Is it possible to cut a laminate with a end. Additional methods of sawing lamella

Is it possible to cut a laminate with a tile

To comply with the integrity of the floor laminate coating, it is laid, like brickwork. scoring. It is this option of flooring that requires the ability not only to lay the laminate, but also excellent cutting of the material used. This procedure can be carried out using several tools, including a construction knife

For cutting a laminate board, such a tool is selected that:

In the process of flooring the laminate floor, it is the last point that has the maximum decisive value for the master

However, such work is always accompanied by chips, the size of which, as a rule, does not exceed 5 mm. On the finished coating, they are completely invisible or hidden by laid skirting boards

Common methods

Cutting a laminate board should occur so that the floor is straight and even, and on the edges of the laminate do not attract attention of various kinds of mechanical damage. For these purposes, as well as compliance with the necessary conditions for the processing of flooring, special construction tools are used, which will be discussed in our further conversation.


If we are talking about cutting a laminate, then the best result can be achieved only with an electrician. It is a tool convenient to use that even master novice will easily master. The cut with an electrician occurs at increased speeds, which allows you to almost completely avoid any damage to the processed material. The main thing is not to make sudden movements and take a hurry anywhere.

Having decided to use an electrician, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the main nuance here is the choice of sawing canvas.

In most cases, this power tool is supplied with a wide variety of saws, among which it is easy to find the one that will smoothly cut the laminate board. Such a sawing canvas differs not only in a special shape, but also a method of wiring and dranking. It is worth noting that metal files with narrow and small teeth also do not poorly cope with such work.

Before proceeding to the saw, it is necessary:

  • Apply a fishing line for the trimmer of the cut, using a building pencil or ordinary chalk.
  • Put the laminate board on a chair or table up the wrong side. over, the part that is subject to pruning should “hang in the air”.
  • Fix the processed material with one hand, and the second. carefully cut the necessary part along the line drawn.

A circular saw

Wanting to get a neat cut along the edge of the laminate board, you need to use a circular saw, which is shown in the attached photo and the equipped disk for cutting metal.

It must be taken into account that it is much more difficult to work with a circular saw than with an electrician.

Such work will already require certain skills. If you have them, then the cut can be carried out without any chips quickly and quite evenly. This procedure will need:

  • Lay the laminate board, with a pattern up, on any hard surface.
  • To fix it reliably.
  • Care out carefully, with a slight pressure and gradual advance of the cutting disk along a pre.broken line using a construction pencil, trying not to slow down in any place.

Angular grinding machine or corner grinder

The most beloved tool of many builders is exactly the corner grinder. She is always found in a box with instruments of almost every home craftsman. With its help it is also possible to cut a laminate board.

To obtain the edge, beautiful, without chips and cracks, in the process of the saw, it is wrapped with the front side up. At the same time, cutting discs are also used:

The disadvantage of using the angle grinding machine, as well as the circular saw, is sufficient release of wood dust during the cut. Also, this action may be accompanied by the smell of burning wood due to high speeds of the cutting canvas.

Based on the foregoing, builders recommend cutting a laminate board in open space: street or balcony.

Hacksaw with a small tooth

Unlike the wood-braid plate, laminate panels lend themselves to manual pruning with an ordinary hacksaw, in which the canvas has in small teeth. Such material will not leave any bully on the laminate.

Even if, by pure chance, they still form, then this flaw will be easily removed by a means of hidden under the skirting board, which will make the deed to be completely invisible.

How the trim process occurs. So:

  • The laminate board is laid so that its front part is facing up. This arrangement of the processed material can guarantee the high quality of the frontal cleaning of the edge.
  • The cut is made with moderate pressing on the saw. Excessively strong effort is able to provoke a fracture of the processed material.

It is worth noting that the hacksaw is used exclusively for cutting a small volume of working material. Therefore, in the case of laying a laminate in large rooms, it is worth abandoning it due to impressive time costs and the complexity of the process manufactured.

