint with flexible;
    • Transition of a shaft with a landing head;
    • Gearbox.

    A popular among users is multi-purpose waterproof grease “Litol-24”. The range of operating temperatures is from 40 to 120 degrees. This grease is used in friction units and is effective at elevated temperatures.

    Trim Grease Properties

    In the production of lubricants, special substances are used that must meet environmental norms and standards. After development, they decompose without causing harm to the environment.

    The consistency of the material initially has a high level of viscosity, and in the process, this parameter decreases. This factor provides complete penetration and reliable protection of working pairs under heating conditions.

    Long-term use and smooth operation are ensured by timely and proper care. A variety of materials are used to carry out the care operations. Well-known manufacturers are developing their own branded care products. These include: grease for trim tabs “Husqvarna”, “Champion”, “Makita” and others. Grease is added to the gasoline trimmer gearbox every 8-10 working hours.

    Lubricant user reviews

    Experts advise to use only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If there are none, you should clarify how to lubricate the trimmer gear. Experienced users do not recommend the use of solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the unit, as well as for consistency. Also, the given material does not have antiwear properties.

    The range of operating temperatures of a solid oil is from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even with such parameters, the density of the material increases during heating and the lubricant becomes coarse. If there is an urgent need to process the tool, you can use “Litol-24”.

    Gas trimmer maintenance

    Most lawn mowers and trimmers have a flexible shaft in their design. Its condition must be checked at least 1 time for 50 working hours. To perform this operation, you need to remove the tip of the rod, pull out the shaft and inspect it, then grease.

    In order to care for the shaft, inexpensive materials are suitable, it is more difficult to choose them for the trimmer gearbox. How to lubricate this mechanism. Depends on the manufacturer of the tool. How to lubricate the lawn mowing gear, find out what the next husqvarna 128r trimmer will be. It is best to use materials that contain molybdenum disulfide. The latter provides smoothing and filling of cracks on the working surface, therefore it is especially appreciated among users.

    Important: the use of a large amount of grease with a high density leads to overheating of the mechanism, increased friction of working pairs and fuel consumption. Therefore, the process of selecting materials and prevention should be treated responsibly.

    Nowadays, snow removal equipment is very popular. Snowplows are notable for their reasonable price and high efficiency in work on clearing the roadway or the territory located near the house. But auger, rotor or auger rotary snow blowers, like any other units, have mechanisms and parts that eventually become unusable and need to be replaced. For stable operation and continued service life of machine mechanisms, timely and proper care is recommended. In this article, we will talk about the snow blower gearbox, its structure, types and some important points for caring for it.

    How to Lubricate the Husqvarna 128r Flexible Trimmer Shaft

    How is the gear of the snow blower

    The reducer is a very significant element in the snow blower, because it receives the torque created by the engine, and the CV joint. The hinge of equal angular speeds. Transfers it to the working parts of the machine (screw and rotor). The basis of the gearbox is a gear. The screw mechanism of the snowblower is fixed on the shaft surface with several shear bolts, which are the first protective system of the engine, since they can only be cut off if urgent repair is required. Neither vibration, nor mechanical forces, nor attempts to turn them away will lead to any result. Only a cut.

    The gear and other parts are located in the protective housing of the assembly. In household snow blowers, it is made of an alloy of silicon and aluminum, and the body structure consists of two parts, bolted together.

    Gear Types

    Reducers in snow blowers are of the following types.

    1. Serviced. It can be disassembled on its own to fill in grease or replace worn parts. Elements of this mechanism are made of bronze, which explains their slow wear. This type of gearbox is rated as more reliable. It can work for a very long time with proper care. It is this mechanism that is used in European, Japanese and American models of snow blowers.
    2. Unattended. This gearbox does not need maintenance, but it cannot be disassembled and repaired. The term of use of such mechanisms is limited. If the gearbox is broken, then you should buy and install a new one. There are no other options. This type of gearbox is equipped with inexpensive Chinese and Korean models.

