Oil replacement in Daewoo gasosokos.

How to wash the Daewoo Air Filter Filter

One of the important procedures for caring for any internal combustion engine is control over the condition of the sample filter. The air filter plays a huge role not only in the impeccable operation of the engine, but the motor resource of your technique also depends on its state. If the air filter is contaminated, then an insufficient amount of air will enter the power system, which affects the composition of the fuel mixture. As a result, the mixture enriched with fuel enters the cylinder and, as a result, at least, a candle of ignition may fail. If the air filter is crumpled or torn altogether, then dust, sand, etc. gets into the cylinder.D., All this is an abrasive, as a result. the failure of the piston group (rings, piston, cylinder) and timing system (valve). Therefore, in this article we will consider minimal filter care actions.

First, we will determine where the air filter is located. If you do not know, we advise you to look into the instructions, as a rule, any manufacturer describes in the instructions where the air filter is located and how to remove it. If you know where the air filter is, or you have already looked into the instructions, then let’s get down.

Depending on the material of the air filter, the procedure for cleaning it can be of different. If the filter is paper, then it should only be cleaned with a dry way, t.e. air, if the filter is made of foam rubber, then it can be cleaned in a wet way.

First about dry cleaning. To do this, we need an air compressor or at least a vacuum cleaner. Remove the air filter, examine it for integrity and begin to carefully clean it with air. If we clean it using a compressor, then the dirt should be blown off from the inside of the filter, and not outside, do not drive it deeper! If we use a vacuum cleaner, then on the contrary, we clean the filter outside. Cleaning should be carried out extremely carefully so as not to damage the filter. If you still damaged the filter, then do not be discouraged, things happen in life, much worse and just replace the filter with a new! We remind you without an air filter, or you can’t work with damaged.

Now about cleaning the foam filter (felt). First you should clean dry cleaning, as for a paper filter, the procedure is described above. Then you can, depending on the structure of the material, make a wet. Such filters, as a rule, are perfectly washed in soap foam or weak soap solution, or in special liquids. If you use soap, then its residues can remain in the filter. Therefore, the filter should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. Wash the filter carefully, otherwise, as in the case of a paper filter, if it is damaged, it should be replaced. After wet cleaning, the filter should be dried, then slightly lubricate the outer surface with engine oil, or with a special liquid. The oil film on the surface of the filter serves as an additional barrier for dust!

After cleaning the filter, set it in place and all! You can work!

There are also combined air filters. The cleaning procedure for such filters is also combined. The paper part is cleaned as indicated in the cleaning procedure for the paper filter, foaming, since in the procedure, for cleaning foam.

But most importantly. It should be remembered. All filter cannot be cleaned forever. Sometimes they need to be changed.

How to remove and serve a filter for a trimmer for grass

A trimmer for grass is an indispensable thing on a garden plot. If you want to support the beauty of lawns in the country, a trimmer for grass will help to quickly cut grass with minimal efforts.

Like any other equipment, it needs gentle operation. First of all, it is necessary to replace the fuel and air filter in a timely manner.

At the same time, it is completely optional to give equipment to the service. any.

Types and principle of the filters for a trimmer for grass

In modern motorcycles, two types of filters are used. fuel and air.

Even the highest quality fuel has various additives that quickly accumulate and disable the technique.

The task of the fuel filter in gasoline trimmers is to protect the device engine from various impurities contained in gasoline and oil.

Outwardly it is very small in size. Make it from felt material. A compactly folded felt manufacturer placed in a metal tip and has on a fuel tank on a fence tube.

Another placement option is in the highway between the carburetor and the tank. Many owners of trimmers note even excessively thorough cleaning, so the material is quickly clogged so much that it requires a complete replacement.

Original consumables can be purchased in specialized stores. Average apiece.

Its main purpose is to keep the dirt and dust entering a trimmer for grass grass during operation.

With mowing, not only dust rises into the air, but also a small SOR, crushed grass, which can quickly clog the technique. A good filter will prevent engine breakdown, even if the air is very contaminated.

The place of its location can vary depending on the model of the trimmer for the grass, but is usually located on the side of the device under the protective casing.

The casing is fixed either on a bolt or latches, which are very easy to open to remove the contents. The filter itself can be made in the form of a ring or plate of foam, felt, fleece.

If you mow on average 1-2 times a week, then it will be enough to replace at least once a year. With more intense use, check and replacement should be carried out more often.

How to clean a filter on a trimmer

Sooner or later, there will be a need to rinse the air filter of a trimmer for Husqvarna grass or any other manufacturer. There is nothing complicated, and you can remove pollution from it yourself a couple of hours before mowing.

  • Unscrew the bolt on the protective casing or squeeze the latches.
  • We take out the filter and inspect. To remove all accumulated oil and other pollution, gasoline will be required.
  • We water the gasoline from the canister to the contaminated filter and wash off all the oil. Squeeze and leave to dry for at least 2 hours.
  • We wipe the installation site with a cloth moistened in gasoline.
  • Set everything in place and close the casing.

