Stihl ms 180 chainsaw fills a candle

Features of return and warranty obligations

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In order to carry out warranty service, you will need to present a completed warranty card.

Replacing the oil pump

Malfunctions in the operation of the oil pump can always be eliminated, and in the event of a malfunction of the oil pump of the Partner 350 chainsaw, this element should be replaced with a new one. The design of this part is a sprocket driven pump coupled to the clutch.

Before removing the oil pump, the chainsaw covers are first unscrewed, and then the piston is fixed and the clutch is loosened. Replacement of the drive sprocket is carried out by installing a new part through needle bearings. The sprocket must be placed on the shaft, after having lubricated its frame.

If the Partner chainsaw does not start, there is no need to rush to take it for repair. Each tool is accompanied by an instruction, which indicates how to fix the malfunction with your own hands.

Chainsaw malfunction signs

The chainsaw has a simple design. Therefore, it is often easy to understand what exactly the malfunction of a chainsaw is. If the cause of the chainsaw breakdown is found out, you can make a decision: repair the chainsaw yourself or contact a service center for the repair of chainsaws or a workshop.

If, when inspecting a faulty chainsaw, no mechanical damage is found, then it is most likely that the engine has broken down.

  • the chainsaw will not start;
  • the chainsaw starts, but the engine stalls quickly;
  • engine starts but does not pick up speed.

Starts up and stalls

If the chainsaw starts up, there is a spark, but for some unknown reason, it does not function in the future. There are two main reasons:

  • Improper chain brake resulting in chain seizure. It is necessary to check the amount of oil in the tank and the quality of the pipe through which the fuel flows to the lubricating part. Due to frequent work, the part may break, clog up with dust. In the operating instructions, manufacturers always strongly recommend checking the chain, other channels of the tool, even for preventive purposes, and not only when there is already a fact of breakage.
  • The chainsaw does not start, stalls due to improper operation of the carburetor. In case of a simpler breakdown, it is enough to clean the device, rinse it, dry it. In the worst case, you will have to purchase a new carburetor. You can repair the part yourself. the sequence of the necessary work is often indicated by the manufacturers in the operating instructions.

Thanks to the article, everyone will be able to figure out why the chainsaw does not start, the reasons and how to troubleshoot. The main thing is not to make spontaneous decisions, not to violate the operating conditions, first of all to look at the instructions, which can be a good helper. If it was possible to determine the reason why the Friendship chainsaw or another model does not start, but you are not sure that you will be able to solve the problem on your own, you need to contact the master.

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Parts Service

What are the most important maintenance details? The first is, of course, sharpening the chain. This obvious action dramatically affects the state of absolutely the entire instrument. The chain can get tangled, then there will be no work done: the tool will only start “burning”, but not sawing at all.

The only problem is that the chainsaw chain can become dull very easily. Therefore, with a professional repair without a very high-quality sharpening, it cannot be fixed. Such an action must be performed without fail only by a specialist. Otherwise, not all teeth can be sharpened evenly, and then the saw will definitely lose its efficiency. Remanufacturing a tool usually costs more than a preventive maintenance done correctly initially.

The second is the chain tension in the chainsaw. And there is absolutely nothing strange in the fact that this chain can stretch: chainsaws are used so often that even a very dense chain is quickly weakened. A loose chain can easily break off. It must be understood that in this case, human safety may be at risk.

The third is lubrication. Provided that there is little oil, the chainsaw will fail very quickly. It must be remembered that it is necessary to check the operation of the entire lubrication system after each start of the tool. It is very easy to determine if it is working correctly, you need to see if there are drops of oil on the surface of the saw. If there is, then everything is in order and malfunctions of the oleo mac chainsaw will not appear.