    Gear selection

    The gear is an important element of the gearbox, it can be made of various materials. The most common option in household machines is a bronze gear with a diameter of 19 millimeters with 20 teeth. Larger professional snowblowers use gears with a diameter of 25 millimeters with 41 teeth.

    If the auger locks unexpectedly, the gear can take on the load of the mechanism and protect the engine. The bronze gear belongs to consumables, therefore, when broken, it is replaced with a similar one with the same diameter and number of teeth.

    How to choose the right lubricant

    In order for the moving gear mechanisms to work perfectly, they need high-quality lubrication. Snow blower manufacturers recommend using only gear oils. Similar inexpensive liquids should not be used as Litol lubricant, since they do not provide adequate protection and freeze at low subzero temperatures. The grease should have the following properties.

    • Be frost resistant. This is an essential quality because snow blowers sometimes have to work at very low air temperatures. The lubricant structure must be maintained under the influence of severe frost.
    • Have the necessary fluidity. This means that the oil must quickly enter all the grooves and openings, since the lubrication of the rubbing parts occurs continuously.
    • Be viscous. The oil must have the required thickness for a particular device in order to cover the working mechanisms with a strong film.

    How to quickly remove the gearbox

    To carry out a scheduled lubricant change, remove the gear unit from the snow thrower. The algorithm of this process consists of several simple operations.

    1. Install the snow blower evenly and motionlessly.
    2. Remove the plastic protections from the belts and the auger cable that goes to the drive.
    3. Remove the screws located behind the “snail” (round casing) to eject snow.
    4. Remove the belt that goes from the pulley to the auger. Carefully pry it with a screwdriver.
    5. Remove the screws securing the auger shaft.
    6. Turn the “snail” until it clicks into place. Carefully remove the auger mechanism and impeller.
    7. Remove the shear bolts from the auger and remove the shaft.

    Gearbox disassembly process

    To easily replace the grease in a removed gearbox, it is necessary to disassemble it according to the rules. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Clamp one part of the shaft (the one on which the gearbox is located) in a vice;
    • Unscrew six bolts that fix the connection of the gear parts to each other;
    • Do not tap the gear case very hard with a hammer so that it is more easily divided into two parts.

    How to add new grease

    After you have removed the gearbox and divided the case into two parts, thoroughly rinse its interior from traces of old grease. For this purpose, it is better to disassemble the mechanism and put all the details in a container with gasoline for several hours or a day. After the specified time, all parts must be removed and dried well with a rag. Then the gearbox must be assembled and carefully put in its original place in the snow blower. Then, without replacing the cover of the protective housing, unscrew the fitting and fill in a new high-quality grease with a large syringe.

    So that new oil can get into all the grooves of the mechanism and lubricate all parts, start the engine of the snow blower, lift its front part and press the auger drive lever sharply several times.

    Operation tips

    To extend the life of the snow thrower, you should carefully read the advice of experienced craftsmen.

    • Always use only high-quality gear oil for lubrication. If you lubricate the device with semi-synthetic analogues, the mechanism will quickly fail.
    • Take ten minute breaks after an hour of snow blower operation. This is necessary so that the gearbox does not heat up too much and does not wear out ahead of time.
    • Flush the assembly regularly. Even when pouring high-quality oil, soot can accumulate on the walls, which impedes the ideal operation of the mechanism. When using the snow blower regularly, flush every two weeks.
    • Be careful when pressing the auger drive lever. After all, when you press the lever, the drive cable stretches. Therefore, pressing the wire lever should only be used when absolutely necessary.
    • Do not allow oil to leak from the gear housing. Check and replace all gaskets in time.
    • Always inspect the snow carefully to prevent foreign objects from getting inside the snow blower. They can damage the gearbox.

    The snowmobile gearbox is the most significant mechanism after the engine in the operation of the entire system. Before using the snow blower, always read the operating instructions carefully. After all, with a careful attitude to the state of the gearbox, your car will work much longer without breakdowns.

    See how to replace the gear in the snow blower gearbox in the below.