Instead of gasoline, you can use soapy water, but it removes dirt still not so effective.

As an alternative to flushing, you can advise blowing or just shaking the litter. These options for cleaning are suitable if there is no oil pollution.

Replacement of the fuel filter of a trimmer for grass

If the trimmer for the grass began to stall at high speeds, most likely the fuel filter is so contaminated that it requires urgent replacement.

To replace it is quite possible for everyone. You can adhere to the next algorithm.

The first thing to do is to extract a fence tube (watch the video), since the filter itself is inside the fuel tank. To do this, we pull the pipeline on ourselves with our hands. When removing the seal, the fence tube should jump off and stay in the tank. tweezers will help to remove it from there. You can also drain gasoline from the tank and pull the fence tube through the hole.

We take a new filter, put on it a fence tube and a spring ring.

We install the sealing ring back to the pipeline, fasten the fence tube with a new filter to it and season in the tank along with the tube.

Install the sealing ring in place. We turn a little around its axis so that the connection is fixed.

We pump the carburetor using a pumping pump.

Thus, timely checking, cleaning or replacing filters will provide a long and uninterrupted operation of a trimmer for grass. All manipulations are available for implementation without involving specialists, and consumables are sold in specialized stores.

TOP-5 best oils for gasoline trimmer for grass

The semi.synthetic oil of all.season use has deservedly received good buyers’ responses. It is designed for two.stroke engines of gasoline trimmers, lawn mowers and other equipment. In this case, the lubricant not only serves to protect each element from friction, but also prevents the formation of deposits, which helps to avoid frequent breakdowns. Additionally protects against corrosion and oxidation of combustion products, vapors, dust, improves the temperature balance of the unit, demonstrating high heat capacity.

If the technique is equipped with a 2-stroke engine, which is cooled by air, you can fill this lubricant along with fuel into a common tank. Due to the high lubricants, good detergents, a low level of evaporation and versatility, the oil provides long and reliable operation, for a long time preserving the initial factory qualities of equipment.

STIHL for a two.stroke HP engine, 1 liter

The most popular brand. Choice of the buyer Country: Germany Medium rating (2022): 4.eight

Mineral motor oil, designed for the requirements of gasoline instruments of domestic and imported production, is characterized by good lubricating properties and the optimal ratio of additives. Consumers praised the wide possibilities of this lubricant. It can be poured into trimmers for grass, lawn mowers, chainsaws with two.stroke engines. At the same time, there is a good surface tension of the oil film, the rapid launch of the motor, a decrease in vibration and noise during operation.

STIHL HP oil is also released with sufficient viscosity-it reliably covers all the elements of the 2-stroke engine and does not flow into the pallet if the temperatures are approaching extremely high, but does not freeze if they are lowered below zero. Lubrication effectively neutralizes the negative impact of low.quality fuel, extends the replacement period, which makes the use of garden technology as a whole more economical and reliable.


To choose the right liquid for garden technology and always know what to buy, you need to study the existing varieties of oils. First of all, technical oil fluids are divided by chemical composition.

  • Mineral oils are created on the basis obtained from oil refining products. Such liquids are viscous and should often change. They are designed for low.power motors. The most recommended for summer use.
  • Synthetic fluids as a basis have special synthetic substances, which include complex ethers. The viscosity is at a low level, a high life and year.round use. no other type of lubricant can boast of such high characteristics. Such liquids are an ideal option for complex equipment, which is operated in difficult conditions.
  • Semi.synthetic motor oil is created from substances of mineral and synthetic type. Such oils are the average option between the two previous liquids. Semi-synthetic oils are ideal for garden and park equipment, two- and four-stroke engines.

There are several more classifications, which are based on different requirements. The most common classification of API. It is supported by different countries and many manufacturers. According to this classification, all motor oils are divided into the following varieties:

  • TA is the best option for household appliances with a volume of up to 50 cubic meters. cm;
  • TB is intended for equipment with a higher power equipped with a volume of more than 50, but less than 200 cubic meters. cm;
  • TC is an oil that is intended for engines with increased requirements for the quality of lubricant fluid, such oil can be safely poured into the lawn mowers;
  • TD is developed for boat engines that are equipped with liquid cooling.

Double.pin type oil due to 20% solvent can be mixed well with automobile fuel. In addition, such liquids can completely burn. Lubrices can be painted in different colors. Staining does not talk about the quality of oil. Its function lies in another. so it is easier for the user to distinguish the lubricant from the fuel.


When choosing oil, much attention should be paid to the manufacturer. It is better to choose the brand that the manufacturer of the lawn mower advises. In the instructions for technology, you can find information about oil flooded, the frequency of its replacement and recommendations regarding the choice of working fluid.