Laminate cutter

It is this tool that allows cutting the laminate board solely at the professional level. This tool works on the principle of guillotine. A sharp knife, with the help of the corresponding shoulder hand, is lowered to the marked fishing line for the trimmer of the cut and as if a scalpel cuts.

The laminate cutter acts very easily, without creating any noise or chips. To work with it, you do not need to make extremely great efforts or have any skills. In this case, the cutter for cutting a laminate board is the easiest, in circulation, a tool with which you can get the desired result in the most diverse conditions.

Based on the fact that this kind of cutter is used exclusively for cutting a laminate board, then there is no point in acquiring it for disposable work, only in the case of professional laying. The acquisition of such a cutter will be inappropriate even in the case of laying a laminate board on all rooms in a house or apartment.

Construction knife

An ordinary construction knife, which is always at hand, can also be successfully used for cutting a laminate board. Nevertheless, we are talking about pruning one or two laminate plates in the case of the complete end of this laying procedure. Or, for example, in the case of a breakdown of an angular grinder to complete the row, when other tools simply do not have a hand. It is in such situations that you can use the construction knife.

In this case, the process will consist of the following steps:

  • Put on the front side of the processed laminate board of the ruler.
  • Using it, as a guide, creating a perfectly even and deep cut along the entire width of the board.
  • Holding on one side the processed board, easily press on its soul mate. As a result, the laminate should easily go and break, exactly in the same way as ceramic tiles, under the influence of manipulations with a tile.

Types of tool cutting tools

By virtue of its structure, the laminate is well sawn by wood tool and is extremely simple to process for masters of different levels: from professionals with many years of experience to beginners.

A feature is that the cut of the material is carried out directly at the installation site. At the same time, it is very important to achieve a qualitatively even cut and not spoil the panel.

Turning to specialists with the question of how to cut a laminate quickly and efficiently, you can get various tips. After all, each master has its own criteria for selecting tools, their own characteristics and knowledge of technology, experience and natural ingenuity. For one it is important to work with an easy and mobile tool, for the other, the issue of connecting to a power grid or manual execution is important. However, everyone converges in one opinion: laminate cutting should be performed qualitatively, providing an ideal cut.

The entire laminate cutting tool can be divided into two categories: manual tool and power tool. The advantages of the first category are the versatility of application and affordable price. The use of the instrument of the second group, despite the higher cost and dependence on the connection location to the mains, can significantly accelerate and facilitate the process of installing the coating.

When choosing how to cut a laminate, you can count up to seven tools:

  • hacksaw;
  • electrician;
  • circular saw;
  • corner grinder;
  • special cutting;
  • construction knife;
  • and even an ordinary clerical knife.

The use of any tool from the list given with appropriate experience will allow you to get a high.quality and neat slice. A general or unified recommendation than cutting a laminate at home, which equipment or device does not exist in a particular situation. Each master, on the basis of personal practical experience, knowledge and professional training, has his own preferences and “chips”. It is important to take into account that in any of the selected methods, one should be guided by popular wisdom: “Measure seven times, cut off once”.

Consider briefly the purpose and principles of the work of each type of tool for cutting the laminate.


Let’s start with the simplest and affordable. manual wood or hacksaw saw. This is a hand tool that is in almost every house. The hacksaw requires the use of physical efforts and can be used when cutting a small amount of material. On a large volume its use is not effective. At the same time, the choice of hacksaw with large teeth can lead to the destruction of the decorative surface of the coating lamellas. To prevent such consequences, it is better to use a hacksaw with small teeth or a hacksaw for metal.

Tip: Before proceeding to the saw, a painting tape should be glued to this place, which will protect from the formation of chips at the site of the cut. At the same time, it is recommended to lay the board with a facial coating up.

possible, laminate, additional, methods, sawing, lamella

The hacksaw is not the main tool for cutting laminate in professionals due to low productivity, large physical costs and the danger of damage to the decorative layer of the panel. But in some cases with small volumes, when it is impractical to use an electrician or corner grinder, a hacksaw may be useful.

