How to use a battery bush corrective. The nuances of choosing a bushrer

TOP-15 best battery-cutting boards: 2022 rating

We conducted an analysis of data on the purchase of batteries in the territory in 2022, picked up the best models for you according to experts and ordinary consumers. When creating the rating, all technical characteristics were taken into account in accordance with customer reviews, the results of official tests. In our article you will find only those models that occupy leading sales positions.

Place name price
TOP-3 best batteries for price/quality for 2022
one Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 50 cm Find out the price
2 Gardena Ths Li-18/42 without a battery (8881-55) 42 cm Find out the price
3 Makita Duh523Z without battery and ZU 52 cm Find out the price
TOP-3 best batteries with a one-sided knife
one Makita Uh201DWA 20 cm Find out the price
2 Karcher Hge 18-50 Batty (without battery) 50 cm Find out the price
3 Makita UH201DZ without batteries and zu 20 cm Find out the price
TOP-3 best batteries with a bilateral knife
one Denzel G801E Find out the price
2 Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 0 50 cm Find out the price
3 Karcher Hge 18-50 Battle Set 50 cm Find out the price
TOP-3 of the best black cutters with the battery in the kit
one BlackDecker GTC18452PC 45 cm Find out the price
2 Gardena for the hedge of Easycut Li-40 (9836-20) 40 cm Find out the price
3 Bosch AHS 55-20 Li 55 cm Find out the price
TOP-3 best inexpensive batteries
one GreenWorks G24ht without battery and ZU 47 cm Find out the price
2 Patriot SN 252 52 cm Find out the price
3 Redverg RD-HT18V 51 cm Find out the price

How to choose a battery bush in a price/quality ratio?

When choosing a battery bush, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Battery capacity. The larger it is, the longer the device is in continuous mode.
  • Maximum cut thickness. What species of garden plants will work with it depends on it.
  • The weight. If the bureau is too heavy, hands get tired of it quickly, so the NAO find the balance between power and weight.
  • A variety of a knife. Double.sided knife is much more convenient to work. There is no need to constantly turn the bush.
  • Equipment. Be sure to clarify the consultant whether everything is in the set or something will have to be purchased separately.

Battery trimmer for grass cutting

  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Equipment
  • The weight
  • Guarantee period
  • Specifications

So far, we will leave it as far as the gas mushrooms and robots-not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s look closer to a universal gun. a trimmer for grass. At first glance, battery models are what you need: light weight, light exploitation, the absence of wires that need to be carried along the site but discussion (grass, grass at the house How do you struggle?) showed that everything is not so unambiguous: the objections to such a choice, perhaps, are no less than the arguments in his favor.

Well, since I still need a trimmer for grass, I decided to approach the case in detail and figure out how to choose a successful. convenient, reliable, practical. battery model. And yes, is it worth making a choice in favor of such technology.

Choice parameters

To choose, you must first decide on which parameters comparison, what is important. and what can you do. I got such a list.

Vice opinion: battery technology is expensive. I myself thought so until I took up the search. In fact, it turned out that:

Yes, in general, batteries for grass are more expensive than electric ones that are close in characteristics, operating from the network. On the other hand, if you still do not have a coil with a suitable extension cord in the farm (like me, for example), and it should be added to the price of an electric trimmer for the grass for a 50-meter, up to 2000, up to 2000 for a 30-meter. the amount from the value of the battery analogue will not be so noticeable.

Among the battery models (as well as among others) there are not only expensive equipment (from 30,000 and above), but also quite budget options (from 5000 in full configuration and from 3,500. without battery). Only you need to choose them carefully. However, we will not run ahead.

If you already have any battery technique, it is quite possible that its batteries (battery) and charger (ZU) will be compatible with trimmers of the same manufacturer. And then you can choose a complete set at a very democratic price.

And also (Glory to the Internet!) you can find a store where the price of an interested model will be optimal.