Also, many manufacturers of lawn mowers produce their oils, which will have to be used to replace if you want to maintain a warranty on equipment. In addition, the instructions provide general characteristics that should correspond to the oil. When choosing a liquid for replacement, you need to focus on this list. This will allow you to choose oil that will comply with the requirements of the manufacturer as accurately as possible.

Many self.respecting manufacturers of lubricants offer their consumers a separate line of funds that are intended for servicing garden equipment. If it is possible to choose such a special oil, then you need to buy it exactly.

  • Among all companies that represent their products on the market, Shell Helix Ultra is the best. These oils are popular in all countries. Shell experts have been working on the creation of a unique technology for obtaining synthetic oil from natural gas for 40 years. The resulting product is characterized by an improved composition, analogues of which at this moment do not exist. The manufacturer adds the necessary additives to the base composition, which allows you to get products with different characteristics. Such oil must be bought only at specialized sales points, since low.grade fakes are often found.
  • Also, high.quality products are represented by Liqui Moly. The manufacturer produces several lines of products that have different purposes. This assortment has products for servicing garden equipment. Such oils are designed for the long work of trimmers and lawn mowers, their technical characteristics are developed in accordance with the features of modern equipment and the recommendations of manufacturers.

Liqui Moly adds add.on oil mushrooms for oil mowers, which are necessary to reduce wear of equipment and maintain the engine clean. The main advantage of such liquids is environmental friendliness, because they are created on a plant basis. Liqui Moly gas mowers correspond to all environmental standards.

Rasenmher produces a good mineral.type lubricant, which was specially developed for garden units. This tool can be used to serve 4-stroke engines with different cooling systems. A substance from Rasenmher can be used exclusively at plus temperatures. The manufacturer carefully developed and selected additives for his product. The result of such actions was a wide list of functionality:

  • maintaining pressure in the system at a stable level;
  • effective lubrication of all the details that need it;
  • maintaining the viscosity of the lubricant during the full service life, up to the next replacement;
  • providing excellent protection for the motor from natural wear;
  • The minimum level of evaporation.

Removing old oil

Extracting old lubrication is one of the most important stages of the process. To make sure you remove a large amount of old oil, you can use three methods.

  • Use a siphon. Insert one end of the tube into the hole for the probe, to measure the oil level until it reaches the bottom of the oil tank. Place the other end of the siphon in a constructively strong container that you will specially use for this and future change of grease. Finally, place wooden blocks or other durable material under the wheel of the mowing on the opposite side of the hole for filling. In the lawn mower under the slope, it is easier to remove almost all the oil.
  • Remove the oil cork. Depending on the type of gasoline braid, you can remove the oil cork to drain the old grease. Contact the user’s leadership to determine the location of your drain plug and make sure that you have an end wrench of a suitable size for work. By installing the wrench on the plug, remove it. When the oil is completely dragging, you can replace the cork.
  • Use such a special device as a syringe for pumping and filling the oil tank. This is very convenient when the hole of the tank is too narrow, and at the same time it is inconvenient or impossible to fill the new oil from the bottle. The syringe can easily pass through the hole to pump out the old waste oil.
  • Tilt method. If you do not have access to a tank with butter, you can drain it by tilting the lawn mower to one side. When tilting the lawn mower, set the lid of the flood neck on the container that you use to collect the waste oil. After the correct location, remove the lid of the flood neck and let the clock completely drain. Using this method, you should know exactly what fuel level is in a lawn mower. It is also important to note where the air filter is located, so as not to pollute it with drain oil.

Filling out the tank

Now that the old oil is removed, it’s time to fill the reservoir with fresh grease. Once again, contact the guide to use the lawn mower to find out which type of oil is suitable for your unit, as well as in what quantity it is required to fill.

Keep in mind that overflow and insufficient filling of an oil tank can harm the operation of the lawn mower.

Fill in an oil tank. Give the clock to settled for at least two minutes, and then check the level with the probe to make sure that the filling is correct.

After the oil tank is filled to the proper level, you will need to fix the spark plugs again. Do not turn on the lawn mower immediately, let the car stand for a few minutes before starting work.

Next, watch the video on how to change the oil in a lawn mower with a 4-bed engine.

Oil replacement in the four.stroke engine of the lawn mower: how important it is and how often it is required

Garden technique with 4-stroke gasoline engines in most parameters is an order of magnitude superior to 2-stroke analogues. It is both more stable in work, and more durable and more economical. Another important point is a simpler operation. If a gas-oil mixture with precisely verified proportions must be poured into a 2-tactlet, then in a 4-tie, just as in cars, only gasoline is poured into the fuel tank. Lubrication is poured into a separate tank. However, some inconvenience lies in this. In a 2-stroke engine, you fill the oil every time replenishing the gas tank, and this is worked out to automatism. In the case with four.stroke engines of the gas mowers, the oil replacement should be performed according to the individual graphics. That is, it is necessary not only to track the service interval. but here it is an order of magnitude more difficult than in a car. but also know how, how much and what kind of oil to fill. And the method of trial and error does not work here. It is enough to once forget to change the lubricant, and the engine of your mower, already exposed to high loads, may fail. To prevent such a development of events, let’s deal with all these subtleties.