A direct alternative to a hacksaw is an electric saber’s saw. Now the market is a large selection of such a tool. However, the electric saw will not add much to amenities and speeds in work. Therefore, in our review we will not dwell on it in detail.


The electric jigsaw is a convenient, simple and very productive tool. In most cases, it occupies the first place, thanks to the convenience of circulation, accessibility in operation and efficiency of use. Therefore, when searching for solutions to the problem, than to cut a laminate at home, many of the users opt for it.

To use an electrician does not need special training or long.term skill, everyone can successfully cope with it. The result will be of high quality, the cut will be even and perfectly smooth, given that the tool works at high speeds. The main thing in its use is the correct selection of a laminate file.

Typically, a set with a jigsaw includes several paintings designed for processing a tree or laminate. If you do not have them, you should take care of the purchase in advance. Lamite on an electric laminate has a special shape and a small step of the teeth. Look for the appropriate marking on the packaging. The use of a wrong file will lead to the appearance of chips on the edges of the cut. Therefore, it is better to cut the panels with a special file for a laminate jig. If you could not find one, you can use the canvas for the metal, but the productivity of the work will be slightly reduced.

Important! Marking is performed from the wrong side of the panel. For cutting a jigsaw, it is necessary to lay the workpiece on a flat clean surface with a decorative side down. So the teeth of the files less damage the panel during the cut.

An important advantage of an electrician over other types of tools is the ability to make not only direct cuts, but also curved. This is very relevant if necessary to put a laminate floor in the places of passage of pipes and communications. Under them, the jigsaw will easily cut through the grooves and suckers.

A circular saw

The circular saw allows you to get a more even cut of laminate than an electrician, and at the same time much faster. However, working with such a tool requires great attention and is much more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to use the circular saw only to those who have skills and experience with a similar tool, or familiarized themselves with the order of work by watching the video.

Features of the laminate cutting process

Starting to lay a laminated floor, you need to know not only how to cut a laminate at home, but also how to use tools correctly. Among the main determining moments regarding the features of working with laminate, the following can be noted:

  • Large efforts should not be used when cutting laminate;
  • With a poorly cut, the board should be laid by the damaged side under the baseboard;
  • To obtain the perfect cut, the workpiece should be placed downward when working with a corner grinding and a circular saw or upside down when an electrician;
  • Before the rez, check the calculations several times in order to prevent damage to the materials;
  • Figure cuts should be performed using a template for measuring bends, gluing construction tape into the place of cutting.

Laminate cutting by means of saw

Unlike the wood-steering plate, lamellas amenable to manual sawing. Here you can safely use any option with small cloves, because it is such a tool that will not leave a backbone on the edges.

! Even if there are any damage to the end part, they later hide under the baseboard, which means they will be invisible to the eyes.

So, how does the process happen? The procedure looks as follows:

  • Put the laminated board so that its front part “looks” upward. This will become a guarantee of the high quality of the frontal part of the edge;
  • Try not to press the saw for cutting the laminate in the process, because this will lead to the breakdown of the edges of the processed laminated bar.

Drill saws for cutting

Today it is just an indispensable tool for repair, construction, as well as woodworking. You can’t do without such a motorized device. Saws, as well as appropriate disks for cutting laminate are in great demand today.

Discs are classified depending on the work on the work. So, to work with lamellas, use a special device for boards.

! When buying such a device, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of teeth and the angle of their inclination, the geometry of sharpening, as well as the recesses between the teeth.

A small number of teeth. an option for working with chips and wood. The average amount is suitable for massive wood and soft metals. Large. used exclusively with a very powerful device, so it is not advised to use it for soft flooring.

It is the sharpening geometry that will affect the cleanliness of the cut and the efficiency of work. Available varieties. flat, trapezoidal, as well as alternating. The angle of inclination also affects the quality. Flat sharpening is better to use for quick cuts, the universal version is suitable for any tree.

There are also professional discs with special teeth from hard alloys. They have hardness, high strength, as well as resistance to destruction. This guarantees high performance, long service and excellent quality of work.

