How to saw with an electric chainsaw. How to use a chainsaw and a chain saw. Getting ready to work, assembling, running in. Tips and tricks

Power chain saws: features, operation, selection

Electric chainsaws are irreplaceable aids for various domestic and professional tasks. There is no particular difference in the functioning of an electric saw from a chainsaw. The only difference is in the type of motor. Many users speak positively about the operation of the electric chain saw, noting the ease of use and maintenance, the lack of need to fuel the saw equipment and the long service life if used properly. How to cut with an electric chainsaw?

Before sawing, the equipment must be assembled. As a rule, the power unit itself comes assembled. Separately in the box is the guide bar, the chain and a set of wrenches needed to assemble and service the saw. You have to be careful when putting the chain on the bar, because it is sharpened.

It is important to observe safety precautions and to work wearing special gloves.

It is correct to begin the installation of the chain itself with the tip of the bar. Mount the guide bar with chain to the bolts, wind the chain on the sprocket and check the correct direction of the chain teeth. If the direction is the same as that indicated on the cap, put it on and tighten the mounting nut with the wrench that comes with it.

How to cut a power saw properly?

First of all, you must be especially attentive to your surroundings. Clean the work area of stones, nails and other debris. Second, make sure you have a firm, comfortable sawing position. Thirdly, place the electric jigsaw on the wood with the toothed stop and turn the motor on so that the saw does not touch the surface yet. Next, lift the back grip and guide the front grip to drive the saw into the log, then pull it back. Next step: push the saw in deeper, but don’t force it, because it can cause a quick breakdown or malfunction.

Electric chainsaws are only suitable for woodworking, whether for sawing logs, procuring firewood, sawing dead wood, cutting branches, cutting boards and logs. The volume of wood can vary. But it’s worth noting that both sawing techniques and how to correctly saw a certain diameter of a log are different.

How to cut with an electric chainsaw

Many people find it difficult to cut wood into firewood after buying an electric saw and using it for a while. These difficulties arise because the owner simply doesn’t know how to use the saw correctly. And the secret is quite simple. it is necessary to have a good stop, to watch the sharpening and the correct tensioning of the chain. Regularly change the position of the work area from side to side so that the cutting is even. Always check that the oil tank is filled.

The sequence of operations is as follows

  • Hold the chainsaw against the wood;
  • Starting the saw;
  • Saw with even movements, lifting the handle up and down;
  • If it becomes uncomfortable to cut, lower the saw and continue cutting.

In order to make sawing easier the chain tension must be checked continuously. If it is not properly tensioned, it can come off the guide bar; if it is overstretched, the saw will overheat and break.

How to handle saw properly? (Unhelpful hints)

After long periods of storage, especially in an unheated room, water condensation can form in the chainsaw and cause a short circuit during startup. To avoid this, put the saw in a warm and dry place for a day or two before working.

For making firewood it is more expedient to use gasoline models, as they have a higher power and number of revolutions (8-9 thousand. rpm.) than the electric models (about 5k. rpm.). In addition, electric chainsaws cannot be used non-stop for long periods of time.

If an electric saw is not equipped with a motor thermal monitoring system, the armature winding insulation could melt and cause a short circuit. If a system is installed, it will literally shut off the tool every minute to cool down the motor.

Electric models are recommended for carpentry or small, cosmetic work to care for the garden and garden plot.

For cooling it is necessary to put the tool aside more often. By the way, most household-grade electric saws are capable of continuous operation for only a few minutes.

Electric models require careful monitoring of current stability, especially with low-powered saws. In our electrical networks (especially in rural areas) voltage drops are frequent, and the value of such surges on weekends and holidays can reach 15-20%. By the way, the more powerful the motor, the less sensitive the tool is to voltage stability.

You should always pay attention to your circular saw blade or chain when working with your power saw. If the saw becomes hot quickly and strongly when you use it, the teeth are not properly sharpened.

In order for the saw trimmer saw blade to be straight when working with a circular electric saw, the edges of the blade guard must be in contact with the surface of the wood and rest against it when working. If it is difficult to move the circular sawblade in solid wood move it a few centimeters back in the cut without stopping and then slowly move it again in the same line.