How to start a chainsaw correctly. common methods

Each time correctly starting the engine of a household gasoline saw, its owner ensures the harmonious and smooth operation of the mechanisms of the garden tool, and also prevents the rapid wear of its consumables. The procedure for starting a cold engine may differ slightly from model to model, however, in most cases, it looks like this:

  • The first step the operator must take is to move the integral throttle control lever to its lowest position. It should be taken into account that the lever can be switched to this mode only if the gas trigger is pressed. By moving the lever down, the operator will close the damper located in the standard carburetor and fix the gas supply lever in the clamped position;
  • Next, you need to start manipulating the starter cable. To do this, you need to thread your right leg into the “eyelet” located at the back of the body, and rest your left hand on the handle of the chainsaw. Then it is necessary to sharply pull the rope of the built-in starter of the garden tool several times. As soon as the saw engine starts and stalls, the throttle position switch lever will need to be moved up one position;
  • After that, you will need to pull the recoil starter rope sharply several times again. As a result, the internal combustion engine of the saw should start and immediately start working at extremely high speeds. This is due to the fact that the operator had previously fixed the throttle trigger in the clamped position;
  • Then you need to press the regular gas trigger once and immediately release it. The throttle lever should then return to its operating position. At the same time, the engine speed will decrease. This means that you can start operating the chainsaw on the site.

In some models of chainsaws used in the household, the factory engine is started in the following sequence:

  • First you need to turn on the ignition and move the toggle switch to the appropriate operating position;
  • Then you need to press 5-6 times on the transparent plastic primer required for pumping fuel into the cylinder;
  • The operator will then need to fully extend the built-in throttle valve position adjustment lever;
  • Then you need to sharply pull the recoil starter rope several times. As soon as the factory engine starts and stalls, the throttle adjustment lever will need to be pressed in all the way and pulled the starter lever several more times. The operating instructions for some models indicate that after the engine stalls, the choke adjustment lever needs to be depressed only halfway. At the same time, you need to press the lever to the end only after starting and starting the stable operation of the internal combustion engine of the chainsaw;
  • On models where the throttle trigger is locked by pulling out the throttle control lever, the engine will run at high rpm. If the gas trigger in the chainsaw is not fixed, then the engine speed will be minimal. Because of this, the internal combustion engine, a few seconds after starting, may stall. In this case, you need to start the motor of the garden tool until it warms up and starts to work more stably.
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If the operator has to start a chainsaw with a warm engine, then all he needs to do is turn on the ignition and pull the starter rope sharply towards himself several times.

What to do if your Partner chainsaw won’t start

Now that you know what caused the breakdown. it’s time to get down to business. A defective ignition system can only be repaired after disassembly. To do this, remove the remaining fuel from the tank. Then carefully disconnect the wire and remove the spark plug (a special key is provided to remove it).

In addition, in any case, it does not hurt to make sure that the carburetor of the chainsaw is correctly adjusted. Do not start adjusting until you have cleaned the air and fuel filters. If the filters are ok, use the adjusting screws.

One of them (S) is for idle. the other two are for maximum (H) and minimum (L) revolutions, respectively. Turn the screws clockwise gradually. After the stop, make two turns in the opposite direction.

If the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start: instruction

Do not skimp on candles, take a branded one from the catalog. Good luck.

This is, at your request, instructions for starting the saw, but about what you can sin on if the saw did not start well, and now it does not start at all. most likely the end of the rings has already come and there is no compression, which is why, if it starts up miraculously, after working it will heat the piston, reducing the clearance and then it already works normally. Needs to be repaired! Change rings, piston is not necessary.

The second option. if the chainsaw at the rate should not have already worked so much that there is no compression, then the matter is in the carburetor settings, you need to clean and adjust the carburetor, then that you rub the candle there with sandpaper will not bring much benefit!

  • I almost forgot the chainsaw sometimes starts badly if a lot of oil is poured into gasoline, or low quality oil is a special oil mixed with gasoline, and not an ordinary engine!

If the saw was with gasoline for a long time, but did not start, then pour out the old gasoline from the tank and pour a new one, the first time the saw will not start very quickly, and then it will start working normally. If the candle is normal, then do not forget to check the spark, otherwise it is clean, and there is no point in it. Next, clean the air filter or replace it with a new one, and special attention should be paid to such an inconspicuous crack, which must always be clean, otherwise the saw will start with great difficulty, I marked this place with an arrow
Well, it is not at all superfluous to check the gasoline filter, which is located in the tank, remove it from there and clean it if it gets dirty. If these measures do not help, then a specialist will have to carry Calm, then something serious has happened.

