Sharpening Chainsaw Chains Home Simple And High Quality

Chainsaw chain sharpening

The main thing that determines the good operation of the chainsaw is the proper and competent handling of the saw chain. With the wrong attitude to it, even the best model of a chainsaw, purchased at a high price, will not be able to work as it should. The chainsaw for the chainsaw should be used correctly, pulled in time, sharpened as needed. The chain is the main element and one of the most important points is the correct choice of the necessary chain, as improper operation of the saw chain will lead to its breaking or cessation of operation. Therefore, when choosing a chain, you should know with confidence: the chain pitch, profile, thickness of the driving link, the number of links and the purpose of the chain.

Chain selection

Chains designed for professional work, are placed in increments of 3/8 or 0, 404 inches. With the use of such a circuit, productivity increases significantly, but so does vibration. Such chains are used for work on industrial sawmills.

For frozen and polluted trees, saw blades are used. Carbide tipped chains.

The chain pitch is calculated by the distance between two adjacent teeth or by the length of the segment between two adjacent rivets, divided by two. Components from chainsaws of various manufacturers can not be combined.

The saw part of the chainsaw consists of an asterisk, tire and saw chain. Parts from different manufacturers in this kit are incompatible, due to the incompatibility of technological parameters: the thickness of the drive link and circuit configuration. Therefore, you need to carefully and carefully choose the model of the chainsaw. After all, after its acquisition, you will depend on the supply of sets of spare parts of the manufacturer.

And how much more he has the ability to pull the chain through the material being cut depends on engine power. As a result, we can say that the most effective ratio for chainsaws with a powerful motor chain pitch in 3/8 inch

Chainsaw chain sharpening

You can determine that the chain can be sharpened by several signs:

  1. Slow chain speed during operation.
  2. Chain movement in both directions.
  3. It becomes small chips from the cut.

Sharpening Frequency

There are no specific time intervals for the point of the saw chain, it is simply advisable to grind it before starting work.

Sharpening the chain only depends on frequency of its application, you need to carefully monitor whether signs have appeared that signal that it is time to sharpen it.

For the process of sharpening the saw chain, special skills are not needed, you just need to be able to work with conventional metalwork tools. Sharpening chains require specially designed tools.

File Sharpening

To sharpen the chain you still need a clamp, to fix and fix the chain, it is installed on the edge of the workbench and the chain is strengthened in it.

Sharpening Chainsaw Chains Home Simple And High Quality

Sharpening using a machine

Not all saw chains can be sharpened with file, this happens when the chain loses the shape of the cutting edges, and the use of a file in this case leads to the loss of a large amount of time. Therefore, in such situations, the use of machines for sharpening chains of chainsaws is justified.

There are machines with electric and manual they use either a grindstone or a grinding wheel.

To work on an electric machine, first loosen the screw that secures the chain, insert it into the guide groove. In such a way that the teeth were located in the direction of the grinding wheel. After setting the desired angle, you can sharpen.

To work on a manual grinder, you must install desired sharpening angle, it is determined by the most blunted clove in the chain.

When sharpening, do not grind the teeth too much, the chain may become less strong from heating and its operating time will be reduced.

The advantages of this method are that when sharpening you achieve more accurate results, but also lose a lot of time and effort.

When used for sharpening an automatic machine, you not only sharpen the chain accurately and accurately, but also accelerate the process without wasting your strength.

The machine is made in the form of a small rectangular box with grinding wheel. You only need to insert the chain, fix it and turn on the machine. And the chain will begin to spin and sharpen itself on a stone.

Sharpening with an angle grinder

To use an angle grinder as a grinding unit, you need to have some experience working with it otherwise you can easily ruin the chain. So if you do not have experience with Angle Grinder, it’s better to use other methods. But this method has some advantages:

  1. It is not necessary to remove the chain from the chainsaw during sharpening.
  2. Used for sharpening already used disk for cutting metal with a thickness of 2-2.5 mm
  3. When sharpening, the angle is selected at your discretion and experience.
  4. With proper sharpening in this way, the chain can be sharpened. Up to 10 times.
  5. The method does not require large financial expenses and loss of time.

The only drawback is that you need to gain experience and ability to practice on a damaged chain.

Chainsaw chain sharpening

Regardless of which sharpening method you choose, be sure to follow all safety measures, work with safety glasses and mittens. Thanks to these measures, you can safely return the chainsaw to everyday work.