Mac chain saw how to adjust carburetor.

Tuning the carburetor on an Oleo-Mac chainsaw

Clearing neglected areas, tree crown care, cutting logs. feasible operations that occur when working with wood. But with primitive devices, such work would rapidly become boring. After that, every person who is able to value his time and the quality of the work performed, seeks to get a motorized tool. Productive, reliable, comfortable to operate. See the following overview rating of chainsaws in different price categories, analyze each model, focusing on:

And the search is narrowed to models applicable to your criteria.

Cleaning a chainsaw carburetor on a McCulloch 610

Cases where you should make adjustments

Just adjust the carburetor in a chainsaw is needed infrequently, much more common phenomenon can be considered a problem with the flow of fuel or wear of individual nodes. However, there are also cases in which it is necessary to adjust the mechanism. How to determine it? According to the following signs:

Right after it starts, the motor stops. Sometimes it won’t start at all. The cause of this problem is an overabundance of air and a shortage of fuel.

The fuel consumption has increased, and exhaust gases are now exhausted in large quantities. Here is the reverse process. oversaturation of the mixture with fuel.

Adjustment can also fail due to purely mechanical reasons:

  • Severe vibration may damage the protective cap. The result is that all three bolts can no longer be clamped.
  • Worn piston part of the engine. In this situation, by adjusting the carburetor can only achieve a temporary improvement in performance, and the worn unit must be replaced.
  • The carburettor may also become clogged. Here the cause is low-quality fuel, scale or a damaged filter. In this case the machine needs to be completely disassembled, flushed and adjusted.

Ural adjustment

It is little different in that it should not be carried out at high revolutions, but make sure that the chain picks them up quickly, but smoothly, without moving on the tire.

You have to take the adjustment process very seriously, because if it’s not done properly, it won’t work for you in the long run. Take care of your own tools and if you’re not convinced of your abilities, ask a professional.

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No matter which one of them, even a strong friendship, asks for attention and care. Then the chainsaw will also become your faithful assistant for long and long years.

When you buy a HUS365 chainsaw, you should be prepared for the fact that after a month of use, you won’t want to deal with a single saw other than this brand. This is explained by its reliability, affordability, and most importantly, ease of operation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Oleo-Mac chainsaw carburetors:

  • great resource;
  • compact size;
  • three adjustment screws that allow precise adjustment (a feature of all modern chainsaws with membrane carburetors)
  • compact size and relatively low weight of the construction, in comparison with counterparts;
  • Affordable cost of parts, carburetor assembly;
  • no complaints about petrol quality.
  • It can be difficult to find a repair kit on sale in small towns;
  • difficulties with the settings, high requirements to the skills of the adjusters;
  • Need for periodic adjustments during long hours of operation.

adjustment of Oleo-Mac chain saw carburetor

As mentioned above, the carburetor mixes air with the fuel consistency before it enters the engine cylinder. Professional cleaning, tuning and adjustment of the carburetor of Oleo-Mac chain saws is an indispensable procedure that is done at the factory, during pre-sales and scheduled maintenance. Adjustment of the carburetor should not be done by your own hands, as without the necessary qualifications and without the introduction of a tachometer to adjust the carburetor for better operation is unlikely to get. Your local authorized Italiantools Approved Service Center guarantees a carburetor adjustment and engine and chain oil change at every service.

chain, adjust, carburetor

The chainsaw option method is fairly simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Adjusting the motor for smooth operation at low rpm.
  • Adjustment of the carburetor for a correct delivery of fuel consistency at the highest speed.
  • Narrow carburetor adjustment for idle speed.
  • Checking with a chainsaw in all conditions.

Now let’s break down how more thoroughly goes the correct carburetor adjustment of a chainsaw. Virtually all carburetor models have three adjustment screws. The screw (T) is responsible for the narrow standby setting. Adjusting the propeller (H) for highest speed. Screw (L) controls the consistency at low rpm. Tightening the screws (L) and (H) makes the fuel supply and mixture weaker and therefore the speed increases.

