How to make lighting on your power tiller. For heavy motor blocks

How to make a light on the MotoBlock?

Many power tillers are sold without factory connection headlights. But you should not be upset about this, because even an inexperienced master will be able to understand how to make a headlight on this agricultural unit.

At times, many manufacturers offer customers ready-made headlights for single axle tractor with the addition of a switch and wire. But being able to purchase this kind of product will have a negative impact on your financial situation. Factory lighting systems for motorcycles are much more expensive, and the only beneficiaries of this are the manufacturers, wanting to make money on gullible consumers. Why waste extra money if it is elementary to figure out how to put the lights on mini-tractors from the handy, sometimes unnecessary to you, devices.

You can use different kinds of lighting elements:

  • Additional headlights from a moped, scooter, tractor, car, or other vehicle you have at your disposal.
  • You can buy a used headlight at the auto market in places that disassemble and sort vehicle and electrical parts.
  • The new headlight can be selected taking into account the color of the mini-tractor.

It is ideal to choose a headlight for a scooter or small motorcycle. In addition, it is worth buying a length of electrical wire and a toggle switch for switching the light. The toggle switch is best connected to the steering column near the gear lever. The headlamp itself can be located on the steering column or on the front of the engine. But the first option will prove to be preferable. On the engine, the headlight will be constantly contaminated during the movement of the mechanism, especially at times of rain.

The next step in connecting the headlight will be pulling the wires to it. The mechanism may have a connection point for the factory headlamp. In this case, we just connect a wire to it. If it is not available, then the power should be taken from the terminal of the oil pressure indicator lamp. Connect the wire to the switch and then to the headlamp. The cable should be fixed in the steering column with duct tape or clips.

Also, many people wonder if it is possible to make a light on a power tiller without an alternator. It is worth noting that it is mandatory to have a battery, which will be installed using a quick-release mount and recharged in the workshop.

There are a wide range of uses for the power tiller, from plowing land and pumping water to cultivating virgin land and carrying heavy loads.

The options for installing lights with their own hands

after the headlamp has been made and the tools have been prepared, proceed to install the light on the single axle tractor.

Selecting an electrical source is one of the main tasks when installing a headlamp yourself

Step-by-step instructions to follow:

  • Run the wiring from the power source to the headlamp, check the system’s functionality and the brightness of the light.
  • Install the switch in a place that is convenient for use, and then integrate it into the headlamp power circuit. There is only one wire from the button to the light.
  • At the final stage, turn off the power and proceed to the installation of protective elements, corrugations, as well as fixing all parts to the machinery. Without shrink wrap and extras, lights can be damaged or fail.

One of the main challenges in assembling a headlamp on your own is choosing source of electricity. Usually use an alternator, battery or ignition.

Light without battery or alternator

When deciding how to make a headlight for their motorblock, most people make the most technically complex decisions. Making a light can be simple, fast and inexpensive by using bike lights.

Bicycle flashlights have such advantages:

  • no need for wiring;
  • minimum financial investment with high efficiency;
  • reliability in all weather conditions;
  • availability of own charger for portable batteries;
  • The ability to mount on the handlebar on the brackets that come with the kit;
  • Quick removal for handheld use or for charging.

It is worth buying two bicycle lanterns. It is advisable to use one for the high beam, the second. for lighting directly in front of the machine.

The disc plough: a working algorithm

The disc plow is used to prepare even furrows for planting vegetables. Using the drawings you can check the course of assembly and avoid defects.

Making a disc plow is carried out following the described scheme:

  • Supporting angle as a base. Manufactured from an angle with equal sides, its shelves after cooling should converge at an angle of 700;
  • A sock is welded with an angle. The heel is welded to the thrust bar;
  • The slats are fastened to the support angle with hinges. The cheeks must not touch each other as they are unfolded;
  • Pivot mechanism is welded to the stop angle at right angles.

Finally the cheeks of the plough must be adjusted. They are fixed in a vice and adjusted until they are pointing in different directions.

How to make a light on a power tiller without an alternator?

There is another way to connect the light on your power tiller without an alternator. You will need a 12-volt battery and LED strip. You do not need to buy a new battery. an old gel cell from an electric scooter is quite suitable for work.