Hacksaw or wood

ATTENTION! If, after cutting off the workpiece, unwanted defects remained on the spinning end. disorder and increased roughness, then the surface is treated with a file or a file with fine granularity.

A metal hacksaw can also be used for cutting a laminate, only you need to know that the canvas intended for iron will quickly clog with piece-bearing waste. Further use of the tool for working with metal will require replacement of the canvas. The use of a saw for wood or iron is possible with a small amount of cut off blanks, for example, when laying a coating in one of the living rooms. The complexity of using this inventory will make itself felt after the 3rd saw. And even in the small room you will have to do at least a dozen.

IMPORTANT! When performing a cut with a hacksaw, it is difficult to get into a marking fishing line for a trimmer, t. to. The tool is constantly moving aside. For accuracy, use a small bar, which is applied along the marking line, then a sawdust for even entry into the drawn line rests on this bar!

Expanding an electrician

The use of such a power tool will facilitate the complexity of work. Its advantage is considered high speed and the ability to perform indirect cuts. When working with an electrician, marking is performed from the back of the panels and laminate is laid on the desktop when cutting, t. to. The supporting paw of the jigsaw reserves a trace in the form of a scratch. Such damage will not be noticeable if it remains on the wrong side.

The advantage of using a power tool is the ability to cut off several blanks at once without increasing the efforts made. When performing such cuts, the panels are stiffly fastened with clamps and control the correspondence of the size of each of them.

ATTENTION! When working with an electrician, it is recommended to use a canvas with a small tooth. This will improve the quality of the cut out end surface.

The disadvantage of using such a power tool is considered small irregularities in the cut line, t. to. manual work always distinguishes the absence of straightforwardness from machine.

Methods of cutting

Installation of a laminate board involves its fixation to the floor using glue or special screws. But many novice masters do not know how to cut a laminate to get a high.quality and even joint.

You can cut a vinyl or cork laminate at home using several tools:

  • Cutter. This design resembles guillotine. To cut the board, it must be placed under the knife along the cut line. After that, with a certain effort, the cutter is pressed, which produces rubber. In the presence of certain skills using this tool, you can cut a laminate even along.
  • Lobby. Cutting using this unit is one of the fastest and most affordable. But it is important to use only special saws to process the laminate. To cut off the desired piece, you should measure the necessary dimensions and draw a flat fishing line for a trimmer. After that, the board moves away a little from the table so that the saw moves in the air and the cutting begins.
  • Hacksaw. Cutting the laminate with its help can be performed both on the floor and on a certain elevation. To do this, you also need to note the fishing line for the trimmer and carefully start sawing. It is important to take into account the divorce of the saw, as it can take a lot of laminate. This, in turn, can lead to inconsistency.
  • Knife. The upper layer of the laminate is a thin layer of film, which is easy to damage with an ordinary stationery knife. The technology for working with this tool is quite simple. Along the marked line, it is necessary to draw a knife with a knife in such a way as to cut the top layer. If you need to get a flat fishing line for a trimmer, then additionally the board should be fixed with a high quality.

When you cut the top layer, you need to break off an extra piece. To do this, the laminate on the edge of the table along the rubber and sharply pressed on one of the sides. This approach resembles breaking ceramic tiles or glass after processing glass cutter.

  • A circular saw. Cutting using this tool is much faster. To cut off a piece of laminate, you should also mark. After that, the board is fixed on the bed along the plane of the saw. Place the product to the top with a laminated layer. At the same time, the saw knives will enter the material, which will reduce the formation of chips and cracks. When everything is exhibited, you need to slowly drive the board along the cut line when the circular is turned on.
  • Corner grinder. This tool on the principle of operation resembles a circular saw. Similar types of cutting discs are also used here. But cutting can already be performed almost anywhere. But in order to get an even cut, you need to fill the hand, which controls the corner grinder during processing.