Chainsaw STIHL MS180 Cutting Firewood

If it has started up from the fiftieth time before, then it is worth giving it to the service, since all systems need to be serviced. But the firm and the model are not bad. That is, cleaning the carburetor itself and checking the condition of the pistons and rings. If, for example, oil is thrown into the combustion chamber, then, as you know, there is nothing good about it. The fact is that the gasoline engine of a chainsaw is not much different from a car engine, and if it does not start, then its bulkhead is required, in the worst case.

Clockwork device

The basis of the plant of this kind of model, as well as all other chainsaws, is the carburetor. But since we are talking today about the Stihl 180 chainsaw, it will not deviate from the topic. So. The carburetor in this model has a single tuning screw. that is, it is a kind of idle stroke adjustment screw. While the fully loaded jet is stationary.

In simple terms, we can say that it simply cannot be adjusted (see here), while the full load setting simply cannot be changed. It is important that the carburetor itself at the factory was configured in such a way that regardless of the actual conditions under which the chainsaw is directly operated, the air-fuel mixture is supplied to the engine itself.

Help please | Topic author: Fatima

Yesterday I bought a calm ms180. I started it and slept the tank at idle. Today I started to cut a little and it stalled and did not start then you drink it for a long time it works for a few seconds and stalls. What to do pamagite I don’t know what to do. And can it be returned and returned money

Dmitry (Leyla) You have violated the operating rules. It is CATEGORALLY forbidden to run in at idle, in general to run in something. Now change the candle, and finally saw with a saw, there is no need to run in anything there, the manufacturer has already done everything, full throttle, I emphasize FULL and saw! ) at first the smoke will fall down and black slurry will fly out of the muffler, in your case this is normal)) and no idle ones, no saw is needed. muffle.

When all the unburned oil is burned out of the piston, everything will stabilize.

Maxim (Shemar) Thank you

Alexey (Jemmy) the manufacturer of the stihl saw does not run in but as it should I wrote earlier

Sergej (Porcius) Alexey is right, thanks to him for the advice.

Service Kit Installation for STIHL: MS 170 and MS 180

Evgeny (Flutura) I don’t know how I just brought it diluted gasoline and put 7 cubic meters of wood into operation only for refueling and the fire works

Dmitry (Leyla) Eugene, did everything right.

Aleksei (Sharun) guys tell me such a problem. I bought a German 180 from my grandfather alone. sawed well, then idle began to disappear. during work it was necessary to do perigazovka. then he poured gasoline into a canister, which was poorly washed out from under the diesel oil. gasoline mixed as expected 1:20. poured into the brainchild of Germany STIHL MS180. the saw began to glitch. became a tall idle. but when the gas trigger was pulled, she began to choke and stall. maybe it’s because of a poorly washed canister.

Dmitry (Leyla) Aleksei, poured oil more than 2 times more than necessary, it is necessary not 1:20, but 1:50 this is the first, the second gasoline for a high-speed gasoline tool itself should be flawless, from a proven brand refueling and even more so not loaded with anything else)) do not store the ready-made mixture for more than 3. 4 weeks, do not use plastic for storage.

Aleksei (Sharun) Dmitry, thanks a lot for the answer, now I will know. I just have a Chinese saw of the Husqvarna type, so even on 80 plates, no revolutions fall and the idle is normal. after 6 years of work, it starts up from 4 cmyk. the carburetor itself regulated. but with this German oh I was a little upset. tomorrow I will torture him again. maybe the whole sore is all leash in gasoline. thanks for the hint. good luck

Evgeny (Flutura) how to rivet and assemble a crankshaft. write to HP

Dmitry (Leyla) Eugene, no way.

Pavel (Lovett) Tell your friends what to do, oil flows from under the muffler, but the tire is lubricated, here you can see from the photo where.
Oil quickly leaves the tank

Alexey (Jemmy) Pavel, either change the crankcase, or take a thin drill and insert it into a small channel and cut the thread in this hole with an m6 tap, carefully clean and screw in the screw until you rest against the drill, so that the chips do not get inside

Pavel (Lovett) Alexey, ok) thanks, in short, I understood that you need to shut up this thing)

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Alexey (Jemmy) Pavel, that’s right, the main thing is not to block the oil channel

Pavel (Lovett) Alexey, thank you)

Alexander (Jewel) Can the oil be left in the tank for long-term storage? MC180. And yet, is it possible to flush the oil system with kerosene (for example, when the oil has run out and I leave the saw for storage) by pouring a small amount of kerosene into the tank. filling it up and passing it through a minute? All successful procurement of firewood and heat in your home.