In addition to materials you will need to determine in advance where to mount the battery. Since it has small dimensions, it is best to place it between the motor and the gearbox of the scooter. Further plan of work is as follows:

  • From the steel angle make a mount, which in size will match the battery used;
  • Position and secure the mount to the frame of the unit;
  • Inside the mount, install the battery, fix it with a steel plate and two bolts;
  • From the battery to the switch and headlight, lay the wiring. Secure the connections by soldering and insulate with tape. To know in more detail how to connect a headlamp on a power tiller without an alternator, here’s a video.

The light of a battery-operated headlamp is quite intense and bright. However, this method has a significant disadvantage. the battery capacity is enough for no more than a few hours of continuous work, after which the power source must be charged. In this case it is possible to make the light on your power tiller from the ignition. To do this, you must connect one end of the wiring to the unit’s ignition system, the other end to the switch, and from there to the headlamp. Connected in this way, the light will only work when the ignition of the power tiller is on.

All of the above methods of making and connecting the headlamp are suitable for power tillers Neva, MTZ and agricultural machines produced by other domestic and foreign manufacturers.

How to connect a headlamp to a power tiller?

Not all power tillers are equipped with a headlamp. That is why making lighting on the power tiller with your own hands,

It is necessary to determine the appropriate detail:

  • It can be purchased at a specialized store. it will be a unit with a complete system (lighting coil, headlight, wiring system);
  • It is possible to use a part from old equipment: a moped, a motorcycle;
  • Headlamp for a power tiller can be made by yourself.

To make a headlamp will need some elements: the body of an old or burned out “economy”, a small piece of electrical wire, toggle switch (switch) or a simple switch.

To connect the headlight on a single-axle tractor, you can adhere to the following scheme:

  • To secure the toggle switch. The place of its placement should be practical and reliable. Optimally, the steering rod of the unit near the gearshift lever;
  • Put a headlight on a single-axle tractor. For this purpose, the manufacturers have provided a special place in front of the engine or on the steering column. Stationary lighting element in front of the engine can quickly get dirty, the light from it is directed only to the ground. Therefore more suitable is a movable headlight, in which the light can be directed in a certain direction;
  • Pulling the wire. It is often done from the nearest power source. For example, the 12-volt oil pressure check lamp, which is located on the steering unit;
  • The wire should be routed as follows: from the power supply to the switch, from the rocker switch to the headlamp on the power tiller. All wiring must be carefully wired to the handle bar with duct tape or secured with special clamps.

Halogen lights can illuminate a single-axle tractor, but their disadvantage is rapid overheating and failure. It is best to use 5 W light sources with a small diffusion angle, they are economical in use, shine brightly and at a long distance.

The offered videos will help to understand the peculiarities of providing lighting for motorcycles.

The described ways allow you to make lights and install headlights on motor blocks of the most popular brands: Neva, MTZ, Kentavr, Zubr and others. Most of them don’t have normal lighting.

Generator on a single axle tractor: how to make? Installation

An alternator on a single axle tractor is an important part of the machine. It turns mechanical energy into electrical energy. An alternator on a single axle tractor is installed to charge the battery and power the headlights.

When installing the generator, it is important to make the right choice, because the power of the device, which works, should be higher than the installed load. And that means that when all the equipment on the machine is working, the generator must work without voltage fluctuations.

Installation of an alternator on a single axle tractor with their own hands

An alternator on a single axle tractor or a 220 volt motocultivator is needed to power an electric lamp and headlights, as well as to charge the battery. The latter helps equipment through the starter to start and then charges all electrical appliances.

First of all, the generator must be chosen correctly. The power of the device does not have to be 220 volts. The main thing is that the power should be matched to the right load. For this technique is perfectly suitable electric generator from a car and tractor.

Installing an alternator to a power tiller with your own hands is not a difficult task. The main thing is to follow the instructions and familiarize yourself with the key parts of the unit:

  • The body. a metal container with tires;
  • The pulley. transmits mechanical energy through the belt to the shaft of the unit;
  • Voltage regulator. when the load level changes, it keeps the voltage at the same level;
  • The stator. the rewind, inside which the power of the motorcycle equipment is made;
  • brush node. an element made of plastic, which helps the device to do its job properly and accurately;
  • The rotor. a steel shaft with two bushings, between which there is an excitation winding.

Electrical diagram of the machine

To put an alternator from a car on a single-axle tractor, it is worth knowing that if the electric generator is not properly connected to the electrical circuit, the winding is likely to catch fire. The electric generator is installed with two wires.