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Description of the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw


Oleo-Mac was founded in Italy in 1972. We specialize in the manufacture of garden tools and equipment for the woodworking industry. 20 years later Oleo-Mac, then a holding company of several dozen companies, becomes part of the Efco group. The new company is called Emak. But the brand names remained the same, as well as the network of dealers.


Today Oleo-Mac is a successful, progressive company occupying the leading position in the segment of chainsaws and other garden equipment. The main production facilities of the concern are localized in Italy, although the assembly of some units is produced in other European countries and in China. This model of chainsaw is assembled directly in Italy. All products of this manufacturer are high quality and reliable. It should be noted that the of Oleo-Mac machines are not budget-friendly. But you have to pay for quality. Today, the model Oleo-Mac 937 can be purchased at a price of 17,990, the Ukrainian consumer this saw will cost 6,640 hryvnia.

Base configuration

  • Cardboard box;
  • Manual, product data sheet, and warranty card;
  • The body of the saw with a gasoline motor;
  • Oregon saw chain;
  • Protective tire case;
  • Saw chain with 52 links, pitch 3/8″;
  • A combination spark plug wrench;
  • Starter package: oil for engine and chain.

Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw. Technical characteristics. Carburetor adjustment and chain selection

The chainsaw option method is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Motor adjustment for smooth operation at low rpm.
  • Carburetor adjustment for proper fuel consistency at the highest speed.
  • Narrow carburetor adjustment for idle speed.
  • Chainsaw test in all modes.

Now let’s understand how more thoroughly goes the correct adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor. Virtually all carburetor models have three adjustment screws. Screw (T) is responsible for the narrow standby setting. Adjusting screw (H) for highest speed. Screw (L) controls the formation of consistency at low rpm. By tightening the screws (L) and (H) the fuel supply and mixture becomes weaker and the speed increases accordingly.


When buying a chain saw Oleo-Mac 936, in addition, the client receives a standard set, yakiy comes with any saw.

It should be noted that with all of the above, the customer receives a warranty on the chainsaw for 3 years.

Carburetor adjustment

To illustrate the carburetor settings on a chainsaw, see the example below. After reviewing it, no questions on adjustment should not appear, even for beginners.

Ural adjustment

It is little different in that it should not be carried out at a sharp maximum speed, but make sure that the chain picks them up quickly, but smoothly, without moving the tire.

In any case, you should take the adjustment particularly seriously, because if it is done incorrectly, the saw will not stay with you for long. Take care of your own tools and if you are not sure yourself, call in a professional.

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No matter which one of them, even a strong friendship, requires attention and care. Then your chainsaw will be your faithful assistant for a long, long time to come.

When you buy the chainsaw HUS365 you have to be prepared that after a month of its use you won’t want to deal with a single saw other than this brand. This is explained by its reliability, accessibility, and, most importantly, ease of operation.

chain, adjust, carburetor

CORRECT WAY To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetors on Oleo-Mac 941c, 936 chainsaws

There is no difference in the adjustment. Oleo Mak 937, 941c and nine hundred 30 6 chainsaw carburetor models are the same. We studied the step-by-step regulation in detail using the example of model 937, so no matter which of the listed duster is regulated with a similar approach.

Carburetor adjustment kit

To illustrate the chainsaw carburetor option you can look at the following. After viewing no questions about adjustment should not appear, even for beginners.

Repair kit for carburetor

To repair the carburetor for you will be useful repair kit, the composition of which is such:

Aspects of adjustment

When adjusting carburetors for Oleo-Mac chainsaws, the following aspects usually appear:

  • Screw markings do not match. Depending on the model, equipment supplier or other reasons, the markings may be different from the illustrated ones. In such cases, it is recommended that you carefully study the instructions that came with the appliance.
  • After the option chain saw is necessary to turn off and let cool for 10-15 minutes in order to check its work with a cool start.
  • If you have no experience or the necessary knowledge, it is not recommended to adjust the screw H. This is due to the possibility of poor fuel-air consistency, which can lead to wear of the piston group, malfunctions at start-up and engine operation.
  • On all steps it is necessary to keep the engine speed under control with the tachometer. Oscilloscope or multimeter with this function can be a substitute for a tachometer.