Dmitry (Leyla) Alexander, no special manipulations with the oil tank are required in most cases, drain the oil and that’s it.

Viktor (Latifa) 180 builds and works well, but one problem is not jammed as it should. what is the reason?

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Saw won’t start: reasons and solutions

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the chainsaw 180 of this manufacturer is one of his best “creations”, but it also has its drawbacks. Actually, which we will talk about now.

  • A fairly common problem is that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start and fills in the candle. The reason for this is that the oil is filled to lubricate the chain. starts to leak. Since time is merciless and simply breaks the tightness exactly in the place where the hose from the oil pump and the oil tank is actually connected.

Naturally, this problem can be solved, but given the design of this chainsaw, it will not be so easy to do this, since you simply have to completely disassemble the device in order, as they say, to get to the right place. It can be seen more clearly:

  • Many are worried about this question: why does the Stihl 180 chainsaw not start? If you believe the experts, then in such a situation you first need to open and then close the lid on the gas tank. Or get out and dry the candle. Or try to ventilate the combustion chamber. In most cases, this kind of manipulation is enough for the device to work. But there are times when the Stihl chainsaw does not start, but there is a spark.
  • In the above case, you need to directly check the gasoline supply. air filter and the direct performance of the candles. Since the basis of this kind of breakdown is the breather, namely its contamination. Because when it is completely clogged, a kind of vacuum arises in the gas tank itself, which simply interferes with the fuel supply process. This issue is not difficult to solve, since all you need to do is clean it using a needle.
  • There are also situations when the device, in principle, started up, but immediately died out.
    The main reasons for this kind of malfunction are the carburetor and filter, which could simply be clogged.
  • In order to exclude the saloon from damaged objects, it is necessary first of all to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor itself and actually check if fuel is leaking from it.

    You must remember that in the process of correct operation of the chainsaw, gasoline should flow out in a dense and stable stream. Also, it is not uncommon for the Stihl 180 chainsaw to not start up hot and actually stall after switching on, or holds power for a rather short time.

    In this case, the problem of breakdown lies precisely in the muffler, which can be simply clogged with any deposits that arise through the operation of the device, and which settle during the exhaust process.

  • Also, a fairly common cause of tool malfunction is insufficient lubrication of the device chain itself. The reason for this may be channels that are simply clogged, or the reason is in the oil line that is leaking.
  • Chainsaw chain lubrication

    • Connecting pipes or the connections themselves in the area of ​​the oil pump fittings can also leak.
    • It happens that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start well because of the cylinder, which may be broken. But to determine its condition, a visual inspection is enough. But if even there you find the formation of irregularities and chips, then you can be sure that you have found the cause of the breakdown.
    • If, by checking, you find that the malfunction is in the spark plug. then you simply need to turn it out and then dry it directly. But it is worth noting that in no case can you pierce it, since you will simply ruin the part, and it will be unusable.

    You also need to drain excess fuel from it through a special hole.

    In addition, you must remember that direct drying should be carried out for at least thirty minutes, and only after this kind of manipulation can you install it back and actually try to launch the tool directly.

    over, it may be that the expiration date of your candle has simply passed, in which case it is necessary to replace it. Therefore, it is a great advice that it is best to always have a new candle in stock or, best of all, a set. Then you can replace it at any time and actually understand whether it was the direct cause of the device breakdown. over, a weak contact can also be the cause of a breakdown, which actually connects the high-voltage wire and the end of the candle. Also, the cause may be a breakdown of the ignition unit. It is worth noting the fact that in order to eliminate this kind of problem, it is necessary to replace the unit itself, since it cannot be repaired.

  • Equally important is the excitement of the owners of this model regarding the systematic idling after the first gasoline tanks themselves are empty. But if experts in this field are to be believed, they argue that this kind of situation does not pose any problem. But still, if this kind of process is repeated often enough, then you need to simply reduce the engine speed by using a carburetor screw.
  • In addition, you can personally clean the muffler itself. since the cause of the malfunction may be in it. This manipulation is not difficult.
  • A fairly common phenomenon of poor-quality tool operation is the carburetor.
    But it is worth noting that it will be best if specialists will repair it, since if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, then you can simply break it down and have to buy a new one.