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It is not only the tool itself that needs care, but also the accessories. For example, the chain must be re-sharpened and resharpened after each work day. If you do not have automatic chain lubrication, like many tools, you should put the bar in a bucket with oil more often.

A properly sharpened and adjusted saw cuts by itself, it hardly needs any additional effort. After work it is necessary to take off a saw disk or a chain, wipe it off sawdust, clean it with kerosene and put it in a special box until the next use.

Storage of the tool is a topic for another discussion. Particular care should be taken with cordless models, which should be kept in a dry and warm place with an ambient temperature not exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise the battery can be damaged.

The nickel cadmium battery has a maximum life span when operated at temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 35-40 degrees Celsius. Of course you should not leave the tool in direct sunshine and even less so in the rain.

A circular saw is not only dangerous, but also extremely dangerous and one has to pay a lot of attention to safety. When working with a circular electric saw you must first check that all parts are properly secured and the electric cables are in good condition and that the electric saw itself is earthed.

Sawing boards, for example, may only be done in a dry room. Never use the circular saw close to an open water source or in damp or wet locations.

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The circular saw blade must be properly secured and this must be checked before starting work. When talking about circular saws it is necessary to underline that each model is designed for one specific disc diameter.

A blade that is too large or too small should not be used for safety reasons because if it is, there is a small gap between the blade and the guard where your finger can get caught. And because the speed of the disc is very high, the guarantee of missing a finger is almost one hundred percent.

How to saw with an electric chainsaw

Many people find it difficult to cut wood into firewood after buying an electric saw and using it for a while. These difficulties arise from the fact that the owner simply does not know how to use the saw correctly. And the secret is quite simple. you have to have a good stop, keep an eye on the sharpener and have the chain properly tensioned. Regularly change the position of the work area from one side to the other, so that the grinding occurs evenly. Always make sure that the lubrication tank is filled.

Applying electric chainsaw during performance of works it is possible to lighten your life considerably. But without proper care for this power tool, the time will come when it will fail. And this usually happens at the wrong moment.

The power saw itself, for maintenance purposes, should be viewed as a product made up of electrical and mechanical parts. The care of the guide bar is correspondingly different. The electric part of the chainsaw, above all, must comply with electrical safety standards. Visually inspect the power supply cable and the power plug before and after the work is completed. They must not be damaged. The plug must be intact and there must be no sign of melting of the working contacts and the body of the plug itself around the plug.

You should also pay attention to the condition of the guide bar. After the work is done, the tire must be cleaned of the remaining fine shavings. The channel through which the oil for the chain saw is fed to the guide bar must be clean; you can buy special oil at the “Kosi kosa” store.

If large amounts of work are performed, there could be burrs on the guide bar corners. If they are not removed, it can be difficult for the guide bar to get inside the wood. Burrs in the guide bar corners can be removed with light file movements. A damaged fork housing must always be replaced. If you notice traces of burning you should check that the wire is securely connected to the plug or to the socket. If you notice that the insulating coating of the feeding wire is damaged, you should repair the damaged part of the wire with special material (insulation tape). If there are multiple damages it is better to replace the wire with a new one. The power unit of the saw is an electric motor. It must always be kept clean, because small chips, penetrated inside, can be the cause of breakage. After the work is done, the saw body can be cleaned of chips with a simple paintbrush. If possible, it is better to do this with a vacuum cleaner. The mechanics of the saw, especially the drive, must also be checked. First of all the chain brake should be checked. If it fails, it can be the cause of injury. Then the chain tension must be adjusted. A check is made at every refill of fuel to ensure that the chain is lubricated. So, following the basic rules of caring for an electric chainsaw will allow you to enjoy your work.

How an electric chainsaw works

RPM is often not specified. It is clear that there is a collector motor inside, but how fast is it? Let’s pay attention to the speed parameter of the chain. It is expressed in meters per second (13.5) and shows how fast the chain moves. It is known that the length of the bar is 14 inches (35.5 centimeters). For reference: the bar of an electric saw is called a metal frame, along which the chain runs.