Here everything is simpler and more complicated Firstly, the technique of promoted brands, as a rule, costs more than analogues from less well-known manufacturers. Secondly, unfortunately, the loud name on the label does not always guarantee quality. And finally, if you look closely, it turns out that almost all the trimmers offered by our stores for grass are produced in China. Absolutely regardless of what brand they are sold.

The idea to focus first of all on the brand burst with a bang after reading reviews. Failure models are uncomfortable, often breaking, with maintenance problems, etc.D All manufacturers have. Alas.

Nevertheless, what has been said does not cancel the fact that a well.known manufacturer with a high probability will have a better and reliable technique. In addition, it is easier for it to choose consumables and spare parts (if necessary), it is easier to repair in case of problems (products of unknown Chinese craftsmen are sometimes not taken for repairs at all).

battery, bush, choosing

Finally, since we are talking about battery equipment, it is reasonable to think about the prospect: most serious manufacturers have accumulators of different devices interchangeable, so in the future, if there is a desire to expand their arsenal, it will be possible to save money.

All kinds of ratings are called leaders among manufacturers of batteries of Bosch, Makita, Patriot, Stihl. The latter, however, had inexpensive (up to 10,000) models I could not find on sale. But in this category, GreenWorks is well represented, which produces, judging by the reviews of customers, quite decent batteries.

Sales leaders

Based on the reviews of the owners of equipment for the care of garden plantings, as well as the demand for a particular model, a rating of the best models is compiled. Deciding on the choice, it will not be superfluous to look into such a list. Here are the most popular models of each segment. manual, electric, battery, gasoline bushes.

Hand Gardena Comfort 600

Good customer reviews were won by the German brand Gardena models. The manual bureau of this brand Comfort 600 is designed to cut out hedges, trees and bushes in the garden. Made a high.strength steel tool. The length of the blade is 23 cm, and comfortable handles with helium pads are slightly longer. 37 cm.

Users note the high.quality sharpening of the blades and the presence of a special coating that protects the working surface from sticking.

Kustorez is equipped with innovative gear technology, which made it possible to enhance the power of exposure to branches when cutting them. A tool weighs a little more than 800 grams. The average weight and cost of the model many users note as a drawback.

Electric Bosch AHS 45-16

The manufacturer of household and garden equipment, a well-known Bosch manufacturer has in its assortment an electric bosch AHS 45-16 electrical tunnel. This model is distinguished by decent power, good balancing, equipped with comfortable handles. Relatively small weight allows you to use it for a long time. Users note the quality and severity of knives, a weak noise level, compact dimensions and a high level of security of the power tool. The tool copes with a thickness of up to 1.6 cm. Lesson mobility (within the length of the cord), restrictions related to weather conditions and

battery, bush, choosing

Battery Makita UH200DWE

Battering bush for the Japanese brand Makita UH200DWE is designed to cut garden plantings on the site. Differs compact dimensions, slight weight. The autonomy of the device is provided by lithium. an ion battery with a capacity of 1.3 ah. On the housing of the device there is an indicator of the battery charge level, the handle is rubberized nonsense. The length of the cutting part is 20 cm., The knife has a nickel coating. Custores copes with a cut of branches with a diameter of not more than 8 mm. The tool is equipped with attached capacitance for collecting scraps. Users note the convenience of operation, the possibility of replacing knives, blocking from random pressing on. The model is available at a price from 8500.

Of the shortcomings. a small restriction of the cut in thickness, noise during operation and the inability to operate in wet conditions.

Gasoline STIHL HS 45

STIHL HS 45 Brand Brand Motorized Brand. This model is powerful (750 W) and compact, equipped with an anti.vibration system, electronic ignition and high.quality filtration. There is a fuel tank for 0.22 liters. Cutting surface 60 cm long (teeth 3 cm). The knife system is bilateral. The model is equipped with a comfortable swing handle. The unit is able to cope with thick branches. In shortcomings, users note a high noise level (97 DV), insufficient volume of the fuel tank.

The above examples will allow customers to correlate their desires with existing financial capabilities and choose the best model for themselves.