    STIHL MS 170 chainsaw: Filling up the chain oil for the saw chain and fuel mixture

    It is important that even if you found the very cause of the instrument malfunction, this does not mean at all that you will be able to eliminate it yourself. Since there are such breakdowns that can only be corrected by a specialist. If you have carried out a direct manipulation regarding checking and replacing the quality of the oil (see oil for the Stihl chainsaw), but, nevertheless, the chainsaw still refuses to start, in this case, you need to continue searching.

    But if you fully performed all the manipulations prescribed above and did not miss a single nuance, but nevertheless the tool has not yet been corrected, then in this case the problem lies in the group, which is called the cylinder one. But if you still could not “bring back to life” your iron friend, then simply take the chainsaw to a service center, where your device will be repaired.

    The main reasons why the Stihl chainsaw does not start and how to eliminate them

    how to cut a tree), make cleared areas, and will also be an indispensable assistant in other areas, let’s say, simple manipulations.

    We can say that these are mini-model of chainsaws. since it has a low weight of 3.9 kg. it does not have a large mass of both oil and fuel tanks. The manufacturer has equipped this device with a two-stroke engine with ample power for light work.

    over, it is quite quiet since during operation the noise level does not exceed 98 dB. So that you can better understand the level of loudness itself, just compare its noise with spoken speech, which has an indicator of 76 dB.

    The power of this model is equal to 2.6 watts. It’s worth noting that this is a fairly significant level of strength, considering that it is not a professional chainsaw. The oil tank has a volume of only 0.145 liters, and the fuel tank. 0.25 liters. The tire measures 350 mm and has a pitch of 0.325 inches.

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    A similar video about adjusting on my channel:.gwU.

    Briefly about the main thing

    This model is the pride of the German manufacturer and is a direct tool intended for a minor level of work. It can be used no more than twenty hours a month. This wonderful device will easily help you cope with the maintenance of your garden, prepare firewood for the winter period of time (see.

    Summing up.

    In fact, as you can see, there are a lot of reasons for the breakdown of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, and at the same time, there are also many solutions to this problem. If you are faced with this situation, then simply follow all the above recommendations and then, undoubtedly, you can repair your device, and it will delight you with its work for many years to come.

    How to disassemble, repair and assemble a Stihl chainsaw

    In order to repair the device, it must first be disassembled. You need to remove the side cover, saw chain and bar. Then clean the tool, blow it out with a compressor and clean all the components with a brush. Then remove the handle. To do this, remove the plugs from the shock absorbers using a screwdriver. After that, remove the shock absorbers and the handle.

    Then the starter is removed. Remove the housing cover and unscrew the starter screws. The part is removed. Then the flywheel is removed by unscrewing the nut that holds it, unscrew the flywheel nut. You need to twist to the left. Remove the flywheel. Then dismantle the clutch, oil pump drive and carburetor.

    After that, the motor is removed and disassembled. It is held in place by 4 screws on the bottom of the saw. You need to unscrew them and remove the motor. Then the engine itself is disassembled. Unscrew the crankcase screws, remove it. Then dismantle the crankshaft, oil seals, bearings and piston rings. At the end of the disassembly, repairs and troubleshooting are performed.

    After repair, the tool will need to be reassembled. To do this, install the piston on the connecting rod. The arrow on it should look along the chain, and to the left of the piston will be the side of the crankshaft in which you want to mount the flywheel. They put the piston in the cylinder. Install the bearings, oil seals and circlip into the cylinder. After that, degrease the place of fixing the crankcase and install it in its place. When reassembling, follow the reverse sequence of dismantling.

    How to remove the clutch

    Remove the drive sprocket before unscrewing the clutch. Remove the corkscrew washer and remove the sprocket and needle bearing. Unscrew the clutch. Remove the baffle plate and pump.