The total length of the links is about 85 centimeters. We take a reserve for the tensioning mechanism and the cross-sectional dimension. This means that in one second the total number of revolutions is N = 13.5 / 0.85 = 16. It’s about 950 per minute. It is not the frequency of the motor, but the number of revolutions of the chain. But there is information on the drive sprocket, it says: 6T x 9.53. This means there are 6 teeth, and the spacing between the teeth is 3/8 inch (9.53 millimeters). It remains to multiply these two figures to get the circumference: 6 x 9.53 = 60 millimeters (rounded).

It turns out that the drive star makes a circle of 85/6 = 15 revolutions, which gives a shaft speed of about 14000 rpm. Assuming there is no gearbox inside. There’s a high-speed collector motor inside (you can’t get an asynchronous motor up to that speed), so there’s no choice. Sometimes a gear is used, other times the drive is direct. In the second case, the electric saw weighs less and there are fewer parts that can break.

The motor is in a transverse plane to the chain movement for obvious reasons. The shaft sprocket comes out and the chain is put on. It is tensioned around the bar and then attached to the housing. Important mechanisms are located here:

To this end, long slots are made on the plane of the steel for the body spikes. Further the mounting systems start to differ. The manufacturers of electric saws solve the problem in their own way. For example, the tension is provided by a symmetrical spiral screw, as with Champion, or a single spike, as with Makita.

This is usually tightened with a wrench. But the Makita has a special folding screw. It is good that it is part of the design, but users complain that the elasticity of the springs decreases and the head starts to wobble. Pay attention to what is said, if you think it is important. It is good if the cord has a rubber socket for the aforementioned wrench.

But there is in addition a standby adjusting mechanism. The chain loosens during operation, and it would be inconvenient to constantly remove the guard by loosening the screw. The duty mechanism is implemented in different ways. In the Champion, for example, it has to be tightened with a screwdriver and the socket is located on the side of the blade.

The Sparky does not have a screw, but it does have a large diameter plastic thumbwheel. It is conveniently located on the side of the saw. In standby mode, it does not take long to tighten the chain. The wheel looks fragile, and there are fears that the mechanism is prone to breakage. When selecting a chain saw, look for an on-duty means of maintaining chain tension.

That reduces the coefficient of friction and the heat build-up. Users complain that Makita pumps fail easily, and the oil either stops flowing or injects too quickly. There is a window on the side of the electric saw to check the level. The oil type is indicated in the manual. If you see smoke coming from the guide bar while you are sawing logs, it is recommended that you stop work immediately.

Power saws usually have two handles. The first one is on the front left side of the housing. Arc-shaped and sturdy. In this place there is a guard, which serves both as a protection against flying chips and as a safety switch. In many cases a kickback occurs when using a power saw: the bar with the moving chain bounces back toward the lumberjack. As a result, the shield strikes the hands and flips the switch, cutting off the power supply to the motor. The electric saw stops immediately, blocking the possibility of an accident.

All machines are designed the same way in this sense, but some have an additional chain locking safety feature. In practice, an electric saw refuses to cut thick, wet logs. In the event of a fatal blockage, the motor is saved from imminent death. The chance of the chain getting caught on the guide bar is minimal, but it is there. If it jams, the gearbox may fail. Products of this type are not recommended without additional measures.

Rear handle is designed for right handed use. When you pick up an electric chainsaw, make sure it has good balance. Modern 2 kW models weigh a little more than 2 kg, which makes the job easier. The electric chainsaw must rest loosely in the hand to be able to cut comfortably. Maximum diameters of the logs are given in the technical data. The size is limited by the length of the bar.

You can not touch objects with the end of the working electric saw, in this case the chain bounces in an arc towards the master’s head. Which can end sadly. Similarly, there is no need to try to saw logs whose diameter exceeds that specified in the manual.

When the saw chain is off, it is hidden in a cover that can be removed when the saw is in use. The front body of the electric saw is equipped with plastic or steel teeth. You have to rest them on the workpiece, and then swing the blade up and down. This makes it easier to cut, and the teeth serve as a limiter on this side. The last thing we want to say relates to the power supply:

How to use an extension cord comfortably

If you use an electric chainsaw, you should always use an extension cord. Standard saw cord length is 30 cm. If the plug of the wire and the socket of the extension cord are not securely connected, the saw bar can stop. They cause the chain to break and, consequently, the tool to malfunction.

