How to Quickly Sharpen Chainsaw Chain

Today, there is practically no man who would not have such a unique and most powerful tool of his kind for gardening and construction work like a chainsaw (see how to choose a chainsaw). In fact, this device is the best mechanism for performing complex and large volumes of work, such as cutting down a tree. Its capacity is sufficient to carry out its activities for at least twelve hours with virtually no stops (see rating of the most reliable chainsaws). Therefore, it is not at all surprising that in our time chainsaws have such a high level of popularity and demand. But, despite all its positive characteristics, this device, or rather its integral part, such as chain, through prolonged use may become dull. Naturally, as they say, the trouble is not great, since it can be sharpened very easily and quickly with your own hands.

This article is the subject of this article. Here you can learn about the most direct mechanism of the chain, as well as how and through the application of which you can quickly sharpen “your weapon” for work. And also a couple of tips that are definitely useful to you will be presented to your attention. So, we begin to consider this topic.

Chain saw device

In fact, the chain is simple enough. One of its main elements is the teeth, which are located on both the left and right sides, and which alternate. Connect with each other through other links, namely connecting.

They are made directly from specialized steel material. In addition, the upper part of the steel is coated with a chrome hard coating, due to which the life of the chainsaw is significantly increased. Also Important parts of the chain of this kind of tool are:

  • Cutting link;
  • Lateral and upper faces;
  • Depth shear limiter.

Now let’s try to understand the question regarding the causes of blunting the chain itself. Why this happens and what factors influence it. This question is quite serious, since the productivity of the chainsaw itself depends primarily on the sharpness of the teeth on the chain. So, let’s do it in order.

If you own a chainsaw and work feel strong vibrations from the instrument, and notice a slow cross-country ability of the tool, then be sure that the circuit on your device is dull. The main reason for this is the intensive and excessive work with the tool.

How to Quickly Sharpen Chainsaw Chain

In addition, it is important to contact directly with the ground or with much harder wooden elements.

In addition, it is worth noting that working with such a chainsaw is highly undesirable, as this kind of neglect can lead to significant problems. Among which are not only a significantly high fuel consumption and also very slow cutting, but also the effect of vibrations directly on the body, and this, in turn, leads to damage to the sprocket and even the tire itself.

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with your own hands

And now, let’s actually analyze all the direct methods by which you can produce high-quality, and most importantly the correct sharpening of the chain itself located on the chainsaw. So.

How to file a saw chain correctly

The main advantage of this method is profitability, since, in fact, the file is quite inexpensive. Over, most likely, even such a tool is in the arsenal of any owner. But it is worth noting that not every file can be suitable for sharpening, since it must, first of all, more precisely its diameter, correspond to the width of the chain itself. For to make it easier for you to navigate, we’ll give you the following indicators:

  • If the chain size is 1.3 mm, then you need a 4 mm file;
  • If the chain diameter is 1.6 mm, then a file with a size of 5.2 mm;

A flat file is also used directly so that you can use it to remove the so-called stoppers that the cutting teeth have.

It should be noted that the process of direct grinding should be carried out at a certain right angle on the cutting tooth. Important is that each tooth in the chain has a factory notch, in fact, on which the data is indicated on which angle it is necessary to perform this manipulation.

In addition to the tooth itself, directly cutting each chain link has a certain kind of limiter, which actually determines the permissible depth of their entry into the wooden material. It is worth noting that the sharpening of these limiters is extremely rare, moreover, exclusively if necessary.

An important role in direct sharpening wins back the so-called clamp. Which is a kind of mechanism designed specifically for fixing and directly securing the saw bar. Basically, it is caught either on the extreme corner of the table, or on a workbench. Since a perfectly installed saw is a guarantor of quality sharpening.

Also of great importance is the pattern, which has specific rollers directly for the movement of the saw and it is caught on the saw bar. You can choose the angle of direct sharpening yourself, and then fix it using a pattern.

The process itself is in your chaotic movement through a file directly in the groove of this kind of device. It is worth noting that such a “tool” will minimize the very possibility of incorrect sharpening.

Using a conventional angle grinder

Most owners avoid this method of directly sharpening the chain, since they believe that cutting tools can be damaged quite strongly with such a tool. Over, this method is the most complex of all existing to date. Such fears have not been taken, as they say from the air, since in fact a chainsaw can be harmful especially if you are a beginner in this business.

For this reason, if you are going to carry out this kind of manipulation for the first time, the best thing you can do is to use the method presented above. But, nevertheless, we will acquaint you with the direct features of the chainsaw by this method.

And so, in the process of sharpening do not remove the chain from its place, since the manipulation is made on a chainsaw. It is also important that you need to use a special disk that can work with metal material and a diameter of at least 2.5 mm. But remember that in no case should the disk be new, but rather used and have rounded edges.

It is also important that you yourself can determine the immediate angle, by which sharpening will be done. Remember that between the chain and the lower part of the tire you must install a wedge, namely a wooden one. This process needs immediate skills. This is a very effective way and through such an ode of sharpening, the chain will be able to serve you from 4 to 7 such manipulations.

Look at the clearly:

Correct sharpening with a hand machine

Every owner who has been using a chainsaw for a long time knows that not all chains can be sharpened by using a file. For example, if the cutting edge of the chain, through frequent use of the tool, simply lost its original shape, then in this case, you are unlikely to be able to bring it back to life, at least this process will take you not only a lot of time, but and strength.

That is why the most direct way is to use the machine directly. They are both electric and manual, equipped with either grinding wheels or a grindstone. This kind of method may not be a novelty, but nevertheless quite effective and accurate.

And now let’s actually get acquainted directly with the process of such sharpening. First of all, what you have to do is to directly loosen the adjusting screw of the chain clamp. Then you need to establish the chain itself in such a position that the links that are on it are turned directly to the sharpening stone.

Then decide on the actual angle at which sharpening will be done. It is important that this kind of “turning” can be done using two methods. Namely:

The first method is a sequential sharpening, which consists in the fact that you need to act on each tooth individually, while periodically changing the direct polarity;

The second method is sharpening, but only every second tooth. For example, you first sharpen the right tooth, and then the left. It is worth noting that this method does not have a change in direct polarity change.

Additional recommendations

The first thing you should remember is that before making a direct sharpening, you need to determine its level, starting from the most, let’s say, “blunt” cutter, since it is a kind of reference point in this process.

It is also important to remember that no need to get too involved in manipulation and deeply grind your chain. Since in this way you simply violate its direct functionality, and its immediate strength and link strength will decrease as well.

It is also important that most experts recommend, after direct sharpening, blowing the chain itself through the use of compressed air. And after this process, put it in the oil for several hours, but it should be clean.

Mini chainsaws are indispensable in gardening and hiking. They are lightweight and compact.

In contrast, carbon-powered circular sawmills are industrial equipment used in woodworking.

Those who do not want to buy a circular sawmill can do it yourself. Read about it in our article.

To summarize.

In this article, you learned how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw at home using different methods. In fact, as you managed to make sure that the sharpening process itself is not complicated, the main thing is to have the necessary tools, patience and follow all the tips prescribed above. And then your chainsaw for many years will be great to fulfill its intended purpose.Read the article on how to properly run a chainsaw before its first launch.