Choose a tool

As you already understood, there is no universal method of cutting laminate. To do this, use many tools that have their pros and cons of. It is impossible to say which option is better, since it all depends on the individual situation.

possible, laminate, additional, methods, sawing, lamella

To choose a quality tool, several factors should be taken into account:

  • The necessary quality of the end. If you need a minimum number of chips, use a hand cutter or jigsaw. In another case, all the considered cutting methods are perfect. They will allow you to correctly cut the board with minimal efforts.
  • Type rub. The simplest option is when you need to saw off the laminate across. The length of the rubber is relatively small, which minimizes the risk of great curvature. When you need to cut off along one of the sides, then in this case it is better to use a cutter and a circular saw.

Please note that such operations can be performed by other tools. It all depends only on your capabilities.

  • Form of the rub. Almost all mechanisms allow you to cut the board only in a straight line. If you need to get a complex shape of the laminate, then the solution to this problem will be an angular grinder or a jigsaw.

A circular saw

Circular cutting is one of the most popular options, as it has several advantages:

  • The ability to use discs with different dentists. This allows you to regulate the cutting process and the quality of the resulting surface.
  • The tool works on electricity, which eliminates the use of fuel.
  • Laminate processing is not accompanied by significant noise, which allows you to process boards even in apartment buildings.
  • High speed. The effectiveness of the circular saw is one of the best. Therefore, it is used by many specialists who are engaged in laying such materials.

The only disadvantage of this mechanism is that in order to obtain high.quality rub, you need to have a certain practice and experience with it.

Electric jigsaw

Working with a jigsaw is nice and fast. The tool has a slight weight, which allows you to hold it well during the saw. At the same time, the mechanism practically does not form dust, which makes it a unique option for private use.

The disadvantage of the jigsaw can only be an incorrectly selected file. Poor products will simply tear the laminate, forming ugly ends, which will have to be additionally cleaned. To get high.quality carrier, the jigsaw should work at maximum speeds.

Manual cut of laminate is relatively rare. For such purposes, both stationery knives and hacksaw are used.

When using the last type of tool, it is important that it has very small teeth.

Several disadvantages of this approach should be highlighted:

  • The cutting process using manual tools takes a lot of time. This, in turn, affects the effectiveness of laminate installation.
  • To get a quality cut, you need to act very carefully and slowly. To do this, you need to have relatively extensive experience working with similar materials and tools.
  • Getting a carving without chips using a hacksaw is almost unrealistic. Therefore, often the place of the cut is additionally cleaned.

Corner grinder

A grinding machine is a universal mechanism with which you can cut not only a tree, but also concrete. To process the laminate, special discs are used on which teeth are applied, like a circular saw.

The use of corner grinder has several advantages:

  • With its help, you can form both a straight and figured cut.
  • The ends obtained after cutting are of high quality.
  • Operation of corner grinder is possible even without preliminary preparation of the material.

But this tool has several bad sides:

  • The weight of the structure is significant, which does not always allow to qualitatively control the cutting process.
  • During operation, the corner grinder forms a lot of fine dust. This is not always effective in residential premises.
  • When cutting, the ends of the laminate begin to bask, which leads to the formation of Gary, which, together with dust, is very harmful to the human body.


The cutter is perfect for manual cutting. Among the advantages of this tool, you can distinguish noiselessness, simplicity of functioning and a quality cut. Working with such mechanisms is relatively simple, the main thing is only to observe precautions, since the knife is very sharp. Cutting with guillotine does not lead to dust formation, which makes it a professional tool.

Manual cut

Manual cut is made using a hacksaw for metal with small teeth. The cut is made from the “wrong” side of the lamellas. Working with a tool is easier. But this choice has a lot of shortcomings. They are simply necessary to designate them.

  • Firstly, the manual process saw a very laborious one, and it takes a lot of time.
  • Secondly, working with a hand saw requires special accuracy and caution.
  • Thirdly, cutting a laminate laminate along the length without chips will be very problematic.

Advice! Those who do not have a large amount of time to lay the laminate, experienced craftsmen advise to use the elements not to use a hacksaw, but an ordinary construction knife. It will be much easier to work for them, the cut is made as follows: a fishing line for a trimmer is carried out on the upper layer, a ruler is applied to it. A knife is brought under it and a deep fishing line for a trimmer is made by it. One part of the lamella is held with a knee, and the second with a blow of the hand breaks. The cut is quite even.