There are four wires in the block, two of which are blue. It is with these that the inverter can be connected. The red wire outputs voltage, powers the headlights and signal, and charges the battery.

The black wire is connected to the array of the power device.

The electrical circuitry works quite simply. The generator produces electricity, which passes to the rectifier in the electrical unit, which is equipped with a voltage equalizer and current regulator. The equalizer keeps the voltage from fluctuating, regardless of the amount produced. And the regulator controls the current that goes into the battery.

The engine starts and transmits torque to the rotor with a belt. The device, in turn, generates the voltage to the electric unit. Starting the motor has reduced the capacity of the battery, which means that the appliances will take electricity from the electrical unit. This will be the case until the battery charge is restored, and power to all instruments will again come from the menu

How to install lights on a single axle tractor?

Most power tillers are initially not equipped with headlights. On heavy and medium-sized units, you can install multiple headlights (main and rear for the trailer).

Best Mini Power Tiller

The power of the unit, which works, is enough to install additional equipment, as well as equal simultaneous operation of all devices of the unit. Manufacturers have provided for additional installation of electrical equipment, so the mini-tractors are equipped with electric generators with a power reserve of 30%.

There are two ways to install lights on a machine:

If you own a machine without a lighting system, do not despair. It is quite possible to install it to your taste. Some manufacturers offer separate lighting kits (wires, lights, and switch). On the engine of the machine there is a special hole in order to connect the the menu

Connecting the headlamp with their own hands

To start the work it is necessary to buy (or find at home) the element for the lighting system. Every second owner of a mini-tractor has other equipment (moped, scooter, car, tractor), which comes with a spare headlamp.

The next step is to buy an electrical wire and a toggle switch (switch). After installing and securing the toggle switch, proceed to work with the headlamp. It is recommended to attach it to the front of the engine or on the steering column. It will be better to attach the light on the tube of the steering column, because if it is placed on the front of the engine, it will be very dirty with rain or dirt.

Then draw the wires. If the device is equipped with a hole to connect the headlamp, then connect it to it. Otherwise it is powered from the oil pressure control lamp terminal. Then connect the cord to the rocker switch, and from it to the headlamp. Wires are attached to the steering column with a clip or duct tape.

Lighting for heavy power tillers

As already mentioned, heavy blocks have no belt drive. And this means that installing a generator will be very problematic. How to make a light on a power tiller without an alternator? In such cases, batteries are used as source of current. Motorcycle batteries are best. With their small dimensions they take up less space, and it is easier to attach them to the tiller. The Moto-Blocks do not have a battery mount. So you have to make it yourself.

The lights are also made of profile pipe or angle bars. Cut, welded in the shape of a box to the size of the battery. It is best to fit a soft plastic around the inside of the box to prevent the battery from hitting the iron walls. Otherwise you might damage the battery and spill electrolyte. The box must be securely fastened to the body of the power tiller and the battery must be placed in it. Now it remains only to develop wires from the battery to the toggle switch and headlamp.

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From the ignition

This is the easiest option for creating a light source. You need to wire one end to the ignition and the other end to the headlight switch. Such source of light will work steadily. There is a minus is in this connection method: when the ignition is off, you can not turn on the lights.

All of the above options for installing lights are compatible with absolutely any brand of power tillers and mini tractors, made in Russia and abroad.

How to make a light on a single axle tractor, see the video below.

mini power tiller || 68cc 2strock engine mini power tiller for small farmers innovative farmers

Headlight installation options

Headlights on a single-axle tractor can be built-in and homemade. Manufacturers offer good headlights. it remains only to understand how to put them on this or that model of the machine.

Even experienced owners of small farm equipment may not know how to connect a headlight to a single axle tractor. There should be no special difficulties. it is worth using the factory connections. In fact, it is not a problem to install even a whole floodlight on a single axle tractor with your own hands. First of all we need to decide on the lighting system. After all, some craftsmen rush to install the generator first thing. If you have a medium-class machine. the generator is usually placed at the front on the platform.

On the engine pulley the belt should be put. If you have a geared single axle tractor. a pulley is bolted to the PTO. All that is left is to finish the pad for the alternator. Minus wire of headlamp is connected to the bolt on the frame, plus. pulled from the battery to tumbler, and from it to the headlamp. Those who want to save money want to know if you can make a light on the motor block without an alternator? In any case there should be a battery that is charged in the workshop. The battery itself is installed with a quick-release mount.