How to choose

For the right choice of Kustorez, you need to know in advance the following criteria:

  • planned performance (the size of the site, volume of work, the thickness of the branches);
  • how close the constant source of electricity is;
  • the desired weight of the device;
  • the maximum permissible level of noise;
  • the presence of ergonomic handles, telescopic handle and belt elements (provide comfort).

The following characteristics are of key importance:

  • power;
  • performance;
  • the weight;
  • knife length;
  • the speed of rotation of the blades;
  • degree of noise;
  • Building material.

But how to choose the right a secateur for pruning tall trees and how to use it correctly, set out here.

If it is planned to maintain the shape of the bushes in a large area, the standard length of the wire of 30 meters may not be enough. The extension cord will fix the situation. If the unit is used for pruning high shrubs, it is worth purchasing a model with a telescopic handle.

When working on outstretched hands, the weight of the unit and the ergonomic of the handles are important. This will prevent problems with the back and pain in the muscles.

Perhaps you can also be interested in information about how the landscape design of the court of private house looks like and how it can be created using improvised means.

The performance of the bush cutter depends on the power of the engine, the length of the knife and the speed of rotation of the blades. Knives with laser sharpening have proven themselves well. Sharp blades injure the plant less, which will accelerate the healing of the cut. The number of branches trimmed at a time depends on the dyna of the knife.

A long blade increases the speed of work, but the maneuverability of the unit decreases. The length of the knife of an electric tool from 10 to 70 centimeters. The most convenient knives are 55. 60 centimeters long. The cleanliness of the cut of the branch depends on the speed of rotation of the knife. For electric models, it is 1.8. 3.4 thousand.about./min. The larger this indicator, the higher the quality of the finished cut.

When choosing the material of the case, durable plastic has proven itself well. It combines the inappropriateness of corrosion, slight weight and resistance to mechanical damage. Plastic handles do not require complicated care.

This material will tell about how to choose a secateur for pruning tall trees.

Electric bushreep is a subspecies of an automatic trimmer for grass. It is used to cut the hedge and the formation of bushes. Suitable for pruning branches with a diameter of up to 2.5 centimeters. Many models are equipped with telescopic handles. This allows you to cut a hedge up to 3 meters high. The advantages of the unit are a low weight compared to gasoline models and motorcycles and low noise. The unit does not pollute the air, can be used in closed rooms: greenhouses and stationary greenhouses.

The disadvantages include a limited area of ​​action due to wires (up to 30 meters) and the risk of electric shock damage. To reduce the risk of injuries, it is recommended to use models with a two.line protection system. Electric booster cannot be used in rainy weather and with high air humidity. Bosch Makita and Stihl brands have proven themselves well.

It is also worth finding out more and what existing landscape design projects exist.

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We get acquainted with the batteries

Advantages of battery models primarily in their mobility. A small device will cheat the bush in the most inaccessible places. The device works almost silently and does not interfere with the rest of others.

On expensive models of well.known manufacturers, there is a “water level” function that allows cutting a hedge parallel to the surface of the soil.

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Bosch batteries are the best in this segment. Complex technique for the consumer does not seem like that. Pressing the “Start” button. and the tool in work. Comfortable handles, low weight, lack of vibration. branded features of the tool. The protective screen protects the operator from flying branches at high speed.

  • economical energy consumption combined with a powerful battery;
  • double.sided knives with diamond surfacing;
  • the use of lithium-ion batteries with high capacity and without the effect of memory of the level of the last charging;
  • good balancing, reducing fatigue, noise and vibration.

Bosh tool models are ergonomic, I want to pick them up and go to work.

What is a bureau

Custores is an inventory for pruning and forming the correct shape of shrubs and hedges. The main distinguishing feature is that custoseus scissors have powerful handles in order to apply less physical strength, and elongated sharp blades. Therefore, you can use a bush for trees. There are two main types of tools: manual and mechanized. The second type, in turn, is divided into several types, depending on the power source.