Laminate cutter

The cutting of the laminate that works on the principle of guillotine will help to simplify the manual cutting of the laminate as much as possible. Cutting is carried out without noise and dust, very quickly, the cut is high.quality and neat. In this case, you do not need to have experience working with this tool, but cutting can only be done in the transverse direction. And this is the main drawback of choosing this tool.

Answering the question of how to cut a laminate, experts recommend choosing the tool that is at hand, with which device it will be more convenient to work. When selecting a tool, it is important to consider the volume of work. The use of production saws is justified when laying a laminate in a large house.

How to cut a laminate at home recommend a pro

The Stroyvelikan website conducted a survey of professional masters who had to lay laminate on the floor dozens of times. Experts voted for the best tool for working at home, resulting in an unpretentious rating with opinions and useful recommendations.

Location: Electricity with three types of saws

Yuri, 38 years old. It seems to me that it is better to cut a laminate with an electrician. The panels themselves are narrow, usually have a thickness of not more than 12 mm, require the most accurate saw. It is convenient to work with the tool due to a small sole with transverse, longitudinal and curved cutting. It is comfortable to make side cutouts for pipes, protruding parts of the wall.

I recommend cutting a laminate with three types of files:

How To Cut Laminate & LVT Round A Door Frame #vinyl #laminate #diy #shorts #homeimprovement #howto

  • T101B. When working on the opening of the panels, a pure cut is noted. The teeth of the canvas are directed up, so the workpiece vibrates less on the desktop. The saw is cheap, quickly stupid.
  • T101AO. suitable for curved cutting. A small tooth saws a laminate without chips, but the speed is low. In large volumes, cutting the material is problematic.
  • T101BIF. The bimetallic canvas leaves clean cut on both sides. Polished teeth are located without focusing up or down. The file is characterized by an increased service life.

Advice! When using an electrician, I recommend cutting the panels from the reverse side so as not to damage the front layer on the edge. Lead the tool clearly along the line, try to make a full pass without stopping.

Place: A cut with a curved blade

Evgeny, 32 years old. For more than 2 years I have been using a laminate with a curved blade when laying a laminate. The most reliable and simple device. When working, there is no excessive noise and a large amount of dust, as in the case of power tools. The wires do not interfere, since the connection to the mains is not required.

It is very convenient to cut the laminate across, make longitudinal and diagonal cutting more difficult, but you can still. To do this, put the panel in front of the cutter strictly according to the marking. I cut about two.thirds of the blades, move the workpiece forward and continue to the edge.

Place: Corner grinder with a diamond disk

Nikolay, 45 years old. I propose at home to saw a laminate with a corner grinder. However, this tool requires careful treatment. There is no support sole, so the quality of the cut will depend on the ability to hold an angle grinding machine in the hands. With uncertain handling, it is easy to damage the panel.

For cutting laminate, I recommend using diamond discs:

The panels can be cut without chips directly from the front side. With proper work with the tool, an even edge is formed. However, the cut of the material is accompanied by a lot of dust, so it is better to cut on the street or in a well.ventilated room.

Place: circular saw with a disk for neat cut

Sergey, 35 years old. Not the easiest tool for a beginner, but quite suitable for cutting laminated panels. The saw disc is much more reliable than the electric canvas. Does not break and does not bend at the same loads. Work is faster, vibration is missing.

Personally, I had to cut a laminate with a circular saw with a 190×30 mm disk, which has 56 carbide teeth and is intended for neat cutting of materials with a laminated surface. The cut of the cut was installed in accordance with the thickness of the panels, while the edges of the teeth should be 1-2 mm exceeding this indicator.

Practice has shown that it is better to cut from the side of the decorative protective layer so that the edges are even, without chips. The sole of the disc saw is wider, vibrations do not occur during sawing, so the upper part is not damaged.

