Installing the Knife On the Husqvarna 128 R Trimmer

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1 Upper model of Husqvarna gas station

Husqvarna 128 R is popular among home users for small area processing. It has the following main specifications:

  • Two-stroke two-stroke gasoline unit with a working volume of 28 cm3;
  • Engine power 0.8 kW or 1.1 l;
  • 0.4 liter fuel tank with a fuel consumption of 507 liters per hour;
  • Fixed fixed rod with a diameter of 24 mm;
  • T-shaped bicycle handle with engine control parts, enhanced ergonomics;
  • The presence of an anti-vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a 2.4 mm wide blade and a metal four-blade knife;
  • Cut width 25.5 cm of the knife and up to 40 cm of fishing line;
  • Overall dimensions 286 × 244×1829 mm;
  • Weight 5.0 kg.
Installing the Knife On the Husqvarna 128 R Trimmer

Husqvarna Gas Trimmer

The multifunctional Husqvarna 128 R gasoline engine, capable of easily and quickly changing cutting elements, is designed for convenient and productive work to care for the garden and lawn. Safety in operation is ensured by the presence of a protective casing. This prevents accidental contact with the cutting parts.

Husqvarna 128 R has a manual start system. Smart start. Starting cord reduces resistance by 40%. Start button of the returned type. After pressing, it automatically returns to its previous position and is again ready for an easy start.

The development of Husqvarna 128 R was equipped with the latest E-TESN 2 technology, which reduces exhaust emissions. This does not affect engine power, but provides environmental friendliness with low exhaust emissions.

The ergonomics of the handle and the convenience of holding the device are ensured by the optimal tilt angle and anti-vibration system. This allows you to work with a Husqvarna gas pump for a long time without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.

Standard equipment for gasoline pumps

The standard version of the Husqvarna 128 R model, which belongs to the household class, includes:

  • Directly lawn mowing;
  • Two shoulder-type backpack;
  • Semi-automatic trimmer head T 25 with fishing line;
  • Knife with four blades of metal Grass.

Preparation of a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

The shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Filling mills and chainsaws.

Technical characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • Gasoline two-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 24.5 cm3;
  • Power 0.9 kW or 1.2 liters;
  • 0.5 liter fuel tank with a fuel consumption of 0.495 liters per hour;
  • Straight rod with a T-handle 1483 mm long and 24 mm thick;
  • The presence of an anti-vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a 2.4 mm thick blade and a metal knife;
  • Overall dimensions: 1844 × 270 × 285 × 132 mm;
  • Weight 4,5 kg.

Husqvarna 323 R Gasoline

In this machine, it is also easy and quick to replace the cutting element. The universal protective cover allows you to safely replace the cutting part on the shaft and the mowing process itself.

The model is equipped with an easy start system Smart start, the primer pumps air into the carburetor. The fuel pump pumps gasoline into the carburetor after a long period of inactivity and provides a quick start.

Ignition switch with return spring. The fuel tank is transparent, which allows you to control the amount of fuel.

The bevel gearbox has a high torque of up to 9000 rpm with a cutting edge parallel to the ground. This ensures grass quality.

The ergonomic handle, located at an adjustable angle to the shaft, has control buttons.

Husqvarna 323 R standard equipment includes:

  • Motokosa;
  • Semi-automatic trimmer head T 25R with a line;
  • Knife for mowing grass Graas 255-4;
  • Backpack mount two shoulder type.

Using this model makes it easy to mow herbs of any stiffness, seedlings of bushes and trees.To the menu

2 Operation and repair of gasoline pumps by Husqvarna

Before starting work, the car must be prepared. Therefore:

Cutting Options

  • Lubrication of all friction parts;
  • Installation of the cutting element;
  • Filling the fuel mixture.

Petrol for refueling must be of good quality AI-class 92. Fuel with a higher octane rating should not be used. The device will overheat, and the engine will quickly fail. The fuel mixture should not be stored for future use, when it is stored, it loses its quality. It is recommended to use only freshly prepared mixture with special oil for two-stroke engines. Good fuel is the main criterion for the performance of the device.

Gasoline shutdown may be caused by clogged fuel or air filters. If the engine stalls or is poorly started, and the fuel mixture is present in the tank, and its quality is not in doubt, you need to pay attention to the filters. Often they must be sufficiently cleaned or washed with gasoline or water with a detergent, and then laid back. If heavily soiled, replacement is required.

  1. Starter failure. A break in the cable handle or a break in the cable itself can be fixed on its own. Other problems with the starter are eliminated by replacing it completely.
  2. A spark has arisen. It is necessary to clean the spark plug, make sure that it works and return it to its place or replace it.
  3. The engine starts after starting, and there is strong vibration. Misalignment occurred in carburetor setup. Individually adjustable with adjusting screws.
  4. The reason the engine stops after being installed is possibly a clogged fuel valve. Having cleaned and cleaned it, we will restore the fuel supply to the carburetor.

This is often a faulty tool. Their list is much wider. When buying gasoline pumps, you should pay attention to the availability of a technical passport with operating rules. They contain a detailed description of possible failures and step-by-step actions to resolve them. Instructions from Husqvarna are very easy to understand and work on.

For all Husqvarna models, the manufacturer provides a guarantee. In consumer models, the warranty period is 2 years. For cool tools. Professional, this is one year.

Recommended fuel consumption rates for 2019

For 2019, enterprises that have a fleet at their disposal can calculate fuel consumption on their own, or else taking into account the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

After that, you need to open the desired table and find the exact make of the car (gasoline consumption rates for a particular car are already calculated for you).