Breaking a circuit while working can also cause injury to the operator. Therefore, many gardeners use homemade devices to carry an extension cord and secure the connection.

Homemade fasteners are not necessary, because power saw manufacturers provide an attachment for the extension cord in the design of the tool. In every chain saw model, this attachment is a hole located on the back handle of the tool.

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In order to secure an extension cord in it, its wire is folded in half. Electric saws made according to European safety standards are equipped with special plastic clamps. They make sure that the chain saw’s cord plug clips securely into the extension cord’s socket.

How to operate the drill and rotary tool

The main reason of breakage of a drill or a rotary table is intensive use and breaking of rules of operation, for example, using a rotary table as a mixer. Professional power tools are designed for 40 minutes and 10 minutes rest, not more than 8 hours a day. An amateur should rest every 10 minutes of work, and it can be used no more than 5 hours per week.

Basic Breakdowns of Drills and Reversers

I distinguish the following breakages in all machines:

Armature or stator failure. See how to diagnose breakdowns at

Bearing Wear. To check them, use one hand to hold the shaft and the other to turn the outer part of the bearing. If there is too much play and vibration, the bearing must be replaced with a new one. Video on replacing bearings:

Reversing breakage. It all comes down to replacing the button. Plastic parts usually break. After replacing the button some problems may occur with the correct connection. To be helpful

Faulty RPM button. In such cases, immediately replace it with a new one. It’s not complicated, you can do it yourself. Your service center will charge between 500 and 700. Video about button repair:

Power cord is worn out. Remove it, put in a new one. Winding snot out of duct tape is not the best way. Use a thicker cable with 2 to 2.5 mm² strands. Video about cable replacement:

Chuck breakage. I advise in such cases to change the socket for a new one, but not to suffer with the old one. It will take longer to repair the old one. It’s easy to change the cartridge, watch this video. Video on how to replace a chuck:

Sometimes it is enough to take the old cartridge apart, wipe it with thick oil/grease, wipe it dry and assemble it. If you dare to repair it, watch the following video. The author disassembles the cartridge, talks about the causes of the breakdown:

Wear of the collector brushes. Brushes “run out” over time and that is normal. Retighten as they wear out to prevent sparking. If the new brushes wear out quickly, then you need to check the exhaust of the collector. There must not be any scratches, the shape of the collector is correct, cylindrical. Read more at

The life of the drill is dependent on the intensity of use, the workload, and the manufacturing company. Applying the drill for home needs, it can serve you for dozens of years. But even professional models can break down in a year if used regularly.

How to use the core drill and core cutter

The life of your drill can be extended by following some simple rules:

  • Work in good weather conditions (no precipitation, high humidity).
  • Do not exceed the maximum allowable working time without a break.
  • Keep chips and dust out of the tool.
  • Clean and lubricate moving parts after use.

To lubricate the gearbox and the drill bit tips and drills, you can use different types of oil, lithol/salidol will do. I recommend Makita and Bosh lubricants for the gears.

I recommend renewing the lubrication after 30-35 hours of operation. This is an average time, it all depends on working conditions. Amateur models may not see oil and decades, and for the profinstrument from the construction site is a must.

How to take care of an electric chainsaw

In a benchmark to inspect the oil level and sharpen the chain every time after work. If the model does not have an automatic pump, the chain saw needs to be frequently dipped in a bucket of oil. Also check that all parts are securely fastened and that all wiring is in good condition. A good aspect of the tool is the ease of operation. In its usual state, the electric chainsaw is virtually effortless. At the end of the job, the chain is removed, the saw’s shutters are removed, cleaned, and the box is put away.

Often, during the cooler parts of the year, the tool is kept in a non-heated room. In the case of an electric saw, this can lead to a short circuit, as condensation builds up inside. In order to avoid this problem, it is necessary to keep the saw in a warm and dry place after the winter. Cordless models can not overheat, if the storage temperature reaches 50 ° C, they can fail. It is strongly against the direct rays of the sun for this tool.

Thus, chain saw is a successful, relatively economical tool, but it requires precise observance of safety rules. With relatively easy care, it can serve for a couple of years, with virtually no additional costs. The choice of a particular model of chainsaw is determined by the purposes for which it is purchased and the anticipated mode of its operation.