Location: a knife.haired woman with a small tooth

Dmitry, 28 years old. If there is no power tool at hand, and the laying area is relatively small, while there is nowhere to hurry, then I recommend taking a regular hacksaw on the tree. With this simple and affordable tool, even a novice master will be able to cut evenly a laminate. We will have to work, but the longitudinal, not transverse cuts are of particular difficulty.

I liked working with a hacksaw with a canvas 11-12 teeth per inch. Trihedral sharpening accelerates the process and makes cutter. Sawed the panels on the front side, there was no chips left with neat handling. With increasing teeth, the risk of damage to the protective and decorative layer will increase.

How to saw a laminate are tried by users

Andrey, 22 years old. I live in a apartment, I decided to put a laminate in a room on an old parquet. I have not yet acquired the instrument. I took a hacksaw “Piranha” in the store with a hacksaw with teeth step 15 per inch. High.quality sharpening, even after laying continues to cut well, does not leave chips. He saws along and down without problems, the blade does not clamp, but manually adjust the last panels in width still energy.intensive.

Pavel, 44 years old. On his old electrician installed a T101BIF file to cut a laminate without chips. The bimetallic canvas copes well with sawing the panels along and across. Laid a laminated coating in a private house on the ground floor 10 mm thick (33 class). The entire area, not counting the bathroom, was about 60 square meters. m. The saw did not break, even at the very end I sawed perfectly. Only positive emotions remained.

Peter, 48 years old. I liked to use a special laminate cutter. A guillotine with a curved blade cuts panels with a minimum noise, which in the apartment is very important. During work, a lot of fine dust is not formed, only large waste remains, which are easy to collect. The machine is suitable for straight cuts in width, length and at an angle. There are no large chips when cutting. Due to a large lever, you do not have to make a lot of effort.

Alexander, 52 years old. I tried at home to cut a laminate with a corner grinder with a diamond segmented disk on concrete. It saws quickly, it turns out an even edge, you don’t get tired when working. The only thing that is very dusty is very small particles that fly throughout the room. I cut it on the street, since I live in a private house, it is not a problem to go out.

Oleg, 29 years old. Of the power tools, only a circular saw was at home. I used a wooden wood disk with carbide attacks “Zubr” for cutting. Chose with 48 teeth. Prepared a convenient table from black boards. Laid a laminate with a thickness of 8 mm, set the depth of cut to this size, taking into account a small output of 1-2 mm. There is no much experience with power tools, so he cut along and across the guide to make the edges even.

Laminate cutting tools

First of all, I would like to note the requirements that are presented to the tools.

  • They should be convenient to use.
  • Have a small weight and size.
  • The main requirement is to get an even cut on the laminate edge without defects.

Kryazuvka for metal

It is this simple tool that is used by the bulk of consumers when the question arises before them, the better to cut such a flooring as a laminate? With small volumes of work at home. this is the optimal solution. Professionals do not use it, because when using a hacksaw you have to spend a lot of effort. And the time for a cut goes a lot. There is information that the laminate can be cut wood with a saw. Do not even think about it, the saw has large teeth, so you can’t talk about the quality of the edges of the cut.


But this electric tool is ideal for cutting laminate.

  • Firstly, the electrician has large revolutions of the working body, which allows you to cut material without the formation of chips and cracks.
  • Secondly, it is an easy and very convenient tool that even a newcomer can use.
  • Thirdly, the cut is even, almost perfect.

Advice! In order to cut a laminate, it is best to use special files that are performed for this operation. They have a step between the teeth less, the teeth themselves are divorced differently. And the shape of the file is completely different.

Corner corner grinder

Probably, every home master in the arsenal has small sizes angular grinder. For cutting it is best to use its corner model. It is just more convenient. To cut the laminate, you can use different discs:

Advice! It is best to work corner grinder on the street (for example, on an open balcony). The thing is that when cutting a laminate, like any other material, a large amount of dust is formed. And the smell of the burning will fill the room.