Functions of motor oil in the engine of garden technology

Structurally, such power plants are largely similar to automobile internal combustion engines. However, all elements here are proportionally smaller. Therefore, less and their strength resource. And there are engines of lawn mowers at very high frequencies. As a result, the friction force in many nodes reaches very high values, and due to the smaller sizes of components, resistance to it below. Oil helps, if not completely excluding the negative effect of friction, then at least slow down wear and extend the life of the engine.

New motors that have only come off the conveyor are in perfect condition. All their gaps are verified as much as possible, all details work like a clock. And when using the correct lubricant and its regular replacement, they will degrade much slower. over, in practice, the following fact has been proved: the higher the quality of the oil poured into the engine, the longer it will last.

However, the functions of the oil are not limited here only by lubrication of contacting surfaces:

The effectiveness of the engine cooling increases as a whole and its individual components. and this again positively affects the durability of the technique;

the stability of prolonged and highly loaded work is ensured;

Rusting of the internal surfaces of the engine is prevented. the oil forms a reliable protective film that does not allow water contact with metal;

The combustion products that are formed during the operation of the engine are washed off, which, otherwise, would be postponed in the cylinder and eventually lead to a significant drop in the performance of the internal combustion engine.

Thus, its productivity in the long term directly depends on the timeliness of oil replacement in the engine of the lawn mower.

What should be the oil mowing oil?

In the engines of this design, the lubrication system operates in circulation mode. If in 2-clock ICE lubricant lives the minimum time and burns along with the fuel, then here it passes many times in a circle “Carter-Pump-engine”. Therefore, its properties should be as stable and resistant to negative influences. The optimal choice for lawn mowers is special motor oils designed specifically for such units. The characteristics of the lubricant must meet the operating conditions of the engine. first of all, by temperature. A common option. 10W40 and SAE30 oils. They retain regulatory fluidity at air temperatures “overboard” from 5 to 45 OC. Therefore, they can be used in the summer bee and in late autumn.

You can use the oils of brands 15W40 and 20W50. These are already general vehicles, designed for temperatures from 5 to 35 OC. If you do not go to garden work in the very heat, then there will be enough of them.

By type of oil for lawn mowers, they are divided into standard categories:

The best option would be semi.synthetic lubrication. It is better than an analogues on a mineral basis and at the same time costs noticeably less than completely synthetic options. However, mineral lubricants show themselves quite well. Therefore, if there is a need to save, then you can choose them. If you are ready to overpay for the increased durability of your technique, then choose a semi.synthetics.

About the frequency of replacement

This is a particularly important aspect. it is important not only to fill fresh oil into the engine, but also to know when to do it. Too frequent replacement will be a simple waste of money. Exceeding the recommended interval will result in increased engine wear.

Daewoo Matiz Servicing| Oil change | All filters change | Ac belt replace | फुल सर्विस हिन्दी मे

The optimal oil mushroom of oil frequency for your model must be prescribed in the technical instructions. Here, by the way, you will surely find recommendations of the most suitable lubrication brands. If there is no documentation, then focus on general recommendations:

From a new engine that only passing to run, drain the oil and fill the new one on average after 5-6 mothers. Then repeat the procedure several more times with an interval every 5-10 hours of operation of the unit.

In engines operated as usual, oil is replaced with an interval of 50-60 mothers.

The more engine mileage becomes, the more often you need to change the oil in it. In order not to miss the deadline, track not only the quantity, but also the quality of the lubricant. If it has become completely dark, it is better not to add fresh, but to completely change.

If during the season you spent less motorcycle norms on your area, then fill fresh oil before conservation of the mower for the winter period. And it will be used here not on summer, but winter frost.resistant oil. At a minimum, it will not degrade and change in volume under the influence of negative temperatures.

What is needed to replace the oil in a 4-stroke engine of garden equipment?

Prior to the start of work, prepare all the necessary attributes and tools:

end wrench with a set of heads;

How to drain the oil mushrooms Daewoo

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What to use as a lubricant?

Some of the owners of electrimmers are sure that this question is one of the most important, because the wrong choice of lubrication will reduce its effectiveness, which will lead to an accelerated wear of rubbing surfaces, that is, a paradoxical situation will turn out. a trimmer for grass is lubricated on time, but the wear of the details is the same as in its absence.

In fact, everything is not so scary, because there is no large loads on the shaft or in the gearbox, the maximum engine power does not exceed 3 kW, and the huge speed of rotation of the shaft (7-10 thousand rpm) greatly reduces the torque greatly reduces the torque.

