How To Make A Saw At Terra Craft Firm

It is known to everyone who has played a little with the TerraFirmaCraft mod, that if you do not make a saw, then you can forget about the workbench, chests and generally boards. I will tell you how to make a saw and boards!

How to make a saw in TerraFirmaCraft mod

Necessary metals and how to find them:

First of all, you need to find small pieces of metals that spawn from time to time in the world:

How To Make A Saw At Terra Craft Firm

Let’s get acquainted with the metals that we will need in creating the first tools, including saws:

  1. Tetrahedrite. Copper is obtained in pure form.
  2. Malachite. Copper is obtained in pure form.
  3. Copper. There will also be pure copper.
  4. Bismuth is pure bismuth.
  5. Sphalerite. Pure zinc.

And so, I will teach you how to make copper and bismuth bronze tools and weapons.

Clay saw blade and clay vessel:

You need to find clay, dig up at least 10 pieces with any shovel!

Push clay RMB and the interface opens, remove the squares along the edges. We get our clay vessel:

Then we do the same, but the clay shape of the saw will already be:

Excellent! Now we dig a hole in one block, take the clay form of a saw in our hands and click RMB in the corner of the pit, do the same with the vessel, but in a different angle:

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We need 8 straws, straw can be obtained with any knife. Breaking ordinary grass. Then RMB we put it in our pit:

Very well! It is necessary to get 8 logs, they can be obtained with the help of any ax, cutting down any tree. We also put it in a hole (as if we were covering it with a tree):

Prepare one torch in advance, and throw it on the finished structure:

If you did everything right, then you get the following picture:

Now you need to wait 8 game hours. When time passes we will receive our burnt items:

Why do we need a clay vessel? For melting metals!

How to melt metals in a vessel:

On the right you will get copper instruments, on the left side are bismuth bronze instruments:

On the right, I put tetrahedrite (pure copper), and on the left, I put the metals that are needed for the alloy of bismuth bronze. That is, 3 pieces of sphalerite, 5 pieces of malachite and 2 pieces of bismuth. The proportion in the vessel is only 1 instrument, if you want to do more, then increase by 2 instruments, etc.

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Do you still remember what copper metals look like?

  1. Tetrahedrite. Copper is obtained in pure form.
  2. Malachite. Copper is obtained in pure form.
  3. Copper. There will also be pure copper.
  4. Bismuth is pure bismuth.
  5. Sphalerite. Pure zinc.

What is the difference between copper and bismuth bronze?

Copper tools. Pickaxe, shovel, ax digging / chopping slower, generally extracting resources more slowly. However, I advise you to make a saw, sword and any tools that you do not work at for speed, so as not to waste the resources that are needed for the alloy.

Bismuth Bronze. A pickaxe, a shovel, an ax dig / cut faster and generally obtain resources, but the saw, sword and any tools that you work at are not at speed. Does not differ from copper ones. Only strength is greater.

Well, we’ve figured it out, we make a pit, and as with clay forms, we do these vessels:

After 8 hours of play, we will get our vessels back in the same form, but with molten metal:

Hooray, we have metal! By the way, if you think for a long time, the metal will harden in the vessel. Just repeat the procedure with the pit and everything will be buzzing! Now we need to merge the metal into our saw shape. Just put the form in a single slot:

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We got only a mold with metal, we need to finish the job. Put the form with metals in the craft:

Now we have a saw blade, but that’s not all. Now we need a wand and our blade:

It showed only on bismuth bronze, but the stick did not change with copper =).

My congratulations! You now have a saw!

How to make a workbench in TerraFirmaCraft

When we have a saw, there are more opportunities!

Cut logs, take a saw and put in craft:

Then we put our boards again in 4×4 kraft:

We get other boards similar to vanilla, and finally we make our usual and usual craft workbench:

Well, you did it! Now you can do a lot of things!

Guide author: MissZymochka

I forgot that I am with a texture pack, but here is its name: TFC_by_Jaina