In general, garden bushreep is a universal garden for the garden. It is used for trimming fruit and berry stands (trees and large bushes), for cutting hedges and giving shape to decorative shrubs, for removal from the personal plot of extra plants. Very often gardeners think about whether it is possible to mow grass with a bush. To date, several models have been created that are suitable for cutting the lawn.

Good bushores greatly facilitates the care of the garden, as it has a number of advantages:

  • You can choose a universal unit or limit yourself to direct functionality;
  • No need to separately purchase a secateur, since the bureau is completely replaces and exceeds it in performance;
  • The design greatly simplifies the work, since you do not need to hold the branches with your hands;
  • High power allows you to cope even with large trees.

Battery forces are in demand, so manufacturers offer a large selection of models. Battery scissors for grass The rating includes “2 in 1” models and only for grass:

  • Gardena Comfortcut Li (9856-20): only scissors for grass, with an integrated battery, work without recharging-about an hour, a battery is charged for a long time, a knife 8 cm long with a good sharpening, the adjustable angle of inclination of the handle allows you to get to all the necessary places. Universal models in this performance are very poorly coping with the work of the bush.
  • GreenWorks 1600207: included a knife for grass and a boose.cut blade 16 cm, a folding handle with a wheel platform. It attracts a low price, but the battery will need to be recharged every half an hour of operation, and the weakness of the engine will feel in thick grass. For a large amount of work is not suitable, but for refinement of bushes and lawns. a good option.
  • Stiga SGM 102 AE: German assembly, functional, expensive. The delivery set is a herbal knife and a decorated blade of 18 cm, another interchangeable equipment. Cuts branches up to 8 mm. The battery provides work for about 2 hours. The handle turns, there is a mount for the bar and the wheel platform, protection is provided against random inclusion.

Business rating Kustoresis includes the best models in each price segment. Cheap models are mainly supplied without a battery and charging:

  • ACCUMASTER AKM3612. without a control unit, knife length 40 cm, maximum cut diameter 16 mm.
  • Redverg RD-HT18V-the length of the blade from structural spring steel 51 cm, a special shield protects the operator’s hands and the tool case, the double shutdown system prevents a random launch of the engine, maximum cut thickness 11 mm.
  • Makita UH200DZ: a cutting canvas of mutual sharpening of 20 mm, suitable for medium.sized surfaces.

Rating of black cutters at an average price with a knife length 50 cm:

  • Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 2.5 AH: Special Bosch Quick-Cut technology provides a clean slice, bilateral sharpening of blades, cut thickness 2 cm, ergonomic structure.
  • Ryobi RHT1851R20F: rotating main hilt, saw function, defense of the blade at the end. Works at the same speed, there is a mechanical anti.lock function.
  • Makita Duh523Z: without a battery and charging, a removable knife is covered with silver, which increases its wear resistance, a special anti.vibration system and an ergonomic rubberized handle are installed.

Best Models Electric rating: the same manufacturers offer that battery. Battering bush. this is a subspecies of an electric tool. The difference between them is the operation of the engine from the battery, and not from the mains. There is a place for placing a battery in the housing. Rating of expensive models:

  • STIHL HSA 66: various delivery options. with the battery and without it, the price of the tool depends on it. The ergonomic handle allows you to save strength, special protection prevents knife damage. For transportation, knives are provided. Branches do not cling to the smooth body, it is less contaminated.
  • Ryobi RHT36C60R15: blades are made using laser cutting technology with subsequent diamond grinding, two speeds for cutting branches and trimming the hedge, five handle positions, a powerful motor.
  • Makita DUX60Z: A lot of nozzles for working in the garden and park, operates on two batteries that are supplied separately, low noise, ergonomic handle, smooth engine start. It is purchased for professional work.