Therefore, any semi.liquid lithium lubricant is suitable, up to a mixture of “lithol” or “shus” with minimal viscosity mineral motor oil in approximately equal proportions.

Products with the addition of molybdenum give the best results, because while maintaining the viscosity of the oil, it increases its abstract properties. Theoretically, you can fill the gearbox even with a mixture of solidol, any mineral motor oil and a thumbnail of molybdenum additives, the main thing is that in terms of viscosity it is similar to an inanimate, but not thick sour cream.

“Nigrol” is best suited for lubrication of the shaft, it is also the TEP-15 transmission oil with a small (5–10%) addition of the “Shrus” and any molybdenum additive. “Nigrol” is a very sticky substance, therefore, when passing after 2-3 bushings on the shaft, there is still enough substance to lubricate the next sleeve, while the rest of the lubricant is enough for a maximum of 2 bushings.

You can use any consistent lubricants, for example, for gearboxes of Bulgarians or gasoline trimmers, however, despite the noticeably higher cost, they have no advantages over home.made compositions.


Different methods are used to lubricate the gearbox and shaft, because these details differ in design and the principle of operation.

In addition, the technology of lubrication of the shaft for devices with a collapsible bar and the ability to pull out the bushings is distinguished.

It is also worth noting that when introducing a lubricant to the gearbox, the procedure depends on the tool used, that is, a universal tube or plastic syringe.


Before the manipulation, unscrew the bolt that closes the opening open for this. Further actions depend on what you plan to lubricate the gearbox.

If you use material in plastic universal tubes with a conical nose, then:

  • cut the nose so that the diameter of the hole is 2-3 mm;
  • Insert the nose of the tube into this hole;
  • Squeeze the lubricant until her surplus gets out of the hole;
  • Pull out the nose of the tube;
  • Screw the closing bolt;
  • Clean the surface of the gearbox with a clean rag.

If you use a home.made mixture or ready.made lubricant for the electrimmer reducer in another container, then use a 10 cm 3 syringe with a volume of 10 cm. Pull the piston from the syringe and fill it with oil, then use it in the same way as a universal tube.

To prepare the mixture, use clean, low.powered and dried tanks and the same spatula for mixing.

Do not use a container from under the fuel and lubricants without washing and degreasing, because it is not known what could be in the contents earlier and how something will affect the work of the gearbox.

  • Remove the cutting tool;
  • remove protection;
  • Remove the gearbox;
  • If your trimmer for grass has a collapsible rod, then separate it;
  • unscrew the bolts connecting the halves of the housing of the electric cos and fixing the bar;
  • Pull the bar out of the body;
  • remove from the bar or both of its halves of the shaft or shafts.

In more detail, the process of disassembling the bar and the shaft extraction is described here (with your own hands).

To lubricate the shaft, first clean it of the old oil, wipe it with diesel fuel or gasoline and degrease. So you remove the products of the bushings from its surface, which means extend the service life of a trimmer for grass.

  • Put a little butter or mixture on a clean, unlawful rag;
  • Distribute it by the shaft so that the layer thickness is approximately 0.5 mm;
  • Insert the shaft smoothly into the bar until it stops and scroll several times;
  • pull the shaft;
  • spread with a mixture or a finished product again;
  • Insert from the other side to the stop, then turn several times;
  • pull the shaft;
  • Once again, apply a lubricant;
  • Insert, as expected;
  • Collect an electric cost.

If the design of your electrimmer allows you to pull out and insert the bushings back, then:

  • pull them out;
  • Clean as described above;
  • Cover the inner surface with a mixture or a finished product;
  • Insert each sleeve in its place;
  • Apply a lubricant to the shaft and insert it from the right side;
  • Collect a trimmer for grass.

What kind of oil to fill

When choosing a lubricant, the main factors are taken into account:

  • Ensuring engine cooling, protection against thermal blow;
  • work at large speeds and at high loads;
  • corrosion resistance during downtime mowing in the winter;
  • lack of carbon and sulfate ash, minute;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • good soluble in gasoline;
  • The duration of storage of the prepared lubricant.

The oil in the lawn mower must comply with the requirements of biological decomposition, all.season and efficiency.

For 2-stroke engines, refueling is required by the mixture in the oil ratio recommended by the manufacturer to gasoline. For four.stroke engines, mixing is not carried out, the ingredients are poured separately into different containers. Lubrication occurs using oil tubes, pump, filter and valves.

To obtain a lubricant, such types of oils are used that are most suitable for 2-tact units:

The composition of the liquid includes 5-15% of different additives designed to increase the efficiency of use, slowing down corrosion and stabilize viscosity.

