How to Properly Saw an Oval Shape

Proper filed of nails is the basis of not only a beautiful manicure, but also healthy nails. An incorrect sawdust can not only complicate the process of manicure and worsen its result, but also significantly harm the nails and weaken them. About how to properly cut nails with a square, oval or other shape, tell the photos ands posted in this material.

General rules for filing nails

There are several simple rules that will help not only to create a beautiful manicure relatively quickly, but also to maintain healthy nails. They cover not only the sawdust technique, but also the selection of materials and tools for this. In order to properly saw nails, you need to know the following:

  • Sawdust can be carried out only on dry nails;
  • Carefully select the file according to the degree of abrasiveness and material, as well as ease of use;
  • Do not use iron files, they contribute to the delamination of the nail, even with the right sawdust technique. The most acceptable option is glass files;
  • It is necessary to cut nails strictly in one direction on each side. You can not alternate the direction of sawdust, as this contributes to delamination and significantly weakens the nail.

In order to find out how to file nails correctly, you can watch the below. It shows all the stages of this process, as well as its nuances.

Square and trapezoid

The square shape of the nails is currently the most fashionable and popular. She is quite glamorous, it’s easy to carry out design on it and it is her who is chosen by many girls. However, it is most difficult to create from natural nails, in addition, it is fragile and can break and crack during operation, even if the nails are strong enough. So, how to cut square-shaped nails will be correctly described in the instructions below.

  1. Shorten the free edge to the desired length. In this case, make a cut with a straight line perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the finger and its tip;
  2. Start sawing from one side. The file must be held parallel to the finger and perpendicular to its tip. Thus, the line will be straight;
  3. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the nail. At this stage, it is very important to ensure that the sides remain parallel to each other and do not go to narrow;

How to Properly Saw an Oval Shape

The trapezoid shape is created in the same way, but when filing the sides it is necessary to ensure that they go to the descent to the desired degree. Rounding and softening the trapezoid is not recommended.


The shape of the stylet is a very sharp nail. Such plates are also quite fragile, but can last long enough if you are careful during their operation. Often also this form is coated with gel for greater reliability and strength of the nail. But if you know how to file nails of this shape correctly, then this can also contribute to greater stability of the manicure.

  1. Start sawing off the nail from the place where the free edge grows into the finger, that is, from the end of the smile line;
  2. The direction of sawdust should tend to a central point on a straight cut of the nail;

It is convenient to form this type of free edge from a triangular shape. However, a similar statement applies to almost any other form of nail. Square nails have sharper and more even sides, and therefore you can cut out any shape from them as evenly and clearly as possible. In this case, you do not have to worry about how to file your fingernails properly.

Oval and almonds

If you are thinking about how to file short nails beautifully, then the oval and almonds will be the ideal shape for you. These forms differ from each other only in one. Almonds have a slightly more pointed tip, as if tending to a stylet. Whereas the oval has only smooth rounding, which for sure can repeat the shape of the line of the smile or the base of the nail. In addition, the almonds are flawless on slightly longer elongated nails.

The oval is sawn very simply. Most often, this is the natural shape of the nail, which needs only to be slightly corrected. Opil starts from the center, it is necessary to move with soft rounded movements towards the ends of the smile line. The main difficulty in this case is the strict observance of symmetry.

Almonds are filed like a cross between a stylet and an oval. It is necessary to avoid such sharp and straight lines as with a stylet, however, the parties should also go to the gathering, but to a lesser extent. When the desired angle between the sides is reached, start sawing from the center point of the saw cut of the free edge of the nail in two directions. The movements should be pendulum-like, their amplitude will increase with each new touch of the file.

How to Properly Saw an Oval Shape

These forms are the least fragile compared to the rest. Thus, the safety of such a manicure will not have to worry if your nails are in good condition. In addition, the shorter they are, the stronger the manicure, since the load is less. About how to sharpen nails of this shape correctly, you can watch the below.