Electric or battery bales will help you choose the reviews of users who will tell you which of them is better and for which work. Before buying, you need to hold the tool in your hand and understand whether it will be convenient for them to work or not. Small bushreases will cope with grass, and for shrubs and trees you will need a more powerful model. Choose the type of tool based on the tasks that he will need to perform. Be sure to pay attention to the battery. the time of work depends on it.

Even shrub. how to achieve it

Boisturosis can be called, without exaggeration, comfortable, effective, ergonomic tools for creating a crown of shrubs and trees. They are many times facilitating the care of hedges. With their help, it is easy to perform an even slice, and both horizontally and vertically.

The maximum reliability of the equipment is provided by a cable with the protection system. The blades are hidden by diamond sharpening, if it is professional equipment of a normal production brand. Thanks to this, a very high performance of shrubs haircuts is achieved.

The handles are designed so that the gardener can work with them at an altitude above the level of their shoulders. A number of models are equipped with a level, which helps to make even sections along one line. They can also be equipped with additional nozzles, which can be cut not only by bushes, but also to trim the lawn grass.

battery, bush, choosing

The scope of the bush cutter

How the bureau works, affects the sphere of its application. In fact, with it you can cut any bushes, perennial plants, young trees. Some use manual garden scissors for this, however, bureau is a more effective tool.

Decorative bushes, such as Barberis, Kizil, Kalina and some others can be formed with a bush.rose at will. That is, a haircut for them is not mandatory. It is enough to carry out sanitary pruning once in the season. Unlike them, there are shrubs, in which the main decoration is not flowers, but the leaves (they can be fiery red, crimson, golden, emerald, etc. P.). If you form them in the spring, you can greatly transform your own garden, because after pruning their crown becomes more magnificent, and the surrounding landscape will retain its originality until deep autumn.

In general, spring pruning is carried out on those bushes that lay flower buds on the shoots of this year. You can proceed to the operation from the last numbers of February. First of all, pruning is awarded a variety of decorative types of IV. A little later, these manipulations are done with a bubble, rosehip, hazel, elderberry, turquoin, rhin.

In April, it is time for trimming the current shoots of hydrangea. After cutting up to 15 cm, you can count on a rather abundant and lush flowering. Also at this time they cut down the Japanese spirea, the decorative qualities of which will appear during flowering, already in the summer. The best time to work with roses is the mid.April, but this applies only to old and damaged shoots.

How to choose a battery bush?

When choosing a garden bush, first of all, attention is paid to the type of power supply. The gasoline models are noisy and expensive, and electric requires a constant connection to the mains.

Battering bushes are as mobile as possible, do not limit the movement of the user, although they need regular recharging.

Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The knives should be strong and sharp, and the handles are convenient. so that during operation it is not necessary to strongly strain the hands and forearms.
  • An important role is played by the speed of engine stopping. To guarantee the safety of work, it is better to choose a model with the “instant stop” mode. For the same reason, in a quality device, protection against random starting should be provided.
  • Experienced gardeners recommend buying batteries with a telescopic handle. With the help of such devices, you can cut not only low shrubs, but also tall trees.

They also necessarily pay attention to the engine power (the productivity of the device depends on it) and the battery capacity. The duration of the device without additional recharging depends on the last criterion.

In some expensive batteries, a water level is additionally provided for. With it, even a novice gardener will be able to cut shrubs perfectly evenly.

TOP-4 of the best batteries for price/quality for 2022

Among the huge assortment of batteries, in 2022, users especially praised four models. In each of these devices, advanced technical characteristics are successfully combined with an acceptable cost.

Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 50 cm

Convenient, reliable and relatively inexpensive battery from a well.known manufacturer of the power tool will become an indispensable assistant in the care of the garden.

Its technical characteristics are quite enough to trim the thin shoots on shrubs and branches of trees of medium thickness. Such a versatility of application provides a blade with a length of 50 cm.

The maximum cut thickness is 20 mm, so the manufacturer does not recommend using a tool for removing thick branches.

Complete with the device provides a battery with a capacity of 2.5 a/h and charger to it.

You need to handle the device carefully, as it is equipped with a bilateral blade.