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Step by step adjustment

Let’s analyze an example of carburetor adjustment on the example of the Oleo Mak 937 chainsaw. The principle of regulation of other pollen is actually similar, so this method is applicable to the following models: 941c, 936. With other, less popular models (for example, Oleo Mak three hundred and sixty-two or Oleo Mak 35) similarity is not checked. But there are probably no stark differences.

Before you adjust the carburetor for a chainsaw Oleo-Mac, you need to fulfill a number of criteria:

  • unobstructed air and fuel filters;
  • Check the condition of the jets, make sure they are good and unstained;
  • Evaluate the integrity of the diaphragms: no damage, no cracks;
  • Check to see if there’s enough gas in the chamber.

No disassembly required for standard carburetor adjustment. There are screws on the outside to make all the necessary adjustments:

chain, adjust, carburetor

Although the manufacturer advises to only adjust the S screw, in practice this is not enough. Before adjusting, all three screws should be turned in as far as they will go and then unscrewed 1.5 to 2 turns.

  • engine starts, warms up for 3-5 minutes at medium speed.
  • tachometer connected.
  • Low speed operation is adjusted with the L screw. need to reach 1-1.5k. RPM. the engine without reversing the chain, and when the gas pedal is pressed, the rpm does not drop. If a fault is found, the screw should be unscrewed until the effect is eliminated.
  • The highest speed of the motor is adjusted with the H screw. When the gas pedal is pressed to maximum, they keep the acceleration under control, it is fundamental that they do not exceed a very allowable value. It is recommended to set it to 5-10% below the highest speed, so as not to provoke increased wear of the gasoline engine.
  • The carburetor is fine-tuned with the S screw. When the chain is idling, the screw should be turned counterclockwise as far as it will go. If the gasoline engine is frozen, the screw is unscrewed in a clockwise direction until a measured operation.
  • After the option procedures, the chainsaw is tested under real operating criteria. Do the options again if necessary.

Makita chainsaw carburetor repair

Symptoms that adjustment is no longer sufficient and the Makita chainsaw carburetor must be repaired:

  • Arbitrary changes (spikes) in engine power;
  • Excessive fuel consumption;
  • increased vibration and popping;
  • “sneezing” and unstable engine operation;

And of course the obvious symptom is that the engine does not start or stalls.

To repair the carburetor, you will need to remove it, it is located immediately under the top cover of the chainsaw and the air filter.

Location of the carburetor in a Makita chain saw.

Basic troubleshooting

Arbitrary power fluctuations can be caused by damaged adjustment screws mount. Can be fixed by replacing them.

A popular problem with an unstable motor may be the clogging of the filter screen in the carburetor. Can be fixed by cleaning it.

Also out of all the damages there is some damage to the control diaphragm or diaphragm in the fuel pump. The fuel needle valve may be clogged, jammed with long interruptions in operation, or simply worn out.

What to write on forums: reviews of Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw

Ilya Dubinin, 35, Moscow Region:

Chainsaw is in its fifth year of use. No damages occurred during this time. even the carburetor has not been adjusted. everything is still on factory settings. The chain saw is equipped with a fairly high-quality bar and chain from the Canadian company Oregon, but now I switched to the Stilev chain, the bar is still the same. The engine starts without any problems in any weather: in both cold and heat. The saw has a low weight, but it has enough power and endurance. Sometimes I use it in quite intensive mode. no problems arise.

Vladislav Kozhemyakin, 50 years old, Novosibirsk region:

What can I say: a European is a European! The only downside was the price, but I understand that you have to pay for quality. Maybe a chain of better quality could have been better. For the other points there are no complaints. The tool is perfectly balanced, has a well-thought-out arrangement of controls, maintenance is not time consuming and does not require any extra effort. I have already replaced the third chain, took apart the clutch, looked at the drive sprocket. all in perfect condition, it is clear that quality materials are used. My considerable value chainsaw Oleo-Mac 937 has already worked off and I think that will work more. If I have to buy a saw, I will choose this maker again.

The advantages: the reliable powerful engine, the convenient arrangement of the controls, the absence of vibration, easy maintenance, economical;

Disadvantages: The price, no other drawbacks identified.

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