This tool can be used as a spare option. Suddenly, a corner grinder or an electrician, all the files broke down and so on. With the help of a good construction knife, you can cut a laminate, however, your own technology here.

  • A metal ruler is laid on the place of the cut.
  • A deep incision is made with a sharp knife. The deeper, the better.
  • Clean the line and knife.
  • The laminate panel is laid so that the cutting line for the trimmer of the incision definitely coincides with the edge of the table.
  • Now half the panel should be pressed on the table with your palm. And press on the hanging hand with a free hand. The laminate should be broken exactly at the cut.
  • The edges can be cleaned.

Professional tools

Masters usually use more powerful tools:

Both tools give a neat edge after cut. Under the circular will have to install a table with a special through longitudinal groove. Working with this electric tool is more difficult, you need a skill. It is important to carefully lead the disk along the intended cut line, do not slow down in one place. The hand trembled. there was a displacement immediately. The minus of the circular. a big noise and a lot of dust.

Rezak is the most professional modern device. He works on the principle of guillotine. The panel simply lays along the cut under the knife. Then the handle is pressed with the hand.

No dust, no noise, a cut is even without defects. This equipment is expensive, so it makes no sense to use it at home. But the brigades who are engaged in laminate on a professional level, you just can’t do without it today.

As you can see, there are several tools with which you can cut a laminate. Which one is better? It is difficult to answer this question, because a lot will depend on who will use them.

If this is a home master, then we advise you not to waste. You can use a hacksaw for metal. If you are a professional, then buy a cutter. Of course, you can use power tools, but there is a lot of noise and dust from them. And that means you have to carry out all the work on the street.

How to cut a laminate at home without chips / How to Cut Laminate Without Chips

How and how to cut the laminate along? Without chips and evenly.

How to cut a laminate without chips.Sawing a laminate without chips.

The best way to lay laminate. Before laying for the first time. Be sure to view.

Saw wheels, canvases and drills on laminate.

How to cut a laminate evenly and without chips! 3 ways!

Renovator Bosch GOP 18V-28. Multifunctional tool!

Seven errors that arise when laying a laminate


How to cut a laminate at home

A set of laminate or parquet board laying

Multifunctional wood disk on an angular grinder. Like a knife through oil: laminate, aluminum, nails.

General information

If you choose a wood.based flooring, then people often give their preference to natural parquet or a cheaper, but no less visually pleasant option. laminate. Such material is characterized by increased resistance and features that will even exceed natural solutions for operation.

In construction stores you can find different laminate design. World.class companies can offer end users a wide variety of textures that will simulate natural surfaces, for example, trees of various types.

Such a coating has become popular largely due to the fact that it is very easy to lay a laminate using a castle system. Also, such coatings are quite easy to dismantle and install again.

Laminate is quite easy to lay and, if necessary, cut, armed with special tools

The coating is laid in rooms where increased patency is observed. This is largely due to the fact that the laminate has increased indicators of wear resistance, and the loads are not terrible. If you lay in a bedroom or living room, then the tones of wood of warm shades will create a cozy atmosphere, and thanks to resistance to water, you can not be afraid that fungus or bacteria will develop in the kitchen.

How and how to cut a laminate at home

What is the cutting of the laminate the simplest? It should be neat, correct, thought out. The cut can be carried out using a jigsaw, especially if it is an electric tool.

For cutting laminate, many experts recommend using an electrician

It is by means of an electrician that you can make a cut:

An alternative can be the most ordinary manual saw or hacksaw, but this process will take much more time. Due to the fact that the cost of such a product as an electrician is not too small, and laying the laminate is carried out quite rarely due to a long service life, it is not advisable to purchase for personal use.

The method of cutting tiles is precisely a kind of electricity, and requires compliance with safety and operation rules. The laminate is cut into small cloves. Such a canvas is in the set of each electrician and, if necessary, you can buy an additional.

The cut is carried out according to the previously made marking. The marking should be on the back of the laminate. Next, cutting is carried out, but with a carefully fixed board, for which you can use a heavy object or at all, your own hand. It is advisable to conduct a section with additional help.