How to change daewoo bus mobil oil daewoo 116 bus 2016 model

Lawn mowers with 4-stroke engines require the use of simple car liquid, such as SAE30 or 10W40 with suitable technical and operational properties. An important characteristic of oil for lawn mowers with a 4.stroke engine is the invariability of the composition for a long time. Almost all brands of cars are suitable for sf. Frost.resistant fluid is poured for operation in the winter. In the table you can find the desired oil class, which is better to pour mowers with a 4-tact engine in a tacture for work under certain temperature conditions. For example, ALKO mineral motor oil or ZMD-4-M-M ZAE30 bison can be used at temperatures from.5 C ° to 35 C °, and semi-synthetic Mannol 4-Takt Plus 10W-40 SL with a temperature range from.25 ° C to 40 ° C is suitable for all.season use.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for the lawn mower. the second element of the fuel mixture. Its brand is selected taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer described in the passport to the unit. The duration of the fuel and resistance to detonation indicates the value of the octane number: the higher the number, the longer the fuel burns out. So, at gas stations you can buy such brands of oil products:

AI-92 has a greater tendency to detonation.

When using fuel with a higher indicator of the octane number than stated in the instructions, in units with 2-stroke engines a motor is damaged, with a smaller parameter-a piston group.

The mixture is prepared before operation in the proportion, which is indicated on the cover of the gasoline tank:

This means that for 1 liter of fuel you need 20 ml of oil fluid.

Manufacturers of benzocystems with a two.stroke engine (for example, Patriot PT 555 or Champion T336) indicate the desired proportion for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the instrumentation instructions. For the first model, a ratio of 32: 1 is proposed, for the second. 50: 1.

The lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine does not require preliminary preparation of oil products. The equipment device provides for 2 containers. It is necessary to pour gasoline into the tank, and the oil fluid in the drain hole on the crankcase.

Daewoo lawn mowers and motorcycles. Review of models, video and reviews

Daewoo is a Korean giant for the production of cars and engines.

Not so long ago they began to expand the range of products, and in their assortment there was a garden technique for various purposes.

A distinctive feature of all Daewoo products is the low price and high technical characteristics. This tradition has been preserved in trimmers with lawnmands.

To date, the lineup of this technique consists of many models that differ in their characteristics, size and area of ​​application. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Trimmers for grass

Daewoo Trimmer is an indispensable tool for caring for a personal.

He can cut the grass in places inaccessible to the lawn mower, in particular, around trees, near the fence or walls.

Daewoo lawners also manifests itself perfectly during the formation of flower beds and edges of the lawn. It is especially effective when processing sites near borders.

It allows you to cut off the vegetation, while without damaging the coating itself.

There are two types of motos Daewoo gasoline and electric.


They are also called lawn mowers. They work on the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 32: 1. Daewoo gasoline motokos includes the following models:

The differences in these models are the power of the installed motor, configuration, and a possible method of cutting the grass: fishing line, knife or saw disk.

When choosing a gasoline trimmer for Daewoo grass, it is also necessary to pay attention to its width of the gravity of the grass.


Recently, many inhabitants of our planet are concerned about the amount of exhaust gases that are thrown into the atmosphere.

Therefore, they are looking for alternative fuel. Now the best option for replacing gasoline is electricity.

Daewoo supports these undertakings and offers its customers electrical trimmers options.

They have a number of advantages: they are cheaper, easier and more economical.

The Daewoo Electric range includes:

Lawn mowers

The lawn mowers show themselves perfectly if it is necessary to maintain in the purity of a large territory (parks, lawns of streets, golf fields, gardens, etc.D.).

Most models have a self.propelled principle of movement (the drive goes immediately to the wheels), and it only needs to be directed in the right direction.

All lawnmands are divided into two types depending on the drive: electric and gasoline.

The first of them show themselves perfectly on farms and dachas.

They have great power and allow you to process even the most densely overgrown areas.

While electric models are more compact and have less noise.

During the choice of a lawn mower, you must give answers a few questions:

  • What is the area of ​​the site where the machine will be operated? Will it be possible to get an electric cord?
  • How often will the lawn clean?
  • What surface will the lawn mower be used on?
  • You need a self.propelled or simple model?

By answering all these questions, you can perfectly choose the necessary machine from a wide range of lawn mowers.

Gasoline machines include:

The range of electric lawn mowers consists of the following machines:

The best models

The Daewoo Line Girls of the Daewoo lawners is very large, and there is demand for each of them. This is a high.quality technique that is available to everyone.

Of the trimmers, the most popular model is 4-time DABC 4st and Dast 4stPro models. Such models appeared relatively not long ago and gradually gain more demand.

When compared with two.strokes, then they have more power, work resource and reliability.

Among the Daewoo self-propelled lawn mower there is no better model, each of them is good in its own way. And it is necessary to choose based on the necessary power.

On the forums 90 % of positive reviews about the experience of operating Daewoo lawn mowers, regardless of the brand.

User manual

Before starting work on the Daewoo mower, each owner must be familiar with the operating instructions, this will help to understand the principle of starting, work and maintenance of the model.


Daewoo grass trimmers differ not only in their reliability, but also by ease of service.