    Major malfunctions

    The chainsaw must be used according to the operating instructions, then it will last a long time and will not fail. All possible malfunctions of the Stihl chainsaw can be identified and eliminated independently. Consider the main problems that may arise in the components and design of the device, and how to repair the Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands.

    Replacing the piston

    Let’s consider how the diagnostics and replacement of the piston group is carried out. It is necessary to check the condition of the cylinder and the degree of wear of the piston. After dismantling the motor, unscrew the pallet, remove the crankshaft with the piston from the cylinder. Unscrew the piston pin stoppers. If the piston is defective, it must be replaced. Retaining rings are fixed with a cut down. Before installing the piston group in the cylinder, the piston is lubricated with oil. Before installing the crankcase, degrease its surface and apply a sealant.

    Carburetor repair and adjustment

    The carburetor is adjusted on a warm engine. If the engine fails to tune, the carburetor stuck could be the cause of excess gasoline in the mixture. To remove the part, it is necessary to unscrew the fastening nuts, disconnect the ignition and the rod from the engine control lever. Then the lever is removed. Then you can remove the filter and carburetor.

    The muffler is secured with two nuts. You need to untwist them and pull the muffler towards you. Then the screws of the coil are unscrewed and dismantled. At the Stihl saw, the carburetor has 1 idle speed adjustment screw. If the idle speed is violated, then the carburetor needs to be repaired. This is a complex process and difficult to do on your own. Contact a repair shop.

    Doesn’t start

    If the chainsaw does not start, then the cause may be a breakdown of the ignition and engine start unit. If, when measuring the gap between the module and the flywheel, no deviations are found, then the spark plug should be checked. It is pulled out of the shaft and the gap is measured. If fuel enters the combustion chamber, and there are no breakdowns in the ignition system, then the carburetor is faulty.

    How to remove and replace an asterisk

    Chainsaw sprocket replacement is needed when:

    • jams the movement of the chain;
    • the drive sprocket is worn out.

    To replace, you need to remove the chain saw sprocket. The sprocket teeth must not deviate from the required dimensions, otherwise the saw operation will be accompanied by vibration, which will lead to damage to the crankshaft and bearings. The lifespan of the sprocket is 2 times that of the chain. Use 2-3 chains until the cutting surface is abraded. After that, change the asterisk. It is located behind the clutch. Remove the clutch cover.

    Remove the bar, chain, and clutch. But first you need to fix the crankshaft. Then the stripper is placed in the hole of the sleeve and turned clockwise. Remove the clutch. There is an asterisk behind it. Now it is being dismantled. If it is defective, it is replaced.

    The chain is not lubricated

    When repairing a chainsaw, you will notice that no oil gets on the chain. If the chain is not lubricated, then there are interruptions in the lubrication system. There are such malfunctions:

    • The chain is dry, light shade.
    • The chain stretches too quickly.
    • The tire is too hot and the paint has melted on it.
    • Oil does not decrease in the tank.
    • With a sharp chain, the saw has become worse to cut.

    Such signs indicate that there has been a violation of the lubrication process. To check the oil supply to the lubrication unit, you need to remove the tire and turn on the chainsaw. Then increase the speed and observe the end point of the oil line. If the oil is running, it means that its volume is not enough for proper lubrication. If there is no supply, you need to clean the filter. You should also adjust the oil flow. In the absence of malfunctions, further diagnostics and do-it-yourself repairs are required. If it turns out that the substance is not being supplied, then the oil system is repaired.

    Consider the main malfunctions and methods for their elimination:

    • Broken oil hose. This can be seen on examination. In this case, the hose must be replaced.
    • If there is no thread on the shaft of the oil pump, then it should be replaced.
    • If there are defects in the thread, then it must be replaced.
    • If there is no corkscrew of the main shaft, then a nail of the same diameter can be installed in its place.
    • The filter may be clogged. This happens a lot with the Stihl MS 180. You can wash it off with gasoline. If this does not correct the malfunction, then the filter should be replaced.

    The Stihl 180 chainsaw often has a depressurization of the oil line. This occurs where the oil line from the tank is inserted into the tool body. Breakage can be detected by oil leaks at the bottom of the saw.

    To fix the problem, you need to remove the saw handle, pull out the hose. After that, you need to clean the hose. Then apply sealant to it and put it in the tool body.