How to saw a ring on the finger. Possible Risks

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger: popular methods

Situations when it is necessary to remove the ring from a swollen finger can be different: from swelling during pregnancy to damage to the hand and the need for medical intervention. There are several effective and safe methods for solving the problem that will not harm your health.

To begin with, if your fingers are swollen and it happens all the time, you should think about adjustable rings.

The undersized ring did not exert additional pressure on the finger and could easily be removed

Wedding and engagement rings often cause similar problems. Incorrect fitting, excessive excitement before the wedding, nervous weight loss, and now after two or three months to remove the wedding ring from a swollen finger. a serious problem. And if the young wife is also in a position, the situation is aggravated. disturbing the outflow of blood ring only increases swelling.

We tell you how to remove the ring from a swollen finger the easiest ways.

Taking an engagement ring off a swollen finger

Remove A Ring Stuck On A Sore Swollen Finger With Dental Floss

Why change the ring size?

There are many reasons for resizing rings. It can be:

  • A big change in a person’s complexion. We’re all human, getting fat or thin from time to time. Naturally, it also affects the thickness of the fingers. over: the diameter of the finger may vary depending on the time of day, the amount of water drunk, ambient temperature and other factors. This is why it is recommended to try on the rings in the middle of the day, not in the heat, refraining from a lot of water.
  • Appearance of edema. Swelling is not always connected with kidney or cardiovascular diseases. This unpleasantness is often a companion of pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. In this case, you should definitely not rush to change the size of the jewelry. It is possible simply to refuse to wear it for a while or to move it to a chain and to hang it on the neck, and in a couple of months the edema will decrease and the size will return to its prenatal indicators.
  • Initial discrepancy in the ring size. Absolutely all jewelry stores that have real sales areas allow you to try on the jewelry. It is quite another case when a ring is bought as a present (as it often is with engagement models) and there is no opportunity to try it on beforehand. Sometimes rings are inherited. Sometimes they are family heirlooms of great value that must be treated with great care.

Purchased in a regular supermarket chain, the ring cannot be returned to the store: jewelry cannot be exchanged or returned. If you purchase jewelry as a gift, it is better to use the services of online stores: wrong size ring can be returned within 14 days of delivery.

So, if all other options are exhausted, you really want to wear a ring, but it is too big or does not fit, you can slightly adjust its size.

Medicinal methods

Traditional medicine can also be involved in solving the problem. But only if the patient is not allergic to the components of medicines. Among drugs can help: compress with anesthetics (novocaine, for example), ointments from swelling (heparin, troxevasin, venovazine), anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac gel), treatment of finger with alcohol (ethanol).

It should be understood that the effect of the cure will not appear quickly, it may even take several hours. So these methods are not suitable when the swelling is growing quickly and causing pain.

The use of medications

With the help of improvised means is not always possible to remove the ring. this is usually due to trauma to the finger or hand, which provoked the swelling. In such cases, it is recommended to resort to medication, but first you should consult a doctor to rule out allergic reactions.

ring, finger, possible

The best effect have the means of external application:

For internal use, anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen or diclofenac are recommended. But it should be taken into account that, unlike external remedies, they do not have a fast action, so with their help it will be possible to remove the ornament from the swollen finger only after a few hours.

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Proven ways to remove the ring from a swollen finger

To begin to present the most popular ways, which you can use and at home.

ring, finger, possible
  • Cold water. Hold your finger in cold water for 5-10 minutes, but so that it does not touch the ring. You can also use ice. Then raise your hand up for the same amount of time. This will drain the fluid from your fingers and the ring can be easily removed.
  • Slippery Substances. This includes soap, shampoo, oil, petroleum jelly. Lavishly lubricate the entire finger and also try to get the liquid underneath the ring, twist it. Now take a piece of cloth to hold the ring comfortably and gently remove it. On a slippery finger it should come off easily.
  • Tape. Take a satin ribbon of medium width, put it under the ring on the nail side, wrap the rest of the ribbon around the finger from the ring to the nail. Be sure to wrap it very tightly. Next, take the end of the tape that is at the base of your finger and start unwinding it, the ring should come off on the tape. If it is difficult, you can lubricate the tape with oil or soap. It should be noted that the common method, in which the tape is replaced by thread, is not as effective, and can traumatize the finger.
  • Scotch tape. Experience of many people indicates that if you replace the tape, the effect will be better. This is where the difficulty of getting the tape under the ring comes in. You can place the first coil under it as close as possible, or you can try sticking duct tape to the needle, and pass it under the ring.

Important! Avoid sudden movements, remove the ring slowly.

How to reduce the ring size at home?

If you don’t want to give your ring to a jeweler, or if the jeweler refuses to give it to you, try reducing the ring yourself. To do this, you need to apply a compound on the inside of the product, which will stick to the metal and will not damage the skin.

Two or three layers will be enough to reduce the inner diameter by half a size. But keep in mind, it is not always possible to remove the composition with special means, they may damage the alloy.

Cut a thin strip of plaster and stick it on the inside of the ring. You’ll have to wear it carefully. getting wet or dusty will negate all efforts.

There are professional sealants available, but they are hard to find widely available. You can use polymer instead, which is tucked into hot glue guns used in needlework. Spread a small, thin layer on the back of the piece and allow to dry. Make sure you are not allergic to the material used before the procedure.

What rings are not shrinkable

Jewelers refuse to correct non-precious metal pieces. There are three reasons for this:

  • Unknown alloy. The craftsman does not know what will happen to the material after exposure.
  • Loss of shape and shade in the process. Costume jewelry can crumble under compression, turn black from overheating, and lose its aesthetics after being cut.
  • Toxicity. Oxidation is possible after treatment. Then the alloy releases substances that are harmful to humans.

Making a silver ring smaller by size is also not always possible. If your platinum piece is rhodium-plated, the platinum piece will be damaged when heated. The jeweler can partially restore the aesthetic quality of the piece, but he will not be able to return it to its original hue.

The design of the jewelry also matters. If the item has complicated patterns or openwork filigree, altering it will be problematic or impossible.

Jewelry equipment

Processing platinum requires special equipment, such as a laser cutter and a high-temperature crucible for heating and forging. Not every jewellery shop has this, so correcting platinum jewelry is not always possible.

When to ask for medical help?

If your finger turns bluish immediately call an ambulance, emergency service or go to the hospital yourself. This discoloration indicates that the supply of blood to the limb has ceased, which could lead to amputation.

If you can’t remove it, you need to cut it!

Sometimes it is a matter of urgency: there is no choice between removal or not removal, and immediate action is required. In this case, to save a bluish or injured finger, you need to call an ambulance. Her staff takes the patient to a trauma center, where the problem is treated as follows.

ring, finger, possible
  • make an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug;
  • Using a tourniquet to reduce blood flow to the finger and swelling;
  • Bite the jewelry with an instrument;
  • Treat wounds if necessary.

If there is no threat to health, you can do without an ambulance. You can also bite into a very thin silver or gold ring by yourself. Products made of other metals still require the attention of a specialist.

Important! If you want to keep your jewelry, contact a jeweler. It will cut the ring so neatly that it can be rebuilt without being melted down.