For their work, you should prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. When choosing a proportion, it is necessary to be guided by the instructions of the manufacturer of the oil.

The average fuel consumption is about 1 liter per hour of operation.

Daewoo lawners have a separate supply of oil and gasoline. The consumption of gasoline gasoline depends on the power of the engine and is about 2 l/h.

For Daewoo technology, high-octane fuel AI-92 or AI-95 should be used.

The use of gasoline with sediment or mechanical impurities is not allowed.

During the maintenance of electrical models, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the drive.

The cable should always be fixed on a special hook. During operation, he must be behind the device in order to make it impossible to hit it.

At the end of operation, to remove the remains of grass, dust and dirt, wipe the car with a damp (but not wet) cloth.

The batteries must be monitored by the same principle. The resource of the battery is enough for an average of 3-4 hours of operation.

Full recharge usually takes about an hour.


If you are the first owner of the lawn mower, then you need to correctly start the first launch, since this is the key to the long.term operation of the equipment.

The assembly of the machine should be clearly in accordance with the operating instructions.

After that, add oil and fuel and work out the first 2 tanks in a sparing mode. running. This is done so that the engine nodes are lubricated and entered their grooves.

What gasoline to pour in the Daewoo law mower

Self.propelled gasoline lawn mower is a complex technique that can mow grass, and also perform other functions. Due to the fact that it is equipped with an engine, physically weak people can also use it. This technique needs to be regularly taken care of. One of the necessary procedures is to replace the oil. Everyone who has such a device should know what gasoline to fill in the lawn mower. We must be able to choose the right fuel for your model, it can be Al-ko (al-ko), Daewoo, Honda (Honda), Husqvarna (Husqvarna), Patriot (Patriot), Stiga, Champion, etc.D.

Operational and constructive differences of two.stroke and four.stroke gasoline engines

4-stroke engines, unlike 2-tact, have a more complex design. Four.stroke lawn mowers are more powerful, therefore they have greater efficiency. Such engines are more economical. They work cleaner, as they provide good control of the absorption cycles and air release.

With a two-stroke cycle, due to the fact that the fuel comes out during the supply and compression, some of it is consumed idle. This does not happen in another engine, gasoline is drawn into a closed system. 2-stroke engines are refueled by oil and gas mixtures. which reduces the effectiveness of combustion, increases the emission in the form of burned harmful oil. They mix fuel and oil, this adversely affects the service life. Due to the general circulation, such gas mowers can work in any conditions.

A 4-step engine has a specialized lubricant system. In it, the injection of motor oil occurs from a separate container. The oil is located separately from the fuel. Therefore, the motor is lubricated better. Car engines mainly operate on a four.stroke cycle.

The simplicity of the design and the presence of a smaller number of moving elements in 2-step motorcosas make their maintenance and repair easier. They are much easier.

The cleanest operation of four.stroke engines and the presence of a special lubricant system leads to the fact that the details of such equipment wear out less, serve longer.

In two-stroke engines due to the fact that after burning fuel and oil, a dirty combustion product is formed, there is a greater wear of the engine system. As a result, it fails faster. The cost of lawn mowers with such an engine is lower, but in an hour of operation it increases due to the fact that you will have to additionally spend funds on oil, as well as due to low fuel efficiency.

The choice of fuel

Having bought a new motorcycle, the owner who has never used it, he cannot know what gasoline to refuel the lawn mower, how to choose the right fuel, how it is changed. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the type of engine that is equipped with this technique. Experts do not advise operating 2 types of motor on fuel, which has the same composition. The gasoline engine should operate on gasoline, which must be diluted with engine oil. It will protect nozzles and valves, protect them from a quick failure.

The correct operation of the engine of a particular lawn mower will provide a suitable type of oil that happens:

Suitable oil and gasoline for refueling a 2-stroke engine

92 gasoline should be poured into the lawn mower with a two.stroke engine. If you pour 95, then the motor will overheat, the device will begin to work uneven. How much oil is pouring into the lawn mower in each specific case?

Gasoline is mixed with synthetic oil in a ratio of 50: 1 (fuel. 50, oil. 1). 20 mm of oil is required for 1 liter of fuel. Mineral oil should be poured in a proportion of 1: 33.5. For semi.synthetic on average, the norm is 1:42, but it can be adjusted.

You can not pour pure gasoline. There is no oil dispenser and a barrel for it in a two.stroke motor. Gasoline does not burn out in it, because when the engine works, you can feel the smell of overheated oil, since it also does not burn completely. It is not recommended to save on it. If you pour it in insufficient quantities, the pistons will move forward. back with braking and friction. This will lead to rapid erasure of the piston shaft and cylinder.

Thanks to the features of the combustible mixture for 2-stroke engines, oil:

How to refuel and maintain four.stroke engines

You can not pour fuel under the lid.