It is made of high.quality metal, so it does not rust and does not blunt even with prolonged and intensive operation.


  • solid build quality;
  • acceptable cost;
  • complete autonomy of work at the expense of a powerful battery;
  • spicy blade made of high.quality metal;
  • relatively small weight.

Makita Duh523Z without battery and ZU 52 cm

The manufacture of this inexpensive, but reliable battery, is engaged in a well.known Japanese company, which pays increased attention to the quality of the tool.

Due to this, the battery bureau is resistant to loads and increased wear resistance, so it can be used daily throughout the season. The increased length of the blade of 52 cm allows trimming shrubs and trees with a voluminous crown.

In this case, the maximum cut diameter is only 15 mm, so the device is not suitable for cutting thick branches of trees.

This does not allow the bureau of the bureau to be universal, but since the device is accumulative, you can use it even in remote areas where there is no connection to a stationary power supply.


  • light housing facilitates operation;
  • the optimal length of the blade for trimming shrubs;
  • democratic value;
  • A powerful battery provides high autonomy;
  • Simple and understandable user instruction.

Gardena Ths Li-18/42 without a battery (8881-55) 42 cm

Outwardly, this garden battery is slightly different from the usual models, but it provides for all the technical characteristics necessary for full operation.

The device’s body is very light and compact, so even women and pension age can use the tool. The low weight is explained by the fact that the device provides the average length of the blade (42 cm).

This indicator is enough to cut high grass and shrubs.

At the same time, the future owner should take into account that the maximum cut diameter is only 16 mm, so the manufacturer does not recommend using a bureau for trimming thick branches.

In the battery boom.cutting, there is a bilateral knife and high.quality stainless steel. This design significantly accelerates and facilitates the work. There is no spare battery and charger, so the user will have to buy them separately.


  • Very compact dimensions facilitate operation and storage;
  • relatively low weight;
  • excellent quality of materials and assembly of the case;
  • adequate cost;
  • The battery holds a charge for a long time.

Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 0 50 cm

Convenient and sufficiently powerful battery bureau has a well.thought.out design and advanced technical characteristics.

Thanks to this, the garden device is great for domestic use. Since the technique is battery, the owner does not have to carry a wire everywhere, and the battery containers of 2 a/h is enough for several hours of autonomous operation.

This allows you to use a bureau not only in the garden near the house, but also in remote areas where there is no connection to energy supply.

On the housing there are convenient ergonomic handles with rubberized pads that prevent palms sliding.

A special protective shield is also provided, which protects the user’s eyes from flying pieces of branches.

The device is supplied without an additional battery and charger, but they are easy to find on free sale and buy separately.


  • reliable and proven manufacturer;
  • high.quality bilateral blade;
  • optimal cut thickness;
  • The battery holds a charge for a long time;
  • There is a protective shield on the case.

TOP-3 of the best batteries of altitude-custores

High trucks-crossbars differ from conventional devices by the presence of a telescopic handle, which allows pruning at high altitude. The choice of such devices is quite wide, but the best, according to users, three models were recognized.

GreenWorks G24PH51 without battery and ZU 51 cm

Convenient, powerful and inexpensive altitude-custores works on a built-in battery, so it can be used even in remote areas where there is no connection to a stationary power supply.

The engine engine is quite powerful, so it will successfully cope not only with the trimming of grass or hedges, but also with pruning of medium.thick branches, and a convenient telescopic handle will help easily reach the shoots at the top or in the depths of the crown.

Another feature of the model is in a multi.position blade (in total 7 positions are provided).

Thanks to this, the user will be able to trim at any angle. 51 cm blade has diamond sharpening, so it remains sharp even with prolonged and constant operation.


  • telescopic handle of an ergonomic shape;
  • increased power allows you to use the device for pruning of branches of medium thickness;
  • There are several positions of the blade;
  • democratic value;
  • low noise and vibration level.