Closed, when heated, will lead to a sharp pressure of the oil in the motor system. which can work for several minutes and stall. He will stop working until the volume of gasoline and oil will decrease. In the presence of the upper mark, the fuel is poured into tanks by 10%less than it is placed.

Oil for a four.stroke motor is characterized by additives and viscosity. It washes the details and does not mix with gasoline.

How often should you change the oil?

Do not recommend for lawn mowers to purchase low.quality compositions. Poorly peeled or not laid the grade of oil and gasoline do not affect the condition of the engine. It will have to be washed, but not always such a procedure will help restore the performance of the motor. Capital repairs may be needed.

You need not only to know how to replace the oil, but also when to perform this procedure. Too frequent change is not needed. in vain spending of money, and a rare increase in engine wear. In the technical instructions of each model, the optimal frequency of oil change is spelled out, as well as tips regarding the most suitable brands. If this is not spelled out, then you need to follow the general recommendations. From the new motor, which is running out, the oil is drained and poured after about 5-6 mothers. Then the procedure is repeated several times with a break after 5-10 hours of functioning of the lawn mower.

Change oil in engines that operate as usual, should be with a gap of 50-60 mothers. The shift frequency depends on the mileage of the motor. The larger it is, the more often the replacement.

Replacement recommendations

It is necessary to monitor the quality of lubrication. If it has acquired a dark color, it is necessary to drain it completely into a separate container, and pour fresh. It is recommended to drain when the motor is still warm. In this case, the tank will accumulate as much as possible. New oil should have the desired level of viscosity and have a similar API class. Mud is not allowed to get into it.

Chips on the choice

Now let’s try to understand how to choose high.quality oil for a trimmer for grass working on gasoline. The main feature that is required to pay attention will be an alkaline number. The moment excludes the oxidation of the parts that have friction, and slows down their deformation as much as possible. The more this composition is used, the faster it loses alkalinity and becomes more oxidized. The optimal indicator of acidity (pH) is a value of at least 8-9 units.

The second important factor, which also has a serious impact on the operation of a gasoline trimmer for grass, is the viscosity of the oil. This characteristic determines the possibility of using the device at various temperatures. Summer grades of oils begin to thicken already with a minimum decrease in temperature.

But given that such trimmers for grass are usually used in autumn and spring, it will be best used to use just oil with summer marking.

The third moment, the importance of which should not be understated. the temperature of the flash. This indicator should not be less than 225 degrees. Otherwise, the composition will burn very quickly and the load will begin to increase on the piston group, which will determine its accelerated wear. In addition, oil for a 4-stroke engine is not suitable for a 2-stroke. Namely, the last type of motors is used in the vast majority of benzocosyles.

If we talk about manufacturers, you can make a small rating that will allow you to navigate in the compositions offered by various manufacturers. For example, STIHL offers high.quality synthetic and mineral oils that have already proven themselves as an excellent solution at any time of the year.

Shell Helix Ultra oil is considered very good. Experts note its high characteristics and excellent indicators of alkalinity and viscosity. In addition, the products of such brands as Oleo-Mac, Motul, Hammerflex, Echo are considered worthy. If we talk about the products of domestic brands, then you should pay attention to Lukoil oil. Its price is several times lower than foreign analogues, but it has high quality and good technical characteristics.

In general, a synthetic or semi.synthetic oil that has a marke of TV or that is an ideal solution.

How to use?

Information on the proportions of the use of oil was given above. We will immediately say that you should not deviate from these values ​​and dilute gasoline by eye. At best, you just need to change the oil, and in the worst one cannot avoid breakdown of the motor.

It is important and be able to prepare the mixture correctly. You can’t pour it into the gas tank. It is better to pour oil into a special container where gasoline is already contained. A plastic bottle of mineral water is perfect for this. It is very important here that it is clean, due to which a bottle of beer or milk will not work. And it is better that it is liter or two-liter, as to calculate how much oil to fill in a 1.5-liter or 1.25-liter bottle will be difficult for many. It will also be necessary to have a syringe at hand, which will perform the function of the dosimeter. It is best to take ordinary medical for 10 or more cubes.

Now step by step will we explain how to make good oil for a gasoline trimmer for grass.

  • First you should find out exactly what type of oil is required for a specific model of braids for grass, as well as find out the exact ratio of gasoline and oil to create a mixture.
  • Then you need to fill the container. The container should not be filled with gasoline to the end, because the oil should still fit there;
  • Now we collect the right amount of 2-stroke oil into the syringe and pour it into a bottle of gasoline. You cannot do the opposite, otherwise you will need to replace all the ingredients, and the mixture will need to be done again.
  • Close the bottle with a lid and stir. It is important not to forget that you need to stir the mixture if there are words Premix on a bottle with butter. If SelfMix is ​​written there, then after mixing substances everything is poured into the tank.

Now it remains only to refuel the gasoline trimmer for the grass, and you can carry out the necessary work.

About how to choose oil for gasoline trimmers, watch in the next video.