Bosch Universalhedgepole 18 with a battery and ZU 43 cm

The device works on a battery with a capacity of 2.5 a/h, so one battery is enough for almost an hour and a half of autonomous operation. The blade is made of high.quality stainless steel.

Its length is 43 cm, and high.quality sharpening provides long.term operation without the need for special maintenance.

Together with the device, the user receives a removable battery and charger.

Additionally, the device is equipped with a telescopic handle, which allows pruning even at the tops of small trees or in the depths of the crown of shrubs.


  • a large time of autonomous work;
  • There is a charger and a battery in the kit;
  • comfortable telescopic pen;
  • High.quality metal blades do not need additional sharpening;
  • Reliable and proven manufacturer.

Ryobi RHT1850XLIS 50 cm

Completely battery bush with a telescopic pen can be safely called a universal device, because with its help you can conduct a wide range of work in the garden.

The main handle is telescopic and rotary, so the user will be able to easily choose the optimal position for work.

The angle of inclination of the blade can also be adjusted by one of the four positions to cut the shoots in the depths of the crown or at the top of a small tree.

A removable battery, a charger, a special nozzle and a protective cover are provided with the device.

Despite the expanded functionality and equipment, the bureau weighs relatively little.

It will not work to control it with one hand, but it is very convenient to use the device due to the ergonomic handle.


  • comfortable ergonomic handle;
  • There are several positions of inclination of the blade;
  • The main handle is telescopic and rotary;
  • for a long time of autonomous work;
  • It comes complete with a charger and a removable battery.

TOP-3 best bush with battery

Not all batteries are supplied with a removable battery, but there are devices in which one or more batteries and a charger are necessarily provided for in the kit.

Bosch AHS 55-20 Li 55 cm

At the cost, this battery bureau belongs to the average price category, but it is fully compensated by its thoughtful functionality and ergonomics.

The device is characterized by reduced weight, which allows you to control the bassoresis with one hand. The length of the bilateral blade is 55 cm, so it is very convenient to cut the branches inside the crown with its help.

The handle of an ergonomic shape, but not telescopic, so reaching the top of the crown with the help of a bush cutter will not work.

The device is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle. It provides for rubberized pads that prevent the palm glide during operation.

Included with equipment, the user receives a battery block and a charger to it.

battery, bush, choosing


  • battery block and charging in the kit;
  • The lightweight case increases the ease of operation;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • high battery life;
  • Reliable proven manufacturer.

Makita Uh201DWA 20 cm

This compact and inexpensive battery is perfect for working in small personal plots.

Despite compact dimensions, the manufacturer thought out the design of the device in detail and provided it with everything necessary for work.

Included with the device, the user receives the scissors itself, special protection for a knife, battery, charging and a collection of leaves.

Due to the increased power and increased speed of the biddle of the Kustorez blade, it allows you to quickly give the shape of a hedge or cut thin and medium branches on trees and shrubs.

The blade is one.sided, but has high.quality sharpening, so the owner does not have to additionally sharpen the knives even with long and intensive operation.


  • increased power;
  • increased speed of the blades;
  • charger and a removable battery in the kit;
  • compact dimensions and low weight facilitate operation;
  • High.quality sharpening of the blade.

Gardena for the hedge of Comfortcut Li-18/50 (9837-20) 50 cm

This battery bureau was specially created to give the form living hedges, although with its help you can draw out and cut off and thin shoots on fruit shrubs.

A double.sided blade 50 cm long has high.quality sharpening and is made of durable metal, so it does not need additional maintenance even after prolonged operation.

To protect the user, a special shield is provided, which does not allow the remnants of the branches to fly into the eyes.

The future owner will not have to buy any additional accessories, since the blade of Kustorez, its battery and charger are provided in the kit.

A capacious battery provides a high duration of autonomous operation, so the bureau can be safely used even in remote areas.


  • high autonomy of work;
  • durable materials and high.quality assembly of the case;
  • durable metal blade;
  • high.quality sharpening of a knife;
  • Reduced mass of the case.